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Ten Years Later

I stretched out on the couch yawning as I tried to stay awake and wait for Jacob to get home. I still had trouble dealing with him being in danger everyday, thanks to his job, and it seemed to have gotten worse since he and Jasper were promoted. I missed the uniform, but still got to see it from time to time, in the bedroom.

Looking back, I'm still amazed at how my life has ended up. Happily married to the man I love, living next door to my family, Alice and Jasper and their daughter Stella and son Masen, the terrible twins of death, as I so fondly call them. I still tease Jasper about Masen's name, and remind him that he is lucky I changed my last name to Black.

We were even luckier that Alice agree to be a surrogate for us, and gave us, Billy Jnr. I adore being a father, almost as much as Jake does. I have never met a man so at ease with babies and toddlers as he is, and it makes him even sexier to me than before. The twins, now five, enjoy Jake as a jungle gym, being that he is so tall and muscular, and our own son, now one, loves to sleep on Jacob's chest.

I was adamant that we use Jacob as the father, I could think of nothing I would love more than a miniature version of my love, and I was right. My heart melts daily every time I look at our little Billy. Billy was able to meet his grandson, five months before he passed away, and I still miss my honorary father more than words can express. But the man gave me ten years of love and support and I could not love him more than if he was my own father.

Esme took a few years to come to terms with what she had done, not that she felt remorse for ending Sam's life, but for the grief it caused me and her family. Carlisle was so supportive of her, but he did resign from the hospital a month after the incident, and they moved to Forks, where he still works to this day. The pace of the small town hospital is much more to his liking, given age is catching up to them both. We drive down often so that the grand kids can spend lots of time with their grandparents.

Seth has become a part of the family and to everyone's surprise started dating Brady, they have been happy for the past six years, and Seth is as protective of Brady as Jake is of me. Seth finally told me he understood why Jake is the way he is, since he is now the same way. I couldn't be happier for them both, and Brady, after the first year of them being together has turned his life completely around. I always thought he was stronger than me though.

Alice and Jasper are the same as always. I make sure that Jasper and I have time just for ourselves so we can reconnect, and he can still read me with just a look. And Alice is more enthusiastic than ever, and Masen, much to everyone's surprise is the one that takes after her the most. Where as Stella is laid back and relaxed about life, and has a way of looking right into your soul when she stares at you, much like her father.

Our wedding was amazing, I managed to get away with a small ceremony, which we held on the Reservation, of all places. It took me some time to convince Jacob to have it there, and for me to explain my reasoning behind it. But I wanted that place to mean something to me besides pain and suffering. And though I will always remember my past, and the horror I endured, now the Reservation means love and protection to me. The land speaks of family and loyalty, and I now have peace when we visit.

Alice and Jasper's wedding, on the other hand, was massive and spectacular. It was everything one would think when they knew Alice. Jacob and I stood up for them, and to save arguments, because there were many, half way through the ceremony, Jacob and I switched sides. It caused quite a few giggles at the time, but it kept the peace.

Yes life was definitely great.

I was pulled from my memories, as I heard EJ's paws pad across the floor, heading for the front door, a sure sign Jacob was home. Jacob had insisted we get a dog, when we moved into the new place, to keep me company when he had to work late, or nights. It was a good move as EJ had kept me sane during times I thought I would lose it. It was hard for me at first being in the new place at night alone. I was twitchy for such a long time, that Alice had spent many a night in Jacobs spot in our bed.

Enter EJ, Jacob brought him home and the moment I saw him I fell in love. The Czechoslovakian wolf-dog puppy was trained by the boys in the Academy, and EJ turned out to be a fabulous guard dog. He barked only when someone unknown was on our property, and usually the bark was enough. The one time that someone was stupid enough to break into our house, Jacob was at work and I was in the shower at the time. I heard EJ barking, and quickly turned the shower off and dressed as fast as I could, by the time I was done, I walked out to find a strange man on our entry hall floor, EJ laying on his chest with his jaws wrapped firmly around the scared man's throat.

Needless to say I screamed like a girl and pressed the panic button Jacob had installed. Alice arrived first and actually took photo's of the poor robber, and laughed at his stupidity, taunting him until Jacob, Jasper and what looked like half the police force arrived. When Alice arrived, and started to mock the man, I had sunken to the floor and froze, it was not until Jacob had his arms around me that I finally came around. I can laugh at it now, but at the time I was terrified.

The photographs that Alice had taken were now pinned to a board in the Precinct, and a copy was hanging in our entryway.

"Hey baby," Jacob's voice penetrated the fog of memories, and I shook my head before smiling at him. He looked so handsome, it seemed like everyday he became more and more good looking. "What ya thinking about?"

"I was actually thinking about lots of things tonight, our wedding, and the time EJ caught that burglar a couple of them." I replied and sighed as Jacob sat beside me and pulled me into his arms.

"That was funny. You know people still enquire about those pictures, gives us boys at the station a good laugh. I tell perps all the time, that I will be happy to bring in EJ for a show and tell." Jacob's rich laughter filled the room, and EJ jumped up onto the couch to cuddle with him. "How's Billy, did he go down well tonight?" he asked as his laughter died down.

"Yeah, he has been sleeping well lately, thankfully." I sighed again, as I sunk further into his embrace. "Did you eat, love?"

"Yes, Jasper and I stopped at that burger joint he likes, and we had a quick meal before heading home," he smiled and kissed me, just a peck, "wasn't sure if you would feel like cooking."

"Yes well, I did cook, but I suppose you can take the left overs for lunch tomorrow," I said, with mock annoyance.

"Well, how can I make it up to you, baby." His voice was rich and husky and he leaned down and nibbled my ear lobe.

"Take me to bed and we can discuss it." I batted my eyelashes at him, causing him to groan softly in my ear.

Making love to Jake had never become routine, even after all this time, he could still make me scream his name. He stripped me tenderly before removing his own clothes. I always preferred him to take his own clothes off, he would always do a little hip thrusting and slowly peel his pants off. I adored it, and it also helped that my man was hot, all smooth, tanned skin and muscle.

I lay myself out on the bed, spread out for him the way I knew drove him insane, and watched as he stalled in his little mating dance, before giving up and throwing his clothes off, jumping onto the bed.

"You are so damn sexy Mr Black," his whispered in my ear, as his body moved sensually over mine.

"Why thank you Mr Black, you're not so bad yourself," I replied and then moaned loudly as his cock rubbed against mine more forcefully. Jake smiled and kissed me, just a quick peck, before moving down my body.

Jake sucked my nipple into his mouth, his teeth gently nipping it, then he would sooth it with his tongue. My fingers wound into his hair and held him down as I thrashed underneath him, my cock now rubbing against his stomach. "Please, Jake, more," I begged as he moved down my body and my fingers slipped from his hair, to curl into the sheet. His tongue swirled in my belly button before moving on, he kissed the head of my cock, and pulled back chuckling as I tried to thrust into his mouth. "Cock tease," I muttered as he moved further down.

His hands pushed my legs further apart, and he hooked them over his shoulder, lowering himself down. His hands moved up to my ass and pulled the cheeks apart, and I moaned just at the thought of what was to come.

He blew a cold breath over my hole, before moving in and running his tongue around the edge in a slow swirl. I tried to push my ass into his face but he held me still as he continued to lavish me with his tongue, teasing me into an incoherent mess. When I was babbling, my head shaking back and forth and pleas for more spilling forth, he pushed his tongue inside me, fucking me with his tongue. Jake was very talented with his tongue.

I was pushing myself down onto him, trying to get more, more friction, more of Jake, more of everything, when his hand stilled me again, and he reached the other hand up and stuck his fingers in my mouth. I sucked, hard, nipping them and rolling my tongue between the digits. Jake's tongue thrusted more forcefully into me as he moaned, the vibrations adding even more pleasure to my already overloaded system.

He said nothing though, and brought his hand down from my mouth, gently adding a finger to the process. I loved it when he did this, fucking me with his tongue and fingers at the same time. He added one at first, syncing them both, his finger gaining more depth than his tongue, then he added a second finger, and my legs spread open more, automatically, to give him more room.

"I love it when you do that Jake, oh God, please, need you in me now," I screamed, as he continued to thrust into me, harder and faster. He chuckled, before pulling away, knowing the vibrations drove me insane, and smiled up at me as his fingers continued their assault.

"God, you look so hot like that baby, all spread out and wanton for me, I love you so much," he said as he leaned down awkwardly and kissed me, his fingers never stopping in their duty. He leaned over and grabbed the lube off the side table, using one hand to flip the lid and squirt it over his throbbing cock.

"Look how talented you are," I said as I thrust down onto his fingers. I often marvelled at how far we had come with our sex life, as now we were able to banter, all the while making each other insane with need.

"I will show you exactly how talented I am, Mr Black, when I fuck you into the mattress," he punctuated that comment with a sharp thrust of his fingers, adding a fourth just to prove a point. I let out a cross between a moan and a groan, but Jake continued to thrust a few more times, while lubing up his cock, then he removed his fingers and in a quick movement was balls deep inside of me.

"Oh," I grunted out, "so it's gonna be that kind of night," I managed to get out before he pounded into me, in quick movements, changing his angle until I shouted out my pleasure and my fingers turned white as they gripped the sheet below me.

"I thought you deserved a treat," he said, his voice husky as he continued to do exactly what he said he would and fuck me into the mattress, and he knew I loved him the most like this, when he would let go, and treat me like an equal, like someone that was not ever damaged.

"God I love you so much, husband mine," I moaned as he continued to pound my prostate with ever hard and fast thrusts. "Yes, oh God yes, fuck me Jake, make me cum."

No more words were spoken, the only noise in the room was flesh slapping against flesh and moans and grunts from the both of us. My legs dropped from his shoulders and wrapped around his waist as he held onto my hips and thrust forcefully into me, my cock bouncing wildly against my stomach. As we climbed to our climax I could feel the connection between us, it was almost tangible, the way he could read me, know exactly what I needed and when I needed it. I had never been more in love and the best part was that everyday that love grew and blossomed.

I came with a scream, as I usually did when he got this way, my cock completely untouched, my releases spilling between us. My ass convulsed with the force of it and Jake groaned as he thrust a few more times before falling over the edge. "It's so fucking hot when you cum, without touch," his whispered, voice hoarse as he fell onto me.

"Mhrrmmm," was all I could say as I curled into him. He reached over for the wipes and rolled off of me, cleaning first me and then himself, and then pulled me back to him so I could curl up again.

"I love you, Edward," he said into my ear before kissing my temple.

"I love you too, Jake." I replied, kissing my favourite spot on his body, his chest.

As I relaxed into the man I love, my body coming down from the high of making love to my husband, I could not be happier with the way my life turned out.

I truly learned to live again.