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Summary: Ichigo defeated Aizen in the final battle of the Arrancar War, but being in Aizen's tender care for a year, has Ichigo feeling less then confident, so when his secret is revealed he makes a run for it, and in the process ends up in the dead one year body of Harry Potter...BLEACH Crossover

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He was desperate, so very desperate in that final battle that he used his powers. His secret, his hollow half had been revealed in front of the entire Gotei 13. His worst fears were realized... Their looks were of utter surprise, and then the fear started to set in.

He could taste their fear, their disgust and he wanted to run, wanted to get away from it all, so he ran, ran far away though a garganta of his own making...

He didn't look back, couldn't. His inner world was filling up of the tears of his soul. He had done so much, and suffered too much to see another pained expression on another person's face. He'd done his part, and defeated Aizen Sousuke, now he'd vanish...


Chapter 1


Number 4 Privet Drive, 10 years later

Ichigo wasn't paying attention to where his garganta had spirit himself off to, but now looking back over this situation, he solely regret that oversight. It had been ten years since his disappearance from the world of the Shinigami, and now looking at the hero of the Arrancar War, he was dressed in the raggest clothes imaginable.

His shirt was five times larger than his form and this body was slightly restricting, but he had no choice, it was his own damn fault. He glared at the bacon he was suppose to be cooking scaring his 'new' Aunt away, not daring to yell at the strange child.

Ichigo sighed mentally, because of a twist of fate; he'd somehow ended up in the newly dead body of some one year. Just his luck, and then struggle ling for hours didn't help any as no matter what he did the body would not release his soul from its dead husk. So at twenty-eight years old, Ichigo Kurosaki, substitute shinigami was stuck in the body of ten year old Harry Potter...go figure.


Soul Society, Seireitei

"Another useless search." Hitsugaya commented looking over the varies reports he received from his subordinates, it was becoming more and more depressing to send anymore of his division out for search parties.

"What were you saying...?" Another voice said sounding very angry at the captain of the tenth division.

It was Karin Kurosaki, younger sister to Ichigo Kurosaki, and captain of the Third Division. She was about 4'10 in height, with black straight hair, and was wearing the usual shinigami outfit with white captain's vest, as well as a bright orange gem on a necklace.

Hitsugaya mentally sighed, and looked away not daring to say something else that could end with Hinamori, as well as a good deal of other people mad at him.

Ichigo was still a much respected individual and although he was revealed to be a Vaizard (or something of the nature) there was never any negative attention of the substitute shinigami even after his sudden disappearance. A great majority of the captains as well as other high ranking officers cared deeply about the orange-haired shinigami who stood up for justice. Because of his strength Soul Society was restored to its proper functions, and Urahara Kisuke as well as new captains of Sixth Division, and Ninth Division was appointed.

Unfortunately, only now did Hitsugaya notice his mistake when the captain of Ninth Division, Yuzu Kurosaki stepped into the room. She was a petite young woman with straight brown hair, and a caring face. At least she would have, had she not heard Hitsugaya words, but she didn't say anything, and in Hitsugaya's opinion she was becoming of the same ideas as him. Ichigo Kurosaki was never going to be found.


Number 4 Privet Drive

Uncle Vernon entered the kitchen as Ichigo was turning over the second set of bacon.

"Comb your hair!" he barked, it was his way of saying a morning greeting. Ichigo glared, and his 'Uncle' scoffed and sat down at the table taking up his newspaper and started to read.

Ichigo set the newly cooked bacon on a plate on the kitchen table, and went back to the stove. He could care less about Vernon's attitude; he was used to it too much.

About twice a week, Vernon would take a hard looked at Ichigo 'black' hair and complain in a loud voice that he needed 'another-god-forsaken-hair-cut'. Ichigo must have had more hair cuts in this body in a year than he ever had when he lived with his real family, but it made no difference regardless, his hair simply grew wild and spiked up (something Ichigo assumed came from a combination of his soul and this body). Still it wasn't like the haircuts, his 'Aunt' give him helped any...

"Hurry up, boy. Dudley's coming." Vernon said, breaking Ichigo's concentration. Ichigo glared again, and released a tiny ounce of his reiatsu to get the man to shut up. Ichigo took a lot of crap from Vernon (Ichigo refused to call that man his Uncle in his mind), but some days his patience wasn't the best, and Vernon should have known better then to think he could beat Ichigo around. Rukia was scarier than this jerk.

Ichigo thoughts ran cold at the thought of his nakama. It had been a while since he thought of anyone from his shinigami days, and every time he did, it put him in a bad mood thinking about the past...

Blam! Blam! Blam!

Ichigo growled at the noise. It was an obvious sign that 'widdle Dudley' was coming down the stairs, it was one of down sides to having enhances senses, and strangely enough those down sides only started appearing in the presence of his caring family.

Dudley entered the kitchen, and waddled to his enlarged chair at the kitchen table. He looked fatter than ever and his small neck looked non-existent against his clothes. It's was hard to picture why Petunia ever called him an angel, he looked worst then Grand Fisher.

Ichigo eyes narrowed angrily, he was doing it again. He cursed under his breath and finished cooking the last of the bacon, almost slamming it onto the plate before placing it front of the whales called Vernon and Dudley. Petunia didn't say anything about his lack of manners and simply dismissed Ichigo with a glare.

Ichigo didn't argue, and went back to his room, or rather his cupboard. He lived in it for ten years and was quite used to the small space it offered even if there was the occasional visit from spiders. It was comfortable (he stole pillows, and blanket from Dudley, as well as basic supplies, and things such as books, to pass the time), and helped him get away from the supposed family that was current eating breakfast, and complaining in loud voices about him.

Ichigo ignored them in favor of eating the breakfast he easily swapped using his reiatsu to considerably speed up his hands.

"Not like they'd see anything." Ichigo said to himself, his family quickly wolfed down their food, with all the grace of stray dogs.

"All done, son?" Correction, were eating; now they were probably going to make him sit through Dudley opening all his useless presents.

Dudley obviously nodded, for the next second Vernon called for Ichigo.

Ichigo groaned, but did as the older man asked and seated himself on a sofa in the Living Room away from all the other members of the household. This was difficult as Dudley's birthday presents were crowding mostly of the Living Room, and Petunia had conveniently forgotten to clear a seat for Ichigo but he managed.

"Stop moving, boy." Vernon hissed, and Ichigo did so, watching as Dudley tried fruitlessly to count his presents. He face fell.

"Thirty-seven," Dudley said, glancing up at his mother and father. "That's one less than last year." His cheeks turned red, and the hint of a Dudley temper tantrum was looming.

Petunia apparently sensed this as well, as she immediately spoke up. "And we'll be buying you several more presents on our day out. How's that Popkin? More presents. Is that okay with you?" Dudley nodded happy at the thought of getting more presents then he had last year.

Ichigo rolled his eyes, and was very tempted to think of Yachiru, but at least she was only obsessed with candy, and could fight, Dudley was just pathetic.

Vernon laughed heartily, and Ichigo leaned back in his seat to avoid getting spit on himself. Now that would be disgusting.

"He just wants his money's worth, just like his father. He'll be great, just like me." Vernon smirked and ruffed Dudley's hair.

Ichigo paled, hoping to god, that under no circumstances would that happen. His thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone.

Petunia quickly untangled herself from her son's presents and went to answer the phone while Dudley unwrapped a brand new skateboard, racing bike, a mini computer, and sixteen new computer games. Dudley was fighting through the wrapping on a VCR; when Petunia came back into the room. She looked absolutely angry, and kept sending disgusted glances at Ichigo like it was his fault that whatever happened he'd had some part of it.

She sat down next to Vernon, and spat out. "Bad news Vernon, Ms. Figg's broke her leg, and can't take him." She glared in Ichigo direction.

Ichigo didn't even bother to look at her, and watched at Dudley unwrapped another useless gift. Rangiku-san was more subtle then Petunia and that was incredible sad, Rangiku ran the gossip mill back in Seireitei.

Dudley pause in his present wrapping, and gasped in horror, and Ichigo knew his day was going to get worse. Every year, on Dudley's birthday Ichigo was left with Mrs. Figg, a strange lady who lived a couple streets away. Ichigo didn't mind going there, and although he couldn't quite look any cat in the eye (Yourichi's fault) her home was heaven compared to the Dursley's.

"Now what are we going to do?" Petunia hissed again.

Ichigo was tempted to give her one of Byakuya's glares.

"We could ring Marge," Vernon suggested.

Petunia shook her head. "She hates the boy."

Ichigo leaned back in his sit again, and sighed. 'Hate isn't a strong enough word for Marge.' He thought thinking about all the times he had to camp outside because of her dog Ripper trying to take a chomp out of him.

"What about one your friends?"

"No." Petunia snapped. "I wouldn't leave him with them."

"You could just leave me here," Ichigo supplied (he'd get to finally do some research on his home town, and maybe go to the library, and brush up on his Japanese, finally have some time alone without his family around).

Petunia glared, and looked like she wanted to snap at him, but saw the tears in her son's eyes, and relented. "Fine, but if one thing is broken you will regret it." She snarled.

Ichigo nodded.

"Then, that's settled," She said turning to Dudley, and helping him unwrap another present. She missed the small smile Ichigo had on his face as he started planning out his day.


Soul Society, Seireitei

"Nothing?" Rukia said as she entered the Tenth Division office a few minutes after Karin and Yuzu left. She was surprised to see the same neutral expression Hitsugaya always had.

"There have been some rumors in Hueco Mundo, and strange fluxions in Karakura but noting about him." Hitsugaya answered signing yet another piece of paperwork and it in the out box.

Rukia expression fell, but she didn't say anything to him.

"Lieutenant Kuchiki, I have been notified that preparation for Ichigo Kurosaki's funeral will be taking place soon." Hitsugaya said looking out the window.

Rukia froze, and looked down before nodding to the captain's words.

Maybe it was time to let his memory be put to rest...

"Of course, officially that is that is the story. Head Captain Yamamoto would like any further investigation kept secret useless compiling information can be found."

Rukia glanced back at Hitsugaya, and nodded.

Like Ichigo's family was going to rest until Ichigo was found.


a/n:This story takes place several years after the current Bleach manga, so Ichigo has gained very good control over his hollow, and yes his sisters are dead, and part of Soul Society. Chapter two will be out soon!

Preview for the Next Chapter!

"You can see me?" The ghost whispered as if afraid she was imagining things.

Ichigo nodded,non-chant about seeing ghost again, it wasn't exactly a talent that would vanish. But his eyes went wide as he sensed a familar signature...the signature of a shinigami.