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Pairing: SasuNaru, mild SasuSui.

Rating: T - rating will go up to M in later chapters.

Summary: Have you ever been in… love?

Warning: Older Sasuke and young Naruto – they have five-year difference between them. Nothing sexual between them until Naruto turns 15 and Sasuke – 20.

Sasuke - 15
Naruto - 10

You might get cavities from all the fluff.


Corrupt Passion

Part I


Nervous tan hands clutched the hem of his mother's jacket urging her to abandon the though to leave him here with unfamiliar faces. His mother obvious to his discomfort continued to gossip with her childhood friend about the importance of the event that they are going to attend together.

Naruto scowled, as his father announced that they should leave now if they wanted to arrive before the place got crowded. He tapped his foot loudly out of irritation when his mother combed his unruly hair and kissed his forehead, leaving a bright red kiss mark on it. His father chuckled and pinched his cheek muttering how he never failed to look so adorable.

Blue eyes curiously peered through his bangs at the teen standing before him with a passive face while his mother ordered him to ply nice and try to be sociable. She only received a grunt in response.

Naruto shifted awkwardly from one foot to another unsure how to go about this situation. The other boy pretended that he did not exist. His eyes dimmed with sadness. The other teen was supposed to show him various entertaining games and have fun with him or at least he thought so. Now it looked that neither would happen anytime soon.

The blond-haired person considered staying in the living room, however, the curiosity won in the end. He liked to pretend that he was a famous treasure hunter who thrived to explore the vast unknown territory that appeared before his very eyes.

To others he appeared too childish and naïve for a ten year old kid. Sometimes, he could hear gown-ups talking to his parents about his laid-back attitude and his antics to talk to his imaginary friends – hey! It is not his fault that these grumpy adults cannot see them. He shrugged it off as their loss not his.

He slapped his cheeks with the flats of his hands to disperse all the sad thoughts and offered a brilliantly radiant smile in return.

- - -

Naruto shyly poked his head trough the gap of the door to get a better view of the inside of the room. His eyes light up when he spotted the black hair in the corner of the balcony and heaved a sight of relief.

He confidently strode in to the room with intention to talk to other when he saw another body standing not far away from his target. The corners of his lips turned downwards and all of his confidence drained away when he nervously started to play with the hem of his blue shirt.

The silver haired one sensing his discomfort smirked at him. "What is this brat doing here?"

"I'm supposed to take care of him. That's my mother's idea of having fun."

The stranger barked out a laugh and wiped his tears away. "That's a funny one, Sasuke."

The black-haired one shot him a firm glare and took another drag from his cigarette. "Shut the fuck up, Sui."

Suigetsu leaned closer, stole the cancer stick from Sasuke, and moved closer to the brat. He took a long drag from it and puffed out the smoke straight into boy's face all the while grinning like a maniac.

Naruto covered his mouth with the back of his hand and coughed when he inhaled some of the smoke. Blue eyes watered and his throat never stopped to itch. He needed to drink something, badly.

The pale teen hovering above him looked too intimidating for him and he backed a few steps to escape that strong awful smell he detested with passion. His eyes searched for Sasuke and found him indifferently looking at the scenery of endless houses stretching on the street.

Naruto flinched away as the shark-man grabbed his cheek painfully forcing to face his assailant.

"My, aren't you adorable little brat?" The grip on his cheek never lessened and it was starting to sting. "And a mommy's boy too?" he added poking on a visible kiss mark on his forehead. "Isn't that nice?"

"Fuck off, Sui", commanded Sasuke harshly yanking his hand away from the blond-haired boy.

Suigetsu glared and loudly cursed at his friend, not liking the fact that he interrupted his fun time with the boy. He grabbed his drink from the table and with angry steps marched into the balcony.

Shortly, Sasuke fallowed him.

Naruto massaged his abused cheek and with eyes full of admiration stared at the retreating back of the one who had saved him. "Maybe he's not that bad," he whispered to himself as his cheeks went ablaze at the thought of those piercing eyes looking his way.

- - -

The boy shifted to lie on his left side, his tan fingers picking on the strap of his frog backpack out of boredom. A loud yawn escaped past his lips as he stretched his sore muscles like a cat but lacking the gracefulness the animal had.

He did not know how much time has passed since he left the Sasuke's room and decided to stay in the living room instead. The sky had already darkened and the room lost its warmth. He wanted to go home.

Naruto brought the fluffy backpack closer to his body as the loud rumbling of his stomach filled the room. His mother had strictly forbidden him to go to the kitchen out of fear of him hurting himself and finding the other boy was not an option. He did not want to intrude his time with his friend and be an annoying nuisance demanding his attention.

He covered his face with the palms of his hands to hide a blush that threatened to surface once he thought about Sasuke again. He looked so grown up – well he was already fifteen years old, and did all that stuff his mother would scold his father for doing it.

He might be a naïve kid, who had been home-schooled most of the time because of his weak health, but compared to him Sasuke looked far older than he should be. He had his head in the clouds about the silly childish games while the older teen wanted to explore what the world had to offer.

Naruto ducked his head into the leather sofa, almost plastering his face to it, once he heard the sound of footsteps coming closer to him. His heart thumped loudly in his chest, his hands glued to the leather surface because of the sweat.

"Hey", the owner of the voice greeted him awkwardly.

Naruto turned half of his face to inspect the intruder and was surprised to find a kneeling Sasuke in front him. He immediately shot up to sit straight, brought his legs closer to his body and placed the green fluffy backpack with a smiling frog printed on it on his knees. He buried half of his face into the soft pillow-like material after he squeaked out a high-pitched greeting in return.

Sasuke smirked highly amused by the boy's reaction and his chubby cheeks that resembled ripped tomatoes. "Are you hungry?"

Naruto nodded vigorously, tightening his hands around the obstacle hiding his face.

Sasuke let out a sight and ordered to follow him into the kitchen, where he placed a plate full of heated onigiri and a cup of homemade green tea.

"Eat as much as you want. No need to be shy about it."

A radiant smile of the boy illuminated the room as the boy clasped his hands to offer a prayer before he had his meal. He banished all thoughts of going home from his mind.

- - -

The other half of the day had been somewhat nice. Sasuke out of obligation of being a good host showed Naruto his collection of games. Naruto feeling comfortable in the other teen's presence lost his shyness and tried to be more active in everything he did, excluding all the blushing he did – it had glued to his face, permanently, like a second skin, when Sasuke was too close to his personal bubble.

Naruto flopped on the bed in the pile of tangled limbs and heaved a sight of contentment. He turned his head to inspect the older male who sat cross-legged on the carpet violently punching the buttons of the game controller in tune with the fighter's combat skills.

His throat constricted as he asked the question that was constantly lingering on his mind. "Why are you being so nice to me?"

Sasuke continued to play his game, his full attention to win against the good character and conquer his lands. "I have nothing better to do."

"Liar", he whispered under his nose and turned to lie on his stomach to crush those little tickling ants that never stopped running in his belly.

- - -

After Naruto rubbed his eyes to get rid of sleepiness, he found the room vacant of Sasuke. His hands fell lifelessly against the mattress as he blankly stared at the white tiles of the ceiling.

"My parents called. They'll return soon."

The disappointment flooded his eyes, but he never failed to mask it by offering one of his toothy-grins.

"I should collect my stuff", he announced getting out of bed.

Naruto did everything wordlessly and in silence until the sound of the doorbell echoed through the half-empty house.

He was ready to run down the stairs into the warm embrace of his parents when the pale hand stopped him from leaving the room. He almost jumped out of his skin, feeling silly that he forgot about Sasuke leaning against the case of the door.

With confusion swimming in his eyes, he looked up at Sasuke admiring his height. His hands nervously toyed with the material of his backpack while his brain racked around the things he might forgotten to take.

"Here", the gliding of Sasuke's fingertips across his skin made his heart thump loudly in his ears as he cleaned the fading kissing mark on his forehead his mother had left on him earlier. "Now no one can make fun of you."

Naruto's eyes widened at the statement, remembering how he had defended him from his friend. He felt his body flush from heat that he thought he might pass out any given moment.

He managed to stutter a simple 'thank you' and bolted out of the room and down the stairs as if the whole house were on fire. Ironically, the only things that were set ablaze have been his madly thumping heart and those restless ants running inside of his stomach.


To be continued?


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