Dear Readers,

Hey its me Devil's Right Hand Girl…I know right? I live. I breathe. I'm here, typing to you guys. If you want to you can skim over to the bottom, most of the first few paragraphs are just reasoning. (Start at 'Now as far as this story is concerned ' its in bold and italics. It'll be hard to miss.)

Before you assume things let me say this, ONE, this is not a story cancellation letter, TWO this is not a letter of me never using this site or user name again. This is a letter of how this collection may/will lead to.

I first wrote Mission Your Backstory as a way of writing practice. I liked the game Fusion Fall, and was somewhat disappointed when the Forums for the site were moved, and less popular. I always liked the thought of writing for Role Playing in a way that suited me; aka me writing stuff for a given character. I aspired to be like those given a layout and such and being able to produce something so close to human. It seemed fascinating, I tried it and I liked it, but I ran into issues.

Around the time when I was in the middle of writing 'A little too long' I looked back on what I had written and was astounded about how many words and how many pages I had done for just one character. All laughing aside I was like "Jesus this is a lot" and I felt the need to cut back. The only problem some writers like me have is taking away. When you're judging yourself, you're very critical, and there are parts you don't want to lose, but you know you have to, and parts you don't like but you know you have to have. I wrote out a scene 3 different times, looking for a way to better improve it.

Besides the editing issue, which I'm current working on, another reason I haven't updated is because of life. I've traveled here and there, I have classes, etc. For a while when I've picked up a pencil and paper its to draw, something I've been working on profusely. Basically, I've been busy.

Now as far as this story is concerned, I have plans for it. It won't be dead. If it is, then it's rising from the grave.

For the other long line of writers/reviewers, I am very sorry to say that I won't be able to give you story as long as Ninetailgirls' or Thunderwarp's. But – and I deeply thank you for this – you've all had the patience to put up with me, and it's not like me to let something die, I'm actually writing snippets of possible stories, which will be placed in the chapter's following 'A little too long.' Be on the lookout for yours, they may come in a random order.

And before I close this letter, I send out my apologies. (Be ready for a bit of rambling) I realized that half my trouble came from the amount of characters I had to create for the stories, when they were needed, and I found it a hassle to do that and never focus on them.

Instead I'm starting to create a different type of story. One that has a plot line where characters that you reviewers have made interact with each other, facing a rather different…threat, including the possibility of time traveling, alter ego's, and finding there to be a fine line between ally and adversary…who's who's – you may never know. Along with this there might be some illustrations that go with it I'm not all that sure yet.

And now I'll be concluding this little letter, thanks for reading it. Leave comments or PM's on opinions of anything included in this note. Flamers, flames, fire, and pyromaniacs are welcome, fire away, fire away. Also if you do find the story line above interesting be on the lookout for it soon.