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Chapter 16: Home Again?

Jou sighed heavily once they walked through the front door of the Kaiba mansion. The blond still had trouble beliving he really belonged here now... It was nice to belong somewhere and not be chained to it. He turned watching as Seto hung up his light jacket. Jou was wearing his sweatshirt, and had no intention of taking it off, at least not right now. He didn't want the whole world-even though he was 'home' now- seeing the bandages on his arms from what he apparently tried to do. For the life of him he still couldn't recall when or even why... He wondered what would of happened if Seto hadn't found him? He shook his head pushing the thoughts away and eeped looking up to find Seto looking at him with a raised brow. "Y..yea Seto?" he asked softly.

Seto shook his head, "It's nothing pup" he murmured softly before he turned, "Lets get some lunch, want to eat here, or go out?"

"Here is fine..." was answered softly. Granted the weather was cool enough he wouldn't get any weird looks for wearing his long sleeved sweatshirt, he still didn't want to go anywhere at the moment. It'd still feel like people knew, that they were staring right through him and seeing everything... It took Jou a moment to realize Seto left the area and was all ready gone to the kitchen.

Jou sighed, shaking his head, he needed to get out of his head. His head got him into this mess anyhow! He moved following after to the kitchen, and silently sat down at the kitchen island as he watched Seto working on something. It was still a surprise he knew how to cook. But it wasn't to big of a surprise. Granted he had always sworn he'd have a chef to do all of his cooking. But it made sense, he knew what was getting put into his food that way. As a CEO of a big corporation he probably had to be wary of people trying to kill him... Considering how many have tried, and how many times poor Mokuba had been made a hostage...

Seto silently worked on the meal, making something that wouldn't take to long. Yea, he was making some macaroni. It was fast, easy, and didn't taste to bad. When it was finished he turned the stove off, took care of draining the noddles then mixed the cheese in. Once that was done he got two bowls of it and brought one over to Jou, "You feeling okay? You've been really quiet.." was spoken softly.

Jou blinked but smiled, "Of course I'm okay! Why wouldn't I be?" he asked softly, before he picked up his fork, toying with the food for a bit. To be honest he kept trying to think about that morning, wanting to remember what happened so he knew why he did what he did... It was just making his head hurt. He wondered if he should be worried about that.

Seto didn't believe Jou, not one bit, but what choice did he have? Just argue with him? He'd rather avoid that. So he silently sat down, and watched Jou playing with his food, it wasn't until Jou actually started to eat it did Seto eat his own. Keeping a watchful eye on the blond.

"The doctor wants you to go in tomorrow for a check up, any preference on when we go in? he didn't really give me a time..."

Jou blinked looking up, "Oh, uhm, any time that's good for you I suppose" he answered gently before he looked back down to his food. He all ready took up Seto's morning and most of his afternoon today. He didn't need to monopolize all of his time, right? Seto did have to run his company and all...

Seto sighed, but gave a nod, "okay..." He felt like Jou was drifting away, not really here with him even though he was sitting there right in front of him.

Once they were finished eating Seto watched as Jou headed out to the living room. With a sigh Seto washed the dishes they used, and then headed out to join him.. "What would you like to do Jou?" he asked gently.

Jou shrugged, "It's up to you I guess, I'm not keeping you from the office am I?"

Seto rose a brow, "I'd rather stay with you and make sure you're okay rather than go to the office Jou."

Jou blinked looking up at him, "But... your work?"

Seto sighed and sat down on the couch beside Jou, "Jou, you're more important to me than my corporation-there are others there to make it run, even Mokuba is probably there by now. It won't fall apart with out me." He left unsaid it wouldn't move forward to much, but it wouldn't crumble apart if he didn't go in for a while.

"If... If you're sure Seto..."

Seto nodded, "Very sure..."

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