Waking Up in Vegas

When Worlds Collide

Rated: M(For Language & Sexual Situations)

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A/N: I would like to thank all the wonderful readers who are giving this story a chance. I know I tend to swear a lot, but I honestly can't help myself too much so I would like to apologize if it inconveniences the story. Bella and Leah meet in this chapter; Leah's in a terrible mood but will our young protagonist be able to charm her way out of trouble? Probably not so read on! ;)

Imprinting is also involved, but it's quite different. It's a very sexual connection and it cannot be removed. It also links the human involved and they will obtain the ability to transform but only when bitten by their master/mistress. So basically, whenever Leah is horny(which will probably be all the time) Bella has to give in to her! And if Leah wants to infect Bella with her curse, she can. This chapter is incredibly long as well because I'm trying to develop Bella's personality and character. I hope it doesn't discourage you.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Henderson, Nevada. The one hundred and fifteen degree weather had Mike and Jessica taking advantage of the pool outside Ben's guest house. I had just woken up around two o'clock after being gently prodded by my best friend Angela. She had been asleep when we arrived around five in the morning so I didn't get a chance to greet her until this very moment. "Morning, Bella. How was the trip?" She asked, pushing back her thick framed glasses up the bridge of her nose. I hesitated for a moment before I realized who was speaking to me. It was my best friend whom I haven't seen in so long and here I was drooling on a pillow in the middle of the afternoon! I squealed in delight as she laughed aloud, watching me struggle to kick the bed sheets off my body but little did I know, I had scooted myself towards and edge and eventually fell on the carpeted floor. Thud!

Excitedly and still not discouraged, I awkwardly jumped back on my feet but not without nearly falling over again. Angela thankfully prevented another accident by approaching me in all the random chaos and hugged me tightly. We were both giggling while we bounced up and down together in our embrace. "Just like old times, right Angie? I can't even walk straight across a flat stable surface without making an ass out of myself." I said, tears clouding my vision when we pulled away from each other. She chuckled politely and smirked at me with her lovely shy features glowing in the sunlight. I had nearly forgotten how beautiful my friend was. Although her dark brown eyes hid behind her glasses, they still managed to overpower her frames and shone brightly regardless of how dark her environment was. She had straight, silky black hair that fell past her shoulders and a cute beauty mark beside her lips. Angela Webber had always been so pretty and I couldn't imagine how lucky Ben must have felt when he snagged this one for himself.

"Gosh, Bella. For somebody whose as exquisitely tall as you, you're still the usual clumsy Bella I've known to love for so long. It's so good to see you again, baby cakes." She joked as she ran her thin, delicate fingers through my messy brown clumps of hair. I, of course, blushed at both the gesture and comment since only Angela was allowed to call me by that nick name that I secretly adored. Rolling my eyes, I replied, "Well you know me, Angela. I like to leave a trail of destruction wherever I go." She raised an eyebrow at this and we both burst out laughing a minute later. Only she was capable of understanding my sense of humor. It's such a shame that she left Forks so long ago. She led me to the balcony of my personal guest room and pulled the blinds to one side, revealing a magnificent view of their backyard. The desert view of sandy colored mountains, cactuses, and shrubs combined was not an only refreshing sight to see, but the complete view of the Las Vegas skyline hit me with full force as I absorbed the beauty that was being emitted.

It was unlike anything I'd ever seen before back in Washington where dense forests dominated the entire state. The unique southwestern charm had been hinted awhile back during the insufferable drive from Reno to Vegas. It was a lonely drive but the serene beauty even at night comforted us the entire way here until we saw modern neon lights welcoming us from afar. I was already beginning to miss Forks, but Nevada had something special to offer and I wanted to make the very best of this limited vacation. When we stepped outside onto the balcony, Mike noticed us and his white shiny teeth glowed brilliantly in the sun as he smiled. "Ladies! Why aren't you dressed in scantily clad swimwear? The weather's perfect especially for you, Bella, you need to tan your white-as-snow albino ass." He joked, provoking Jessica to slap his face with water but they both laughed it off as did Angela and I. "Well, some things just never change, do they?" Angela asked rhetorically before dragging me back indoors.

She and Mike never got along. In her eyes, he was always the immature jock who had no excuse to act mentally retarded. Mike was oblivious to her great dislike towards him so he thought she was just shy around him. I have to admit, he was a bit of an idiot, but Jessica was our friend and if she found that attractive, then we'll let her be. Angela walked me to the bathroom, offering to tame my hair with a flat iron before we joined Mike, Ben, and Jessica. Ben's grandparents were out of town, leaving the young couple to their own devices as they had to maintain the grand estate. I was impressed with the location of this lovely manor but it just wasn't the private, secure location that got to me; it was how beautiful and spacious their home was. The marble columns, the few fireplaces scattered around the guest house Ben and Angela occupied, the modern kitchens with Cherry Wood cabinets and granite counters…it was just an overall gorgeous place that made me feel at ease.

After spending twenty minutes with my hair and a frustrated Angela giving up, we decided to finally join the lovely couple outside. Angela was already dressed down in a lovely two piece swimsuit that accentuated her perfect curves and small yet full breasts. I didn't bother bringing my swim suit because let's face it, I'm too socially inept to handle criticism when showing off my body. I can barely deal with Mike and Jessica's absurd comments so I didn't risk it. Wearing sexy black sweatpants rolled up to the knees and a matching black sports bra would be able to make up for my lack of participation, right? Of course it did. Well, it wasn't like I was trying to hide my body since my friends have gone skinny dipping together in the past. I just…well, I'm uncomfortable showing too much skin around Mike and Ben. Sure, I can show myself off with Angie and Jess(though one of them is very obnoxious when criticizing me) but I'm absolutely afraid of doing so with the opposite gender. Maybe I was internally wired to be frightened of them? Who knows, but whatever it is, I'm going to play it safe in the end.

We headed down the lovely spiral staircase and found Ben waiting for us at the foot of the stairs. He was a handsome guy to be honest. Ben had a prominent chin with a strong jaw line, thin lips Angela worshipped with her own, a neat goatee clearly in the works and sharp sideburns that didn't look ridiculous. Yeah. It's official, Ben was the stud in this group, not Mike. "Hey baby," He politely greeted Angela as they pressed their lips together for a brief but passionate kiss before he turned his attention to me, "Bella, you look good this morning. Are you going jogging or is that your swimsuit?" I blushed furiously as both he and Angela laughed lightly at the joke. "Well, I'm not going swimming today. As much as I would love to join you, I'd rather sit on the sidelines and watch. I know, totally boring but I don't have the energy." I honestly replied, pouting my lips dramatically.

We walked in silence to the backyard before Ben stopped and observed me for a minute. I was hoping I hadn't made anything awkward but both of my friends took this time to think before they finally responded. "Isabella, that's what you always say to everything we do. You always want to sit on the sidelines and just watch us live our lives. Where has that gotten you?" Angela asked, concern etched across her facial features. Were we seriously going to discuss my lack of a life right now? They better not be serious because this conversation will really piss me off. They've discussed my non-existent love life, questioned my sexuality numerous times, and even suggested that something must have been off if my teenage hormones haven't driven me throughout high school. I merely shrugged and attempted to mask my anger, which never worked when Ben and Angela were the most intelligent young people I knew.

"You know, this conversation never ends well so I don't know why you have to bother asking. Why can't anyone just accept the fact that I'll always be alone because I'm too fucking weird for anyone!" I replied testily, desperately trying to capture my tongue with my teeth since I knew I was this close to blowing up on my friends. Angela stood her ground but this time, Ben sided with her. I despised it when Mike and Jessica or Ben and Angela double-teamed against me. It just made the argument so much worse. "Bella, you're a beautiful girl and we want you to be happy. You're too solitary and inhibited so that's why we invited you here; it's because we want you to loosen up. Gain some years of your life back since you're eighteen going on forty for God's sake!" He was getting heated up because I knew he was thinking about all those times I followed the two of them everywhere back in high school. They were never alone and I was always the third wheel wanting to be around her friends, the one girl who never wanted to be alone but was going to end up alone anyway.

Tears were beginning to form yet I didn't want to expose how vulnerable they were making me feel. I was so pathetic but I didn't want them knowing that I felt that way about myself. I've personally had it with these insecurities too but…that's just how I've always been. How was I supposed to change overnight? "Why do you think I even came? I could have easily turned down the goddamn invitation and stayed back in Forks where I obviously belong. I wanted to see you two again and wanted to gain some independence! What, you think I like being an eighteen year old virgin and being sexually confused as to which fucking gender I'm attracted to?" I screeched, now realizing nothing could hold me back. When I needed to vent, I will run my mouth until I feel so foolish, I'll begin to cry. It's so sad how I knew this routine by heart but we've had enough arguments to really get to know each other's bad habits.

I sniffed a little and a tear betrayed my trust, causing Angela to step forward and try to reach me but I backed away rudely. "Maybe I shouldn't have even come! I'm better off alone anyway because just seeing the two of you together makes me just as sick as seeing Mike and Jess constantly fondle each other non-stop! God, this was such a big fucking mistake!" I yelled, too surprised and angry how unfriendly the atmosphere quickly became. I was too sensitive when it came to this topic; I had no excuse so once again, I relied on nothing to get me out of this. I was screwed. If anyone was going to get hurt, it was me for throwing a tantrum that could have easily been avoided if they hadn't questioned my personal life yet again. Ben took a deep breath and pointed at me, something he hardly does unless he's really aiming to bring down the person he's pissed off at. "It's only a fucking mistake to you because you have no one to fall back to! You're too bitter about being alone and it's all your fault! You can't blame us for being happy, Bella!"

Stunned at his response, I hesitated with a comeback that was so willingly to throw itself out of my mind but I swallowed it back. I stuttered, trying to really say something but couldn't. I was disabled and the moisture in my eyes stung as it began to dry off. "I-I…What…How…" The words coming out as choked gasps as I acknowledged what he said was absolutely true. Angela smacked him from behind the head and proceeded to say something but was interrupted by Jessica and Mike, who unfortunately heard everything that was being said. Jessica was smiling as she sprinted towards my still body, taking advantage of my helplessness as she playfully shoved me backwards. Without a fight, I simply fell back into the pool and I sank to the bottom of the deep end. When I reluctantly kicked back up, Jessica's laughter subsided and Mike looked at me somberly. "You two should know better than to talk about how Bella needs to get laid badly. Don't forget your karma. " He said, still glaring at me. I knew that look. It told me that I should stop overreacting to everything and behave like the adult I'm supposed to be. Right. Coming from him? He's an asshole.

When I pulled myself out of the pool, Jessica and Angela tried to help me but I swiped at them angrily. I knew I had no right to treat them this way, I should apologize but that would come later seeing as I'm completely stubborn and refuse to admit how wrong I was. "Don't touch me again, please!" I whispered, pushing past Mike and Ben as I ambled towards the inside of the house again. Before I completely disappeared from their sight, I briefly heard Jessica suggest, "Let's take her to that place, Twilight Eclipse. She could loosen up some more if she met new people." If I had trouble being myself around my friends, since they were brutally honest if I acted a little strangely, then what makes Jessica think that I can relax around sophisticated good looking strangers at that hotel/casino I'm clearly too young to explore? Idiot. This was just a bad idea and I had a feeling my experience was just going to get worse.

----------------------------------------------------Twilight Eclipse(7:58 P.M.)---------------------------------------------------

I don't even remember how I got into Mike's Jeep. Hell, I don't even know what compelled me to agree with them when they said I should go club-hopping with them tonight. All I know is that I'm here in the car sitting beside Ben and Angela in the backseat. They all looked so eager to go tonight, they decided to bring me along even though I had been difficult all evening. This grudge I was holding was still there even though I was perfectly capable of letting the entire thing go. I was stubborn. Refusing to put up my white flag annoyed Mike to no end but Jessica was trying to make this night fun for herself so she put in a lot of effort in trying to please me. It hardly worked, but feigning temporary happiness was fairly simple so I just nodded and grinned a bit when they asked me things. Unnecessarily awkward? Yes, but tonight, after losing another argument with the happy couples, I was bitter.

They knew that I felt left out whenever they kissed or cuddled each other, laughed at their inside jokes, or would talk about their fascinating sex lives. They didn't care. I wasn't allowed to voice my opinion on the matter anyway since I had the very least experience and did not have a girlfriend or boyfriend to back me up. The whole situation sucked and reality was barely getting to me. Why the fuck did I continue hanging out with these married couples? Oh, I didn't have any other friends so there you go. Mike was right. I had to get laid and even if I was able to meet someone new here and screw around, nothing would fill the void of being loved. I needed that and it was incredibly hard for me to obtain. That's the only thing they didn't comprehend; I wanted to be loved and it broke my heart that I struggled to decide what I was really attracted to.

I broke out of my reverie when Angela placed a hand on my thigh and gently squeezed, smiling at me like she wanted to say something polite about today. I only looked away and said, "Is this Twilight Eclipse? What's in it for me? You people should know I'm too young to do anything." I didn't mean for that to come out as rude as it did, but it was too late. My tone of voice got to Mike and with that, he slammed his breaks as he put his car into park. Crap. Now it was my turn to face the fury the baby faced boy was able to dish out. "Jesus Christ, Bella! Do you ever shut the fuck up? Yeah, we get it. Your pussy is so lonely and you can't decide whether you like dick or vag more. Just stop complaining and buy a dildo already! You want me to take you to a sex shop right now so you finally get to taste what sex could be like!?" He screamed, his brows furrowed as his ice blue eyes burned into mine.

I wanted to cry again. I've had enough of this, they shouldn't be so concerned with me since they have each other. Why did I matter to them anyway? Ugh. This issue is mine to handle alone and I know that I shouldn't convey my jealousy the way I was and I wanted to apologize. Now that was delayed as well thanks to Mike. "Michael Newton! Don't you dare speak to Bella that way! It's not her fault!" Jessica said in a futile attempt to defend me. Ben and Angela began yelling at him too, but I wasn't listening. I kicked the door open and jumped out of the goddamn freak show. It wasn't a brilliant idea since I had a bit of walk before I reached the main entrance with these stilettos. Fuck them. I needed some space, but it was too late since these assholes decided to drag me out to Twilight Moonshine or whatever the fuck it's called again.

I could hear Ben, Angie, and Jess calling out for me but I had already ran inside. They should just ignore me and seek out the fun they've desired to have for so long. I was behaving like a child, I realize that but I felt claustrophobic. I needed to get away for a bit and just have some time to myself. In the past few months, I've never spent a day alone. Mike and Jessica always kept me company and they constantly persuaded me to join them on their little misadventures. No matter how many times I protested, they insisted that I would rather be with people then be myself since they claimed that was "no fun". No, it wasn't supposed to be entertaining in any form but I craved that time alone. Everybody needed a break from their social life every now and then but I never got mine. Perhaps all that pent up energy and frustration finally decided to come out but not in the way I intended it to. I should just apologize and explain what's going on. I know Angie will understand me.

Not realizing where I had gone after I ran instinctively inside the building, I took another look at the beautiful environment I was in. Even though it was just a ladies' restroom, I was astonished at even how well polished the porcelain toilets were. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard two young women rush inside the bathroom. I turned my head and found Angela and Jessica looking relieved that they immediately found me. I bit my lip and staggered towards them, my head wanting to hang in shame but I had to cut it out with that shit. "Bella, I just want to apologize for Michael's outburst. I…" Jessica started to say but I shushed her as I placed a finger on her lips. I shook my head vehemently and replied, "No, he had every right to yell at me. It's my fault for not telling anyone this sooner but I felt constricted. I've been craving some alone time for months but never got a chance to enjoy whatever time I had since I was always with you and Mike. I love the both of you, don't get me wrong, but I needed my space too. I guess I was purposely pushing you away to get what I wanted. I'm so sorry."

Jessica almost looked offended but slightly smiled to my surprise and nodded as if she understood. Angela reached out and hugged me while I pulled Jessica into our girly embrace. "You girls are my best friends and you know me better than I know myself sometimes. I promise I won't take anything out on you anymore because you don't deserve it. I'm sorry, but you know I've been walking around with a stick stuck up my ass for awhile." I said seriously but got caught off guard when Angela and Jessica began sniggering like little girls. When I pulled away, I raised an eyebrow in confusion. Jessica decided to finally let me in on the joke.

"God, Bella, is that the stick you refuse to masturbate with or shall we pull it out of you and beat you with it?" The moment it was said, we all broke out into hysterical laughter. I had to admit, that was the best thing I'd ever heard in my entire life.

When we all parted from our group hug, Angela led us all the way out of the bathroom holding our hands. We decided that we should explore the entire casino and manipulate some older guys into buying us some drinks. After that, around eleven, we'd hit the nightclub below us. We had plenty of time to kill but Angela assured us that there were many activities for underage citizens to indulge themselves in; the gamers lounge where we could play pool, play some video games, darts, and air hockey. We all giggled madly, determined to destroy the angst that was brought forth into the night. It was time for me to loosen up and have fun. What's the worst that could happen?

- Later That Night-

Fuck. How did I end up here all alone? What happened to my friends? They were following me after I returned from the restroom and we were headed back to the lounge until I turned around and found nobody there. Around this time of night, I assumed Twilight Eclipse called out to most of Nevada's population since this place got crowded in a matter of just a few hours. That's how I lost them. Mike, Ben, Angela, and Jessica blended into the rush of people coming in looking for a good time. I was somehow pushed all the way to these double doors that weren't locked and it seemed to lead down a long, dark corridor. I was shocked to find that no body else had followed me in or that there wasn't any security guards kicking my ass out of this seemingly private hallway.

Alarms were going off in my head, persistently urging me to get back out there on the casino floor and call my friends immediately. I attempted to push the doors open but it seemed like there was an internal lock that could only be opened from the outside. Great. It was just my luck to get myself in this kind of awkward situation. I sighed, not letting the idea of being trapped here forever get to me because that was just ridiculous. This was strange though. The eerie silence that accompanied the dimly lit hallway didn't make any sense in contrast to the loud noise from behind these walls. I obviously wasn't in the hotel section of the casino so I must have been invading some private area of Twilight Eclipse.

Walking towards the end of the hallway, very little light was escaping the tiny gap at the bottom of the steel double doors and it had me wondering where the hell I was headed. I began to panic as thoughts of a dungeon came to mind. That was absurd, however, because the moment I gripped the metallic handle and pulled, music could be heard instantly. To say I was surprised at the sight that lay before me was an understatement. This must have been the club Angela and Ben had been raving about because I was no longer in the real world; I was Bella in Wonderland.

The room I had entered almost reminded me of church, with the exception that the stained glass paintings on the wall were of nude men and women embracing each other in erotic poses. There was a large bar in the center of the circular room, a stage set-up for dancing and a separate stage that was meant for live bands to play. As I continued to walk the catwalk above the club, I couldn't help but notice a few stripper poles and a confession booth that I suspected wasn't meant for confessions. The nightclub was amazing, and it was unlike anything I'd ever been in before. As I descended down the beautifully decorated metal staircase, I looked above me and I swear on my soul, my jaw dropped to the floor.

On the ceiling, there was a large scaled painting of a giant wolf in a meadow, surrounded by beautiful people who worshipped its presence. Its fur was dark grey and snow white, its muscles bulging which made it more appealing to the eye, but its eyes were absolutely captivating; the color was a gorgeous emerald green and it surprised me because usually their eyes weren't as colorful as I recalled. But no matter, the wolf was gorgeous and it illuminated the club with its elegance. My fascination with the artwork was interrupted by loud, angry voices coming down from the opposite end of the "confession booth", where I was currently standing still. Holy shit. The club was closed and I was intruding when my business was not wanted. Shit! What do I do?! Think Bella, think!

As the voices neared from one of the main entrances on the bottom floor, I quickly opened the booth's door and shut it quietly, sinking into the comfortable leather sofa in the spacious room. Yeah, this booth was either meant for a private dance or sex. I wasn't sure anymore and I no longer cared about the purpose as an exploding voice echoed throughout the entire area. Whoever this woman was, she was clearly pissed.

"Leah, I'm sorry for calling this meeting with the Volturri, but I want to negotiate a deal for the release of Jasper! They've caged him like an animal and he's suffering while I do nothing as these visions continue to appear." A tiny woman appeared, and though under stress, she was quite beautiful. She fisted her short but silky black hair, and her eyes were shut as if she were trying to concentrate. Another woman appeared and she looked no older than I, but apparently she held all the authority in the room.

"Alice, I must admit that I am upset that you've requested a meeting with Carlisle and Esme Cullen without my consent, but that's not why I feel the way I do. I'm beginning to suspect that they've done this for a reason bigger than punishing you for your association with the Quiluete. Jasper is just another victim of this pointless war that I thought had been settled long ago." She said with a sigh. She was statuesque, even more beautiful than the tiny little pixie who had just ranted a minute ago. She had long, thick black hair that swayed with her as she moved. She was athletic, I could tell, but her body wasn't what caught my attention.

It was her face and it oozed with perfection. She had plump glossy lips, a pointed chin and even though her facial features were distorted, once softened you can tell that she was simply gorgeous. Her eyes, however, paralyzed me. They were so daunting and familiarly green but I couldn't quite figure out why looking into her eyes made me feel at peace with myself. I must be crazy. I shouldn't even be admiring their looks because they were pissed off and they could easily find me and kill me without hesitation… Oh fuck. What if they were gangsters or part of the mafia in a way? Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my fucking god.

Suddenly, four young men appeared and they had descended down the stairs connected to the catwalk. They all had Native American attributes but were way too young to be involved with something serious as a gang but then again, I've been sheltered my whole life. What did I know? The youngest looking one had long black hair and angry dark brown eyes that stared into the beautiful green pair belonging to that angel before me. He was lengthy and built for a boy his age, his handsome boyish features emitting something dangerous about him. I couldn't figure out what.

"Leah, we must call off this meeting. My instincts are nagging me and they're telling me that something will go wrong when we meet with Carlisle and that asshole he adopted into the family. I thought we could handle this better after Aro fucked up but I guess all bloodsuckers are lying pieces of shits with the exception of Alice, of course. " The boy added sheepishly at the end. His name must have been Jacob because one of the other boys behind him addressed him as such.

"We have to put up with this, Jacob. Alice is our friend and those goddamned leeches broke the treaty like it meant absolutely nothing to us. This signifies defiance and they're crying out for war. I don't like it but we have to see if we can do something for Jasper. Maybe it'll prevent something even more serious from happening." The older looking boy said with a concerned look on his face. His eyes darted from the girl named Alice to Jacob back and forth until the leader of the group signaled everyone in the room to stop talking.

Leah, as she was known as, glanced around the room until her eyes found mine in the confession booth. Her gaze was penetrating mine through the see-through tinted window and I felt my heart freeze in fear for a moment. I held my breath as silent seconds ticked away before she finally stood up tall, crossing her arms in the process. She found me. "Fucking shit." I whispered, gasping immediately at the revelation that I had just given myself away completely by talking.

"We have uninvited company. It's a female and her species falls directly under the human category, unfortunately. Don't move, Jake. I've got it handled." She growled, glaring in my direction as she strode towards my position. SHIT! I began to hyperventilate, the enclosed space suffocating me along with my anxiety. I needed to get out of here and reunite with my friends. I shouldn't have even overstayed my welcome.

The moment she grabbed the doorknob, I sucked in a breath and shot up from my seat and charged right out of there without hesitation. It felt like I was falling in slow motion. The door swung open violently but my body flew right out of there, making no progress whatsoever as I merely slammed into her. It hurt like fucking hell because it felt like I had just run into a giant boulder. "Urgh!" I screamed as I fell to floor, watching the intimidating beauty before me reach out and grab my wrist. Before I could protest or plead for my safety, I felt myself being dragged away and lifted into the air simultaneously. I opened my eyes during the process and I saw blurry figures rushing over towards me as I felt my body connecting with something hard and cold; I was now laying on one of the tables that had been scattered around the club.

"Augh! Let go of me please, I didn't hear anything I swear! I-I got lost and I found myself in here, please don't kill me!" I whimpered, tears flowing endlessly down my cheeks like a raging river. My emotions were powerful yet unpredictable. One moment I was calm, and the next here I was sobbing pathetically because I was frightened. Never in my life had experienced such heightened emotions before. It was truly terrifying, especially when the beautiful woman in front of you was pulling your hair back hard and had a strong, warm hand cupping your chin. She was inflicting unbearable pain I couldn't manage to handle.

She was glaring at me differently now, it was weird. I couldn't explain the change of emotions but instead of fury, I saw confusion in those gorgeous green eyes. That didn't stop her from forcefully pressing all her weight on my jaw as she continued squeezing though. She still didn't say anything after a minute but she remained in her position, restraining me even as her dangerous friends spoke.

"Her heart rate has escalated, Leah. I can smell the fear and innocence intertwining with each other as you continue applying pressure to her jaw. I advise that you let her go, especially with the feelings that are beginning to consume you." The tiny woman, Alice, said as her seemingly dark red eyes glimmered sadly in the light hitting her face. She then spared me a lifesaving glance, one that assured me that I would no longer feel anymore pain.

Leah removed her hand away from my chin, reluctantly it seemed, but still kept her hand fisted in my hair. Immediately, my hand shot up and attempted to soothe the throbbing pain I felt on my jaw but Leah slapped it away. I involuntarily moaned at the action and the older woman responded by bucking her hips forward. I couldn't help but notice the current position we were in and when she thrust her hips, she only made it worse. Laying on my back, I was obviously at a disadvantage when my legs spread, inviting her to invade my personal space. What was happening?

"Why…why is this happening now? I have important matters to tend to but…this girl…she's making me feel something I haven't felt before. I want to take her, ravage her, and claim her as mine! How can I stop it?" She hisses, her whole body shaking violently. When she spoke, she trailed a finger from my lips to my breasts rather roughly before she pulled away forcefully. Her unusual gaze upon me still hypnotized me but it didn't escape me that there was hunger in her eyes now, her tongue sweeping across her bottom lip sensually.

"It's horrible timing, honey, but I understand that we cannot interrupt one another during an Imprint. It would be imprudent to escape the transition now and it's too late to back out, the human knows too much already. She's yours at your disposal anyway." The leaner, shorter version of Jacob stated as he and the rest of the crew slowly backed away.

Leah shut her eyes tightly and bit her lip, as if trying to think of a way to make this easier on all of us. I had no idea what the fuck they were talking about but I remained silent, oddly enough. It's as if I already knew that if I spoke freely, she would punish me for it. What's wrong with me? I should be begging or screaming at this point! That or I should be dead by now.

"I don't know what you want with me and I have no idea what you people are talking about but if you let me go, you can forget you've ever met me and this whole situation can go unnoticed. You see, my friends are probably looking for me and…" I began to say slowly but we were interrupted when my phone began ringing. This pissed off Leah and her grip on my hair tightened as the phone continued to ring from inside my bra. I was wearing a baby blue lace up party dress so I didn't have any pockets or a purse; I had to stuff my phone somewhere you know? But apparently, that displeased Leah. A lot.

Without thinking, I carefully pulled the phone out and read on the screen: 'Mike N. Calling.' I was flipping my phone open when Leah intercepted the phone call and answered for me. I am so fucked, aren't I?

"Hello? Who may I ask is speaking?" Leah spat out rudely, her eyes absorbing the sight of me squirming underneath her. Was she enjoying having this much control over somebody who spoiled her evening?

"Uh hi, this phone belongs to a girl named Bella Swan and this is her best friend, Mike. Shit, Angela I think Bella lost her phone 'cause some bitch answered it. " He said, sighing worriedly in the phone. Oh my god. If anything happened to me, Phil was going to kill all of them. I didn't want anything to happen to them when this was clearly my fault. I can only hope that they let me go so that I can never return to this god awful place again.

"Bella Swan, huh? Is she a really attractive brunette with sexy as fuck long legs, beautiful chocolate brown eyes, light but perfect skin complexion, and a submissive personality?" Leah said softly, repeating my name silently as if it sounded right coming out of her mouth. No body had ever used such kind words to describe me before…it felt really nice hearing it from her even though I should be scared of her.

"That sounds like Bella alright. So if um, she's there with you, could you pass her the phone 'cause we need to take her home. We kind of got separated and we need her with us right now." He chuckled nervously as he told her this. In the background, you could hear Angela and Jessica asking to speak with me. It obviously wasn't going to happen because at that, Leah scowled and growled possessively like an animal.

"That's not going to happen. You see, your friend has horrible timing so now I'm going to punish her for it. You will not be seeing her ever again because she now belongs to me. Trust me, I'll take good care of her inside and out." She whispered with lust embracing each and every word. "I'm going to fuck her so hard and good, she won't be able to remember you at all."

That immediately set off Mike and my friends, who all began screaming into the phone in unison. "Listen you crazy bitch, if you so much as touch Bella at all, we'll fucking find you and kill you!" Leah only laughed in response and pulled the phone away from her ear, grinning like a demonic goddess.

"I'm sure you'll do something scarier than that but for now, I want to play with Bella's cherry so if you excuse us, we'll be having our fun time now." She snapped, flipping my phone shut and throwing it against the wall behind her head so hard, it all broke into many pieces.

At this, I gulped loudly but didn't have time to say anything because her nose was suddenly centimeters from touching my own. She delicately placed a finger on my lips but forced itself in as she briefly explored the inside of my hot mouth, pulling it out and sucking her whole finger in as if she dipped it in chocolate.

It was an erotic sight to see, and my body immediately reacted much to my dismay. As desire began pooling between my thighs, Leah finally looked away from me and stared at her comrades.

"Alice, I would like to sincerely apologize to you but I have to deal with this first before anything, her virginity is simply too irresistible and she calls to me as my mate. You are in charge for the next eight hours as that is all I need until I'm finished with her. If anything happens before the end of your shift as leader, do not hesitate to take the Quiluete tribe with you and spring forward to any action that is necessary. You are dismissed and good luck, baby girl." She told them as she lifted herself off of me, allowing me to sit up under heavy supervision.

With that, all of her friends began walking out the main entrance on the bottom floor but Alice stopped herself and turned her head. She looked at me and smiled only slightly, "Good luck, Miss Swan. You're going to need it. And Leah, try not to be too rough. She's easily breakable." She laughed only a little but it sounded like chiming bells in the background.

When we were finally left alone, only my nervous heart beat could be heard in the empty nightclub. Leah began playing with her hair and decided to pull it up into a tail. Her green eyes never left me as I jumped off the table. I'm guessing she took this as a sign that I was about to leave because in an instant, she was behind me and grabbed me by my hair again. She bent me over the table with my ass practically hanging in the air. I just had to wear a fucking thong with this short dress…

She moaned the moment her hands pushed up the dress, exposing everything that was underneath my clothing. Her strong hands rubbed my back slowly before they reached my ass; for a moment, they stayed still until she suddenly spanked me as hard as she could.

I groaned in either pain or pleasure but it didn't matter to her because she took that as a welcoming sign to lean over me and whisper dirty things into my ear. "Oh, so sweet and innocent you are. Untarnished, virginal, and sexy as fuck. You made a big mistake coming in here tonight but no matter, as long as you're able to please me, you'll be fine. For now." At that, I shuddered and once again, she surprised me when I felt her tongue licking me up and down from the side of my face. "Bella Swan, I'm going to mark you and make you mine. You now belong to me and only me. Shall you ever deceive me, you will not go unpunished but that doesn't mean I'll release you. What's yours is mine and what's mine is…well, mine. I hope you can keep up with me tonight, baby."

At this point, my eyes rolled to the back of my head as everything began blacking out. I knew I wasn't going to remember much of what was going to happen but something told me that I would live. Now my life had took an interesting turn and I wasn't sure if I would like it or not.

Author's Note: I am so sorry for making this too long, but this chapter was going to be the death of me if I hadn't been so detailed. In the next chapter, it'll be fairly smutty. How will Bella react to the events that happened last night and how will Leah behave now that she has imprinted on her human mate?