Title: Something for Nothing

Genre: Romance/Drama

Pairing: Logan (Wolverine) x Remy (Gambit)

Series: X-Men Evolution. Though, this story actually has nothing to do with X-Men Evolution. In fact, there is rarely a mention of the fact that they are mutants at all. Though, X-Men sometimes make an appearance, but it doesn't last very long. The whole purpose of this story is to try and bring Remy into joining the X-Men, though it is rarely talked about. Just thought I would throw that out there.

Overall Story Rating: Mature…for reasons I have not yet thought of. But you can never be too careful, right?

Warnings: As for this chapter I don't think there is really anything to warn anyone about. Language? You will see when you read.

Author's Notes: I don't know if I have made it evident to anyone that I am in love with the television show Friday Night Lights. I started watching it mainly for the reason that Taylor Kitsch is one of the main characters. In case you didn't know, he plays Gambit in the X-Men Origins Wolverine movie (and did an excellent job). After one episode I was addicted and ended up buying the first three seasons on DVD. The fourth one is in the works and I cannot wait for that one to be released (because my stupid television doesn't get the station it is aired on). So, I thought…I love X-Men…and I love Friday Night Lights. Perhaps, in a way I could combine these two things somehow. So I did. I have a whole plot figured out and actually outlined quite a few chapters since my laptop is busted for the time being (so I am stuck using this slow desktop computer).

Naturally, in this story, Remy is going to be a football player (as Taylor Kitsch's character Tim Riggins is in the show). This story is actually going to be a teacher/student relationship. Now I want to make it clear right now that I do not support this type of thing by any means (especially in high school, but if you are in college, you are free to do as you wish). Anyways, before I ramble on any further…enjoy chapter one. I would really appreciate if you didn't leave flames…encouragement is always better (even if there are things about this story that you didn't like). Thanks!

Something for Nothing – Chapter One

Friday - 10:18 PM

"With only twelve seconds remaining in the game, Bayville is down by two and Coach McCoy is having a hard time deciding what play to call next. This could make or break the rest of Bayville's season."

Silence lingered on Bayville's side of the bleachers, the crowd's anticipation heightening as each torturous moment passed. After many successful games, it would be a shame to see their winning streak come to such an abrupt end. Though, when Hank motioned to a certain student, the Home crowd stirred back into a frenzy, a ray of hope now shown on a possible victory.

"And Coach McCoy sends in star quarterback Remy Lebeau! The future of this team's football career rests on the shoulders of this talented young athlete!" Said the announcer, his doubt on another win fading instantly. Hank watched intently as Remy took his position, shouting the play to his fellow team members. As soon as the football touched his fingertips, he took a few steps back before faking a pass and sprinting down the field.

"And Remy Lebeau has the ball! Approaching the forty yard line---now the thirty---twenty---," The announcers voice gradually increased in volume as did the screams and cheers of the crowd. "Is he going to make it?! Is he going to make it?!"

Remy skillfully darted to the side, avoiding an interception from one of the opposing team members. "He reaches the ten yard line and---touch down! Remy Lebeau has done it again folks! Bayville has won! Bayville is well on their way to the state championship!"

Despite the excitement rolling in intense waves from the audience, there was someone who was brought to this idiotic high school football game much against his will. Logan closed his eyes as the screams reached his sensitive ears, a low growl rumbling in the back of his throat. The only thing he wanted was to go home and have a smoke to ebb away his headache before bed. He didn't give a damn about who won, but for some reason this was very important to the students he lived with. Kitty somehow managed to convince him to attend.

As if his prayers had been answered, Jean, Kitty, Evan, Scott, and Kurt all approached him, still cheering in excitement about the outcome of the game; Kurt giving a play by play of what occurred during those last twelve seconds even though they were all there to see it themselves. They didn't seem to mind, and reacted the same way as they did when it first happened.

With absolutely no care in hearing anymore recaps, Logan turned around and made his way over to his motorcycle parked in the congested school lot. He had settled for taking his own means of transportation to the event, knowing that he would somehow get held up by the teenagers that dragged him here. By no means was staying out all night apart of his plan. He'd much rather patrol the boring Institute grounds compared to this hell. Logan, a man with an extremely short fuse, and loud teenagers at a high school football game certainly did not mix well.

What was so special about football anyway?

10:34 PM

As Logan had expected, he was the first one to arrive back at the Institute (because the others got distracted by something or another back at the school; not to mention he was going well over the speed limit). Eagerness was so close to overcoming him, that he could smell the nicotine all the way down the stairs. The roar of his motorcycles engine had long since aided the headache, but a cigar would do the trick. However, before Logan even reached the bottom stair, a voice rang out in the back of his mind that instantly brought the headache back.

"Ah, Logan. I see that you've returned."

"Yeah, and thank God for that, Chuck." Logan thought back, letting his eyes slip closed as the pulsing in his temples began.

"Well in that case, might I see you in my office for a moment?"

A soft sigh left his lips; his plans for the remainder of the evening needing to be put on hold. His brows furrowed as he rubbed his forehead, trying to ease the headache. "It can't wait `til morning?"

"I'm afraid not. Now if you don't mind----,"

"I'll be there in a minute." Logan quickly thought back before Xavier could go on any longer. Xavier dared not think one more thing, sensing the annoyance in the mutants tone. Logan reverted from his path up the stairs and headed down the entry hallway to the Professor's office. Upon reaching his destination in almost half the time that he'd promised, he nudged open the door with the toe of his boot and stepped inside, where Xavier offered him a kind smile.

"Glad you decided to join me."

"Don't think I really had much of a choice."

"Please," Xavier gestured to one of the two vacant chairs in front of his desk. "Sit down. I have something of great importance to discuss with you."

Logan kicked the door shut and padded over to the chair, sitting down and crossing both his legs and arms. "And what exactly would that be?" he asked, seemingly uninterested, but was willing to hear the man out. Sometimes, things that Xavier thought were important was something Logan didn't give two shits about. But, there were times that were the completely opposite of that.

"As you know, Ororo and I recently spoke with a mutant that we'd just discovered was admitted into the school system a few months back. Before I did not bother boring you with all the details, but now this is something that should come to your attention." Xavier rambled, eyes narrowing seriously. "His powers are extraordinary, but they are very dangerous when left uncontrolled. From what I could sense upon meeting him, he is a very troubled individual and that could lead to a catastrophic result with the power he contains."

Logan arched a thick brow, drumming his fingers idly on his bicep as the Professor continued.

"His name is Remy Lebeau." Logan couldn't think of where he had heard the name before, but without a doubt it was recently. "He lives alone a few blocks away from the school. His real mother and father are unknown, to even him I believe." Xavier's tone shown a hint of remorse. "No mutant should have to live that way, especially one that has not yet honed their abilities, and for one so young."

"That is part of the reason why Ororo and I approached him earlier in the week. I offered him residence here at the Institute, but he declined, saying he didn't need any help and he could get by on his own."

Logan didn't quite understand why the Professor was telling him all of this, but he was sure he wouldn't find out unless he asked. "Where do I come into all of this?"

"I brought you here in hopes that you would agree to try and talk to the boy about perhaps joining our team. Someone with his gift is a necessity."

"From what ya told me, I think the kid has already made up his mind."

"Despite that, it is always worth another try. He is in need of some serious help. I fear what will happen if he does not receive it soon." Xavier gazed across his desk at the other mutant, looking for any hint in his expression as to what he was going to agree or disagree to.

"How am I supposed to go `bout doin' all this?"

Xavier then smiled. "I am glad that you asked." He paused briefly and pulled out a folder. "There is a teaching job that just opened up at the high school. Remy is in one of those classes and the class the opening is for is History, something I believe you have quite a bit of knowledge in."

Logan was already a trainer here at the Institute, and most of the time the students didn't cooperate with him. He couldn't imagine being a teacher at an actual school, where he would be dealing with complete strangers. But, the upside to this whole situation was that it was a History class, and that would be something that he wouldn't mind talking about all day long. He had first-hand experience in more than just a few wars, but that was something the kids would laugh at if he told them. Naturally they wouldn't believe him, and just make some jokes about how he is old…when really they have no idea. "…How did ya get all this information?"

Xavier gave a soft chuckle and shook his head. "That is not important. Your interview is Monday. You're dismissed."

"And the interview isn't until Monday?" Logan asked, snorting. "Thought ya said this couldn't wait until morning?"

"I figured you would need the weekend to accept the idea. Not to mention you aren't much of a morning person either, Logan."

-End of Chapter One-

Author's Notes: I actually had fun writing this chapter. It has been over six weeks since I have updated anything and I promise you, they will never wait that long again. I had my laptop away for a week because the charger-thing broke and I had to wait for a new one to come in the mail. I just got it back today and immediately set out to start writing again. So, for what this chapter is worth, I hope everyone enjoyed it. Positive feedback is loved! Thanks!