Title: Nine Tenths of the Law.

A/N- Post Series: Second year of the Santos Administration

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Nine Tenths of the Law

"Josh, wait…" Ginger says as I enter my office.

"Just a second, I'll be right there…" I lean back out of the office door, "Okay, who was in my office while I was at the thing?"

"Sam," she answers with a grin.

I head directly to his office. He's sort of half lying, half sitting on the couch, comfortably reading a brief, and yes, he has what I'm looking for.

"Hey, that's mine!"

He looks at me over his glasses. "You weren't using it."

"Nevertheless, it's mine!"

It was on the floor of your office."

"Well it's not like I dropped it. I placed it there carefully… and it wasn't actually right on the floor, it was in the thing."

"Finders keepers…"

"Get your own!"

"I'm considering it. It's very comforting."

"You can't just go into my office and take stuff!"

"Well, we both know that's not accurate Josh… and the evidence is right here."

I gesture with both hands, "Gimmee!"

He huffs. Just slightly. "I don't think so. You're not asking nicely. Besides, possession is nine tenths of the law."

"It is not!"

"What do you know! You're not a real lawyer."

I roll my eyes at him. "How long are you going to keep using that line?"

"As long as it works, buddy."

"C'mon. I'm meeting Donna, and she'll notice if I don't have it."

"You think?"

I nod frantically, "I'm sure."

He looks back at the papers he's reading, "You should have thought of that before."

There's a pause. He keeps reading.

"C'mon, " I say quietly, "Give it here!"

"I'm not sure you deserve it," he says prissily, "You weren't looking after it properly."

"Sam!" I yell, "She was napping!"

Ooops! My baby girl jolts awake with a little cry.

"Not anymore apparently!" He rubs her back, "Sssh, princess, ssshhh. That's just Dad and I'm sure he makes those loud noises all the time..."

"I do not!" I bellow.

He raises his eyebrows at me as he continues to shush and soothe her.

"I do not!" I whisper fiercely.

"I have a meeting on the hill in twenty minutes," he says as she snuffles into his shirt. "Maybe I'll give her back before I go."

"You will absolutely give her back before you go. You're not taking her up to the hill."

"She'd be useful… it's the early childhood nutrition thing…"

"Definitely not. No politicizing. It's one of the rules."

He nods sagely. "Like the 'no leaving her alone' rule."

"Hey, Ginger was right outside!"

"And we see how well that worked."

"What did you use as a bribe, Sam?"

"Coffee and a muffin," he smirks. He pats the baby's back gently. "Three dollars and eighty-five cents," he says. "A bargain really. Much cheaper than half an hour with a therapist. Probably more effective too."

My daughter squirms a bit and makes a little gurgling sound…. And it's not with her mouth. For guy with no kids it's amazing how perceptive he is, and how adept he is at getting to his feet and transferring her into my arms.

"Here you go, Dad!" he beams.

"Oh right…. Now she's mine…"

"Absolutely. Thanks for the loan, though!" He starts shrugging on his jacket.

"Hey Sam?"

"Uh huh?"

"You probably want a fresh tie. There's kind of some drool on that one…. Consider it a gift."

"She's thoughtful that way."

"Get's it from Donna."

"Well, we're all hoping her genes are the dominant ones, right Princess?" he says as he tickles her under the chin, and heads out the door.