Title: Aurora Borealis
Series: Runaways
Character/Pairing: Xavin/Karolina
Rating: PG?

Author's note: comment_fic: author's choice, every moment sings with fascination. 52_flavours, 7 ) Who is dancing with these
rainbow colours in the sky?

Technically, Aurora Borealis is a Northern phenomenon, and Aurora Australis is the name for the southern lights. However, Aurora Austrailus is only seen in Antarctica, South America or Australasia. ...so, they're somewhere up north.


Colors shimmered over the skies. Greenish, pale solar dust, was it? Xavin had seen some of the universe's most beautiful locales. She'd looked into nebulas and swirling colorful planets – and the loveliest of all the universe, the Majesdane race. Or more specifically, one female Majesdane named Karolina.

"They'll never notice like this," Xavin said.

It was cold here, far colder than they were used to in California. It would be even colder in the air, especially at the height she was aiming for.

"Shall we dance?" Xavin bowed, as was the custom of Earth kinds in dance. This was incomprehensible to Skrull culture, a culture who was not prone to bowing, or obsequious gestures in general, unless they were courting.

They were long past the courting stage, but Xavin never let that stop her.

She was blushing as she took Xavin's hand, even if she rarely did anymore. They'd passed that fumbling, happy stage and went on to the contentment.

Karolina let go of her bracelet, her inhibitions, and she flew.

They soared up, Karolina's hair unbound, the ground so far below them and all around them, shimmering green trails. Xavin thought the sky a striking sight, but it was no comparison to Karolina. She was every color of the spectrum, like staring at all the glory of the sun and thinking that the immolation, the blindness would be worth it simply to see something this majestic.

They weren't called Majesdanians for nothing.

And Xavin would have looked, left her home and flown the universe, stared at the sun until she was blind for this, for her. Just this, just her.