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Summary: Ichigo defeated Aizen in the final battle of the Arrancar War, but being in Aizen's tender care for a year, has Ichigo feeling less then confident, so when his secret is revealed he makes a run for it, and in the process ends up in the dead one year body of Harry Potter...BLEACH Crossover.

Warning: Mentions of Abuse, Dursley torture, and violence as well as cursing. You have been warned.

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Chapter 5:

Time After Time


Ichigo's ears winced as the hat repeated the word louder, over the jumble of whispering students and staff members. He felt the hat being lifted off his head, and slid off the stool walking towards the Gryffindor table, trying his best not to raise his hands and cover his ears. Compared with the Dursley's, the Great Hall (as he remembered from Hogwarts, A History) was much too vast, and with the addition of the talking students his hypersensitive hearing was giving him a headache.

He climbed into a seat next to Percy the Prefect, and concentrated on the table, grimacing every time the noise in the Great Hall got progressively louder and louder.

The sorting seemed to drag on forever, and then finally after Blaise Zabini took his seat at the Slytherin table, did the hall silence. Albus Dumbledore stood, and addressed the student body, his eyes twinkling as if everything in the world was right.

"Welcome," He started. "Welcome to another year at Hogwarts. Before we begin eating our wonderful feast, I would like to remind Misters Fred and George Weasley not to prank the desserts." He said gently glancing at them.

The Weasley twins smirked, and whispered loudly to themselves. "Who us?" They said innocently. But no one was fooled.

Dumbledore turned back to the crowd of students. "Thank you!" He said, and sat down as food begun appearing on every table in the hall, and yet something seemed off…strange.

Ichigo blinked at the large quantity of food present in front of him. Covering nearly every inch of the table, plates of entrees like; roast beef, chicken, ham, sausage, and even duck decorated its surface in many different flavors. Side dishes piled high next to them, and with almost every type of sauce and more. It took a second for Ichigo to snap out of his shock and he filled his plate with a bit of everything, slightly disappointed.

Since his arrival in this body, and in the years he spent in this country, never once did he ever get to eat anything remotely Japanese, or even oriental, though he knew he shouldn't be surprised. He missed the eastern food he long since been denied, and eating this western dishes day in and day out was tedious. Even the Dursley's once so fond of foreign food, took great pleasure in torturing Ichigo with this fact, as sometimes, they would eat out, throwing a package of fortune cookies (that were often crushed) to Ichigo….

"This is boring mister," A voice whispered from under the table, interrupting Ichigo's train of thought.

Ichigo looked down.

It was his ghostly companion…still there was something off about her…

"Something wrong?" He asked continuing to eat. He didn't bother to lower his voice, knowing it wouldn't be over heard by anyone, compared to the heated conversations taking place around them.

"No it's just…" She paused and glancing towards the other ghosts floating around the hall, especially the form of Nearly Headless Nick floating three feet away.

Ichigo frowned. "What?" He prompted, but not hurtful.

"The other ghosts...they feel wrong," She said hiding under the table. She kept her eyes trained on the other spirits, and hid behind Ichigo the instant it seemed as if any of the others were coming anywhere near them.

Ichigo nodded, and glanced towards the pluses waiting patiently for them to turn in his direction. He too, could feel their spirit energy, and even though they felt normal every couple of seconds that energy would change giving hint to something far darker….


The Bloody Baron was sitting still, and towards Ichigo's direction, and there in the middle of his chest was a rusted chain of fate, with strange writing covering the entire length of it. At first Ichigo couldn't figure out what it was, but then he remembered where he'd seen it.

"Kidou," Ichigo said realizing Soul Society's spell work for what it was. He tensed slightly and pushed away his plate.

From the wear and tear he could see, these spirits had remained in Hogwarts for many years, possibly hundreds, and if the fact that dozens of soul reapers weren't jumping out of nowhere was any hint—he was safe…for now.

Still, he would to be cautious just in case…

The food vanished from the plates in front of him, and seconds later desserts reappeared in their place. Block of ice cream, pies containing every sort of filling along with giant tubs of whip cream, and fruit followed.

Ichigo helped himself to some of the ice cream, as talk around the table turned to their families. He listened with one ear only, casually taking note of some of the people contributing to the conversation. Seamus Finnigan, along with Neville, and Ron chatted eagerly (and sometimes not) about the strangeness in their families, before Ichigo got bored, and glanced around. By this point Hermione and Percy were discussing the difference between Arthimancy and Ancient Runes, and causing no amount of eye rolling from the pair of twins sitting near them. Apparently they didn't notice how much their conversation was alienating themselves, and continued diving into other subjects such as Potions, listing a large amount of books useful for the classes.

"Personally, I think A Potion Helper's Guide was very well written," Hermione said, pushing away her plate of dessert. "The up to date explanations on how to prepare ingredients was very insightful compare to the information given in One Thousand Herbs and Fungi…" She said trailing off.

Ichigo ignored them, and turned his attention to the staff table. Hagrid was drinking deeply from a large cup, while to his left a short witch in light green chatted admirably with another short wizard. Professor McGonagall was having a conversation with Professor Dumbledore, her expression showing she was less than happy. Down the table Professor Quirrell was talking to another teacher—

It happened again.

A dark mist covered both of the Professor centered mostly on the Defense Professor before leveling off to the right arm side of the unknown teacher—almost like something was there hidden under the sleeve...

"Who's that Professor?" Ichigo asked Percy.

Percy blinked surprised and turned to Ichigo, before looking up to where Ichigo was looking. "Professor Snape?"

Ichigo nodded.

"He's the head of Slytherin House, and he teaches Potions. " Percy said simply and then went back to his conversation with Hermione.

Ichigo frowned.

There was something not right about the Potion's Professor.

Ichigo kept a close eye on both of the Professors, ignoring his plate that vanished a few seconds later as the Headmaster stood up.

"Thank you," He said as the hall instantly got quiet. "I have a few start-of-term notices to give you before we head up to bed…First years should note that the forest on the grounds is forbidden to all students." He glanced in particular at the Weasley twins. "As should several of our older students also remember—also I have been asked by the staff to remind all students that magic is not allowed in the corridors. Quidditch trails will be held in the second week of term for those interested, please see Madam Hooch."

"And finally, this year the third floor corridor on the right-hand side is out of bounds to anyone who does not wish to die a painful death."

A few people laughed, thinking it was joke but Ichigo knew better, especially from the stern looks the entire staff was giving the students.

Apparently something had happened, and whether this involved the strange mist surrounding the two Professors was hard to say, but at this point Ichigo doubted this wasn't the case. It was too much of a coincidence.

"And now before we go to bed, let us sing the school song!"

Ichigo groaned, knowing for a fact he was going to have a headache once this was all over. He covered his ears as the Hall rang out, making Ichigo wince, and try his best to block out the noise.

It didn't work, and the fact that good amounts of the people singing were tone deaf did not help one bit. It was like a loud drum banging over and over and over again raining on his ears. He leaned on the table unknowingly hiding him from the teachers sitting up at the staff table, as Ichigo tried to think pass his pounding head, and painful ears.

And then after a moment, the noise stopped.

Ichigo signed as he let his arms drop to his lap.

Dumbledore smiled brightly as the Weasley twins the last of the singers finished singing before dismissing the students.

Percy stood, and called the first years leading them down the hall and outside into the corridor waiting while the rest of his peers caught up, and until the Ravenclaw's passed before leading the group up several flights of stairs and up to the seventh floor.

The castle was dark, incredibly so, and as the Gryffindor's made their way to a large portrait of a fat lady in a silk dress a slight sense of unease filled Ichigo.

Hopefully, he'd have his own room…

"Password?" The Fat Lady said glancing at the group.

"Caput Draconis," Percy said stepping forward.

The portrait swung open and Percy motioned the group in pausing to have a few words with his twin brothers, before he directed the girls down one hallway, and the boys down another hallway.

On a dark red door, a list of names grouped him together with four other first years—subsequently killing any notion Ichigo had of finally getting some time by him.

He nearly groaned.

"The food was great, wasn't it?" Ron muttered to Neville as they changed into their pajamas and climbed into bed. The other four boys fell asleep the instant their heads hit the pillows, no doubt tired from the day. Ichigo watched them for a while waiting to see if any of them were going to get up, before closing the curtains around his bed (it wasn't hard to figure out whose bed was whose with the trunks at the foot of their beds), and tapping the bracelet around his waist.

"Orphan's Lot, Charming Cross," He muttered very softly.

Bright white light blinded him, and he disappeared with a crack, reappearing in the shop he been in, only hours before.

The shop was empty, but brightly lit with floating candles decorating the walls, and on chairs, and up at the desk Rozen sat glancing down at a stack of papers—she looked very busy. Ichigo made to touch his bracelet to return to Hogwarts, when she glanced up, her frown turning into a bright smile.

"Ready to train?" She said brightly, pushing off the papers on the desk and throwing them in a box on the side. She noticed Ichigo's look, and nearly laughed. "I'm not busy; I was doing crosswords—so ready?"

Ichigo nodded.

"Good," She said digging though her shelves searching for something. "Did you give any thought over what you wanted to learn? I know you said you wanted to control your spiritual energy, but I don't think you said anything else…here read over this, and check off if anything else interests you. Oh, and don't worry about cost, even if you pick all of them, everything is covered." She said very quickly.

She handed Ichigo a single sheet of paper, with a long list of subjects, techniques, and different areas of spiritual control—some Ichigo had never heard of…

Areas Offered:

Healing Theory (Pre-Requisite)

-Level 1 thru Level 4


-Level 5 thru Level 20


-Beginning Level thru Mastery

Martial Arts

-All Levels


-Beginning thru Intermediate


-Common Lang.

-Magical Lang.

Reiatsu Control

-All Levels

The list went on and on, but Ichigo didn't see anything else he wanted, so he checked off a few and handed the list back to Rozen, who was waiting patiently.

She took the list glancing down, and re-read it out loud just to be sure. "You want Healing Theory, Zanjutsu, Martial Arts, Languages, and Reiatsu Control, right?"

Ichigo nodded.

"Good," She said standing up. She motioned Ichigo to follow her as they entered a door behind the desk.

In the room beyond, a large landscape opened up, with green grass, and large chunk of rock every so often. It was a beautiful site compared to the rocky terrain of the Urahara's training room, but one Ichigo knew wouldn't stay in one piece. He would no doubt end up destroying it before he was done learning…

He turned back to Rozen, as she carried a box of random knickknacks and set it down, digging through it, and pulling a collection of different colored bands, ten in total. They ranged in color from black to white, and they had a set of numbers on them, ten through hundred. Rozen gathered them up and moved the moved the box out of the way with her foot.

"Alright, let's get started," She said tossing the black ring to Ichigo. "These rings are designed to measure your spirit energy control. Once we know your level, we'll get started with the good stuff. For this first ring, channel as much of your spirit energy into it as possible. Stop when the ring is completely lit up, okay?"

Ichigo nodded, and put the ring on, doing as she asked.

It took only a second before the ring become a dazzling bright gold color.

Rozen cheered. "Okay, next! This time try to put eighty percent."

Ichigo continued following her instructions, and went through three more rings, before he started to struggle on the fifth. He tried nine times, and finally after twenty minutes, made the ring light up.

Rozen, who by this point had taken a seat on the ground, cheered, taking up all the rings, and noting this on a sheet of paper, her smile never leaving her face.

"I have to say I'm really surprised, with that amount of spiritual energy I would have thought you'd only make it to the third ring."

Ichigo gave her a questioning look, obviously wanting to know why she thought that.

"It's simple really, the more spiritual energy a person has the harder it is to control and vice versa. " She threw the rings back into the box, and took out another strange device. So next is…Zanjutsu."

Ichigo listened carefully as she started explaining again, happy that her training methods were very different from Urahara's. After all, he could live without the life threatening training sessions, even if he struggled a bit with the mundane…


Hogwarts' School, September 2

The next morning dawned bright and early as Ichigo woke up as the sun pasted over the horizon. It was just after six, his body sleeping lightly after being in a strange place, making sleep difficult for the substitute. He tossed off his covers and got dress in his robes, before turning around, and fixing his bed. He was a neat person by nature, and glancing at the rest of the room, knew already he was going to have a hard time sharing a room with four other people.

At some point during the night (possibly before he returned from his training with Rozen) the blankets were thrown off of Ron's and Dean's bed and had ended up all over the ground, while the floor area around Seamus' bed and dresser had the discard clothes from yesterdays feast. Suffice to say, the only clean spots in the room were all in Ichigo area. Ichigo ignored this fact though as he opened up his trunk, and gathered the necessary books and supplies he might need and placing them in his book bag. He kept a clean notebook out as well as pen, before making his way down to the Common Room.

Unsurprisingly it was devoid of any other students, expect for the small elf like creature running around the room cleaning and rearranging furniture and books. Ichigo blinked rubbing his eyes gently making sure he was wasn't seeing things, as he set his book bag down on the table. The small creature jumped at the noise spinning around and falling as he finally took note of Ichigo's presence. Surprise and shock filled the face of the small being and he jumped up.

"Sorry! I is not mean to wake student up!" He cried bowing deeply, hand clutching his clothes (it appeared to be a pillow case cover with the Hogwarts symbol stitched over the right shoulder). The small being continue talking, his words turning incomprehensible after this point, making Ichigo sigh.

"Hey." Ichigo tried trying and failing to get the strange creature's attention. "Hey." He tried a little louder.

"Yes?" The small elf said nervously. He stopped his crying.

"You didn't wake me up. I got up." Ichigo said started calmly keeping his voice normal—the last thing he needed was to make the poor creature cry… again.

The elf blinked, and then smiled. "Really?"

"Yes…who are you?" Ichigo asked wondering what the strange being was.

"I is Epsy, Mr. Student. I is a house-elf in charge of Gryffindor tower." Epsy said happily. "Did you need something, Mr. Student—?

"Harry." Ichigo pressed hating the title.

The elf blinked.

"Call me Harry, not Mr. Student." Ichigo said "I was going to explore the castle. What time is breakfast?"

"At eight, Harry sir," Epsy said jumping up and down.

Ichigo sighed and glanced at the grandfather clock across the room. "So in an hour…" He muttered to himself, sighing as his stomach growled. He hadn't eaten very much last night, distracted with the ghost and the professors, and now he was regretting that decision.

"If you wants, Epsy can get you something from the Kitchen."

Ichigo shook his head. "Its fine, I'll go myself. Where's the Kitchen?"

"On the third floor, behind the portrait of a fruit, tickle the pear, Harry sir." Epsy said jumping up and down.

Ichigo nodded and picked up his bag, turning to leave. "Thanks Epsy." He said walking out.

He messed the absolute shock on Epsy face as he walked out into the corridor…

The seventh floor looked very different during the day than it did as night, and Ichigo found the corridors slightly confusing as he finally found the portrait Epsy had told him about. The painting was large and took up an entire wall by itself, something that hinted at more. He stepped forward, and tickled the pear, watching as the pear laughed happily before turning into a large doorknob which he turned, entering into a brightly colored room. Many house-elves ran around cooking and cleaning, and doing a number of things.

They stopped the second they realized he was there, all bowing deeply. "You needs something?" One of them asked, happy.

Ichigo nodded. "An elf named Epsy sent me, told me I could get something to eat—"

The elves nodded, and several of them ran off, while the rest went back to what they were doing. Another small elf led Ichigo to a table off to the side and served him some orange juice (Ichigo politely declined the pumpkin juice), while he waited patiently for the food.

He didn't have to wait long as a minute later a small group of elves placed some food on the table. A fruit salad, pancakes, waffles, as well as eggs and bacon were placed in front of him. While off to the left side of him, a pitcher of tea, and a cup were put on the table.

"Is this enough, sir?" An elf said curiously.

Ichigo smiled. "It more than enough thank you."

The elves cheered brightly instantly pleased with the compliment, and return to their work keeping an eye out on Ichigo, making sure he had everything he needed.

Ichigo ate calmly, glancing at the clock hanging over the stove every couple of minutes. He pushed his plate away and stood up; fixing his bag as another one of the elf stepped forward, asking how the food was.

"It was good." Ichigo thanked them, and left through the kitchen door.

It was time he started on his map.


The next two hours were very informative as he finished labeling his map. He ignored the random bits of whispers that followed him from corridor to corridor as the student body finally started to wake from its slumber. People lined up outside the landing, on staircases, outside classrooms, and house portraits (both sets of Ravenclaw's and Hufflepuff's were far too obvious when they appeared randomly from deserted halls only seconds after he walked through).

There were seven main staircases with an additional hundred or so students, and Ichigo was more than glad to know this as he escape from some stalker like girls around eight. Regardless, his thin notebook was filling up quickly as he hid behind another suit of armor. Surprisingly the most information about Hogwarts came not from the dozen books he had memorized before he arrived, but from the students themselves.

In groups of two or more students, they navigated through dead ends, and entered portrait holes going to other floors directly avoiding the main stairs cases. He wrote fast listing them on a separate page as he waited for them to leave, before he moved on to the next floor repeating the process over and over, as varies students used their secret passages thinking themselves alone in the hallways never knowing they had a silent observer. It was an interesting pastime; one that Ichigo was only forced to give up when the thongs of students vanished into the Great Hall.

He tucked his notebook away, and entered the library instead of breakfast, hoping to further distant himself from the staring and loud voice he was no doubt going to encounter sooner or later (he much preferred never but he knew that wasn't going to happened so he settled for later). A tall, stern-looking woman was the only person in the library, and she eyed him warily as he passed by her glancing at the shelves.

Charms, Transfiguration, Defense the Dark Arts, Ancient Runes, Potions, and several other subjects lined the shelves in a semi-ordered fashion as Ichigo scanned them gathering a few books from each, especially a few on magical theory as he searched for one topic in particular—Magical Creatures. He wanted to conform whether soul reapers were known to the magical community and if any of their counter parts were acknowledged…

"What are you looking for?" A voice said from behind Ichigo. The sound of a cart stopping met his ears as he turned seeing the woman from the counter.

He paused briefly for a second, thinking quickly how to phase he reply.


"I'm looking for a complete list of all known Magical Creatures."

She nodded and reached above him taking a large book from the shelves above. "This book contains the complete listing of every creature known and documented by the British Ministry of Magic." She said quickly handing him the book before beating a hasty get away from him.

Still…the way she said 'British' sounded like a curse…

Ichigo pushed the thought away and headed to the counter gently placing his books down. Madam Price returned from the shelves and quick as the wind she checked out the books, shoving them into Ichigo's arms, then racing off again, leaving Ichigo confused and frowning.

'Whatever.' He thought walking out the library placing the books into his bag.

He entered the Great Hall last taking a seat at the end of the table. He took out a book waiting patiently as Professor McGonagall handed out the schedules. Her face was set in a deep frown, and every few seconds she glanced around as if expecting someone to cause trouble. She wasn't wrong, as only a minute later a big hairy tarantula made its way along the table scarring the living daylight out of Ron who almost picked it up when reaching for some toast. The Headmistress sped off, and gave the students responsible a stern talking to, and took some points before she went back to handing out schedules to first years.

She paused in front of Ichigo handing him a thin parchment.

Ichigo took it, thanking her, and watched as she marched away, her frown becoming thin. Whatever she had seen hadn't made her happy…

"She looks like she's seen a ghost." Lavendel said kneeling next to Ichigo.

Ichigo nodded, not really caring.

He was flipping through the pages on the book Madam Prince had handed him searching under the s. "Shrake… Sniget…Steeler."

He frowned, as he entered the 'w'. There were no soul reapers. He couldn't decide if this was a good or bad thing considering his current situation, but this did help him keep his cover if no one suspected him of being a death god. He searched the 'h' just in case, making sure that Hollows weren't listed before his gathered his things, and exited the Great Hall heading towards History of Magic his first class.

History of Magic, which was taught by a ghost, gave Ichigo slight shock for all of a minute until he noticed the inattention the ghost paid to his class figuring the ghost didn't even seem to register it was dead let alone that three quarters of the class was asleep as he droned on and on about Goblins wars which all seem to end the same—the Goblins losing, agreeing to negotiate and becoming a prominent force within society (wizard or whatever was the case). Ichigo took notes regardless listing several names of the goblins that started the wars, and the dates before pushing the document aside as he gathered his things two minutes to the end of class.

Thankfully Charms was much different, as Professor Flitwick, a tiny little wizard who stood on a pile of books to be seen by the class. At the start of his first lesson with the first years, he took roll, only to fall off when he reached Ichigo name. He appeared seconds later, and started the class acting like nothing had happened going over Charms theory in happy tones as the class took long notes, and why Charms was a subject, and what to expect in the class. The time passed quickly, and before he knew it class was over.

Professor McGonagall was very strict in during her lesson, and gave a speech warning students about any 'messing around' then started her lesson. She started with theory first, setting the class to write down several complicated formula's before she set them to do their first bit of magic—turning a matchstick into a needle. Ichigo was hesitate to do anything with his wand knowing how spastic his spirit energy was, but after a pointed look from the Transfiguration Professor cast the spell. To his absolute surprise nothing exploded, and his matchstick turned instantly into a needle. Professor McGonagall awarded him five points, then sped off helping other students, while from his side he felt Hermione glare at him as she try over and over again to get her matchstick to change. She failed for the most part, as by the end of the class, her matchstick simply turned sliver.

Lunch was held afterwards, and Ichigo quickly and quietly made his way to the kitchen's eating a couple of sandwiches before heading to his last class of the day—Potions.

He arrived thirty minutes early, and took a sit towards the back of class as he reviewed "A Potion's Marker's Guide". Next to him, Lavendel slumped in the seat daydreaming, and muttering nonsense words about cats, and evilness. He ignored her, and flipped through the book, book marking important sections, when a sudden screech broke the silence. Up above him, Hedwig flew down landing in front of him, and stuck out her leg. Ichigo pet her, and gently took the letter from her opening it.

Dear Harry,

I know you get Friday afternoons off, so would you like to come for a cup of tea around three? Send me an answer with Hedwig.


Ichigo turned the page over, and wrote a neat sentence accepting Hagrid's request. As strange and somewhat award Hagrid was, the giant still made for a much better conservationist compared with the rest of the student body. Ogling girls, and power play obsessed people made this whole experience seem that much worse, still all in all Hogwarts was levels higher than the Dursley's… so with that thought in mind he packed up his school things, thanked the house-elves, and left the kitchens for his next class.


Down in the dungeons, Ichigo took a seat in the far back prepared to be just as nonexistent as the rest of the class (he frowned knowing how well that would go) and took out all his books relating to Potion's and an another clean notebook (he already had his pen) placing them on the desk, before glancing around, somewhat boredly. Pickled animals floating in glass jars lined the shelves, and against one wall strange plant-like ingredients were stacked neatly, and labeled with names like "Belladonna's Root" and "Eye of Newt". The stone walls were dark and dusty appearing as if it had been years since they were last cleaned while near the floor darken dots of slime covered the corners and the creaks of the classroom.

"The bat's coming." Lavendel said interrupting Ichigo's thoughts.

He turned to her confused. "Who?"

He needn't have asked, because an instant later the classroom door slammed open, and a tall figure dressed in dark robes entered. He barked at some students still loitering around and yelled for everyone to take their seats, with an annoyed look as he took roll. Except when he came to Ichigo's (fake) name did he pause, and sent Ichigo a disgusted glare, as if Ichigo had killed his cat or something…

"So the great," He hissed, making sure no one could mistake the tone for anything but pure unadulterated hatred. "Harry Potter has decided to honor us with his presence."

Snickers came from the right side where the Slytherin's particularly Draco Malfoy and his two goons were trying to laugh behind their hands. ('Real subtle,' Lavendel said.) Snape didn't tell them anything but glared back at the Gryffindors sending him looks. Apparently Ichigo wasn't the only one to be disliked by the Potion's Master, but unlike the others, the amount of hatred seemed strange somehow…because even though he was glaring at him, Snape didn't look directly into Ichigo's eyes.


"This year you…students will learn the subtle science and exact art of potion making," He began. His voice was soft slightly higher than that of whisper but, the students caught every word. "There will be very little foolish wand-waving, regardless whether you consider this to be real magic or not matters little to me…I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death—if you aren't like one of the other dunderheads I am often cursed with." He finished glaring at the Gryffindors.

"Potter!" Snape shouted suddenly. "What would I get if I added powered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"

'Powered root…of asphodel…?' Ichigo thought before the answer came to him.

"You would get the Draught of the Living Dead…sir." Ichigo added after a second knowing full well that combination wouldn't have been studied until the end of the year. It was only mentioned briefly in chapter ten, and from all the surprised looks from his fellow classmates very few of them knew this—well the exceptions being Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger.

Snape's lips curled into a sneer, and his glare intensified. "Correct…for now. Tell me Potter where would you look if I told you to find me a bezoar?"

"The stomach of a goat, sir." Ichigo answered evenly.

Any hint of malice, or signed of disrespect, and the Potion's Master would snap, so for now he'd play this game.

"Correct again…Perhaps Mr. Potter has indeed opened his book…Tell me Mr. Longbottom what is the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane?" He turned away, and walked off.

Ichigo signed.

Something's never change…

People hating him for absolutely no reason had rose to four.

Boy, did he fell lucky.


The end of class eventually came, and Ichigo was left the classroom with a new respect for the upperclassmen if they too were forced to endure the bias of the Potion's Master. Still, the entire lesson wasn't a waste of time as he climbed the steps leading away from the dungeons an hour later. He dropped by his dorm room and dropped off most of his books.

It was barely three-thirty, and after getting a quick lunch in the Great Hall he crossed the grounds to Hagrid's house. He stubbornly ignored the sudden influx of whispers as he arrived outside Hagrid's door, and knocked.

Hagrid's black beetle eyes appeared in the crack of the doors as he pulled the door opened.

"Hang on," He said. "Back Fang—back."

Ichigo waited calmly for another minute as the door finally opened for him.

Inside there was only one inside containing a combination of a kitchen, a living room, and bedroom in one. Up above them game animals such as hams and pheasants were hanging from the ceiling. A copper kettle was sizing upon the open fire, while Hagrid was placing a plate of scores on the table.

"Make yerself at home," He said, picking up the kettle with a set of thick, big kitchen mittens pouring some hot water into two tea cups.

Ichigo nodded and took the seat opposite Hagrid, dropping his bag to the floor softly.

Much like Hagrid, Fang was kind contrary to his appearance, and once Hagrid had let go of him, was sitting near Ichigo's chair letting him pet him.

"How was yer first week?" Hagrid asked finally taking his seat. He mixed his tea, pulling out the tea bagging, and re-mixing again.

"It was…okay." Ichigo admitted thinking back over the experience. It wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either, well except with some minor exceptions.

Still, maybe Hagrid might be able to shed some light over why Severus Snape hated him so much?

"Professor Snape didn't like me." Hagrid froze; he was in the process of re-pouring himself some more tea, and had yet to notice it was starting to overfill.

Ichigo continued.

"He kept glaring at me the whole time, but strangely enough he never looked me directly in the eyes…" Ichigo trailed off, calming taking the kettle away from Hagrid and cleaning the excess tea from around his cup. He refilled his own cup, removing the tea bag (British tea was something he could never stomach). "You wouldn't happen to know the reason why, would you?"

Hagrid chocked on his rock cake.

"Rubbish!" said Hagrid. "W-why should he?"

Ichigo looked at him, knowing full well that Hagrid was lying.

"Sure, whatever." Ichigo said pushing the plate of cakes closer to the half-giant.

"S-so you make any friends?" Hagrid asked trying to change the subject to something easier.

The room went cold.

Fang backed away from him nearly running to Hagrid's side as the energy in the room changed completely. Even though there was a fire going less than five feet from them, the room remained chilled as if they were standing outside. Hagrid rubbed his hands, suddenly feeling nervous.

"No." Ichigo said instantly. "And I don't think I will." He said glancing off into the distance.



"I'll always have your back."

"Why?" Hagrid asked unable to stop the words that left him.

Ichigo sighed. "Because friends are painful."

Hagrid simply sat there.

He didn't know what to say.


The Gringotts Break-In was big news in the school for the next week as students whispered and wondered over the identity of the perpetrator, and the reasons why someone might be stupid (or brave) enough to break into the Wizarding Bank. Stories varied from a powerful mage, to an abnormally tiny dwarf who was lost until one by one the students moved on to more interesting topics. Like the most recent, who broke up with who rumors, and who was dating so and so.

Still Ichigo was far from normal, and this situation seemed incredibly suspicious no matter how he approached it, going so far as to buy his own copy of the Daily Prophet and re-read it to make so he knew the details of the robbery by heart. From what he could deduce there were three main things.

The first was July thirty-first being an important day, whether it was because of some time constrains or for some other motive was hard to say especially considering the very short article detailing the robbery.

The second was a bit harder to find out considering the small amount of available information about the goblins. The perpetrator was in fact a Wizarding person or persons responsible considering if it was any other species of magical creature the goblins themselves would be well within their rights to kill the person (s) responsible and then dragging the remains though a very public execution ending with some treaty being retracted. But as neither of those two happened, the only suspects left are Wizarding people who hold addition right stated for in the current treaty. So the goblins had a vague idea but not concrete evidence or information of who committed the crime.

And lastly, the most intriguing part of this whole article was the fact that Gringotts announced that the vault had been empty that very same day. The same day which they had gone shopping for his school supplies, and had the strange feeling of being watched the entire trip.

Ichigo frowned and added some addition notes to the notebook he kept listing everything strange that he'd encountered since entering the Wizarding World. He was diligent though and wrote entirely in Japanese, casting a series of spells and counter spells to make sure no one but him would be able to see anything, even going a step more to keep the notebook protected within his trunk whenever he wasn't using it.

He replaced his notebook back within his trunk and was about to head to the library when a crowd, near the portrait hole caught his attention.

"Flying lessons start!" Dean Thomas said smiling.

"With the Slytherin's." Ron added completely upset now.

Ichigo blinked and moved up behind them reading the notice.

According to the parchment, every second Friday of the month was reserved for flying lessons…

Ichigo wrote the date and time down on his schedule and walked off, not really caring.

It's not like he knew how to fly a broom.


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