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Something For Nothing - Chapter Two

Monday - 7:28 AM

Much to the distress of the numerous students that inhabited the Xavier Institute, the short weekend had officially come to an end and they now had the pleasure of returning to their usual boring routine; which consisted of waking up obnoxiously early, running around in a frenzy, pushing and shoving past one another in the process, then scrambling out of the mansion quick enough to elude the heavy morning traffic on the interstate and make it to school before the first bell rang. A typical morning at the Institute.

Compared to any other morning, the only discrepancy was that Logan was now actively participating, though, how he was going about his time was far less hectic than the others. Usually he would be in the Danger Room, having moments of peace (even though he retained plenty once the students were gone) letting off some much needed steam, or in the garage making some both necessary and unnecessary adjustments to his motorcycle. Anything to keep him busy. Now, he stood in front of the full-length mirror next to his dresser fixing the collar of his white button-up shirt, which was tucked neatly into his pressed black slacks. Even the most minor of alterations to his appearance made him virtually unrecognizable.

A low growl rumbled in the back of Logan's throat as he attempted to adjust the button on one of the cuffs of his dress shirt, resisting the temptation to just rip it from its threads. Wearing such clothes was foreign to him, and having to actually get up and shave was completely abnormal to his regular morning routine. His face (and clothes) were clean; his current façade actually was capable of making a good impression, which was something he never had to, nor cared to do before. It was crucial that he look the part, but something in the back of his mind was telling him that Xavier would somehow come through for him if things didn't go as planned at the interview.

"Logan?" A familiar voice spoke to the only occupant in the bedroom, sounding particularly annoyed. "Have you seen Kurt anywhere?" Kitty's eyes scanned the premise, half her body phased through the door.

"No," The feral mutant snarled, though there was a slight hint of relief in his tone. In fact, he couldn't recall a time that Kurt hadn't decided to make a surprise visit, and then disappear just as quickly when he saw that Logan wasn't pleased, even though sometimes he got a kick out of pissing him off. "And next time knock, would ya?" He'd never be able to live it down if one of the younger students walked in on him doing anything that had the potential of scaring them for life.

Kitty narrowed her eyes, crossing her arms across her chest. "Hmph. Well, sorry." She mocked, purposely overemphasizing the last syllable just to grate on Logan's nerves. It only took her a few moments to get over Logan's typical stubbornness, and to realize that there was something out of place. Her eyebrows raised in amusement, a slow smile spreading over her face. "You're dressed awful snazzy. What's the occasion?" In her year living at the mansion, she had never once seen Logan make an attempt to look presentable.

"Goin' in fer an interview at yer school," Came his reply as he walked over to the closet and fetched a belt, slipping it through each individual loop before fastening the metal tongue.

Kitty's nose scrunched in confusion. "The school? What for?"

Logan smirked, a reply brewing in his head. He had a feeling that he was going to get immense pleasure out of her reaction. "Turns out one of the teachers quit, and Xavier's got me goin' in as a part of an assignment."

Kitty's eyes widened, arms slowly uncrossing before she pointed in his direction, utterly mortified that there was a possibility that Logan might take the place of the disgruntled history teacher. "You…" Before she could get out another word, Jean pushed open the door, both females standing in the entryway. "J-Jean…Logan's going to the school…history teacher…interview…" Shock still was present on her face, and she couldn't bear to finish the sentence, but managed to get the gist out through a few keywords. The thought of Logan's curriculum frightened her to the very core.

A kind smile tugged at the corners of Jean's lips. "What's wrong with that?" Her gaze finally flickered over to Logan, who was now sitting on the edge of the bed, slipping on some polished black shoes. "You shaved," Her voice raised a few octaves so the other could hear, a light blush tinting her cheeks. Apparently that tiny alteration was what stood out the most. "Looks good."

"Thanks, Red…" Logan mumbled and tightly fastened his shoelaces before standing, looking himself over once more in the mirror, not paying any attention to the two watching him.

Jean blinked a few times before shaking her head and tugging on the brunettes arm. "Come on, Kitty. We'd better go before Scott leaves without us." Both of them knew that Scott would never do such a thing, but it seemed like an appropriate thing to say at the moment; to escape the awkwardness. The sound of the girls footsteps padding down the hallway was music to his ears, relishing in the peace that was silence. His head ached at the thought of dealing with twenty or so students, for an hour and a half, for six hours a day, five days a week, when he already dealt with the ones living here.

'What the hell am I getting myself into?'

8:15 AM

"Well, your resume is quite impressive."

Only a few minutes into the interview, and Logan was completely bored out of his mind, but had to plaster on the best fake (but not over exaggerated) smile he could, all the while pretending to be somewhat interested. Nodding along appeared to suffice thus far, so he pursued the tactic with every question that was asked, and every statement that was made. "A Master's in World History? It isn't often I come across someone as qualified as yourself." Principal Kelly scanned over the last of the resume before looking up to meet Logan's gaze. "You taught for three years at Bayville University? Is there any reason why you decided to not continue teaching there?"

Logan allowed himself a few moments to collect his thoughts before he improvised his entire speech. "I suppose it just wasn't as satisfying as it could be. I have never taught in high school before and figured it was best I try something new, rather than stick to college my entire career."

Principal Kelly grinned and slipped the resume back into the file on his desk. "I am extremely pleased that someone so qualified applied for this position. I see no reason not to hire you. But aside from that," He sighed heavily, then a brief shake of his head followed. "I feel we have no other option. We are in desperate need of a replacement. It is especially difficult to find someone so close to the end of the semester, and we need the position filled immediately. I take you are interested?"

"I am."

"Good." Principal Kelly opened his desk drawer, slipping Logan's file away. "Your contract would require you to stay with us until the end of the semester. Is that any sort of problem?"

Logan shook his head. "No."

"After the year is over, it is entirely your choice to come back for another year. At that time we would renew your contract." He explained, folding his hands atop his desk, not once breaking eye contact with the conspicuous mutant sitting down in front of him.

Logan nodded, knowing in his head that he would not be required to stay for another year. Once his mission was complete, he would leave the school without looking back. "I will definitely consider staying for another year. Ultimately it depends on what I see here these next few weeks."

Kelly leaned back in his chair, now crossing his arms. "That's understandable. I have no doubts that you will have any complaints about our system." He smiled confidently.

"I've liked what I've seen so far."

"I'd say that's a good sign."

"Indeed it is."

"Now," Principal Kelly stood and offered a hand out for Logan, intended for a handshake. "Shall I take you for a tour around the school?"

Logan followed suit and stood up, glancing at Kelly's hand before extending his own and giving the other males a firm shake. "That'd be great."

He doubted the mission would take him longer than the duration of the rest of the semester, but he didn't know exactly who he was dealing with. He didn't have to worry about hurting Principal Kelly's feelings when he decides not to stay another year, because he knows Xavier would have no problem 'convincing' Kelly that Logan never even existed.

"Wonderful. Its going to be a pleasure having you apart of our staff."

-End of Chapter Two-

Author's Notes: It took me so long to finish this chapter and I apologize for that. It takes me forever to update anything anymore. I realize that. But bare with me. I was looking over the future chapters of this story and yes, I realize that some, if not all of the events in this story are not very idealistic. But still, this is alternate universe and it is already based on something that is entirely fictional. So, this doesn't have to sound real in any sense. It's just some situation I cooked up in my head and wanted to get it down as a story. Well, I hope you enjoyed this chapter even though not a whole lot happened in it. Positive feedback is much appreciated!