FDA Claims Responsibility for Palace Blast

The Free Dalemark Army last night claimed responsibility for yesterday's blast at the Tannoreth Palace, which destroyed Amil I's mausoleum and severely damaged the palace's 200-year-old fa├žade. In a statement posted to their website at 11 pm last night, the FDA say that the blast was 'a first blow for Dalemark's freedom'. The statement, accompanied by a loop tape repeating the final scene of the television series Hobin's Way, goes on to say that the action commemorated Hobin of Waywold, who the group claims was martyred by 'Amil the Usurper'. The organisation had previously been considered a non-violent pressure group supporting the abolition of the monarchy. 'We are treating the FDA as a serious threat to national security,' said a spokesman from the Queen's Office. 'Measures have been taken to ensure that the Queen and other members of the royal family remain safe.'

No one was injured in the explosion. Twenty-two people were treated for shock at the scene. Initial investigations into the incident have been hampered by a ruptured water main, which has caused extensive flooding in the King Street area.

Police are still seeking Wend Orilson, assistant curator at Tannoreth Palace, last seen leaving the palace shortly after the explosion. Mr Orilson, 29, son of the late Anor Orilson, creator of Hobin's Way, is wanted for questioning in connection with the blast. Professor Singer, head curator at the Palace, expressed his shock at Mr Orilson's disappearance. 'Orilson has always been devoted to the Palace and has never expressed any republican sympathies,' he said. 'I am sure that there will prove to be an innocent explanation for his behaviour. His close proximity to the blast might have led to disorientation.' Speculation that the FDA's actions might have been inspired by last month's 25th anniversary of the first airing of Hobin's Way's finale has been dismissed by the security services. 'A major blast such as this would take many months to plan,' explained the KT's counter-terrorism expert.

From Kernsburgh Times (2 July 3005)


The Rebel and the King: Reprise

There's only one way for a man to be free in Dalemark now.

Hobin turns to the camera. The globe in his hand glitters as the sun catches it, like an oversized bauble. There's a subdued crackle as the glass shatters.

For a moment it looks as if he's crowned with flames.


Hobin the brave, Hobin the free
The last free soul of Dalemark was he