This is a side story to Naruto: Captured. It branches off in the main story during Chapter 10 and rejoins the main story at the end of Chapter 14. I hinted at a few things and some glimpses of the events in this story are mentioned but not expanded on. Those points will be given here up through the end of the fighting in the exams themselves and the start of the actual Invasion.

I am using the same tags as the main story so if you came here looking for Naruto and or Sakura, I apologise.

Captured: The Chunin Exams

"I. Sarutobi Asuma, do nominate my squad of Akimichi Choji, Nara Shikamaru and Yamanaka Ino for the Chunin Selection Exams," said Asuma.

"I, Yuuhi Kurenai, do nominate my squad of Aburame Shino, Hyuuga Hinata and Inuzuka Kiba for the Chunin Selection Exams," said Kurenai.

"I, Might Guy, do nominate my squad of Hyuuga Neji, Rock Lee, and Tenten for the Chunin Selection Exams," said Guy flashing his bright smile.

"I, Kara Saito, do nominate my squad of Jimei, Sukima and Uchiha Sasuke for the Chunin Selection Exams," said Saito.

The list went on and on as the squads of military ninja followed the Elites in nominating teams for the Chunin Exams.

Over two hundred promising genin got recommended due to Konoha hosting the Exam. Tradition allowed the host to test as many as they wanted since there was no travel involved. The clans and Elites viewed it as necessary to allow more Elites to make it to the final rounds instead of taking each other out early on. The military ninja did not like the situation but they dealt with it because after a genin team had been nominated at least once they would soon gain promotion based on merit, not the Exams.

None of this registered on the teams of Elites that found themselves outnumbered in the Exam room by a mass of genin for Konoha that they had never seen before. Team 8 and Team 10 both huddled quietly in one corner as Elites from other villages bantered with the older Elites and more rowdy military teams.

Ino was quiet as she thought about her fights with Sakura a few days prior. 'I am not really sure if I should be here. A few days of intense training is not enough to make a proper ninja out of me,' she thought with a look on her face.

"Ino, relax," Shikamaru broke into her thoughts with a quiet statement. "I know it is troublesome but Asuma-sensei has enough faith in us to be here. Now that we are aware there are things we lack, we can take them into consideration. We work as a team and we'll be fine"

Ino gave a weak smile. "Thanks, Shika.

Further into the corner and slightly behind her teammates, Hinata tried to pull her jacket closer around her body. Her self confidence had taken another major hit in the previous months when her object of inspiration had failed to graduate and vanished into the mass of other ninja she had never cared to see prior to that time. Her clan looked down on the military ninja as something to be disdained. The clan would remove a ninja from active service to Konoha before allowing that person to serve as anything less than Elite.

When Naruto had re-appeared, it was due to a manhunt for the blonde. He was wanted for questioning in an attack on a teacher. The pink haired Sakura was also included in that search but Hinata barely considered that girl. ANBU operatives had questioned her regarding her knowledge of Naruto but she honestly told them she had no contact with the boy since he had failed the Academy graduation test. A part of her wanted to yell at the blank masked ninja that Naruto-kun would never do something like that. Her low confidence kept her quiet and no hint of such thinking ever surfaced.

Kiba was talking at Shino who was just nodding at appropriate times. The boys kept a watch on Hinata and saw her more as a shy little sister and team support member than as a full team member. Neither one had seen what she had under her jacket either. Her silence and meek attitude suited Kiba just fine as he saw himself the leader of the team if Kurenai was not around.

Uchiha Sasuke strode into the exam room as if he owned the place and was assured of a place as a chunin. His teammates looked almost as nervous as the rookies. Sasuke paid them no mind as he looked over the occupants. Over two hundred ninja from a half dozen villages stood around with their teams. His ego automatically put himself over all of them. A silver haired teen a few years older than him was staring at him quite hard but Sasuke dismissed him as a fanboy. He had no time for such things. He had no interest in anything other than his vengeance on his brother and this exam was the next step in getting strong enough to do that.

He walked to an open place near one wall and waited. Off to one side, a team from the new Sound village watched with an apparent attitude just waiting for someone to goad them into attacking. 'Weaklings,' Sasuke thought. The large number of Konoha genin did surprise him. He did not recognize most of them and realized all but a few teams were the 'low class' military ninja. 'This will be all too easy,' he thought as a number of jonin and chunin appeared in a cloud of chakra smoke at the front of the room.

"All right you maggots, find you name on the seating chart my associate is placing on the wall and get into your assigned seats. Failure to be in your assigned seat means both you and your team will be removed from the exam," the exam proctor said in a rough voice.

Morino Ibiki loved messing with people's minds. His skill was so great that he could have been a despot in a small country and made the people glad they had him. Even so, he preferred his current position as the head of Konoha's Torture and Intelligence division. He got all the tough ones and he relished tearing them down into broken ninja who quivered in fear at his entering the room. He also enjoyed needlepoint for relaxation.

Ibiki quickly outlined the rules of the exam. He started it with the simple command of 'Begin' and leaned back to watch the feeble attempts of the genin to cheat. The look of dismay on most of their faces when they read the question made him chuckle. The ones who realized they needed to cheat had all assumed a peculiar look and with hand signs he set the other proctors to work. He allowed his eyes to unfocus slightly. That allowed him to see the movements in the room in general and saw the motions of those genin who were cheating. He didn't clue in his proctors but rather kept his own notes to compare later and evaluate his own people's ability.

Unnoticed by most, the clock on the wall began making a ticking sound with each second that passed. The sound would grow progressively louder during the exam. The other unique thing about the clock was that the second hand moved in reverse. It was a subtle touch someone had come up with years before. One more bit of added pressure to make them aware their time was slowly passing

He chuckled at how bad some of this crop of genin was at cheating. It was not even five minutes in when the first person was ejected. It was sadly predictable that the military ninja would be worst at spying techniques. Most of them never dealt with that kind of mission and few had enough skill to do it effectively. 'That's one more thing to suggest to the Hokage about improving the testing methods. This test is geared to allow the Elites to pass at the expense of the military ones. I bet if they had the survival test before this one there would be few Elite teams here,' he thought.

In the time it took Ibiki to think that, another five teams had been pulled out. His grin dulled when he heard on chunin call out. "Number 42, you fail!" Another chunin called out seconds later. "Number 101 and 17 go with him."

A roar of rage sounded in the testing room. 'The first Elite team to go down and it happens to be the one containing Uchiha Sasuke,' Ibiki thought. 'Very interesting.'

"No! I have not failed," cried out Sasuke. "I wasn't cheating at anything and I shouldn't have to pay for my loser teammates mistakes!"

"Uchiha Sasuke," Ibiki spoke in a low tone of voice but even so it carried enough power and authority to silence the ranting boy. After Ibiki had Sasuke's attention, the jonin continued.

"You either pass or fail as a team in this exam. It is just like a mission. If one member causes a mission to be blown, the entire team must deal with the consequences. Your team member failed in his mission of passing this exam and now the whole team must pay for that failure by being removed from it. Those are the rules. There is no appeal. Show some dignity and leave quietly or I will become … upset."

The final word sent a chill through most of the genin there as it was laced with a heavy amount of killer intent. Few had ever dealt with that much at once and only a handful kept their eyes up and looking at Ibiki. Sasuke even shuddered. He quieted and left in a huff after that but he left in silence.

Ibiki stopped once the Uchiha was out of the room and he heard a number of gasps around the room. He noticed the cheating had stopped for most of the people there. He made a few notes on his pad of the ones who continued cheating immediately. Those were the ones worth keeping an eye on for possible advancement.

Forty minutes into the exam, Ibiki spoke again. "Number 13, you fail. Get your teammates and leave." An older looking genin stood in silence and walked out with his completed exam still sitting on the desk. Two other older genin with complete tests also stood and left. None of the three said a word in protest.

Ibiki got to the part he loved best, the tenth question. He looked at the 102 genin still remaining in the room. 'Already over half have failed the test. Now we test the nerve of the ones remaining,' he thought.

"Alright, listen up. It is time for you to hear the tenth question. But before I give it, you have to decide if you are even going to take it," he said in his deep voice.

"Why wouldn't we take it?" one brave genin asked.

Ibiki looked and smiled almost cruelly at the boy who flinched under the jonin's gaze. "As I said, you have to decide to take the tenth question or not. If you take it and get it wrong, you will never be allowed to take another Chunin Exam and you will be forever stuck as a genin."

"Y-you can't do that," the formerly brave boy stuttered out.

"My test, my rules," Ibiki said calmly. "But, I will be generous and allow anyone who does not wish to risk a lifetime as a genin to quit now. It will not be held against you and you can test again in six month. Now then, are you willing to bet your career on if you can get this question correct?"

The jonin only stood in silence after that. The genin arrayed before him all began to think. Ibiki watched their faces and saw the indecision on many faces. The silence was also a tool of his as he just let them stew. Once someone broke, it would start a mass of teams quitting.

Slowly, one 14 yr. old genin near the back raised his hand. "I can't do it, I quit." Most of the heads in the room turned to him. "I'm sorry, but I don't think I can get another question right after the first nine were so hard."

A number of genin nodded at that view and many more began to quit. A few squawks of protest sounded from teammates of the ones who quit but they left orderly. The number trickled off as the large group left. Ibiki looked around the room once more. One team from the Grass village decided to leave and an older Konoha team with a white haired boy with glasses did as well. That last one leaving surprised Ibiki as he recalled that boy from advancing to the next stage in previous exams.

"Anyone else? This will be you last chance to leave."

The remaining genin looked nervous but determined. Ibiki gave a quick count. '48 remaining, not too bad. Even a few of Konoha's military ninja made it through as well.' Ibiki nodded and the door in the back of the room was closed.

"Everyone remaining in this room has passed the first exam," he stated.

The genin all looked shocked at the statement but one spoke up. "How did we pass it? You never asked the last question."

"Deciding to even take the tenth question WAS the question. The correct answer was to take it. In your career you will be faced with such choices. You were assigned to a mission and it is vital that it be completed. You cannot turn it down partially completed because you are uncertain that you will come through it intact. The nerve to press on into the unknown is needed in chunin. They are expected to be leaders and turning away from a mission simply because you might die is not a trait of someone who should be a chunin."

The window shattered as a ball of cloth was hurled through it. The cloth tarp opened up as kunai attached to the corners flew out and embedded into the ceiling. There was a woman on a tan trench coat grinning in front of the tarp that read 'Mitarishi Anko, Second Examiner'

"You're early Anko," Ibiki growled out.

"Well, I figured these kids don't need a long boring lecture from a guy they are all scared of," she replied with a grin.

Hinata looked at Anko amazed. The woman was slightly above average height, just under five and a half feet, but she commanded a presence larger than her size. She was dressed in a fitted chain mail outfit under her coat that at first glance appeared to show everything. But after a few moments, Hinata realized the woman had no skin exposed between her neck and lower thighs. The short leather skirt was more to distract onlookers than to actually cover anything. The backing that could barely be seen through the links was flesh colored to add to the appearance if indecency. The Hyuuga blushed as she realized she was staring but the woman in front of her was a true kunoichi. Kurenai-sensei might be a good ninja and caring person but Anko was the kind of person who could be taken seriously from the moment she was seen. If Hinata could be confident like that, her father would surely want her as heir.

"Wow, only 48 left. You really got to them this time, Ibiki," Anko said to the imposing proctor. She then turned to the waiting genin. "All right, now you kiddies belong to me. I am Mitarishi Anko, proctor for the second test of the Chunin Exams. You will follow me to Training Area 44, also known as the Forest of Death."

Anko chuckled as several older Konoha genin paled. 'They have heard of the place. I guess that helps make intimidation easier,' she thought. One aspect of the Exam was finding those mature enough to not be intimidated without over estimating their own ability. Promotion through the Chunin Exam was a good thing for any genin but the whole process was in reality a sales pitch for the allied villages. They could not fight openly so the Chunin Exams allowed them to show off their power in head to head competition and semi controlled conditions. She walked mechanically to her favorite place after the dango stand, Training Area 44. She noticed a blonde haired boy doing sit ups with his feet holding on the bottom of a branch through chakra and smiled.

Once Anko arrived at the forest, she turned back to the genin. "Each team will be given a single scroll. It will be either a heaven scroll or an earth scroll. The objective is to reach the tower in the center with both a heaven scroll and an earth scroll. This means you will have to acquire one from another team."

She held up a number of papers. "To get your scroll, I will need each team member to sign this form releasing Konoha from any liability in the event of your demise. You trade three completed forms for the scroll."

"What if we don't sign them?" a dull looking Grass ninja asked.

Anko smiled evilly. "Then you fail here and now and get sent home in shame," she replied.

Soon, all sixteen remaining teams had been given their scrolls and taken to one of the gates into the forest. Shino noticed one group had kept an eye on their team but they had been assigned a gate on the far side of the area. He considered telling this to Kiba and Hinata but decided not to. His teammates would be rattled by such information right now.

Team 10 rushed along the tree branches in silence as they made their way closer to the tower in the center of Training Area 44. Shikamaru decided that getting most of the way to the center early would allow them to see who was setting traps close to the building without actually needing to set some themselves. They paused to settle in to wait.

'The team has really changed this past week,' the lazy boy thought hours later. 'The sparring session Asuma-sensei had us do with Naruto and Sakura really opened our eyes.' The boy spent more time considering the events of that afternoon as Choji kept watch. He had a much better idea of what his team was capable of doing. His strategies in the brief sessions with Asuma had shown this as they made their instructor have to put some effort into beating the team. The team had taken the first step toward matching the reputation for teamwork that their fathers had set.

Choji really wanted to snack but he caught Shika's slight headshake 'no' earlier. After the sparring last week, he had a long talk with his father, Choza. The boy had learned a great deal about himself and his father that night. For the first time, both had talked as ninja instead of just as father and son. Choji came away with a new respect for his father. The boy smiled slightly as after that talk his father stopped adding '-kun' to his name.

Choji focused and paid more attention to the forest as he heard a squirrel moving around nearby. It slowly moved away from them only to halt once more before moving quickly in another direction. There was no sound of a predator attacking the rodent. Choji patted his leg twice to get his teammates attention and used a hand signal to let them know something was out there. Ino and Shikamaru both nodded.

"Guys, I need to take care of something," Choji said in a near normal tone of voice. "Nothing has bugged us since we got here so we should be safe."

Ino smirked as she got to play her part. "Gross Choji, don't do that here in front of me. Go over there in the bushes."

Choji walked carefully into the bushes and squatted down. Soon the sound of a stream of water hitting the leaves sounded.

The members of the Konoha military team that was stalking Team 10 were practically laughing to themselves. The heavy hitter on the squad they were about to ambush had just gone off to take a leak in the bushed. The leader motioned to his left and one member peeled off to stalk silently over to the oversized teen.

The fifteen year old thought that these rookie Elites were nothing special if they made such basic mistakes. He waited for the sound to start before he made his move. He closed the last distance in a few heartbeats only to find a somber Choji squirting water from a bottle onto the leaves. The bulky twelve year old poked the older boy in the throat to prevent him crying out a warning. It would not be a lasting injury but just enough to silence him.

The bush suddenly exploded outward with movement as Choji hurled the older boy into a tree. Shikamaru had used his shadow to find the other two members of the squad and immobilized the others. The Nara kept motionless as Ino went to each and searched for the needed scroll. Once she found it, Shikamaru stood and put his hands tight against his sides. The pair of military ninja mimicked the motion and Ino bound them with their own wire. Choji carried over the gasping boy he had taken down and held him while Ino tied that one as well.

Shikamaru took the scroll Ino handed him and smiled. They had a set now. "Thank you gentlemen," the lazy Nara said. "You should be able to get loose in about a half hour or so. Ino didn't bind you that tightly. Just tight enough for us to be long gone before you get free. We are on the same side you know." Team 10 then turned toward the tower and ran off.

Team 8 moved through the trees at a brisk pace. They had no clue what to expect in the forest so they kept alert. Akamaru was still learning so he rode in Kiba's lowered hood growling the things he was detecting in the language that Inuzuka understood. Shino had a wave of his bugs around them searching for chakra sources. Hinata kept her bloodline active but the nature of the forest limited her to only about twenty yards before the chakra sight was blocked. Shino steered them around a nest of giant leeches but there was no one close by to lure into a trap. The group continued onward for the rest of the day and found a place to rest as night fell.

Shino knelt in the dirt and drew a crude map of the forest from memory. "We should be approximately here." He pointed to a pebble, an acorn and a piece of bark he was using to represent them.

"Which one is me?" Kiba asked.

"The pebble represents you, Kiba," Shino replied.

"I want to be the piece of bark. Since Akamaru barks and all that," he finished lamely.

Shino just stared at his teammate for about ten seconds in silence before he continued.

"We should be approximately here. The tower in the center and the river running through the area is roughly a quarter mile away from us. We entered the forest at this point and circled around that region while hoping to find an opponent with no success." Shino pointed to each landmark drawn in the dirt as he mentioned each. "I suspect that since there are so few teams in this contest that most will center their activity closer to the tower in the hope of ambushing one or more opponents. After we rest we should concentrate on that strategy as well."

Kiba nodded as it was a sound plan. Hinata agreed with what was proposed. She rarely gave her opinion unless asked for it since joining the team.

The night passed uneventfully and before dawn Team 8 was moving once more. Hinata spied a few berry bushes and the team stopped to eat some of the ripe fruit to get rid of the taste of their field rations from breakfast. They searched for other teams but the others were either laying low or had moved closer to the center of the area. Several times they had come across a battle site but no other people.

Late in the afternoon on the third day, things changed.

Without warning, a lightning bolt came down through the trees and struck Shino. Every muscle in his body spasmed at once and he was throw back from the impact site into a tree. Steam rose from his jacket and burnt skin. The hissing and pops of his dead and dying destruction bugs barely covered the harsh rasp of his breathing.

Hinata checked out Shino's vital signs and found a pulse. "Kiba, he's still alive," she called out.

"You missed, Raikou," came a voice from high up in the trees. "You heard the girl. He's still alive."

"Oh shut up, Iwa," Raikou replied. "Next time you try hitting a moving target from twice the normal range and see how well you do."

Hinata saw three large men drop out of the trees around them into the range of her Byakugan vision. All three were wearing Leaf headbands but their attitudes were definitely not of someone from Konoha.

Kiba spoke up. "None of you are from Konoha. Your scents have too many things mixed in to be from around here. Why are you attacking us?"

The three ninja landed on the forest floor and could be plainly seen now. A tall thin ninja wearing tattered vest and his short dark hair teased into spikes spoke. "Well, my friends, Ame, Iwa and myself were passing through the region and heard about your village holding the Chunin Exams. We thought we could pick up a few tidbits. Like these nice souvenir headbands."

The large and powerfully built Iwa spoke next, "Nothing like knocking off a few up and coming ninja before they become a problem." He leered at Hinata now. "Plus, the fringe benefits can be quite enjoyable. Raikou, the girl is a Hyuuga and I don't see a seal on that forehead. There is a bounty out on any unsealed Hyuuga. Several of them in fact."

Hinata shrunk back and tried to hide inside of her jacket as Kiba stepped in front of her. "You'll have to get past me before you set a finger on Hinata." Akamaru barked and tried to seem threatening but there was not much a puppy could do here. The pup tried to bite an ankle on one of the enemies.

The nervous looking Ame kicked at Akamaru who scuttled back before the kick could land.

"I hate dogs. Filthy ceatures," he muttered.

Kiba growled at the insult and got ready to fight. Akamaru came to heel with Kiba as the boy took a classic Inuzuka battle stance with hands before him, fingers curled like they had claws.

Raikou just pointed and chuckled.

"Is he actually thinking he could threaten us? Boy, you are so going to get neutered for that."

Raikou pulled out a tanto and got into a stance of his own. Iwa ran through a series of hand signs before saying in a low voice, "Quicksand technique."

The ground under Hinata and the unconscious Shino suddenly got soft and gave way beneath them as if the pair were in water. Hinata grabbed her teammate and kept hold of him. His head slipped below the ground while she reached her hand out to grab onto the tree Shino had been resting against. She focused chakra into it and held on with just her palm and fingertips touching in the same manner as tree walking. Using more chakra to increase her strength, she pulled Shino's head free. She could not do much more while the large Iwa was focusing on his technique.

Ame pulled a staff from a storage seal and swung it at Akamaru while Raikou closed in on Kiba. Both were forced to dodge but this only served to separate them from Hinata and Shino.

Kiba bounced off a tree and counterattacked Raikou with a swipe of his hand only to get cut as the tall man defended himself. The boy landed and growled. 'I don't have room to maneuver down here but I can't just leave Hinata to get room to fight,' he thought.

Iwa continued to focus on his jutsu while his teammates. A few of the bugs Shino had out scouting had returned and landed on him but they could do little to the large man. He just focused on capturing the girl and disposing of the Aburame. Just then, Hinata managed to get a foot against a root and pushed off of that to get both Shino and herself free. She let Shino fall to the solid ground just out side of the jutsu.

Ame kept swinging at the agile Akamaru with his staff until the puppy jumped off a low branch and hit the enemy with his Dynamic Marking technique right in the face. Ame became enraged at this and set the staff down. He began producing shuriken and hurling them at the small dog. Akamaru dodged as best as he could but the weapons hit him in several places which knocked the puppy to the ground with a yelp. Ame took up his staff and went to stand over the downed dog. "You are so going to pay for that you mongrel!" Ame shouted as he lifted his staff overhead. He was going to bash the dog's head open.

Kiba saw this and shouted, "AKAMARU!" as he rushed over. Raikou swung his tanto as Kiba sped past and hamstrung the teenager. Kiba fell down over his partner and lifted his arms to try to deflect the blow from the staff. The chakra enhanced wood slammed into his forearms and shattered the major bones in both. Kiba went down with a scream of pain but continued to cover the fallen Akamaru. Ame was upset at having his attack blocked and began to hit Kiba repeatedly across the back.

"No!" Hinata cried out but the large Iwa blocked her path. "You think you are going to do something, little girl? All you are going to do is come with us and make us rich. We might even test out the merchandise ahead of time. But I am not sure why someone would pay good money for someone as weak and useless as you," he added with a sickening leer.

Hinata was beyond afraid. She was too weak to save her friends and now she would become a plaything to these disgusting men before being sold as a breeder in another country. Her mind raced

'She is of no use to the clan,' Hnata overheard Hiashi tell Kurenai.

"No, I am not weak. I am not useless," she whimpered.

Tears slid down her face. Iwa saw them and taunted, "Going to cry for your mommy now, little girl?"

A heartbeat stretched out into eternity as a memory returned.

Four year old Hinata was crying in her room after another painful practice session in the clan martial arts. The branch member who supervised was not cruel but he did not relent either. 'The future heir needs to be strong' he would say as he made her repeat the katas over and over. Her pregnant mother heard the sobs and came into the girl's room.

"Oh, Sunshine, don't cry. The pain will pass soon enough," she said in a comforting tone.

"But Kaa-san, Tou-sama said if the baby is a boy and I don't get better, I will end up like Neji niichan. I don't want to be a servant," Hinata said through her tears.

The woman hugged her crying daughter, "Don't worry, Sunshine. I'll make sure that doesn't happen to you. I know you are strong enough to overcome anything. I believe in you.

Five year old Hinata stood with the rest of the clan while a nurse held the newborn Hanabi. She could only look at her mother's picture now. No more being called Sunshine. Something broke in her that day. No one was left who believed in her.

In her room, she found a letter delivered by a branch house member. It was handwritten on her mother's special stationary.

'Hinata. I am sorry I will not be there for you. The labor has been difficult and the doctors fear for both of our lives. I want to tell you for all time. No matter where you are, no matter what you do, I know you are strong enough and powerful enough to accomplish what you need to. I believe in you. I love you, my little Sunshine.'

Hinata blinked.

'Kaa-san believes in me,' she thought as something that was broken was now repaired.

'I have power,' was her next thought and from deep inside she found it. A closed door swung open and power was there. 'I have more than power,' as more and more flowed into her. 'I am strong,' she thought as her eyes opened.

Chakra exploded from Hinata's small form and threw back Iwa. She was covered in a rippling blue aura. The large man stood back up and closed to tackle the girl but she had taken a stance and attacked, pointing her first two fingers at him. She stopped a good foot away from his forehead but that did not matter. A spike of chakra extended from her fingers and embedded into his brain before exploding out the back. The man fell backwards and did not move, his sightless dead eyes staring out.

"Iwa!," cried out Raikou as he rushed over. Hinata swatted him aside and jumped over to Ame. The man held up his staff in self defense but Hinata's fingers struck swiftly as the chakra surrounding her enhanced her speed. The staff fell from his broken hands. Her fingers extended out and she struck randomly at his tenketsu points. Normal Gentle Fist only blocks and shuts down the point. Each one of Hinata's strike overpowered and destroyed them. Ame fell in agony as his body was torn apart.

Raikou was afraid now. The girl was turning to face him but he realized he had one chance now. He made a Kawarmi with a rock as she struck. He appeared behind Hinata and got his arm around her in a headlock and buried his tanto into her back. Hinata screamed and reacted.

Chakra flew out of each of her chakra points in the form of a two foot long spike. Raikou was impaled on dozens of places and whimpered. "Kaiten," whispered Hinata as she spun her body. The chakra spikes slid sideways through Raikou's body slicing him. Other spikes impacted on him as she rotated cutting him to bits. The shell of chakra hurled the parts of his body about the area.

Hinata fell to the ground with the tanto still embedded into her body. Even so, she smiled as her last conscious thought was a memory of her mother singing her a lullaby.

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End Notes: Before anyone jumps on me for 'Super-Hinata', she unknowingly opened the first three gates. That gave her more than enough to do what she did without really thinking about it. Her mental state is another matter and will be explored next time.