Bella was raised by vampire's. Renee works for the Volturi and they want Bella someday to... Then the Cullen's come to forks. How does this girl know about vampire's? What is she hiding that is so dangerous? and what will happen when Edward meets Bella?

WARNING: This story has mild/strong swearing.

Bella POV

"Bye sweetie, love you. See you this summer," mom shouted as she ran to the car to get out of the rain. Obviously she could have gotten to the car without a drop touching her but when Charlie was around she had to act human. For, you see, my mom is a vampire. She has been for many years now, 16 to be precise. Just after I was born mom had gone to Alaska on a business trip and left me with Charlie. She went missing for a couple of years and then turned up at Charlie's doorstep out of the blue.

She had changed a lot in that year. She was pale white, ice cold and, of course, gorgeously beautiful. Her eyes had also changed colour, they were now a strong colour of gold, which, I learnt later, meant she didn't kill people, just animals. She had figured this out when she met the Denali coven up north; they were 'vegetarians' and had suggested their way of life to mom. She gladly took any option to not be a monster and after 18 months of perfecting her self-control, she came back for me.

We had lived together in Candia until I was 7 when Renée started to catch the attention of the Volturi. They asked my mother if she would like to join them, for Renee had a gift that was she could move objects just by looking at them, and so the Volturi had taken a liking to her straight away. I went to Italy with mom when I was around about 10, and Aro saw my potential as soon as he realized he couldn't hear my thoughts. Mom was forced to accept a request, well more of an order, on the bases of protecting me from Aro. She made a deal with them that they wouldn't change me until I had finished school and was legally classified as an adult. Ever since, I have spent every other summer in Italy with mom and the Volturi, and mom would occasionally visit me in Forks.

I smiled at her and walked back into the house. Charlie followed me in, a picture of awe etched on his face. Whenever he saw mom he couldn't help but find her stunningly beautiful and ended up gawking at her for most of her visit. So, leaving Charlie to stare after mom, I headed for the kitchen to start dinner up. I placed a pan on the stove and filled it with pasta and water and left it to boil. I turned back around and sat on top of the kitchen table, grabbed 'Wuthering Heights' and settled down to read as I waited for the pasta to cook.

Later on Charlie and I settled down at the table and began our tea.

"So," Charlie said trying to take up casual conversation, "doing anything with the girls this week?"

"Not really, they might be going down to La Push, though, at the end of the week. I might tag along; I haven't seen Jacob in a while."

"Oh, I thought you two were joined at the hip?" we laughed together. Jacob and I had been best friends ever since I had first come to folks. We are always together. Charlie and Billy always used to make jokes about it, saying things like 'ah, young love', but since we are almost adults they tend to think it wise to keep those thoughts to themselves.

"So what's happening with you? Any gossip in town?" I said jokingly. Charlie was like a little old lady when it came to gossip, he never spread the gossip though, just liked to listen.

"Well now you mention it, there is," he told me, really starting to get into the conversation. "There is a new doctor coming to folks, meant to have a top medical degree. Cullen I think his name is. It should be good to get a new face around here or faces should I say," I didn't react to the news of new kids coming to Forks High, which is what I presumed he was talking about. Most teens would get all hyped up at this but, for me, it just meant a load of pointless gossip flooding through everybody's minds making them incredibly boring for a few months on.

"Oh really?" I said trying to take an interest.

"Yeah, he's enrolled about 5 kids into Forks High. Maybe you'll make some new friends."

"Maybe," I said, beginning to dose off a bit now.

I finished my dinner and went up to my room to sleep. I had had quite a busy half term, with mom over and everything, so I would sleep like a baby tonight. I changed out of my jeans and top and put on some PJ's, I climbed into my bed and closed my eyes. School tomorrow, great, I said sarcastically to myself and then fell asleep within minutes of that thought.

I woke up feeling fresh. This day seemed to feel like it would really be productive, something to enjoy, but when I looked outside my window I saw a gray cloud hanging over Forks, waiting to burst it's pockets of water over my world. In other words, like any other day in this miserable town, but when it really came down to it, I would always rather be here with dad then in Italy with mom. I went through my morning routine like any other day, but with a small spring in my step. Even though the weather was bad I felt great. Charlie hadn't left for work when I came downstairs for breakfast; he was staring down at his toast as if he was waiting for something amazing to happen.

"Morning," I sang walking to the cupboard. I made myself a bowl of cereal and sat down opposite Charlie at the table. He looked at me with a confused expression. "What? Can't I wake up and feel great once in a while?"

"No, I mean yes, but… is there something you're not telling me?" he asked suspiciously. I laughed and chucked my bowl in the sink once I had finished.

"See you later," I said as I pecked him on the cheek.

"Bye," he replied as he folded up his newspaper. I opened the door and took one step out into the open air, and surprise, surprise it was freezing. I wrapped my coat around me closer and started towards my truck. Before I had even taken hardly 2 steps I slipped over and landed on the floor with a thud.

"Shit!" I said as I tried to pick myself up off the floor. I had slipped on some ice that had been so perfectly placed under my feet, it wasn't exactly head line news but, ouch, that hurt. I walked more carefully to the car this time, looking where I put my feet, and when I got there I realized that Charlie had put some chains on my tyres. My heart warmed as I took in his kind sentiment. I got into the car and turned on the heating, not wanting to be in the cold any longer than necessary. Charlie was so thoughtful, he doesn't like to show emotions, just like me, which is why I didn't say thank you; he would know the gesture went kindly noticed and know that he was being a true father.

I drove to school carefully and parked it in my normal space, next to the bushes on the far end. I know it probably wasn't the smartest place to park, furthest away from the school, longest time to walk (and knowing my feet that was more dangerous than anything) and it wasn't even a quick exit, but it was the most peaceful place and away from the busy crowds. I got out and walked over to my friends, my mood still pretty intact, and I hoped it would remain that way for the rest of the day.

The first part of the day up till lunch was pretty normal, I had trigonometry, then biology and third period I had Spanish. I walked into the canteen with Spanish words I didn't understand bouncing around my head; I sat down at the table, shaking my head from the information over load, and got out a can of coke and a sandwich to eat. After I had finished and chatted overly with Jessica about La push this weekend, I got out my sketchbook and started to draw. I had found the hobby of art when spending long hours in Italy, stuck in a room with nothing to do. Mom had gotten me a note pad, I remember it had pink flowers all over the cover with floral bordering on the pages, and when I touch pen to paper I stated to draw. I fell in love for the first time then, and haven't fallen out since, and so whenever I get the chance I draw. I tend to draw people mostly as I find them fascinating, especially the eyes, 'the eyes are the windows to the soul', I can't remember whose quote that is but I strongly agree.

Around me people were gossiping about the new kids who were starting tomorrow, something that really made my blood boiled. So, I blocked them out and started to draw a picture of a group of juniors around a table. I was almost done when about 10 minutes before lunch was over, I got a phone call.

"Hi Bella it's me Julie." At first I just thought nothing of the call. Julie was an old friend of both Charlie and me; she worked down at the hospital as a nurse and had treated me on many occasions.

"Oh, hi. Is everything ok?" I asked.

"Bella… its Charlie," she told me slowly. I froze at his name, what had happened? Oh god, how bad was it? She was putting on one those voices you use when you're trying to tell a little kid their goldfish had died.

"Hold on," I told her, worry creeping into my voice. "Guys I've got to go, I'll see you later," I said to my friends. No one paid heed to this, apart from Angela who looked at me with a puzzled face, but I just shook my head, telling her that I didn't know but I was important, and just like that I walked out of the canteen.

"Bella?" she asked anxiously.

"Ok, what's happened?" I was walking to my car. I didn't need to be psychic to know what I was about to be told, considering Charlie was my family within the town, or even the state. Whatever had happened to him, I would be there to hold his hand.

"Bella, Charlie was in a road accident. He's in intensive care at the moment," she said quietly.

"And…?" I asked. My voice in the rise of panic.

"Charlie is badly bashed up. He… he hit his head pretty hard and hasn't woken up since the accident." Oh no Charlie. I started to run to my car, forgetting about the slippery surface and just concerned about my dad. Miraculously enough, I got there without falling over and I unlocked my car and jumped in, starting up the engine.

"I'll be down in 5," I said and hung up.

10 minutes later I was in the intensive care unit, I walked up to a Charlie's private room. I didn't need directions to where I was supposed to be going, as I had basically lived in this building ever since entering Forks. When I found the room I quickly fumbled with the handle and stepped in, not noticing anything but Charlie at this moment. I took in a short gasp of air, completely startled by what I saw on that hospital bed. Slowly I sat down on the seat next to his bed and held his unconscious hand in mine, just rubbing my thumb into his palm, as if in a comforting gesture. Charlie had a huge, white cast on his leg that was resting on a wooden block outside the blankets. He also had some bandages wrapped around his torso a few times, slightly blood stained, over lapping each other continually so that it created a strong hold for... Brocken ribs? But the worse thing of all was a tube going down his throat and a respiration system attached to it, helping him breathe. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek and I wiped it away with the back of my hand before anyone could see. I needed to be strong for Charlie so that he would make it though this as easily as possible.

"He'll be fine." I hadn't noticed anyone coming in after me and was shocked when I heard a voice behind me. I turned and saw the last thing on the planet I expected to see at that point in time, a vampire. When I saw him I felt shock flash across my face, there would only really be one reason why a vampire would be in a hospital and that wouldn't be pretty. But when I realized he was a doctor here I looked at him curiously, yet suspiciously. A vampire doctor? Well that's a new one, and of course if I didn't like it there wasn't much I could do. He was stunning, of course, and had dirty blond hair. His eyes were a strong golden and when I saw this, the corners of my lips turned up slightly. I had never met another vampire, apart from my mom, who fed on animals. Of course, I knew of that one up in Alaska, but that was where my knowledge ended on that subject. I felt a sudden erg to ask him about himself, but my common sense kicked in just in time and I managed to pulled my mind back into the present and evaluate the situation.

"Dr Cullen I presume?" I asked him with a small smile. He looked at me with the tiniest look of shock that I knew his name. "I know everybody in this hospital pretty well and it's not every day a new doctor comes in." He smiled at this, obviously reading between the lines in the my statement. Yet before either of us knew it, my face turned grave again. "Are you treating my father?"

"Yes," he said. He could see the pain clearly in my eyes, "I will try everything I can to help him and I can assure you that he will live." His eyes were gentle as he told me this, and I could tell he was completely genuine. I would want to know more about him, but it wasn't may place to pry and defiantly wasn't the smartest option.

"Thank you Dr. Cullen," I told him as I turned back to Charlie. He hovered in the room for a bit after that, checking charts and machines. He was checking Charlie's drip by my head when he suddenly stopped, shock rippled on his face for less than half a second, and he looked down at me with new interest. He opened his mouth to say something then thought better of it and shut it again.

"Is something wrong," I asked, pretending as if I hadn't noticed much of his actions at all.

"No nothing," he smiled at me and left the room, but not before a quick glance back at me.

I stayed in the hospital the rest of the day, staying next to Charlie's bed the whole time. At about 11pm Julie bought me a coffee and we sat and talked for a bit, well Julie talked, I just nodded and listened. The conversation, or should I say monologue, was mostly about Dr. Cullen and how he was real good to the staff and about his amazing reputation. It was interesting to hear about such a man, especially, as I knew, that he wasn't in fact not a man at all but a vampire. Around half past twelve I drifted off to sleep by Charlie's hand, trying to take comfort in that he was still alive, and that I had a promise from Dr. Cullen that it would remain that way. The next day I didn't go to school, just stayed next to Charlie for most, holding his hand and hoping that he would wake up some. At one point I did go home to freshen up and change, it was much relief to be able to strip of and have shower after sleeping in a plastic chair by the side of my mortally wounded father in the middle of a hospital. Dr Cullen seemed to hang around me allot, checking Charlie a little too often, then starting up these random conversations about home; he seemed to be keeping an eye on me or something along those lines. I stayed at the hospital for a couple of days after the accident, and my days were more or less the same with me living off coffee and potato chips from the vending machine. Charlie's tube was taken out after the first but he stayed unconscious to my utter dismay. When I woke up on the third day, after once again sleeping at my father's bed side, Charlie was awake and talking. He smiled at me sheepishly and looked up to Dr. Cullen to ask what had happened. He was holding Charlie's chart as he explained about the car crash and what his injuries were. He told Charlie not to worry and that he would be right as rain after some months of recuperation on his part.

"Hey dad how are you feeling?" I asked, trying to make my voice as care free as possible, but failing epically in the effort. If Charlie noticed anything, he didn't show it.

"Not to good," he laughed but clutched his chest quickly in response to his movement. "It hurts when I move," he explained when he noticed my worried look. "Dr Cullen say's you've been here for three days straight. You didn't need to do that."

"I wanted to, I was worried sick." Charlie blushed as he realized that I really cared, and now this boasted him into the 'I need to be a father' mode.

"You're going to school tomorrow and sleeping in your own bed tonight," he told me sternly. I chuckled and told him he should sleep.

"Dr Cullen seems like a nice man," Charlie acknowledged.

"Yeah, he has really looked after you and I'm sure he will for as long as you need it, now go to sleep," I said just as sternly at him.

"Ok, ok," he laughed again and winced, then settled down to sleep.

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