WARNING the following chapter has content that may offend or disturb you, it is a very strong T rating and I apologize if I cause anyone any distress. Please do not read if you are easily offended.

The cloth was removed from her mouth and Brennan could take a real breath.

"Now remember what I said, no noise, no sudden movements and you won't get hurt."

Brennan gave a slight nod.

"I hope you like tomato soup, I made it especially for you honey."

Brennan signaled with a nod again that she did like it. She could hear the spoon clatter against the edge of the dish before he lifted it to her mouth.

"Now it might be a little hot so blow it first." He whispered to her.

Booth was stuck in the rush hour traffic, again, his temper rising a little as the lights turned from green to red with only 3 cars passing through. "God damn it." He rammed his hand down on the horn before pulling his cell out of his pocket again "Come on Bones, why the hell do you leave your cell in your office."

Brennan's cell buzzed once again in her bag, her lack of sight had heightened her other senses and the noise of it vibrating against the loose change in her purse made it sound as if it were not two inches away from her face. She had stopped eating his soup for concentrating on the noise. His fist came down hard on the table causing everything to rattle and Brennan to jump.

"Does my grandmothers soup disgust you bitch?"

Brennan shook her head quickly, her heart felt as though it was in her mouth.

He tipped the remaining soup into her lap and Brennan winced as it scolded her legs. "I think your lying, you haven't said that you liked it and I worked real hard on this romantic meal for my wife who doesn't fucking appreciate it."

Brennan found her voice. "I do appreciate everything you do for me, I'm sorry I was enjoying the soup very much. I was actually wondering if I could have some of the lasagna you made." Her voice wasn't the strong and authoritative voice it usually was but Brennan tried hard to hide her fear.

He leaned forward and placed a kiss on her cheek. "Coming right up, sweetheart."

Booth parked his SUV at the front of the Jeffersonian, the traffic leading to the parking lot turn off was just as bad as the traffic he just left. Jogging down to the entrance he flashed his badge to the guard and gained entry to the building.

"Hey Rudy, hows the wife and kids?"

Rudy smiled at Booth "Just became a grandpa again." he chuckled.

"Congratulations, how many now?"


"I'll put in a good word at Christmas for you then." Booth laughed.

"Sure, I'm gonna need as much of a bonus as I can get." He clapped Booth on the back fondly. "So what brings you down here without the lovely Dr Brennan?"

The oven door slammed shut. "Shit."

Brennan closed her eyes, not much comfort seeing as she was already blind folded, and silently asked herself where Booth could be. Maybe the attacker had intercepted him and he was hurt somewhere or worse, maybe he was dead. A tear slipped from her eyes, the cloth robbing her of her sight soaked it up before they could make there way down her cheeks.

"The fucking lasagna is ruined."

He could be heard pacing the floor beside her before he hoisted her up and walked her to the sofa.

"Lets just forget the food and talk in the living room huh?" He watched her nod her head. "Oh look at that, you spilled some soup on yourself, let me clean that up for you." He wiped at her lap with the cloth that had been forced into her mouth before stroking her thigh.

Booth rolled his eyes. "You know Bones is a workaholic, I have to drag her out of here practically every night."

The guard frowned. "Dr Brennan left already" He looked at his watch "nearly two hours ago. Watched her lock up her office myself."

Booth thanked the guard and turned to leave. "Where the hell are you Brennan?" He flipped his cell open and dialed once again.

"Would you like some wine honey?"

"Yes please" Brennan spoke softly.

He lifted the glass to her mouth and tipped it watching the crimson liquid pass her lips.

"So, how was your day honey?"

Brennan took a breath, she had to remain calm and go along with his charade. "It was fine, I…I had a lot of paperwork to finish."

He lifted the glass to her mouth and Brennan sipped as little as she could, the drink could be laced with something.

Booth pulled out onto the road, the traffic had calmed a little and things were moving at a normal pace. He would be at her apartment in ten minutes.

He put the glass on the table and trailed his hand down her leg.

Brennan flinched at the touch and clamped her eyes shut again. Where the hell was Booth.

His breath could be felt on her neck as he kissed her twice, almost savoring her scent. his hand went to her thigh again and under the hem of her skirt.

"No, please don't."

He hit her hard across her cheek, her ears were ringing and tears falling. "How dare you disrespect your husband like that you slut." Standing up he swung her legs so that she was lying on the sofa, pulling his knife on her and holding it to her throat he warned her that noise making would not be tolerated. Grabbing a cloth from the kitchen he went back and silenced her once more.

Booth pulled up to the apartment building and looked for a place to park. Spotting someone leaving he maneuvered the vehicle into the spot and hopped out, locking the SUV as he walked up to the main door.

Brennan was struggling now, her hands were still behind her back and the rope cutting into her wrists. She felt the cold metal of the knife once again on her neck.

"Stop fucking struggling." he growled.

Ripping open her blouse his hands found her breasts.

Brennan was scared, scared to move, scared to talk and scared of what was coming next.

He groped her breasts with one hand while the other struggled with his belt and zipper. "You want me don't you you slut? You like to be fucked don't you?"

Brennan closed her eyes and took deep breaths. She could not prevent what was about to happen, she had been working at loosening the rope since he had moved her to the sofa to no avail.

He brought the knife to her heaving chest and ran the cold metal over her breasts before slicing into the material of her bra to open it at the front.

The next thing she heard was a gun shot and footsteps.

Booth walked to the door, pulling the key out of his pocket and opening the door. What he did next was on impulse and his gun was out of the holster and the trigger pulled in mere seconds. The man howled in pain as the blood pumped from his shoulder, slumping to the opposite side of the sofa. His gun trained on the son of a bitch, he ran to Brennan pulling off the blind fold and removing the gag. "Bones, are you okay?"

"I'm okay Booth." the sudden light causing her to clamp her eyes shut. "I'm okay, just get my hands free."

"Just let me cuff this fucking piece of shit first." Booth pulled his cuffs and roughly dragged him onto the floor pulling his arms behind him and cuffing him.

The attacker swore as Booth moved his injured shoulder. He patted the attacker down to make sure he had no other weapons other than the knife on the floor. Once sure that he wasn't going anywhere he rushed over to Brennan and removed the ropes binding her hands. Their arms encircled each other and Booth held her close.

"I need to call this in Bones." he whispered after a few moments.

"I know" she whispered into his ear, her voice shaky.

He knew she was holding it in until they were alone. He removed his jacket and covered her up before calling in to the local police station.

The next few hours were a blur, questions were asked, statements taken and medics attended the scene. Brennan refused to go to the hospital, there were no serious injuries and she insisted that she would be wasting valuable medics. Booth never left her side, he held her hand through it all.

When they were finally left alone in the early hours of the morning, Brennan packed a bag with clothes for tomorrow before finally breaking down. Booth just held her, words were not needed.

Another hour had passed and Booth was finally satisfied that Brennan was asleep in his arms. Shifting his weight on the bed a little so he could grab the bag she suddenly spoke. "I know how we can stop this from happening again."

"How?" it was the first word he had spoken in a few hours and his voice was hoarse. "I could move in with you."

Booth shifted his weight again, his arm becoming numb. "If that's what you want." He didn't want tonight to be the reason for them taking this step, he wouldn't turn her away if she wanted to stay for a while but if that was pushing her decision then he would pick a better time to talk about it with her.

"I'm not scared Booth." She moved from his arms and stood in front of him. "I just want to come home to you every night."

He nodded his head.

Pulling two suitcases from under the bed she silently filled them with her clothes and toothbrush before Booth carried them out to the hall way. Brennan looked at her apartment before closing the door, tomorrow she would face what had happened.