AN: Second story. I've got a ton of these in the works, but none of them spark my interest after a while. I am working on a big one revolving around Puck, because he's the person I can most capture in my stories. It's easy because it's the bad and scarcastic kid, and I'm pretty good at acting like that. This will probably be a story that changes P.O.V's a lot, switching from Rachel, to Quinn, to Puck, and so on and so forth, but from the start it's going to be neutral.

Summary: Rachel and Puck never broke up, but what happens to them when word gets out about who the real father is? What about Quinn wanting Puck to take responsibility?

Breathe In - Hit The Lights;
Eyes closed,
And starting to whisper, I speak slow
Don't wanna give you up, I've given up lately.
I wish you joy, success and happiness.
A better life, it shouldn't lose sense of you.
I'm setting up to be the better
When you lost the right to think what you do.

Puck got out of his truck, putting on his classic knock off of Ray Ban sun glasses, and grabbing his letterman's jacket out from his seat, throwing it on over his white V-neck, poppin' his collar for some extra effect when he saw a few of the Cheerio's girls walk by. One of them waved, and the other one winked, while they both managed to look flirty and seductive. They didn't matter though, not anymore.

He closed the door to his truck, tucking the keys in his back pocket and walking into the school.

He survayed the students as they passed in the hallways. Some said a quick 'hi', some of his fellow football players gave him a high five, or a knuckel touch. He waved at Arty and Tina as they passed him, going to first period early to get Arty set up he was guessing. Puck turned the corner, and there's what mattered:

Rachel had her back to him, with her hair actually up today. That wasn't something Puck got to see very often. It's been 2 months of them being together, and this was only the second time he's seen her hair up. She was the type of girl that didn't really like doing it, but Puck loved it on her. It added to the whole 'cathloic school girl' look she had going on. Especially today with her pink, white and brown plaid skirt and white button down shirt. She was on her tip toes trying to reach something at the top of her locker.

Puck smiled to himself as he walked up quietly and smoothly up behind her. He grabbed the book down that she was having trouble reaching, and gave it to her. "You might want to spend this weekend growing a little."

She shook her head, turning around to face him. She had the book resting in her arms in front of her as she looked up at him, "Good morning to you too, Noah."

He rolled his eyes at his name, but smiled anyway. It was only okay when she said it. Anyone else would get a busted face.

"Yeah, mornin'." He was definetly still tired, he was up for a while last night going over the notes on studying Rachel had lent him. He had a big test in his math class, that he just recently starting going to 2 months ago. For Rachel.

"Late night? You know, that's not the best thing to do the day before a major test," She shook her head again, turning back into her locker to get another book, and straighten up a few things. She was definetly a perfectionist.

"What do you think I was doing? I was up trying to figure out half of your notes. You may be able to understand them, but I sure as hell can't." Puck said, taking a binder out of her locker. It was easier for him to just keep his stuff there instead of seeing her, and rushing out to get his stuff from his own locker, when he'd be here anyway.

"They're really not that difficult to understand, it's just simple equations." She shut her locker and turned to him, wrapping her arm through his as they started walking down the hallway on the way to her first hour class, World History Honors.

"Simple?" Puck huffed at that. Simple was the exact opposite of math, especially Pre-Cal. It amazed him that he could have gotten into that class. It was just because he decided to cheat on his final exam, and his teacher insisted that he went into a higher learning class. No matter how much Puck protested, it was already decided. "Simple is zipping up a jacket, this is NOT simple."

"You don't think it's simple because you haven't been in the class to actually learn everything. Maybe if you wouldn't have been skipping that class, you'd have a better understanding of what was going on with the equations that are simple." She was right, like most of the time.

Before Puck could start off on another one of his fights with her about what she was 'wrong' about, the warning bell rang. She turned in front of him and leaned up to kiss him. His hands moved to the bottom of her jaw bones and kissed her harder then she was intending it to be.

She broke away with a smile, "Go to class, Noah."

He went back in for another kiss but she giggled and pushed him away playfully, "Come on!"

"Class, now." She said, turning on her heels, making her skirt twirl a little and sway as she walked away from him.

God she was frustrating. All she cared about from 7:20 to 2:40 was school. C'mon. Seriously, who does that? Puck rarely had any lip action during school, and that wasn't helping him focus on school. He'd rather make out with Rachel, then sit through hours and hours of old people trying to tell us what it was like in the old days. In like 1985.

Puck started down the hallway in the opposite direction.

"Not getting action from the little princess?" One of the hockey players taunted him walking down the hallway towards him.

"To bad it's still more then you're getting. Plus, I got enough from your mom a few days ago. Tell her I said hi." He said walking past him like it wasn't a big deal. The hockey player looked stunned, but shook his head and kept walking. For the first time, he actually lied about having sex with someone's mom. When ever he made those insults in the past, it was actually the truth. Not any more.

... But for the record, he did have sex with that mom, but it was a year ago. He added the days thing for effect. Don't tell Rachel.

He made it to his first hour math class without being concidered late. The bell rang when he was entering in the classroom. He took his seat in the back of the classroom at the only desk that was available, and smirked at some people that were going over their notes before the teacher told them they couldn't study anymore. One student was particularly freaked, and he was snacking on his pencil like it was air.

Puck propped his feet up on the empty desk next to him. He surveyed the classroom. There was only one person missing.


Puck was sort of relieved that she wasn't here. Every since he's been with Rachel, he hasn't had time to worry about Quinn. The only time she was ever on his mind was when he was in the same room as she was. And you can bet that Glee Club was amazing with Rachel and Quinn in there. Scarcasm's fun, isn't it?

Mr. Brown walked in with a huge stack of papers in his hand, trying to balance his coffee on top of them. Puck was hoping that it'd spill down onto the tests and seep all the way through so the ink would smear. No such luck though. He made it to his desk without any problems.

"Puck, get your feet off my desk."

His feet hit the floor with a loud thump. He smirked back at the teacher when he rolled his eyes and started passing out the papers. Puck got his paper when Quinn walked in, but something wasn't right.

"Do you have an excuse Ms. Fabray?" Mr. Brown asked as she stopped walking back to the open seat beside Puck.

"No..." Her voice was shakey, and Mr. Brown let it go.

"Take your seat." She did so without talking, rushing to sit down.

When she got closer to Puck, he could see that Quinn wasn't her normal self today. She had her make-up running, and her eyes were as red as her lips. She'd been crying. She sat down and used her sweater sleeve to wipe the make-up off of her cheeks, taking the test that was just passed back to her. She started without looking up.

Puck watched her from the door until she sat down and started writting. He was concerned. What if something happened to his baby? What if she miscarried? But something about those questions didn't add up. She'd probably be more relieved then anything if that happened. She'd have her life back. Puck would be in the clear, too.

He tried to stop worrying about her, and focus on his test but it was to hard. He got to question 15 before he ripped a piece of paper out of his binder and started writting on it. He folded it up to her and watched the teacher carefully as he passed it to Quinn.

Her eyes shifted to the paper when she stopped writting. She looked up at Mr. Brown before opening it:

What's wrong?

She closed her eyes but started writting back. She slid it over to him:

After class. Meet me in the Glee room. I have to talk to you, and it's an emergency.

He looked back over to her and nodded and tried finished up with his test. Now he was the kid chewing on his pencil...


Rachel waited for Puck out side of her first hour, like she would do on a day-to-day basis. Today she was nervous though. This hadn't happened since they first came out of the closet about their relationship. She bit her lip and stood with her books pressed against her chest, looking down the hallway trying to find him.

"Girl, what're you doin'?" Mercades asked, turning to talk to Rachel. Rachel's first hour was Mercedes' second hour, and they were known to meet on occasion.

"I'm waiting for Noah." She said, blushing slightly.

"Please, stop calling him Noah. It's so weird. He's Puck. He always been." Mercades said with a fake shiver.

Kurt walked up next to Mercades, "Hey there my fabulous ladies. How goes it?"

"She's waiting for Puck." Mercades said after waving to him along with Rachel.

"Hunny, I don't think he's coming. I just saw him heading in the opposite direction of this way. Are you guys fighting or something?" Kurt asked, trying to get the scoop before anyone else. As usual. Mercades lent in to hear, just as Kurt did.

Rachel looked flabbergasted. She let it rack in her brain. He wasn't coming to get her. How unchivalrous of him. Rachel huffed and walked down the hallway to her next class.

"They're definetly out of that honeymoon stage." Mercades said, turning into the classroom with Kurt following her.

"Oh, yeah. I love that top on you, btw. It's very fitting." He said, and they both laughed into the classroom...

Puck walked to the chorus room after the final bell, telling his second hour teacher he wasn't feeling good. That wasn't a complete lie. He did feel sick, but it was sick with nerves, and it's a sure thing that the nurse wouldn't have a remedy for that one.

He peeked into the window of the door, to see Quinn sitting against the wall with her arms on her knees, staring at the opposite wall. He entered quietly and she didn't look at him.

"Quinn, what's going on? Is the baby okay?" Puck asked walking in, and closing the door slowly. He pulled the shade down just in case some teacher walked by and caught them skipping.

"The baby's fine..." She said, still not looking at him. He walked over to her and leaned back against the wall. Sliding down next to her right, pretty closely he used his hand to stroke her arm in comfort. Her eyes closed and she looked down. Her hair falling in front of her face. "Good news or bad news?"

"Good news." Puck said, pushing her hair behind her ear so he could get a better look at her face.

She laughed a little and turned to look him in the eye, "You can help with the baby now."

He felt his heart lift up a bit, "Then what's the bad news?"

She found her spot on the wall and stared.

"Quinn... Please tell me?"

"Finn found out..."

Now Puck's heart sank. So far he was sure if he got up it'd fall out of his ass.

"Wha... How?" Puck's head was spinning. Remember that sick feeling he had earlier? It was back, but this time it had a whole new level added.

"I was talking to him earlier... Before school. He said he was talking to his cousin, Emily, on the phone. They talked about how I was pregnant, she asked how. Dumbass couldn't have just assumed we actually had sex. But, he told her my lie and she said that was impossible. That if that could happen so many more people would be pregnant right now in our school. And he confronted me," She hugged her legs tighter to her chest. "I couldn't lie to him about it. He knew..."

Puck didn't know what to say after she started crying again, and this time it was bawling. He was never good with this. He couldn't comfort someone who was crying. Not his mom when his dad left, not his sister when she'd fall off her bike when he'd try and teach her, no one.

But by instinct, or whatever posessed him to put his arm around her and move closer then he already was, apparently knew what to do. She leaned into him and kept on crying, but she wasn't sobbing or making the jumping motions that had Puck flinching. She grabbed onto him like he was the only thing that could save her from her life. Like he was her only life line.

He kissed her forehead and rocked her back and forth, holding her tightly and telling her everything will be okay.

"How do you know?" She choked out losing most of her breath, she coughed and leaned her head against his chest.

"Because I just do... I'll make sure everything's okay." He said, sounding as sure as he could. In reality, he had no idea what he was going to do. What they were going to do. He had to take responsablitity for what he did, like he'd been saying he wanted to do for the past 3 months. This was going to change everything. His relationship with Rachel, his friendship with Finn, his group of people he hung out with, and his life completely.

Even though Quinn was right there, in his arms like he could only hope she would be one day, nothing felt like it was supposed to. He was supposed to be happy, and he was supposed to actually be into her. He wasn't.

All he could think about was how Rachel would take the news. How she was going to react. If he was going to lose her...

3:30PM; Glee Practice.

Rachel sat in her chair, her legs crossed and her arms folded over her chest. Most of the people that were already there knew that this was not a time to mess with Rachel, and of course Kurt told them all why.

"He didn't show up to walk her to class all day, like he's done for the past two months. He hasn't tried to text her, call her, even give her a note or sent up a flair. He's had zero contact with her since this morning, before first period. I think they're fighting." Kurt told his fellow Gleeks. They were all whispering now, as if Rachel wasn't able to hear them talking about her.

If we weren't before, we definetly are now. Rachel though when Mr. Shue walked in.

"Hey guys. I've got a new song for us to try out, and it's something sort of different then what we've been doing. We're getting off the mainstream stuff as requested by Puck at our last meeting... Where is Puck?" He asked, setting his things down on top of the piano. He looked to Rachel, "Where is he Rachel?"

"How should I know? Apparently I don't exist today." Rachel said looking straight forward, her arms becoming tighter.

"They're fighting Mr. Shue." Mercedes said, and Kurt 'mhmm'ed in the background.

"Oh... Well can anyone tell me where he is?" Then he quickly looked around the room, "Along with Quinn and Finn? They're not here either."

"I saw Finn earlier, but he didn't look to good." Arty said.

"Was he sick?" Mr. Shue asked.

"No, he didn't look sick. I think pissed off would have been the better term. He wouldn't talk to anyone, and he'd just snap at them if anyone tried."

Mr. Shue was about to speak up when Puck and Quinn walked in the room together, Puck holding the door open for her. They were both hesitant to come into the room, with Quinn surveying it quickly before she let Puck enter behind her. Rachel looked over for a second before finding her spot on the wall again. She huffed out loud and pretended like she didn't notice that he was here.

She did however, have time to see that Quinn was in a daze and her eyes were slightly red, which was definetly out of the ordinary for her. Her hair was a mess, and she barely had any make-up on.

Puck didn't look like himself either. He was definetly worried about something. Rachel could read him like a book. Now she was confused, should she be concerned, or keep being mad at him?

She was about to go talk to Puck who was walking slowly across the room before Finn walked in.

"There you are. You're so dead." He said, charging across the room at Puck, who barely had time to react before he was being slammed against the chairs and steps of the Choir Stage. Puck's back was fully forced into a chair by Finn's body weight. Finn landed a punch to the right side of Puck's face before Puck could find the power to push Finn off of him, and under him. Quinn was crying again, and yelling at the two boys to stop fighting. Rachel was watching in awe. Puck got a few punches to Finn's nose and jaw before Mark pulled him off, with Mr. Shue and Matt(?) holding back Finn, who was more enraged then Puck. He was just fighting back because Finn challanged him, and Noah Puckerman would not back down if challanged.

"Hey! What's all this about?" Mr. Shue yelled.

Rachel was now at Puck's side, checking out his wounds. He was definetly going to have a black eye and a few bruises. He looked into her eyes and she looked at his with worry, "I'll be fine."

"Why don't you ask Quinn and Puck?" Finn said, shaking off Matt and standing before Puck. Rachel looked at Puck, he was looking down instead of at her. She then looked at Quinn, who was still crying but her eyes weren't just tearing, they were pleading with Finn. "No? Okay. Hey Rachel, guess what I just found out."

"Don't." Puck warned, looking up at Finn with fire in his eyes. Rachel turned her back to Puck to face Finn.

"Quinn's pregnant..."

"Thanks Mr. Obvious, but we already knew that." Kurt said, showing off his inner scarcastic diva.

"I'm about to change that name. Pregnant with Puck's baby. Some best friend, right?"

Everyone was silent, except for Finn's heavy breathing and Quinn's now more heavy sobs.

Rachel slowly turned to look at Puck, "You... You didn't..."

He looked back down to his feet, he spoke barely above a whisper. "I'm sorr-"

"Don't say it." Rachel said, taking steps back away from him. She was the one that had red eyes now. She shook her head as her backwards pace went faster. She quickly turned on her heel and ran out of the room. He didn't deserve to see her cry. Not now. Not when it was his fault.

"Rachel!" He called out and tried to rush after her, but she was to fast. He turned and kicked a trash can, "FUCK."

Puck turned back to see everyone, including the busted up face of his former best friend and his baby momma staring at him. He shook his head and turned away from him. Sticking his hands deep into his front pockets, he started walking down the hallway towards the auditorium.

"We've got more drama in here then a written out teenage drama." Kurt said. Everyone just looked at each other, trying to process what was going through their own minds. They didn't even notice that Finn and Quinn had left.

Quinn towards the parking lot, Finn towards the stage enterance of the Auditorium...

AN: Literally this entire time I've been writing this story, Defying Gravity's been playing. They did that song amazingly on Glee, I was so proud of my show, lol.

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