Title: Your Love Is Better Than Ice Cream
Series: Runaways
Character/Pairing: Xavin/Karolina
Rating: PG
Author's note: comment_fic: Author's choice, author's choice, kissing after eating icecream


"Is this as good as a caramel macchiato?" Karolina teased.

Xavin paused thoughtfully. "It is delicious. I have to admit that Earth does have some fantastic inventions after all. Most of them of the culinary variety."

"There's hundreds of more kinds for you to try," Karolina said. "And we haven't even gotten to the Ben and Jerry's yet."

"Hundreds?" Xavin said. "We'll have to go every day just to try every one—we could spend years simply eating."

Karolina laughed and patted Xavin's shoulder.

"Molly will be sad that she missed out on ice cream, though. They wouldn't let me keep it cold. She'll probably ask why you didn't turn into a refrigerator and bring her a bunch."

"Then I suppose I'll have to erase the evidence."

Xavin lifted her chin, gently and kissed her. The taste of Honey Bun ice cream and Rocky Road intermixed to make an entirely new taste.

"Get a room!"

Another wolf whistled, while another yelled an obscene comment and made a gesture.

Xavin tensed, Skrull scales showing on her left arm.

"No, Xavin! We'll just go home. No waging war on my behalf, ok? These guys are all jerks anyways." Karolina clung to Xavin's arm. Her skin rippled, as if without Karolina's presence, she would have spastically changed from male, female, human to Skrull again.

"Alright, love. If you insist," she said. The Skrull scales faded back to her coffee colored skin.

"The ice cream is ruined, however," Xavin said apologetically.

"That's alright. We'll get more another time, alright?"

And then, just to spite the people around them, Karolina kissed Xavin one last time, with the faint taste of ice cream, cold and sweet on their tongues.