Another fine summer day at Sunset-beach, and Surfers paradise was up and about, well it would be if the groms would stop catching the early morning waves. Broseph, Reef, and Fin already hit it smooth, and as usual, Lo, and Emma weren't so good at it, but it was fun anyway.

The groms walked onto the beach and Broseph shook his hair loose. "Dude… dat was some nice, sick, surfin'!" he said smoothly.

"No, joke…" added Reef, "Did you see that triple-twist I did?"

Fin could tell Reef was just being cocky again, "Oh we saw, and FYI… it was only and a-half."

"Uh-oh… they're gonna pop." Lo whispered, and indeed, Fin and Reef went off the deep-end arguing over who was right and who wasn't.

"I think we should just let them blow it off." Emma suggested, "I think they're doing this to show that they care about each other."

Lo and Broseph chuckled…

On the way back to the hotel from The Office, Emma spotted something carved into one of the trees. "Aw, look. It's a love carving."

Broseph and Lo sighed heavenly, and wondered who made it. It was just a simple heart shape with the initials. "M-M" and "M-M"

"Four –Ms?" Lo asked. "Kinda weird…" Broseph, however, licked his lips, "Mmm… M&Ms." Obviously he had a completely different idea in mind.

Fin and Reef were still at it when they all got back to the hotel. "I could surf rings around you any time!" snapped Fin.

"You? Pah…! No way a girl could surf rings around me." protested Reef.

They kept on arguing until someone yelled out, "Hey, will you shut up!"

The groms wouldn't believe it if they hadn't saw her, but it was "Martha…?" cried Emma. "Martha McCartney…?"

The grumpy Goth-girl, who got fired on day one, was right there by the front desk by Johnny, who was shrugging, "Baumer said we needed her back real bad."

"Indeed we do…" snapped Baumer who came in, "Hey! What are you groms doing here? Get dressed, and get to work before I give all a big strike each!" then he was gone.

"Whoa! Harsh, Dude!" Broseph whispered.

Heeding his advice, the groms got to work, scrubbing the hotel, serving the customers, as for Lo, she was stuck babysitting those troublesome kids again. George couldn't stop laughing at her, "Nice hair, sis… care if I go get the lawn-mower?"

Lo just huffed as she stomped off. "Bite me!"

In the Dinning-Room, Kelly was being just a cruel as ever, teasing Emma to no-end, causing her to make more mistakes than usual. "Pull it together, Emma…!" she snapped, "You're gonna learn to take this, and like it."

Emma sighed hard.

Fin had it the worst, having to work with Martha cleaning off the rooms. Martha got all the easy ones, and Fin was stuck… wearing a gas-mask and rubber gloves. "Ugh! This is so unfair!" she growled.

"Hey! Sucks to be you, doesn't it?" Martha mocked her. "I'm going on break."

Fin huffed madly and broker her mop in half. "Hey honey, don't hate the player, just hate the game." Rosie said as she passed by, but Fin was in a frame of mind to loathe both.

After shifts, the groms felt a little wiped out, and rested on the porch of the staff-dorms. "Ooh… my fingers." cried Fin, "That Martha is really starting to bother me."

"Dat is one, freaky chick, Bra." said Broseph.

Reef didn't seem all that worried. "Well I'm just glad she's not movin' in with us." he snapped, "I know these Goths, and they're nothin' but bad news."

Emma looked nervously at Reef, and gave him the "Kill it" gesture. Reef didn't understand. "What? Is she… behind me?"

"No… I'm beside you." Martha hissed. Reef turned, and just one look at her Gothic make-up made him yelp. Then it got worse, when Martha explained she was indeed moving in with the groms.

She slammed down her suitcases by her old room, which had long since been cleaned out, and the skunk was gone. "Three rules…!" she snapped, "One: This is my room. Two: Step foot in here, and your mints-meat. Three: Obey Rules one and two." Then she slammed the door behind the gang.

"Shesh…! What crawled up her butt and died." Lo muttered.

Emma wondered why she wasn't staying in town with that friend of hers, and Johnny, who was passing by explained, "Baumer's new rule. All new employees must stay here at the staff dorms or be fired."

Everyone rolled their eyes, but then they all decided to head off for a surf. Emma almost tripped off her feet, but Johnny grabbed her. "You okay…?"

"Wow…! I am now… Thanks to you, Johnny." Emma said, and she creased his cheek with her hand, making Johnny sigh heavenly, but Broseph and Reef were not impressed.

"Is there any hope for him…?" Reef whispered.

"Dude… don't get me started."

While they all hit the beach, Kelly and Baumer were told to look after the front desk while Johnny was on break. "This is so unfair." Kelly groaned, "I'm on break too, and I don't even get overtime charge for it."

Baumer knew how she felt, but he had been told that Mr. Ridgemount was expecting someone important to arrive today. That's when the front doors opened, and I stepped into the lobby.

Kelly, and Baumer gasped at the site of me. "Oh, no…!" Kelly pepped. "He's here!"

I was a tall 17 year-old. Cool looking, and roughly buff, with black shiny hair; but my skin was slightly pale. I wore dark shades over my eyes, and I looked pretty grumpy.

Baumer was actually quivering slightly, "Uh… Mykan…?" he cried nervously. "Uh… how ya' been."

I tipped my shades slightly, "Well, well… Andrew Baumer, and here I thought a slime like you would've been fired by now."

"Hey!" snapped Baumer, "You can't talk to me like that, or I'll."

Kelly pulled him back, "Don't do it! Remember what he did to you the first year?"

Baumer couldn't forget.

"Anyways… I don't wanna talk to you." I replied, "I want to see Mr. Ridgemount, he's expecting me."

Kelly and Baumer directed me that he was in his office.

Indeed he was there, his face hidden behind his paper as usual. I knocked on the door, and he stood up, "Mykan Marina… Welcome back." he said kindly to me. I shook his hand and returned his greeting.

And right before I had a chance to ask, "If you're going to ask-- everything's exactly as it was before you left last year, and it's all ready for you."

I nodded my head at him, "Thank you, Sir. It's an honor to work for you." I said, "With your permission… I'll go unpack and get started."

Mr. Ridgemount excused me, and I left. "I like that, kid…" he said to himself, "He reminds me of me when I was just starting out."

Obviously, he knew something about me that no one else did.

Author's notes:

Just the point-up…

I'm not really Mykan, nor am I anything like him at all. He's just an OC I made with my penname who narrates the story. It's all fictional.