Title: Typos

Prompt: Fingers McTypo

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the pen name, the order of the words and the idea.

Word Count: 100

A/N: Today pal Supernoodle has been kind enough to post a story she started writing for me about two years ago. It wasn't without its price, however, since she's nagged me into posting this little drabble. The prompt came from a throwaway line in a conversation we had tonight and she's not letting me go to bed until I've done this. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as she apparently did! Have fun!

Sam glanced from the printed sheet to his brother and back again. With a proud smile, Dean nodded eagerly.

"Whatcha think, Sammy?"

"This is what you've been working on?"


"You've been writing a novel?"

"Girl's write novels," Dean frowned. "I've been documenting our exploits."

Sam once more lowered his gaze. "I could see the ghost advancing down the corroder and knew I had to unpoke the door in a curry," he read solemnly. "My brother was courting on me."

Dean snatched the sheet back and scanned it furiously. "What?"

"What's your pen name, Dean?" Sam asked innocently. "Fingers McTypo?"