Three and a half years later

Mello had destroyed all hidden records of his real name, and all photos of himself. Then he joined the Mafia in Las Angelus, California, killing their current boss, and becoming the new leader. From then on, he used them to find out the location of Near's Task Force, the SPK, and the Japanese Task Force (JTF), gaining information from both of the sources with spies working for him, and using it to lead his own investigation.

One and a half years after joining the Mafia, and learning of the Death Note's existance, Mello made his move. He planned to get a hold of the notebook, and kidnapped the director of the NPA, Kanichi Takimura. From him he obtained information on the JTF's current members, and intended to exchange Takimura for the notebook.

October 9, 2012

Mello descended the stairs to the first floor slowly, then entered the room, the door opening up to reveal Takimura sitting bound and gagged in a chair, with some of the mafia men standing around him. He took a bite of his chocolate.

"Has he decided to say anything yet?" Rod asked, walking into the room with Mello.

"He told us the Japanese police have begun to wimp out on Kira. Looks like now the only ones who are officially working for L are Soichiro Yagami, Kanzo Mogi, and Touta Matsuda. Isn't that right?"

"Yeah..." The director answered, hunched over. "There was also Ukita, but he was killed by Kira." /Mello walked over to the director to stand over him, the other two moving out of the way for him.

"Of all the investigators on the task force, Deputy Director Yagami would be the highest ranking, right?"


/"Hm." Mello's hand rose in the air, pointing to the ceiling like a gun. "My theory is that there are two notebooks out there. One of them's in Kira's posession, and the other is with the NPA." His fingers retracted into a fist, that he lowered back down to his chest. "We're gonna take both."

But before he could set up the bargain for the notebook with the NPA, Kira killed the director. Then Mello kidnapped the Deputy Director's daughter, Sayu Yagami, to use in Takimura's place. He contacted Chief Yagami, and informed him that the director was dead, and that he had his daughter now:

October 12, 2012

"This is Yagami."

"Look, about trading the director in exchange for the notebook, the deal's been canceled. The new deal is this: the notebook, for Sayu Yagami… Seeing as you're the deputy director of the Japanese police, it would be stupid to ask you not to call the cops. But you had better handle this on your own, without back-up. If I see the police making any big movements in the next little while, I'll kill your daughter. That's right, just as easily as we killed the director. I'll send you a photo of Takimura's corpse to prove I mean business. Take a good look. I'll contact you tomorrow."

Mello did contact Yagami again the next day as he'd said, telling him to meet him in L.A. in two days, with the notebook, to exchange for his daughter. One of his men went with Yagami and made sure he boarded the specific flight Mello had arranged, giving Yagami an earpiece through which Mello spoke to him. The plane deliberately went off course, and dropped Yagami off at the scene where the excange would take place underground, out in the middle of nowhere, after Mello demanded that Soichiro contact L and have him secure a media black out, because if Soichiro were shown getting off the plane (alone), he would be killed by Kira. Once Yagami was dropped off, Mello instructed him to tell L to send a helicopter, threatening that if anything other than that came within a radius of two miles that he would kill him and his daughter. Then Yagami entered the underground facility as directed by Mello, and was met by Y462, Mello watched the exchange take place on his laptop back at the Mafia HQ.

Yagami stood on once side of the glass, with Sayu trapped inside another.

Y462 instructed Yagami on what to do, upon Mello's 'okay' to go ahead. "Slide the notebook through there. Once that's done, I'll release the lock, we'll both step back, and spin the glass door. The notebook will end up on my side, and the girl on yours. However, if you don't agree to this trade, I'll shoot your daughter through this opening."

The trade was done, and Yagami walked away unharmed, with Sayu in his arms.

Mello then launched the Death Note onto a missile to ensure it would not be tracked to the Mafia hideout by those watching him, and he had Snyder blow up the helicopter that Y462, the man who had carried out the exchange with Yagami, had escaped in, making it obvious to everyone who was watching them that the notebook was on the missile.

Once Mello had gotten a hold of the notebook, he wrote most of the names of the SPK members down in it, except three, four including Near. He killed the spies he had there as well, so there would be no way to trace them back to himself. The only ones he left alive were Anthony Rester, Stephen Giovanni, and Hal Lidner. Six days later, with the Death Note in his posession, Mello contacted Soichiro Yagami again.

October 18, 2012

"Hey, Yagami. How's it been going? I'm glad you decided to let me keep in touch with you. The notebook here's definately the real deal. It's a lethal weapon, alright. But just having the notebook isn't enough to make me as powerful as Kira, because as you know, Kira can kill just knowing a person's face. I wonder how Kira knows a person's real name just by looking at their face..."

"We...don't know that right now. All we have assumed is that Kira only needs to see a person's face to kill them." Yagami replied.

"Huh. Well if that's true, you Japanese cops really are useless, aren't you?" Mello scoffed. "In that case, there's just one more thing I want to ask you...When L died, who was it among you that took his place? You know the deal by now: you're not in any position to deny me an answer, that is, if you still value your daughter's life..." When there was a silence, Mello added, "You know I'm not bluffing, Yagami. I'll kill her..."

"...It's Touta Matsuda who took his place. But to be honest, he's just doing whatever we tell him to do to play the part of L, nothing more."

"Huh. I pretty much figured on something along that line. The new L is below incompetant. Heh. In any event, if I decide I feel like killing him, I'll just force you to give me the pictures of all the members of your pathetic task force. Since I already have all of your names..." Mello laughed.

"What?!-That's nonsense-I could never-" Mello hung up the line.

After obtaining this piece of information, Mello then got Snyder to get him in touch with the President. He used the notebook in an attempt to blackmail the president, telling him that if he helped him catch Kira, then they would let the president have Kira's notebook, which everyone wanted to get their hands on. And in exchange for giving him the notebook, the President's cooporation, as well as immunity. He told the President to give them all the information he could obtain on the SPK, and keep them informed on their activites, as well as funds for weapons, and access to satellite surveillance, in a discreet way that no one would suspect. However, the attempt failed, as the notebook was recaptured and the Mafia killed before anything could happen.

At the Mafia hideout, Mello was sitting contemplating the extent that he could use the notebook to control people, waiting for the President's reply, when it suddenly flew up and fell onto Jack Snyder. Syder saw the shinigami who was responsible for the action, going into suddenly erratic and panicky behavior at the horific sight, and he convinced them all to touch the notebook upon Shidoh informing him that only those who have touched the notebook could see him. After doing so, the shinigami's existance had became apparent to them all, several members trying to shoot it, with no avail.

Mello turned, with wide eyes, and watched the notebook drop onto Snyder. When Snyder turned to look, he suddenly yelled, falling out of his chair, and pointing at the air in front of him, at something that no one else could see, his eyes widened with fright.

"Boss! Who is this?! The guy in the freaky costume-who the h*** is he? Who brought him here?!-A-a shinigami?" He laughed shakily, then got up, holding the notebook out. "He says you can see him if you touch the notebook. Please, everyone touch it! I swear I'm not crazy!"

Everyone did, and suddenly they were all able to see the thing. They all yelled simultaneoulsly: "WHO IS THAT!?" "THAT WASN'T THERE THE LAST TIME I TOUCHED IT!" "BOSS, SHOULD I KILL IT?!" and shot at him, but he didn't go down.

"Nice try. You humans can't kill a shinigami." Shidoh had said.


"Jack's right." Rod said, being the first to lower his gun. "That ain't no costume. That's a real live shinigami. So now what do we do?"

Mello learned the shinigami's name was Shidoh, and that he had come to take back his notebook. Shidoh then told them that the two rules written in the back were fake.

Shidoh gnawed on the chocolate bar Mello had consented he have. "Chocolate is so good..." He remarked.

"Hey, what about that stuff you told us, is it true?" Rod asked. " 'If the person who's using the notebook fails to consecutively write names of people to be killed within thirteen days of each other, then the user will die.' 'If you make this note unusable by tearing it up or burning it, all the humans who have touched the note till then will die.' Are you saying these two rules were made up?"

"Oh yeah, those rules are definately fake." Shidoh said, as he nibbled the chocolate continuously. "My guess is some shinigami wrote those down as a joke before giving it to a human."

Mello had sat their, thrown into a string of revelutionary thoughts.

That was where he had determined that the thirteen day rule could be tested out using one of their people. But the real question to him was, whether this notebook was once used by Kira, and if it was, whether Kira was aware that the rules in the back were both fake. If Kira had known, then he could've used the rules to his advantage; the thirteen day rule allowing him to prove his innocence in only thirteen days. Mello instructed the shinigami Shidoh to keep watch outside, and hung out there in the room. But then suddenly things went awry.

November 10, 2010

All at once, almost all of the Mafia members yelled, clutching their throats, then collapsed, dead, of heart attacks. Mello snapped off a peice of chocolate grimly, his eyes narrowing, hearing explosions, and seeing two of the security cam views on the laptop set on the table went static. / Mello cursed; got up and sprinted upstairs, yelling at the two who weren't dead, Roy and Skeeter to bring the notebook, which was under Rod's body, upstairs.

But they didn't make it before the police barged in, spraying riot gas and shooting the two men down, as Mello made it up to the surveillance room. They took the notebook. Then they came up, and Yagami was the one to step foot in the surveillance room, looking around for Mello, who stood in the shadows, waiting. Mello pressed the trigger in his hands, blowing up the two entrances to the hideout. Then he called out in the darkness, warning the police not to go any further and to do as he say, or else he would blow up the rest of the building, along with them.

Mello ordered the one with the notebook to come into the room, and take off his helmet. Yagami was the one who stepped into the light, doing as he said, and Mello turned on the moniters, sitting on the console, with the bomb trigger in his hands. "Yagami again, huh? Maybe I should've killed you when I had the chance. History repeats itself..but I never thought I'd be bargaining for the notebook with you again."

Yagami stared at the blonde, the notebook held open in front of him, pen in his hand. "M-I-H-A-E-L K-E-E-H-L. Your real name is: Mihael Keehl." He said. Mello's eyes widened. /"It's over Mello. It's time to turn yourself in." Yagami said. "If you give up, I won't kill you. You have my word on that."

Suddenly, Jose rolled over, grabbed his rifle, and shot several rounds into the deputy director, until Yagami went down. Mello immediately got up, knowing the police would hear the gun shots, and grabbed the helmet Soichiro had worn. "Jose, the notebook!" He yelled.

Jose strugged to pry the thing away from the director's grip, but he couldn't get it out in time. "D*** this guy-he won't let go of it!" The police came into the room, shining their spotlights on Mello, and the fallen director. They shot Jose down before he could sqeeze his own trigger, leaving Mello the only one standing.

"Deputy director!"

"It's all over Mello! Put your hands up and surrender." But Mello stood there, then pressed the second trigger of the bomb, remote still in his hand. Everything went white, and he managed to avoid getting blown up himself, and escaped, the left side of his face badly burnt, strips of charred flesh hanging off of his cheek. But he was alive, and the police hadn't caught him.

After losing his base of operation, and his most valuable tool, Mello decided to relocate to New York for the time being. He knew the SPK headquarters were there. And he needed more information that would get him closer to catching Kira. Plus, Mello had recently discovered that he had left behind one of his photos at the orphanage, and he knew that Near would have retrieved it.

He targeted the most vulnerable of the three remaining members other than Near, Hal Lidner, and contacted her outside the watch of the task force, following her home to her apartment, and catching her as she came out of the shower, into the bedroom, with towel wrapped around her, and one on her head.

Hal gasped, when she caught the motion in the corner of her eye. She turned to see a gun pointed at her head.

"So you're alive?" Hal said, recognizing him from the photo Near had kept. Mello just stared at her, snapping off a peice of his chocolate. His eyes flickered distantly, as he caught sight of her wet blonde treads hanging out from underneath the towel on her head, and saw her golden gazel eyes. They [forcefully] reminded him of-Sun.

Hal looked almost like an older version of her. But Mello had showed nothing in his demanor in those few seconds, to indicate any sign of being affected by her appearance. But inside, deep down, he felt some sort of burning. He didn't know why it hurt-maybe because he missed her, and Matt. But it'd been so long since those days back at the orphanage. Those were pastimes, that would never return.

Hal gave him all the information the SPK currently had, as far as Mello knew. Through her cooporation Mello learned that Near supsected the 'New L' of the Japanese Task Force to be Kira, which changed things for him. She also informed him that the sec With Hal as his hostage, Mello went to the SPK headquarters, his gun to the back of her head. Near let him in, and there he retrieved his photograph of himself, back at the orphange, five years ago.

"Mello, welcome."

Near tossed the photo to him, and Mello caught it by his head, between his index and middle finger, looking at it, turning it over to see the 'Dear Mello' written on the back. Seeing this resurrected memories of his past, that made him...ache inside. For Sun...after seeing the faint ressemblance between her and stung.

"I can't say for one-hundred percent certain, but it should be impossible for you to be killed by the notebook. Is that the only business you have with me, Mello?"

Mello grunted. "Near-Let's get one thing straight. I have no intention of working together with you on this."

"Yes, I know."

"At the same time-" Mello continued, "I can't just take my photograph and leave, that wouldn't be right. So I'll settle my debt."


"The killer belongs to a shinigami." Mello said. "Whoever touches it can see a god of death. The notebook I obtained previously belonged to another shinigami, perhaps even Kira himself. Also, some of the rules written inside are actually fake. That's all I can tell you for now." Mello then turned, to leave, but stopped at the door.



Mello took a chocolate bar from his leather coat, unrapped it, and took a bit. Near twirled a snowy lock of his hair around one finger.

"Which one of us will reach Kira first, I wonder?"

"The race is on..."

"We're both headed towards the same destination. I'll be waiting for you."

"Huh-right." Mello left, the door sliding open for him, and his boots clicking on the tile, as he walking away, down the hall.

After learning that the leader of the Japanese Task Force was suspected by Near and the others to be Kira, Mello moved his investigation to Japan. At the japanese airport, Mello stopped and saw Demigawa, the current pathetic spokesperson for Kira, on a live broadcast. It was back in New York, and Mello recognized the building on the screen. It was the SPK headquarters. They had the building surrounded and a huge mob outside, and it looked like they were trying to force Near and the others out of the building. But it would never be that easy to get Near to give up. He knew he would find a way out of it.

Mello located a new base, similiar in quality to where he had stayed when he'd first moved to America. It was an out of the way, inconspicuous abandoned apartment building in the backstreets of Tokyo, suitable to him.

He realized that he needed help in order to catch Kira once and for all. He first needed to find a way to get to him without getting himself killed. From Hal he'd learned that Mogi and Aizawa were currently following the alleged second Kira. Mello needed someone to spy on them, to find out his identity. Along with that, Kira would choose a new spokesperson soon. Mello planned to catch Kira through whoever he chose next. It was the best way.

But he couldn't carry out his plan on his own. He needed a partner-someone reliable, with good skils...whom he could count on. The person who crossed Mello's mind was surprising.

Matt. He didn't know anyone who would be a better choice. He hadn't seen or talked to Matt in over five years...But the guy was certain to be living on his own now, leaving the orphanage...Perhaps now was a good time to reconnect. He knew Matt would help him...