Fisk: Wazza! Wazzy Wazza Woozo!

Haley: And by that he means, 'Welcome to the show! And happy Halloween!'

Fisk: Wazzo

Haley: I know! I know. I'll poof in the collar… *poofs in a strange collar*

Fisk: *puts it on* Thank you! Anyway, this is our first show and apparently, it's on Halloween. So be ready for danger!

Haley: He's just kidding. What's dangerous about a story?

Nathalie: *walks into the room* The fact that nobody can get out til' the show is done.

Fisk: True dat'!

Haley: Anyway… What do we do first?

Nathalie: OOH!!!!! OOH!!! I KNOW!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!!!!

Haley: What's your idea Nathalie?

Nathalie: You and Drew fight to see who thinks Fisk is fluffier!

Fisk: NICE!!!!!!!! *poofs in a boxing area and Drew*

Nathalie: It's the crazy lady with the fire sword!

Drew: What am I doing?!

Fisk: 1… 2… 3… FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

*Haley and Drew are screaming and running toward each other*

Haley: *jumps and lands on top of Drew* OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOYA!!!!!!!!!!

Drew: OH THE HORROR!!!!!! *struggles but is too weak to get away from Haley*

Fisk: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Drews out!

Nathalie: *scarfing down popcorn* WOO!!!!!!! GO HALEY!!!!!!!!!!!

Drew: No! THIS CANT BE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haley: It's clear to everyone that I think Fisk is fluffier! Ha ha! I win!

Nathalie: Poof Drew back to where she came from! I hate her! But not more than I hate Wati! *shivers at the name and continues to eat popcorn*

Fisk: Peace out foxy momma!

Drew: What the…?!!!! *poofs out of room*

Haley: What next?

Fisk: I dunno'! Poof in Zak or something!

Nathalie and Haley: EEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!! *poofs in Zak*

Zak: Chicken!

Haley: Eeek! Its Zak! *almost faints*

Nathalie: Zak… I want you to have my brain! *hands out brain*

Zak: Uh… Thanks…?

Haley: How'd you pull out your brain…?

Fisk: That's NOT Nathalie! It's a ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haley, Zak and Fisk: AAAH!!!!!!!!!! *starts running out of room*

Zak: Aren't we supposed to stay in the room?!

Fisk: Who cares?! There's a zombie!

Haley: RUN!!!!!!!!

*Nathalie walks in*

Nathalie: What's wrong now?

Zak: ZOMBIE!!!!!!!!!!!

*they all start running for the exit*

Fisk: End the episode!!!

Nathalie: PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!

The End…. Or is it?


Dear reader,

I know this story wasn't up on Halloween. I forgot to post it on Halloween, so I'm posting it now. Btw, don't blame me that its up late!