She was late.

Not wanting to ruin their chances for the interview, Gigi hurried home to her place, hoping to get there before it was to late.

When she finially got there, the door was open, for the camara crew, and just as she was about to walk through it, she heard his voice, and she paused. She couldn't help it, the smile that spread over her face from the sound of his voice, it was crazy how much she loved this man.

Of course, she was trying to play it cool with him, not wanting to scar him off, so she hadn't told him yet.

She sighed, and was turning to walk inside when she caught what he was saying "You want to start without her?" She heard the interviewer say yes "There's some one on one stuff we can go over before she gets here if you want to." she looked through the crack of the door and saw Alex shrug "Sure, that would be fine." he said.

Gigi smiled, and stayed where she was, wondering what they would talk about without her.

The interviewed, a man named Thomas Ackles, cleared his throat as the camara man adjusted the focus "How long have you been with Gigi?" Alex smiled "We've been together for two months, but we were friends for awhile before."

Gigi smiled as she watched him, before motioning to a crew member to keep quiet about her being there "Have you ever fallen in love before?" Gigi watched as Alex looked thoughtful, before a small smile spread across his face and he nodded "Yeah, I have."

"When?" Alex looked toward the door, and saw her standing outside it, and he smiled again "A little over two months ago." He said as she walked into his apartment. He held his arm out and she sat down beside him and he pulled her into his side "And this is her, I genuienly love this women." Gig smiled as he leaned over and kissed the side of her head, and then in true Gigi fashion, she rambled on about some party and a girl he knows.

But it didn't matter what she said, what mattered was the arm around her shoulders, and the hand that was conected to that arm, and the thumb that was conected to the hand that drew little circles on her arm.

Alex. He was what mattered, not any of the stupid things from before, just him. Right now, in this moment.

Later that night, after dinner, they went back to his place, and were getting into bed, when she stopped him as they walked into the bedroom "I love you." she said.

Alex smiled a little "I know." Gigi frowned "But I've never said it before." Alex shrugged "I know." Gigi frowned again "I don't get it." she said, and he smiled again "You don't always have to say something to get the point across. I know you love me, because you've waited this long to say it."

Gigi nodded and smiled a little "Ok, now I get it." she said. Alex walked towards her and stopped infront of her. Giving her a small smile he reached up and placed a hand aginst the back of her neck, his long fingers slipping into her hair "I love you Gigi, and if that doesn't get the point across, maybe this will." He said, as he leaned down and covered her lips with his own.

And once again, she was thankful that Janean hadn't picked up the phone that night to stop her from going to the City Super Clube. How different her life would be without Alex.

As she sliped into bed beside him, she smiled, knowing that they would fight, and argue and laugh and love and have drama and fun, and she also knew, that there wasn't anyone else in the world she would want to go through it all with.

Alex. she smiled a little wider as he reached for her.

Yeah. He was what mattered.