Author's Note: WARNING: Rape, Abuse, Violence, Controversial Views, Heterosexual and Homosexual Sex, Language and Mpreg in this story. Also major disregard for the rules of science (obviously) and Stephanie Meyer. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I've also started, instead of changing the bold and italic things for points of views, to just label what it's going to be. Hope that makes the story more readable.


Chapter Seventeen


Okay, so maybe I could understand Jasper's scepticism, but this was getting a little out of hand.

"Are you insane? Have you completely lost your mind?" He was shouting, on his feet and pacing around the small confined space of the bathroom, which I hadn't left since throwing up in the toilet. The stink was starting to get to me, making me want a Round Two, but Jasper didn't seem like he was going to let me up and out any time soon. "Edward, I don't get it. I don't get you."

"Don't you understand, Jasper?" I snapped, pushing myself slowly to my feet. A brief round of dizziness washed through me and I leaned on the bathroom counter, bracing myself until the room stopped spinning, clenching my jaw to stop myself vomiting again. As much as I would give to be human again, that was one ability I would gladly never deal with. "This can be a really, really good thing. You need to stop stalling the move; Jacob's back as a Wolf now and that means he'll be able to find me, especially if Alice knows where this Clan is. We can arrange for them to meet us there."

"You heard her, Edward; he's not going anywhere. He'd not going to leave his Pack to the mercy of Sam, or let them fade away. If what Alice told me is true - that he was almost gone when she got there - then Jacob doesn't have much time left to save the rest of them. He was the last changed too, right? Some of them could already be gone by now."

I shook my head. "I don't know, Jasper…Maybe we won't need him. If what I think will happen, happens, then Jacob will be able to stay in Forks. We have to move fast, though; just because he managed to bust out doesn't mean the rest of them will be able to. He will need help."

"Edward." Jasper stepped forward, placing his hands on my shoulders and forcing me to look at him. Immediately I was struck by how close he was, how dark his eyes were, and even though I didn't want to, I couldn't help my reaction. Damn it; I'm going to have to learn to control whatever this is that makes me what I am. Jasper pulled me out of my thoughts as he continued speaking; "You're getting ahead of yourself. I don't even know what you're trying to tell me is going to happen. Unless you've suddenly developed this psychic ability you cannot predict what will happen if we go to the Werewolf Clan. You've always said to never bet against Alice and I don't know why you're starting now."

"I don't want to change the future she's seen, Jasper. I merely want to…provide another option. How long would the drive there take, do you think?"

"Maybe two days. One if we move quickly, but I'd say closer to two."

"Think about it, Jasper; Carlisle and Bella are getting more and more territorial with me. Carlisle wants me back, Bella wants me dead or hers. If I'm Imprinted on by an Alpha Werewolf, something's going to go down. Who says they all make it out alive? And even if somehow they did manage to kill the Alpha Wolf, they'd be too busy fighting to notice you or I slipping away." My hands came up, gripping tightly onto his forearms. I met his gaze and held it steadily, willing him to understand, to accept what I was proposing. "Think about it, Jasper. A whole Clan of Werewolves against two vampires. Someone's not going to survive."

"Listen to yourself!" He shoved away from me, hard. His eyes were black, completely encased in onyx due to his anger and shock; I could feel it with crippling force wash through my being, almost sending me to my knees. There was fear in his mind as well; fear of being so disloyal and possibly getting caught out on it. "How many times must I lie to this family, Edward? How many times will I have to cover your ass so that you can be safe? Carlisle's like a father to me, and Bella a sister!"

"Jasper, please, just listen to me!" He had turned, started to walk away and I had to follow him; I had to make him understand. If he told Carlisle about what I thought might happen - about what Alice's vision said - then I would be screwed and it would all be over. I reached forward and grabbed his shoulder harshly, spinning him around and with a force that shocked even me I slammed him back into a wall, right next to the doorway to the bathroom. His eyes met mine and I saw fear there.

I needed to try a different tack.

"Please…just listen…" I lowered my voice, making it desperate, my eyes and expression softened and I loosened my hold on him, making sure he knew he had freedom to move; a cornered animal will fight harder than one who thinks it can escape. I even stepped away from him, unnerved by the chill coming from his body and how the shifting in my stomach seemed to increase when he was nearby. "I know. Believe me, I know. Carlisle is a good father, he is. He's a good leader for our Coven and Bella…I loved Bella, Jasper. I loved her like a wife, like my best friend but she's not. She's a Succubus, Jasper. She can't be trusted; they can mould their personalities to anything you want, anything that is necessary to get what they want. She's wrapped you all around her little finger!"

"You're a fucking Incubus, Edward, you can do the same thing!" he growled, shoving hard against my hand. I let it fall away and he stood from the wall, but otherwise didn't move. Taking it as a good sign I pressed onward;

"Yes, yes I can. But…Jasper…you're my brother. My brother. I've trusted you with all of this because I thought you were on my side. I thought you wouldn't want me to be kept prisoner here, just because Carlisle and Bella can't let me go. I'm sorry for what I am, really. I'm sorry that you're suffering and I'm sorry that you have had to go through so much on my account but Jasper, I love you like a brother and I know you would do anything for me. You promised me that once, Jasper. Please…don't give up on me now.

My plan can work, really it can. If we're lucky no one will have to die but think about it, Jasper. You've known for a while now, I know you have. You knew what Carlisle felt for me long before any of this shit began to happen. You also kept it to yourself and I'm really glad you did. You were always the person I felt I could count on, Jasper, when my father failed me and then my Wife, you were always there and I thought…"

"What did you think, Edward?" His voice was cold, bitter. He wouldn't look at me. "You think I would follow you forever like a good little soldier? My loyalty is not with you, Edward. It's with Alice, and I stuck by you because I knew you would need help when Bella came along. I tried, Edward, I really tried. The only reason I'm still with this damned family is because Alice is happy here. I tried to pretend…but you were there. Face it, people are never happy when you're around. You cause pain and confusion and anger everywhere you go. Maybe you deserve going to that Werewolf Clan."

I had to fight the urge to recoil from him, to shy away. With every word he sent at me I felt like I was being stabbed in the gut, the blade filled with pure loathing. "Maybe I do." I had to work to keep the tremble from my voice, the fear that Jasper might actually turn his back on me now…I couldn't face that. I wouldn't be able to handle that. "Maybe I should; it would be better…but I still have to get there, don't I? You said yourself I wouldn't make it into another state on my own -."

"Then don't make it, for all I fucking care!" And then the levee broke; every emotion Jasper was holding in, barely restrained came flooding out;








He was so torn…I felt awful for what I was making him do, asking him to do. How could I think to ask my brother to turn his back on his family, the people who had welcomed him in and made him a home and a place of safety for my sake? For the sake of my bastard hybrid?

"Jasper, I'm -."

"Am I interrupting?"

Damn it.

I turned slowly, knowing from the voice whose eyed I'd be looking into when I finally met them. Two pairs of onyx eyes - darkened by the sudden flood of emotions in the room - were set on me and held my gaze before I had to look away. I couldn't take the hatred reflected in my family's eyes. Bella looked just about ready to kill me, and Carlisle…well, the only real way to describe his expression was triumphant.

I'd successfully alienated my last ally, and he knew it.

"So, Edward, are you ready to come quietly?" His voice was practically a purr and I felt the venom sliding down my throat as I swallowed audibly. I didn't want to go, didn't want to go through with this without knowing Jasper would have my back in the end, but what other choice did I have now?

I didn't trust my voice to give me away, so I merely took a deep breath, clenched my jaw and nodded, lowering my gaze to the ground so that I didn't have to keep looking at that damn successful smirk. Deep in my stomach the baby shifted a little and instinctively my hands curled around myself in defence, wanting to reassure this creature that had already caused me so much grief that everything was going to be okay, that there was nothing to get excited about.

"Good," Carlisle said, either not noticing my action or deliberately ignoring it. Not like he really could; in the past however-the-fuck-long-I've-been-here I'd been showing more and more, like the baby was going through some steroid phase and was growing very quickly. But with each passing hour I could also feel the baby getting weaker, malnourished by the fact that I wasn't eating or drinking anything. Not since that time with Jacob.

Before all the real messy shit started.

"Get in the car, Jasper can drive you while we take the other one." With that Carlisle tossed him the keys. It was probably a deliberate thing, making Jasper drive me. His ragged emotions would ensure I was too terrified to do anything to escape and the fact that he was still the most recently angry, had the most to hold against me - in a manner of speaking. I was just relieved he didn't choose Bella; I would have arrived at the Werewolf Clan without a head.

Didn't mean she wasn't at work, though; currently she was blocking everyone's thoughts from me, including Jasper's. I could only feel his intense emotions pouring out from whatever barrier he'd hastily managed to construct for himself since Carlisle entered the room, but even that was enough to know he was in definite 'Don't fuck with me' mode. I wouldn't be able to get a word in edge-ways in the car.

This is going to be a relaxing drive.

Still, as I moved towards the car - they'd taken Carlisle's Mercedes and some other vehicle that was most likely stolen. I got in the second one - my mind was spinning with various ways to win Jasper back over. I had to have an ally with me if push came to shove, as it most certainly would. I couldn't contact anyone; Bella or Carlisle would most likely stop me…in a very permanent way. I felt like I was between a rock and a hard place and both sides were closing in.

The car was silent as Jasper slid into the driver's seat, me in the passenger's and he brought the engine to life, his eyes still blackened with rage but his expression completely stone cold. I didn't like seeing him like this; usually my brother was such an open and warm person, it hurt to see him acting so…I don't know…non-Jasper. It hurt even more to know that I'd been the one to cause that.

If I made it out of this alive, I would spend the rest of my existence making this up to him.

And Jacob.

Oh God…Jacob.

Where did I stand on that front? I'd essentially abandoned him and left him to rot in a cage in the middle of a clearing. I could have helped him. Hell, I could have just done something like running away, as usual. I'd hardly expected Bella to take me back when I left her; how was Jacob going to take it knowing that so much more had been on the line?

If I'd stayed, maybe I would have been able to help him.

Help his Pack.

Some of them might be gone forever and it would have all been my fault.

Sam wouldn't have attacked in the first place if it wasn't because of me, because of the stupid fascination Jacob had developed for me that I'd not only not dealt with, but had actually encouraged. I was such a sick, stupid monster.

Jasper was completely right; no one was happy when I was around. Even Bella had swung between obsession and suicide more than once because of me.

Out of the blue I saw something coming at me from the corner of my eye. I ducked just in time to miss the blow to the side of my head, Jasper's hand instead just grazing my jaw. It still hurt a little - most blows from a vampire tend to - but not as much as I'm sure he wanted it to. When I turned to look at him he was glaring at me.

Seriously? Not five fucking minutes or a word and we're already at blows?


He spoke before I could; "Now, genius, what are we going to do?"

I could only blink stupidly at him. "What?" He merely laughed, the harshness melting from his face.

"Man, I didn't think I was that good of an actor, but damn that was pretty smooth, you have to admit. Now, would you quit with all the self-loathing already? How is this plan of yours going to go down? You didn't really tell me the details before I started shouting verbal abuse at you."

"You…were faking it?" Wow, I was really slow on the uptake today, but I couldn't get my brain to focus on the fact that that had been…a lie. Jasper had just faked anger at me. That was insane, especially that I didn't pick up on it in his thoughts.

Kudos, big brother.

He laughed again, and I swear I had never been more relieved to hear the sound. "Well…to be honest…I was faking a lot of that. I mean, if you had suggested this to me a couple of days ago I'd be ripping you apart myself," I winced at the casual tone he took on so well, discussing my murder, "But I've seen Bella and Carlisle…they're not themselves anymore. They're not the same and to be honest I think you've been fucked over enough by the world, don't you? All because Carlisle couldn't keep his hands off you long enough to fucking bite you."

I frowned, biting my lip as I turned back to stare out of the front windscreen. Again, my mind was hurriedly trying to catch up with what my ears were telling me Jasper was saying and I kept coming up blank. I couldn't comprehend that he would have said all those things for the sake of acting. I mean, yes, it got us in the direction I wanted to go but…I don't know…it seems like there could have been better ways to do it.

He sighed, probably sensing my emotions. "Edward, listen to me." Obediently I turned my head but kept my gaze forward; I was listening but I couldn't look at him right then. My thoughts were in too much turmoil to really take in what he was saying but I did hear him; "If I was suddenly all on board with you going to the Clan Carlisle would have known something was up. You decided it this way. I got no say in it and therefore the other two are suspicion-free. They think I would love nothing more than you burn your body and I think that's exactly where we want them right now, don't you?"

"I guess." It was all I really could say, for now anyway. I sighed, running a hand through my hair and leaned forward so my forehead was resting on the dashboard. "I don't know…sometimes I just wish Carlisle had let me die in that damned hospital."

That's when I felt it. The flash of guilt, white-hot and so strong it was seared into my brain. Immediately my hands flew to my head; I felt like it was suddenly going to split in two. I had to cry out; the pain was so sudden it took me by surprise before it was gone again, this time more like a steady background flow with all the other emotions Jasper was currently feeling. I turned my head slightly towards him, summoning up my best 'What the Hell?' expression.

"You know something."

Jasper bit his lip, his eyebrows coming together as he glanced into the rear-view mirror, a worried frown on his face. Then he fixed and focused his eyes on the road. "No."

"Liar," I spat, sitting up suddenly and turning my entire body to face him. "Tell me. You know something, don't you? About me? About Carlisle?" My body was thrumming with tension, one hand clenching and unclenching nervously into the fabric of the passenger seat. "What is it, Jasper?"

"I'm not even meant to know. I was never really meant to know."

The guilt came back from him, sent out in waves as though he was trying to get me to stop going further by pushing as much guilt and shame on me as possible, so that I would feel bad for prying into the past. But this was definitely something I deserved to know, surely. His desperate look had my previously sluggish brain kicking into overdrive, working at what I'd said and what Jasper could have possibly known that would make him feel so guilty.

What would? What would he feel guilty about?

"…I wasn't dying when Carlisle bit me, was I?"

"You're an Incubus, Edward. Someone has to be having sex with you when they bite you to turn you into one of those. You couldn't be having sex when you're dying of the Influenza, could you?" I merely cocked my head to one side, urging him silently to continue onwards; he was about to break, I knew he was.

Jasper sighed heavily, folding his arm so that it rested just outside of his down-turned window. He used his hand to prop his head up, rubbing at his temple as he drove us one-handed down the highway at a good hundred-and-ninety miles-per-hour. Normally that speed wouldn't bother me but now I could feel the human nervousness of driving so fast settling in my chest. I pushed it away; I had bigger things to focus on right now.

"So what happened? And how do you know?"

"Medical records," he replied, and his voice was resigned. I carefully stifled my smirk of triumph. "When Alice and I first met, when she told me about you and Carlisle and Esme, Rosalie and Emmett I wanted to know everything about you guys. That was one of the many things I'd learned in the Army; don't go into unknown territory against another group without knowing your stuff. So I did some research and…there was never any death record of you. You were in hospital, dying, and Carlisle cured you and you both walked out of that hospital. About two weeks later Carlisle handed in his resignation and I assume the both of you moved somewhere else."

Okay, what? Carlisle cured me? I wasn't dying?

I could have stayed human?

"I don't remember that. All I knew was the disease, then the bite. There was nothing in between that, Jasper." Shocked from the revelation I could feel my brain trying to shut itself down, immerse my thoughts deeply within denial. It was like the five stages of death all over again; Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. I had quickly moved to the second. "He fucking…that bastard. I'm going to fucking kill him."

"Let's leave that to the Werewolves, shall we?"

"You don't understand, Jasper. You couldn't possibly understand. I could have…I could have stayed a human! I could have died when I was meant to! He's been lying to me for God knows how long and I just fucking let him!" I couldn't stop the growl that escaped me or the way my upper lip curled back, exposing my teeth. "How the hell did he manage to keep this from me?"

"He's pretty good at hiding shit like that, Edward. It took me a lot of digging to even find out that much."

"That's still a fucking epically proportional piece of news, Jasper! The son of a bitch practically abducted me! Of course, why the fuck wouldn't he, right? He's a doctor, I probably trusted him, I was an orphan and had no one to fall back on. Fuck…the fucking bastard. I want to rip him limb from limb. If it's the last thing I do I want to see the bastard die."

"Okay, can we hold off on the rage-spiral, please? It's getting harder to drive when you're pumping loathing at me like half-price frozen yoghurt."


"Never mind. The point is we have them exactly where we want them, right? We have Carlisle and Bella thinking they're taking you to a Werewolf Clan, where if I've guessed right they're going to try and pressure you into giving up your baby, or they'll wait until you give a healthy birth and then kill it. Either way they don't want your baby surviving this. So…if we go there and the Alpha Imprints on you…what do you think will happen?"

"I didn't really think this through; it's just sort of a hunch."


"Shut up. But I mean…okay, I don't think Carlisle and Bella will like the fact that a Werewolf now wants me as his and his alone. I mean…they're getting more and more territorial, especially since I'm becoming more…"


"So eloquent. Yes, I suppose. So basically I'm thinking that…I don't know, if a Werewolf nature is anything like legends say they are, then those Wolves aren't going to let me go without a fight. Carlisle and Bella won't either. Then while they're all having their little pissing contest we can run, haul ass and get as far away as possible as fast as possible."

"And by pissing contest you mean possibly mass homicidal, all-out vampire-werewolf battle?"


"That's a really shitty plan, Edward."

"Got anything better? Why don't you dial into oh-nine-hundred-psychic-wife and see what she can See for us, if that plan will work. I want to get this over with quickly, Jasper. I still need to be able to help Jacob and I can't do that if I'm some werewolf's bitch or being held hostage by vampires."

Jasper turned to look at me, his expression unreadable and his emotions giving nothing away. I held his gaze for a long moment before he sighed lightly and looked out through the front of the car again.

"What?" I snapped, in no mood for stupid mind games. My head felt oddly silent without the thoughts of everyone around me and I felt…I don't know, exposed. I didn't like not knowing what people were thinking; it unnerved me as it would anyone who woke up one day to find they had lost one of their senses.

"You really love him, don't you?" Jasper asked, his voice soft as he continued staring out of the front of the car. I sat back against the seat, not really sure how to answer that.

I mean, yes, in a way I suppose I had to feel something for Jacob. Despite what my past might say I wasn't that much of a slut that I would sleep with my worst enemy just because he wanted me. Jacob was…I don't know, there was just something about him. It was like…I don't know. I hadn't even opened myself up to the possibility of liking Jacob and now I felt like I'd missed out. If I hadn't focused on Bella because of her weird immunity to my gift the future could have turned out very differently.

Maybe if we'd been together before he even became a Shifter…

I shook my head; no point dwelling on What If's. Not anymore.

Not now that I knew I had missed out on a huge fucking What If.

What if Carlisle had never been my doctor, had never taken me away and done God-knows-what before making me into this damned, accursed thing. An Incubus. Like Jasper had said; couldn't he manage to keep his hands off me for fucking long enough to let me become a vampire like he was?

Why did he even have to bite me in the first place? Loneliness isn't that bad; I've had to deal with it for a very long time and not because I was some fucking Saint who refused to eat people. Carlisle had had his chance anyway; his damned development of a conscience had moved him away from the Volturi but he'd had a life, a family there. Or he could have stayed with the Denali Coven and been happy there.

But no. He had to go fuck up the lives of others to make himself happy.

Whatever. He wasn't worth any more of my time. Carlisle was dead to me and if everything else went well, he would be dead to the world soon enough.

I turned my head away from Jasper, staring out the window so that my tears wouldn't be visible. I knew he could smell them and I was thankful he didn't say anything. My head might have been all on board with Carlisle dying, but I guess my heart and my tear ducts had very different things to say about it.

And thus begins stage four.


"Why the fuck would you say that to him?" I growled, ignoring the throbbing in my gut from where Alice had punched me, stopping my efforts to get to the phone. From behind me Seth and Quil's wolves gave little whines and growls of anger, annoyed at seeing their Alpha treated in such a way but also unsure of what to do. Without Kayne to guide them they were leaderless and I wouldn't have that; I needed to help them. Edward could look after himself for a little while longer, surely.

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean." I hated how fucking calm and collected she looked, as though she hadn't just screwed us all to Hell.

"Why would you tell him about that Werewolf? Now he's going to be scared out of his fucking mind, regardless of that soldier leech looking out for him."

She laughed, shaking her head slightly. "Oh, Jacob, you have a lot to learn, my friend. Edward's smart and so is Jasper. They'll figure it out. In fact, everything is going to plan."

"Who's plan?"

"What do you mean?"

"Who's side are you on, Alice? Huh?" I stepped forward, towering over her tiny frame but she didn't back down, not even when her nose was just an inch from my chest - I suppose she had the advantage there anyway, after all she could land a mean punch when she wanted to. "I can't figure out your motive and you've just made sure that Edward runs even further away from me, telling him that shit about not caring for him. Don't you fucking get it? I would do anything for him."

"Except leave your Pack."

I said nothing; there was nothing to say. Too long from being away from my Wolf had evidently lowered the energy needed to change; I could feel him, exhausted in the back of my mind from being out for so long, curled up and obviously not ready to come to my aid when I needed him.


"Listen to me, Jacob. Now everything's set to play out. What do you think will happen when another person wants Edward, hmm? You think Carlisle and Bella will just let him be taken by an Alpha? You're lucky they didn't know about you at first, because they're going to want to keep him for themselves, and the Alpha won't let him go quietly."

"You mean…" Fuck. "I don't want Edward in the middle of some huge game of tug-of-war with the shiny new toy!"

"Then you better pray he's quick on his feet. And he is. I've Seen this happening, Jacob. Everything will be just fine. At least, it should be. And this way I'm buying you time, time to help your Pack members. You should be thanking me, not yelling at me."

"I'm working on it."

"Work harder, and you better haul ass because if this thing goes South you're going to want to be there to make sure the right side wins."

"Which side do you want to win?"

Alice merely smiled at me, patting a hand on the top of my head like I was still a dog, though the action meant she had to practically jump into the air to do so. Within a blink she was gone, running with that damned vampire speed and leaving me alone with my still Out-Of-Phase Pack members.


"My sentiments exactly."


I'm not sure what I expected the living place of Werewolves to look like. I suppose I had to go with the stereotypes; they lived like regular humans three weeks of the month. What I didn't expect was what looked like a fort, hollowed out and carved from a mountainside. It had all the look of something written out of a Lord of the Rings book, complete with guarded patrols everywhere. We had to leave the cars back on a dirt road and trek for a good fifteen miles before we hit the spot.

I could tell when we got there because of the smell.

It smelled like rotting meat, and like fur and like rain everywhere, despite the fact that I'm pretty sure it hadn't rained here in months, from the dryness of the leaves under our feet and the dehydration evident in the 'humans' we saw.

They knew who we were. Or what we were. We knew what they were. There were no formalities exchanged. A few of them nodded at Jasper as though recognizing him and he threw a few of them a smile in return. Carlisle obviously knew where we were going because he marched without hesitation up through the centre of the fort entrance; an arch set just into the rock face, completely invisible to someone that wasn't looking for it and he pushed through the small opening carved out, that was just big enough for a man to fit through. First Bella went through, then Jasper then I and Carlisle closed it behind us, unheeding of the curious looks and whispers we received from the Werewolves as the stone door slid shut.

Inside there was nothing but silence. Dry air encased us along with the darkness, that was split only by a few thin holes cut into the large domes roof to let in sunlight. It reminded me starkly of the Volturi throne room as I stepped forward, able to pick out the various shapes of Wolves and Men alike in the darkness. There were no smells here whatsoever, a fact that unnerved me more than anything else. Again I was losing a sense and there was little to fall back on; there didn't seem to be anything to see.

I cast my eyes around, looking into the eyes of each shape as they turned to face Carlisle. I was trying to pick out which one of them was the Alpha, but to no avail. I didn't know how Werewolves reacted when they Imprinted - hell, until recently I'd thought Imprinting was something only Shifters exclusively could do - and so I had nothing to go by except guessing who I thought would be the Alpha and waiting.

If I had a heartbeat I'm sure it would have been flying. My breath was certainly coming fast enough.

"Carlisle." A voice echoed throughout the dark cavern, although the one who'd spoken didn't seem to really speak very loudly. Acoustics worked to heighten and reflect every noise until it was almost deafening. How we'd managed to walk in to silence was beyond me.

"Eva," Carlisle replied, stepping forward to greet the woman. One by one I could see the other shapes returning to their business, quietly but quickly exiting the room and leaving us to ourselves. "Where's Alex?"

The woman called Eva merely sighed and shook her head. With every movement of her head tight coils of blonde hair moved with her, falling around her neck and over the front of her shoulder to shield the sight of her naked breast. Around her slim body she wore a thick fabric wound like a toga, exposing the one breast to which was attached a small baby; she'd obviously recently given birth from the size of it, and it was silent as it took nourishment from its mother.

"Our Alpha has gone on a Hunting trip; we were expecting you later in the week, to be frank, and we wanted to make sure we could properly accommodate our…special guest." And with those words her eyes landed on me. I almost took a step back at the colour; her eyes were completely blue, beyond where the iris was normally limited to. They encased her entire eye as though she had been born with a thin blue veil over her eyes. I could sort of see a pupil moving in there but it was hard; the clouded sky colour was hard to try and look past. She smiled amiably at me, holding out the hand not cradling her baby. "Edward, I've heard so much about you. Your family has told me about your situation and I want you to know that anything you need to know, any questions you have I will be able to answer. You're not the first of your kind to pass this way; I've become something of an expert on the subject." Along with her words there was a light, easy smile to her face, a strength in the way she held herself. She reminded me, of all people, of Angela Weber. There was no physical similarities but it was just…I don't know. There was something genuinely likeable about her, a quiet inner strength and friendliness that I couldn't help but relax around.

"Thank you, Eva." Carlisle answered her before I could. I cast a quick glare his way but made sure he wouldn't notice it. "When can we expect Alex to be back?"

"In a day or so; the Hunting Party didn't go far."

From then on Carlisle, Bella and Jasper were taken around the Clan and I was glad of that; Jasper needed to know the lay of the land if we were to make good our escape. It also gave me time to stay with the women of the Clan and learn what I could about what I was and how to take care of my baby. The surrealism of the situation had long ago faded from me and I was ready to accept whatever knowledge they could bestow on me. I was glad to find that the water thing hadn't been a fluke; I was now in the stage of pregnancy where I could handle human food and keep it down, so my baby and myself would no longer starve.

One day. I had one day to prepare for what I hoped would end up being the great escape. I wanted to be able to leave all of this behind me, to hopefully come out of the other side of this ordeal stronger, better and with far less baggage.

Yes, I still had qualms about ending Carlisle and Bella's life, or possibly endangering this innocent Werewolf Clan but…I don't know. I guess pregnancy was making me selfish. I wasn't going to lose another child and I sure as hell wasn't going to lose my freedom.

This seemed the only way that I would finally be free.


"Jared. You better have a fucking good reason for being here."

"Let me explain, please." He stepped forward but was stopped by growls in unison from Seth and Quil's Wolves. I couldn't help smirk at the look of fear that crossed his face; it's good to know that at least he wasn't suicidal. And I was glad that Seth and Quil's Wolves agreed with me; Jensen was with Sam, part of Sam's original Pack and that must mean he was the enemy.

"I had no idea that Sam would do that to you. I'm sorry."

"You're fucking sorry? You're going to need a bigger word than Sorry, Jared. Seth and Quil could be gone because of you, or Leah and Embry's wolves. I swear to you if that happens I'm going to hunt down and kill you, Paul and Sam."

"I didn't do this to you!"

"You sure as hell didn't help!"

"I wasn't even phased!"

"Yeah, doesn't that strike you as odd? You were the only one not to get phased when Sam attacked. That strikes me as a little too convenient, don't you think?"

"Jacob, please listen to me!" I was getting really tired of hearing that. I stepped forward, fully prepared to break his neck or at least give him a wound he wouldn't forget any time soon when the tears started spilling from his eyes. "I didn't have a choice!"

"You didn't have a fucking choice? There's always a choice, Jared! There was a right and a wrong and you chose wrong!"

"I couldn't do it, alright? Sam said that…if I helped you he would take Kim away from me. He would kill her. I couldn't let him do that, Jacob. Do what you want to me, but you have to know that…I would never go against my Alpha but I couldn't let Sam kill my Imprint…" He shook his head, looking down to the ground. Shame warred with pain on his features and won, his entire body shaking with the effort not to Phase, out of fear.

I took a deep breath, forcing my voice to soften. I couldn't blame Jared for that…I really couldn't, as much as I wanted to. After all, could I say I wouldn't have done the same thing if I were Imprinted? Even with Edward I definitely would have thought twice…if it weren't for the fact that Edward can kick serious ass when he wants to.

Realization hit me like a wrecking ball. I wasn't Imprinted but…Holy hell. This was a low blow by any means, such a low route to take but damn it all I was getting desperate; Quil and Seth could be gone for all I know and I had to help them before it was too late, if it wasn't already. I'd be damned if I didn't try.

"Jared, come with me. You've given me an idea."

"Where are we going?"

"Sam's house. I need to have a little chat with Emily."

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