Most of Sue's "elite" glee club had already left, but Kurt and Mercedes hung back to chat. They weren't chatting about anything particularly useful, or even interesting. Mercedes asked Kurt what he was doing that weekend; Kurt said he wasn't sure, but Noah had told him to call and they would make plans. That was when it happened. Sue Sylvester heard him.

Sue turned on her heel, and the pure electricity flowing from her person made the two teenagers freeze.

"If I catch you fraternizing with any of Schuester's ilk, even for chit-chat over a frappachino in the hallway, I swear to Zeus I will remove every scrap of hair clinging to the molded ball of dough that serves as your skull. Am I clear, Burt?"

Petrified, Kurt said, "Kurt. My dad's Burt. I'm Kurt."

"I will call you Ernie and you will like it! Am I clear?"


He jerked his head up and down in a series of small, nervous nods. Sue turned and stalked out, leaving silence in her wake.

"You still going out this weekend?" Mercedes asked after a long pause.

"Uh-huh. But… I'm scared."

"Me too, boy. Me too."