January 16, 2002

Ronnie Cooke pushed her silky blond hair off of her shoulder as she walked down the hallway of Winslow High. Classes had been done and over with four about four hours now. Ronnie had stayed after school to correct a few tests she had left to do. It was now seven o'clock and she was starving. Ronnie saw a light in a classroom down the hallway.

"Danny?" She walked to the door and looked in. Danny Hanson was sitting at his desk with headphones on. He was obviously getting into his music. "Danny." Ronnie walke din slowly. She didnt want to scare the man grey. "Yoo hoo, Danny." Ronnie put her hand on his shoulder. Danny jumped up knocking his chair down.

"Christ!" He gasped looking at Ronnie. She chuckled softly, "You scared the shit out of me."

"I see that. I'm sorry." She said, "What are you doing here this late?"

"I could ask you the same quesiton." Danny said. Ronnie smiled.

"But I asked you first." She said. Danny winked.

"Just correcting some eassys. i swear, these kids are nuts." He said.

"They probably think we're nuts too." Ronnie said, "Listen, wanna cut out of here and grab some dinner? I'm starved."

"You asking me out on a date?" Danny asked with hope. Ronnie laughed.

"No. im asking you to dinner because Im starved and im assumng you are as well." She said. Danny nodded with a half-smirk.

"Some itallian?" He asked.

"Sounds good." She said leaning against the doorframe. Ronnie watched him pack up his things. "You like being a teacher?" Danny looked at her with a real smile.

"I love it."

* * *

Danny and Ronnie sat at the table in the back of Debella's Resurtant. They both had ordered a pasta dish with meatballs.

"When did you start wokring at Winslow?" Ronnie asked sipping her wine.

"First day of school this year." He said.

"Oh youre pretty new." She smiled, "Glad im not th eonly knew person."

"There are a few of us around." He smiled softly, "I've heard a few of my students talk about you."

"Really?" Ronnie frowned. "What did they say?"

"They said they couldnt believe a hot younf lawyer would come and work at a shit hole like Winslow." ronnie blushed slightly.

"Oh they did they they?" She smiled.Danny nodded.

"Yes. I swear they did." He said. "They also said youre a great teacher."

"I see." Ronnie smiled, "A few of my students have said things about you as well."

"Really? Like what?" Danny asked.

"Well, a few have said that you seem like a kind and gentle soul and arent half bad looking." She said sipping her wine. Danny grinned broadly.

"I'm going to have to thank those students."

"Well, I can't reveal their names. Student teacher confidenciality." She winked.

"I see." Danny laughed. The waiter brought out their meals and placed it on the table in front of them. "Man, this looks good."

"Yes." Ronnie said, "Thanks for suggesting it.

"Can I get you more wine, ma'am?" the waiter asked.

"Yes thank you." She spread her napkin out on her lap. "God Don't be offended if I inhale this."

"I'm rarely offended." Danny said, "I like girls who can eat."

"Then you'll love me." Ronnie said digging into the spagetti. She groaned as she ate it, "Wow." Danny laughed as he ate some.

"Do you regret leaving your lawyer job to come to Winslow?" Dany asked. Ronnie shook her head.

"I haven't yet and I don't think I will." She said as the waiter brought back her thrid glass of wine.

"Good." Danny said, "It's tough at times, but it's fully worth it. To see the look on the kids face when they finally get it..."

"Yeah...It's nice." She smiled as she ate her meal. For the rest of the meal and the rest of their drinks, Ronnie and Danny talked all about Winslow and their students. When the check came, Danny insisted on paying it and eventually Ronnie gave in.

Ronnie and Danny walked down the quiet street towards her apartment. it was now around midnight. She slid her jacket on after Danny reminded her it was January in Boston.

"I guess I drank a little more than I should have." Ronnie chuckled.

"Just take two asprin and some water." Danny said, "We don't need you having a a hangover tomorrow. The students woul dhave a feild day with that." Ronnie laughed.

"They would too." She smiled, "This is my place." She pointed to the apartment building.

"All right." He said following her to the door. She unlocked it and turned around.

"I had fun tonight, Danny." She said. "Its been a long time since I have."

"Well, I'm glad you did because I had fun too." He smiled. ronnie tucked a peice of her hair behind her ear and looked at Danny.

"Maybe we can do this again?" She asked.

"I don't think youre Billy Zane looking boyfriend would like that." Danny said. Ronnie snickered slightly.

"He's not my boyfriend anymore." She said.

"Since when?"

"Since about two weeks ago." She shrugged, "It's okay though."

"You sure?" Danny asked.

"He was a jerk anyway." Ronnie said, "So, what do you say? Can we do this again?" danny nodded.

"I would like that a lot." He said softly.

"Good." She smiled with her keys still in the door, "I'd invite you in for coffee, but its sort of late and its a school night."

"Thats okay." He said, "Next time." Ronnie nodded.

"Yes. Next time." She said softly. Danny stood there for a moment, feeling awkward. He wasn't sure what she wanted. Her blue eyes were taunting him. Danny's heart pounded as he leaned over and kissed her softly. Her lips tasted like the finest of honey. Ronnie's eyes slipped shut for a moment reveling in the feeling of being kissed like it ment something. She hadn't felt that in a long time. Danny pulled away licking his lips.

"I-I see you tomorrow." He said. Ronnie nodded stepping into the building.

"All right." She said, "Bye, Danny."

"Bye." He waved and walked off. He shook his head. He was lucky she didnt pound him one. Ronnie shut the door behind her with a big goofy grin on her face. ~Wow~