February 12th, 2006

Week 8

It was amazing. Ronnie was pregnant. All their trying and it had finally happened. Another little Hanson was going to join their family. Danny was strutting around the house like he was the man.

"It would be great if we had a little girl." Danny told her.

"Yeah it would be terrific." Ronnie said running a brush through her golden hair, "And I know for a fact that We're naming her Celeste."

"Dana." He said. Ronnie gave him a look.

"Dana Celeste then." She said. Danny chuckled as he kissed her shoulder.

"That sounds just fine." He said.

"Good." Ronnie turned around, "We should get going or we're going to be late."

"Who cares." Danny kissed her neck "Being late is sometimes worth it."

* * *

Ronnie and Danny ran down the hallway of Winslow High, late for work again. Hell, it was in the middle of second period already. Ronnie ran into her classroom where Marla was subbing.

"I'm here." Ronnie panted.

"I see." Marla arched her eyebrow.

"I'm sorry I'm late. I was having some car trouble." Ronnie panted.

"So, is that what you old people call sex." Stewie Crawford said. Ronnie gave him an evil look.

"Thank you for looking after my class." She said.

"Anytime, but you owe me." Marla said.

"I know, but when I tell you my secret, you will forgive me." Ronnie took her jacket off.

"Tell me." Marla smiled. Ronnie looked at the class and smirked.

"Read the next chapter in your books and write me a summery." She led Marla out into the hallway.

"So?" Marla arched her eyebrow.

"I shouldn't be telling you." Ronnie said glancing around her.
"Has that ever stopped you before?" Marla asked. Ronnie chuckled.

"No, but It's a little early to be telling people." Ronnie said.

"Is it what I think it is?" Marla arched her eyebrow.

"Well, It looks like Coretta will have a new playmate come September." Ronnie smiled. Marla's eyes widened.

"Are...Are you pregnant?" She asked. Ronnie nodded.

"I'm eight weeks along. I know we have a lot of hurdles to pass, but...I'm pregnant!" She said.

"Oooh!!!! My God!" Marla threw her arms around Ronnie and hugged her tightly. "I am so thrilled for you."

"Thank you." Ronnie said. Marla was still grinning. She knew how much her and Danny had wanted another baby. And now they had one.

February 26th, 2006

Week 10

Ronnie had a lot to be thankful for on her thirty-eighth birthday. Her morning sickness was gone long enough for her to enjoy her birthday cake. Christopher had given her a framed picture of himself. She loved it and put it on her desk at work.

"This is so great." Ronnie smiled kicking a snow pile.

"Snow is cold." Danny said jumping up and down.

"No shit, Sherlock." Ronnie giggled balling up a snowball. Danny frowned when he saw the snowball flying towards him.

"Momma, look at me." Christopher fell to the ground and began to make a snow angel. Ronnie laughed softly.

"That's beautiful Son." She said as Christopher stood up to admire his handy work.

"I'm wearing a skirt." he giggled. Danny groaned.

"No you're not." He said.

"Oh hush up, Daniel." Ronnie chuckled taking a picture of Christopher for his scrapbook, "Can you believe it, Danny? This time next year we could have another little boy or girl here with us."

"it's very scary." He said kneeling down with Christopher.

"It's not scary. it's exciting." Ronnie said rubbing her belly. "We tried hard to get this little one. I'm just...so happy and excited."

"As you should be, Baby." he said, "Let's go get some hot chocolate. I'm frozen."

"Me too." Christopher said.

"Mommy's not." Ronnie said as she got up. She batted her eyelashes.
"Well, I am." Christopher said putting his hands on his hips. Danny chuckled.

"Two against one. We win." He said picking his son up.

* * *

Ronnie stood in the doorway of Christopher's room. She watched his little chest rise up and fall down as he slept. She smiled softly.

"What are you doing?" Danny asked.

"Staring at the amazing creature that we created." Ronnie said.

"The terrorizing devil we created." Danny corrected her. Ronnie smacked his chest and walked back into the living room.

"He's an angel when he's with me." She said, "You bring out the devil in him."

"This baby is going to be great all the time." Danny put his hands on her stomach. Ronnie smiled as she watched him. Danny was so excited to be a dad again. It made her feel good. "Do you know what I'm thinking about?" Ronnie shook her head.

"No. What?" She asked.

"I'm thinking about having sex with you until the sun comes up." He said purring, "Hard enough to give the baby brain damage." Ronnie threw her head back and laughed loudly.

"You really know how to romance a girl." She said.

"I want to make love to you, Veronica Hanson." Danny said. Ronnie smiled softly running her hand through his hair.

"Come on." She took his hand and led him to their bedroom. Making love to Danny always made Ronnie feel like more of a woman.


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