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Author's Note(This is my continuation of what happened after ff8 ended. I warn you that I am a hopeless romantic and a Squinoa fan, so I don't recommend this story for those readers who are uncomfortable with the yucky love stuff, cause I thrive upon it!...well I cant reveal the plot to this story, mostly cause I'm doing this on the spur of the moment, but also because I don't wanna give away what's gonna happen. Just remember, this is gonna be a over-dramatic sappy love story)

*just so you know I just wrote the prologue, and there's more to come but I didn't get to finish since im so crazy with work. Ill update every three days or so. This is just to give you a taste of how corny I am

(Just so you know, this is by detailed version of "the balcony" scene)

~*Chapter 1*~

The Beginning Of My End

`I'll be there when the world stops turning.

I'll be there when the storm is through.

In the end I want to be standing at the beginning...with you.'

-Donna Lewis

It's been a week since the battle finally came to an end...a week in which the entire world enthusiastically celebrated SeeD's victory over the Sorceress Ultimecia. The sound of fireworks could be heard booming from even the most remote corners of the earth, every man woman and child cheered and yelled until their voices grew hoarse, and the wine flowed like a river. There was no longer a threat to anyone's happiness and the Earth became one big, never-ending party.

But on the balcony of the airborne Balamb Garden, despite the lively celebration that was taking place inside, things were quiet. The sky appeared as an eternal blanket of stars in the center of which was a luscious full moon, reflecting its soft light on the infinite ocean's surface.

It was a beautiful night. And Rinoa Heartily could not help but admire the romantic setting as she leaned on the balcony's ledge, staring into to abyss of space.

*It's beautiful* she thought, as yet another shooting star streaked across the sky, the second one she'd seen in one night. Remembering that it was custom to make a wish, Rinoa closed her eyes and tried to think of the thing she wanted most in the world, furrowing her brow in concentration. It was seconds before her mind, as if on default, immediately registered a name in her head...Squall...her eyes quickly snapped open, as the cautiously scanned her surroundings, hoping no on had discovered what she was thinking. Of course, this was impossible. So, with a sigh of relief, Rinoa continued her star gazing, but it wasn't long before her disobedient mind return to him... his eyes...his lips...his touch.

Shaking her head in shame, Rinoa attempt one last time to remove him from her brain. Then, giving up a little too easily, she surrendered to her fantasy. *What am I thinking? * She asked herself in confusion *Me?...WITH SQUALL OF ALL PEOPLE!! Not only is it ridiculous, but its insane?! First of all he's the most obnoxious, self- centered, bone-headed, arrogant man I've ever met! Not to mention closed off and boring...why would any girl (let alone me) ever even think of wanting to be with him in the first place? * Thinking this over, Rinoa could help but answer her own question. *Well he did save my life a couple of times...and yes he's really sweet when he wants to be...and not to mention the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen in my life. *

Rinoa sighed and slumped down on the banister, her head resting on her arms. *It's hopeless * she decided in defeat. She was obsessed...infatuated...fanatical or whatever you call it. It wasn't love that's for sure. Love required more than just a physical attraction and gratefulness of past, heroic deeds ...But most of all, love required more that one person.

*But a girl can dream can't she? * Closing her eyes once more, Rinoa tried to imagine what life would be like with Squall by her side. Of course, in HER fantasy, Squall's attitude had a few adjustments in it. First of all, fantasy Squall was entirely open with his feeling, telling her his secret desires without discretion. Secondly, he was a hopeless romantic, leaving little surprises for her as a constant reminder of how he felt while he was on a mission or something. And thirdly...

He just loved her.

He simply loved her and that's all she really wanted from him. If that were all he was able to give, she would be content. That was her true fantasy.

Rinoa hugged herself closely in consolation of what would never be as tears threatened to spill from her eyes. *Who am I kidding?...Squall?...fall in love with me?...never. *

Just as she was beginning to recuperate from the blow of realization, she heard (more like felt) someone step onto the balcony and walk up next to her. Thinking it was just some random SeeD, and not wanting anyone to see her pain, Rinoa quickly dried her eyes and looked up at the sky once again, trying to ignore her visitor, hoping they would eventually get bored and go away. But whoever it was stayed, seeming to enjoy to awkward tension. Desperately wanting to be left alone, she summoned the courage to face the person with the intention of asking them to leave when...surprise surprise!...it was none other than Squall, the very man with whom she was infatuated with, standing next to her, staring at the stars. Rinoa, shocked above all else, simply followed his eyes to the sky, just in time to see yet another star streak across. *Just like on the night we first met * she realized with a smile, as she turned to face him, pointing her finger to the heavens, the same gesture she
used at the ball that long time ago to lure him to the dance floor.

Squall smiled, an expression as rare and precious as a ten pound ruby in her eyes. Then, he did something that never in a million years would Rinoa expect or be prepared for. He gently took her hand, pulled her towards him, wrapped his arms around her waist...and kissed her. Not a hot, passionate `I want you here and now' kiss, but a gentle pressing of his lips against her, as if too shy to do anything more. And strangely enough, this felt better to Rinoa than any of the 3 boisterous make-out sessions she's had in her lifetime...times 10!!

Before she knew what she was doing, Rinoa's hands somehow found their way around Squall's neck, encouraging him to deepen the kiss. She didn't know how long they stayed like that. Maybe an hour, maybe two, maybe all night but it didn't matter. As far as she was concerned, this was heaven, and she never wanted to leave.

And so...in one night...with one kiss...the end began.