"Mommy, I had a bad dream." Lexie Booth spoke softly to her mother.

She rubbed her eyes and found her four year old daughter resting her head on the mattress, patiently waiting for her mother to comfort her. "What's wrong Lexie?"

"I had that bad dream again and George was scared too so we came to sleep in here with you."

Brennan scooted over and pulled them all under the quilt. "Just for tonight, okay. Just while daddy's not here."

The little girl nodded and pulled George, the tatty bunny rabbit closer. "George feels better now mommy."

"I'm glad, how about you? do you feel better?"

Lexie nodded and kissed Brennan and George before closing her eyes. A few minutes later she realised she wasn't tired any more. "Mommy."


"I'm thirsty, can I have a glass of warm milk?" Lexie smiled at her mother, she knew it was late and she really should be asleep but she also knew how to use her smile to her advantage.

Brennan peeked at her daughter through sleepy eyes and couldn't resist that smile of hers, sighing softly she nodded and went to make the warm milk hoping it would settle Lexie and she could get back to sleep.

When Brennan came back to the bedroom she heard her singing a lullaby to George and her heart swelled in her chest. This little girl had made her so happy and while she had been shocked to find out that she was pregnant, when she held her for the first time everything seemed to change, she changed and it could only be for the better.

"Here's your milk." placing a soft kiss on her head she got back into bed and waited for Lexie to lye back down.

"When will daddy be home?" She asked as she gave George some milk.

"I don't know honey. Maybe he will be back before you get up in the morning."

Her brown eyes lit up "Will he watch cartoons with me?"

Brennan yawned "I don't know, daddy might want to sleep for a while first."

She watched as she tipped the cup to Georges mouth again before setting it on the side and moving into her mothers arms.

"Good night mommy."

Leaning forward she kissed her soft plump lips "Good night little angel." She smiled at herself, pet names were something she never thought she would use but when it came to her child they seemed to just flow out of her mouth.

Brennan waited for Lexie to fall asleep before reaching for her cell, typing a quick message then putting it back on the bed side table and closing her eyes.

Booth flipped open his cell and smiled, he had a message from Brennan, it read

'We miss you.

L & B x'

Closing it again he waited for the light to turn green, he couldn't wait to get home tonight and he hated it when he had to work separately from Brennan but Cullen had asked for his help in a special case and he couldn't turn something like that down.

Pulling up to the house a few minutes later and jumping out of the SUV he quietly made his way into the house where he found a very happy dog wagging his tail.

"Hey Benji, you been looking after my girls for me." He patted the dog on the head and got him a treat from the kitchen before climbing the stairs towards the bedroom. He quietly opened the door to find Lexie and Brennan cuddled up together.

Booth stripped off and climbed in beside them, brushing the hair from her face her eyes fluttered open.

"Hey, you're home." she whispered.

"Sorry things took so long. I missed you both tonight." He lent over to kiss her lips.

"Lexie and George we're frightened, she had that mightmare again."

They both looked down at their beautiful daughter who slept unaware of her fathers presence. "I'm here now and I'm never leaving either of you. I told Cullen that tonight would be my last case away from home, I hate that my not being here gives her nightmares, I hate that she even has to think about me...getting hurt."

Brennan touched his face lightly and they fell into silence.

She watched Booth tuck George into his daughters arms and kissing her forehead.

"Lexie asked me why we aren't married like Angela and Hodgins today."

Booth looked suprised "What did you say to her?"

"I told her that I didn't need to show that I love you by having a piece of paper that says we're legally bound."

"Oh, what was her response?" Booth asked knowing she had her mothers thirst for knowledge and understanding that she would have wanted to take the conversation further.

"She said that you told her you wanted to marry me." Her lips turned up into a half smile.

Booth meanwhile looked uncomfortable. "We also had this conversation the day before I left for my trip and I told her that you didn't believe in marriage. She asked if I wanted to marry you and I told her the truth. I'm sorry I shouldn't have told her."

"Booth, it's okay. I'm surprised she hasn't asked you before now actually."

"I'm still okay with you not marrying me, I just want to be with you. I know how you feel about it that's why I've never asked."

"If you don't ask how can you possibly know my answer?" She smiled.

Looking puzzled he took her hand in his and rested it gently over sleeping beauty. "Bones, what are you trying to say?"

"I'm saying I can't imagine ever being with anyone else and while I'm not religious, nor do I need it to prove to you that I'm committed to our family but it would provide stability and a good example to our children, So I think you should ask me."

"Okay. Temperance Brennan, will you marry me?"

Brennan smiled. "Yes, Booth. I would love to marry you." She kissed him softly and pulled his arm across them all. "Lets get some sleep."

"Okay, I love you Bones."

"I love you too Booth."

They both shut their eyes trying to get to sleep, Booth couldn't believe they were going to get married after all this time.

Suddenly jumping up Booth looked at Brennan and saw her smiling. "Our children? Are you pregnant?"

All she could do was smile back.