SUMMARY: Fuji and Echizen's second match goes almost exactly how the first one did; ending in lots of pent up frustration. So when they are the last ones in the locker room with all of these unfulfilled emotions, how will they handle the outcome?

AN: I adore the Thrill pair. Mmmm, smexy.

Righto, so, I'm pretty new to PoT fanfiction, and I havent even watched halfway through the anime, so please forgive me if my characterization isn't at its best. I am trying, and I'd love any help that anyone would like to give. This will hopefully end up being a long story, but if you're not up for that, feel free to just read the first chapter as a one-shot, PWP.


The racquet felt right and necessary in my hands, like I thought maybe a sword would feel to a samurai when there were people who lived that way, back before the invention of the gun. The racquet was just an extension of my own arm as I swung it and smashed the ball back at my opponent, who stood looking almost dispassionate. Maybe it was more like the way reins felt in an equestrian's hands: control, power, and supple strength. Maybe that was a better analogy. Maybe not. It worked for me.

The ball, which had been sent with one of my better strokes, came hurtling back at me, and I couldn't help but let a small smile touch my lips. That Fuji, he was respectable. Worthy. Playing him felt like the best thing, the rightest thing, like I'd finally found a nitch and it fit me perfect. His counters continually challenged me, brought out the best in me; made me push myself beyond anything I'd done before. It was a strangely electrifying, exciting experience every single time. Of course, this was only my second time ever playing Fuji, but it felt the same, like the rest of the world didn't exist. There was only Fuji, this court, and me. The cheering, comments and whispers did not penetrate my ears. The wind whistling around me did not affect me. I was hot, regardless of the sun, or lack of, my heart was pumping, my breathing even, deep, and difficult. It could have been freezing, snowing, raining, it wouldn't have mattered, and I wouldn't have noticed. Things like that would be too trivial to notice.

Nothing could make me take my attention off the sandy-haired boy across the court from me. Nothing.

I knew that I acted like a pretty passionless guy most of the time, but it was because all of my focus was put into this one moment, the few and far between times I got to play someone who might actually beat me. It brought on emotions like nothing else could, and I embraced these emotions fully, unlike the rest. The rest of the time I kept them squashed down where they belonged; out of sight. It would be too uncool if I displayed them, embarrassing even. But now, now nobody could begrudge me these strong emotions, and my smile widened and I stretched for a particularly well-aimed ball.

I didn't miss the fact that even with his normally serious and cold eyes, a challenging and excited smile was spreading across Fuji's lips. I think that was really what brought playing Fuji up above any other player, was that we shared in the joy, the control, and the challenge of it together. Through it, though we were opponents, we were still friends. And each smack of the ball seemed to bring us closer, developing a deeper understanding between us. I think Fuji and I might have been on separate universes if it wasn't for tennis. We would have lived in our very different worlds, never acknowledging the other or even caring. It was this game that forged an unbreakable bond between us, just like it was with most of the other players.

Though I could admit, if only to myself, that Fuji was different from the others.

Yes, that's right. It was nearly frigging Zen it was so perfect.

"Rah!" I put everything I had into the shot, directing it to an open spot, and finally got in a point against Fuji. I was losing, 2-3, so not by much, and was determined to even the score this set. The set score was 30-40. One more point and I'd break even for this set, a deuce.

At the beginning of the match, Fuji had let fly a few tricks I hadn't seen before, small things, purely beautiful expertise, that had got me behind three games. I hadn't underestimated him per-se, the problem was I had expected him to underestimate me. Instead, I had found the other boy throwing almost everything he had at me, keeping both of his service games and forcing me to lose mine by an inch. The twist serve had gotten me a few points, but not enough to overcome Fuji's counter.

Seeing Fuji being pushed so hard had fueled something inside of me, and quite suddenly I was breaking through my own personal barriers, hitting harder, with the same precision, my decisions intelligent, my returns and counters flawless. I was making a come-back, and Fuji was fighting to prevent it, and we were both smiling.

Tezuka broke my perfect reality to pieces.

"Fuji, Echizen, that's enough. Clear the court immediately."

"Don't want to." I replied, tossing the ball to Fuji with every intension of returning a serve. My body automatically fell into a receiving position. I didn't even give the captain a second glance, though Fuji did. I only noticed this because I did not take my eyes off of him. Fuji's cold eyes fell on me, and he fell into a serving stance.

"Fuji." Tezuka's voice cracked across the court, coming like a blow to both of us, especially Fuji. To my surprise, the sandy-haired prodigy actually froze mid-swing, the ball falling harmlessly to the ground. I was astounded to see Fuji's hand tremble on the racquet, and then he lowered it and turned to Tezuka.

"Will you really forsake me this match and leave Echizen and myself so frustrated?" He said to the captain.

I turned to give Tezuka my own glare to make the point, but his face was impassive.

"Turn your frustration towards our opponents, not on each other." He said, and turned; obviously deciding that was the end of it. When he was out of earshot and Fuji had come across the court, clearly just as annoyed as I with this outcome despite his everlasting pleasant expression, I tugged my hat low.

"Arrogant prick," Came out as a mumble, and I heard a low chuckle (giggle?) in response. Fuji's voice always surprised me, because even though I knew the body and mind were male, he also gave the impression of female, mostly with his voice and the way he worded things. Of course, it didn't help that he was also short for his maturity (something we had in common) with a thin, lithe body. Not to say he wasn't strong, he was plenty strong, but he was also smooth, quick, and elegant. It was a strange combination, and sometimes (like now) it made me feel just a tad awkward. Could just be the unfinished match sitting between us like a hot, heavy wind sucking me closer to him.

We made our way to the locker rooms in silence, but the match was on my mind, and so I was going to say something.

"Mada mada dane." I growled, putting my racqet away with just a touch of unnecessary force. Fuji gave me a strained version of his pleasant expression.

"Perhaps Tezuka was a little jealous of our match." Fuji said, still smiling away, and I stared at him hard, keeping my face expressionless. "I think he wants to keep your excitement for himself." Fuji clarified, and I felt the corners of my mouth trying to pull into a frown. I smoothed my brow.

"Whatever." I said, and yanked my shirt over my head. I heard a small intake of breath, and gave Fuji a quick glance to see him giving me an expression I couldn't read.

"You really are an exciting partner, Echizen." I gave him a flat look but Fuji didn't take the hint and instead took the few steps needed to be closer to me, his hand reaching up to brush my sweaty bangs from my forehead. I was now actively glaring at the older boy.

"Don't hit on me." I said, and turned away to rummage in my locker until Fuji moved far enough away I'd be comfortable to finish undressing, except he didn't. So I turned back and gave him a good, hard look.

"Oh yes, that's nice." Fuji's eyes were open, and his lips were twisted into a slightly sadistic smile. I forced myself not to react to that crystalline cerulean gaze. "That challenging stare, those glittering eyes. Echizen, has anyone ever told you that you are very attractive when you wear that look?"

His fingers were caressing my tense jaw, and he was making it hard to think straight. "Don't touch me." I said, even though I was having thoughts I shouldn't be having. For one, Fuji was male, and two, he was my friend. These were not proper thoughts to be having about a male friend, especially when he was just teasing me in such a provoking manner. Because; surely Fuji couldn't be serious.

I was wrong of course.

Slender but strong fingers took ahold of my jaw, and when I started to fight his hold, Fuji dug them into my skin, biting hard, painful. So I stopped fighting and gave him the hardest look I could, clearly making the point that I was very aggravated with the tennis player. He grinned and leaned down quite suddenly to press his lips to mine.

I was too shocked to react. I mean, I hadn't really thought Fuji would kiss me. There was also the fact that my lips seemed to part of their own regard and soften and give. I didn't kiss him back, not exactly, not actively, but I did realize I was welcoming. As soon as I realized it and had enough presence of mind to stop, Fuji was already pulling back.

""I'm sorry, Echizen. You're just so irresistible." His eyes were open, and that sadistic grin made me think he wasn't sorry in the least. His fingers had slackened on my jaw and I tore my face away to look at my locker in front of me. Hard. My cheeks felt hot, and I wanted to put some distance between us, but my pride wouldn't let me. I was fighting against too many emotions at once, and so I just swallowed and took a moment to pull myself together.

"You know, Echizen-"

"I don't care." I cut into Fuji's words, and he just gave me a slightly amused look. I had decided that what had just happened didn't matter, and in fact wasn't important in the least. I straightened up, chin high, and went into the showers, calling over my shoulder as I went.

"Don't follow me, Fuji."

I managed to get the rest of the way undressed and hang my clothes up on the bar the big, white, waterproof, sheet hung from before my peace was interrupted. The curtain was supposed to give us privacy while we showered, or the illusion of it, but Fuji completely disregarded it and slipped in through the place where the curtain met the wall. I was turned away, facing the wall, letting the shower spray down my body, so I didn't see him enter, but I heard him just fine.

"Get out." I didn't turn to look at him, because to look at him would give his presence there meaning. Instead I grabbed the shampoo and started scrubbing my hair. The body that whispered naked warmth against my back, and the arms that slid around my waist and pulled me into the curve of that body told me Fuji definitely wasn't listening to me. I actually let the growl of annoyance in my chest come up my throat and out of my mouth.

"Are you deaf?" His chest was vibrating with laughter against my shoulders. I could feel his cock, hot and hard against my lower back. My very lower back.

"You have no idea how cute you are, do you?" Shit, Fuji was doing the answer-a-question-with-a-question game. I knew I couldn't win this one, so I yanked violently away from the body pressed against mine, but only succeeded in giving myself less room to maneuver when Fuji held tight and moved forward with me a step, putting me even closer to the wall. There were thrills of something going up and down my spine and spreading like fire through me, heating my blood. Adrenaline. I stood frozen for a long second, partly in fear, partly wondering what was going to happen now, and Fuji showed me what was going to happen now. His left hand came across my chest, holding me tightly to him, while his right hand slid across my stomach and then down and found something I'd only just realized.

"My, Echizen, you're quite excited yourself." That was obvious, and I didn't really want to admit it, so I looked at the floor.

"Shut up." I mumbled, without my usual force, and was perturbed to realize that I couldn't quite muster it up.

"Okay." Fuji said, and stopped talking, but now he was touching me, and that was better. No, worse. Much worse. His delicate but rough fingers danced up my length and his thumb brushed over the sensitive tip. A small sound escaped me before I could stop it and I bit my lip. This situation was deteriorating more and more, and there seemed to be little I could do about it. I was out of control of it.

"Stop it, Fuji-sempai." I said, and my voice didn't even sound demanding to me. It sounded weak, and breathy, and as unsure as I really was. Of course Fuji heard that in my voice, because his fingers wrapped firmly around my cock and he stroked, slowly, wonderful. My back arched, my lip painful between my teeth, and somehow that only made it even worse.


"You're going to bloody your lip." Fuji touched my lower lip gently where my teeth had dug into it, and I bit him. I bit him to show him that this wasn't going to be easy, and I bit him because I wanted to sink my teeth into something. There was a sharp intake of breath near my ear, a thrust against my ass, and his hand convulsed around my cock, all at the same time. I bit down harder, by accident this time in reaction to his reaction, and Fuji made a small pain sound, his hand tightening on me again. It was an endless circle of reaction until I finally unstuck my teeth, moaning, and Fuji slipped his finger from between my lips. He slowly pulled his hand away from my cock and I wanted to cry at its loss, because I was starting to feel desperate and needy. My body was pulsing hot.

I wanted more.

At first, I was a little astonished by this, but I came to terms with it quickly. Obviously, this did not bother Fuji, not any of it, and I didn't think that the other boy had planned this until we had entered the locker room. Maybe I was wrong, it was Fuji after all, and the prodigy was a mystery, but I didn't think so. Either way, I wanted something, and Fuji could, and was quite willing, to give it to me. I'd figure out the rest later.

I turned into the embrace gone slack around me to find Fuji looking a bit flustered and oh, so sexy. I didn't know how to express what I wanted in words, so instead I tipped my head back to stare into those suddenly hot eyes, giving him a challenging look. I took his hand, figured out which finger I had bitten and lifted it to my mouth. Inside, I was in wonder that I could be so bold, but outward, I kept my eyes directly on his. He'd said he liked that; let's see what he thought of this.

His finger slipped past my lips and I carefully soothed the bite, sucking on that small appendage and letting my tongue swirl around it to flick along the underside. Tension marched through Fuji's arms, shoulders and chest, and I realized that he was fighting to stay still. I smiled slightly around that finger and pulled it slowly out until it made a little pop and licked my lips. I could still taste his skin on my lips.

Now Fuji looked as desperate as I felt, and he stared at me with an unreadable expression, his hands fisted, his body trembling slightly. Quite suddenly, his sadistic smile returned, maybe it had been something in my expression, I don't know, but he moved.

My back was pressed against the cold wall, and Fuji's lips were assaulting mine. It wasn't nice, and it wasn't gentle, and I didn't care. Instead I was fighting with my tongue and lips to take control of the kiss. The advantage wasn't mine though, what with the angle and Fuji's strength, and when his tongue darted past mine to stroke and touch, I was glad the wall was there. I might not have stayed upright otherwise. Fuji's body pressed close to mine, his long, slim leg between mine, our cocks rubbing deliciously. I was making small noises into the kiss, encouraging noises, and Fuji pulled back with a dazed expression, his hand fumbling to stroke my erection, going lower to gently fondle the sacs, and then he made a small displeased noise and kicked my feet farther apart. His hand traveled farther still and alarm bells started to ring distantly in my head.

"Fuji, what are you-" His mouth descended on mine to shut me up, and his finger felt slick when it probed the small, tense hole. I realized distantly he must have gotten shampoo on his fingers first to make this easier, but my thoughts scattered, because one finger was slowly working its way in, wriggling, pressing hard. My muscles tightened in reaction and I heard the prodigy groan.

"Echizen, relax." he said against my lips, and he stood up straight, bracing his feet apart; and his other hand wrapped around my erection and squeezed hard. I hadn't been expecting it and a wild cry left my lips, half pleasure, half panic. Before I could do more than take another breath, his hand was pumping, stroking, squeezing, so hard it was too much. My body was jerking and thrusting in reaction, desperate, and I felt his finger slam home. The pain was distant and heady and wonderful and another cry, much like the one before, fell from my lips. Another finger joined the first, stretching me painfully, but his other hand kept on pumping, and the pain translated into pleasure, and I was lost to sensation. Again and again his two fingers thrust into me, scissoring, his other hand distracting me from any discomfort.

It was when his fingers were moving more easily that I realized his hand on my cock was nearly unnecessary, because his fingers prodded something wonderful. I got my elbows on the wall behind me, giving myself a little room to move. His fingers thrust into me again, and I slammed towards it, and his fingers jammed into that same spot again. I felt pleasure so intense I was numb with it, but before it could explode, Fuji yanked his fingers from inside of me.

"Not yet, not yet, not yet." Fuji was saying under his breath, and he turned me roughly around to plaster me against the wall. My face hurt, because the move hadn't been gentle in the least. I fought to breathe, to think, a hand pressed against my shoulder to hold me where I was, and wondered what was going on. It felt like a long moment before something I could see or feel happened, and when it did I writhed up against the wall. Fuji's soap-slick cock was pressing against my anus, and my brain was clearing, and this seemed like a bad idea.

"Echizen." Fuji gasped behind me, and shoved himself into me. I screamed and bucked and shuddered. Fuji went still.

"Are you alright?" He asked softly, breathy.

"Don't stop!" I begged, mindlessly trying to move against him. "Please don't stop!"

Fuji's breath went out sharply and he pulled out to slam himself back in. I shoved back at him, gaining enough space to brace my legs apart and my forearms against the wall, and I shoved myself onto him as he shoved in.

"God, Echizen," he groaned, his fingers digging into my hips. I was crying out inarticulately now after each thrust, my body straining towards his, and he was pumping into me so hard and fast I couldn't move with him, but had to just brace for the rapid thrusts. The pleasure built to unbearable levels and finally I came onto the wall with a strangled cry. The pleasure didn't stop, because Fuji was still pounding into me, and then he slammed home one last time and yelled, shuddering against my back. My knees didn't want to hold anymore, and Fuji pulled himself out of me and let us both sink down onto the wet floor.

We were leaning against each other, trying to catch our breath, euphoric. I felt like maybe there were pressing things, important things, I should be thinking about, but the after-glow kept them at bay. Fuji shifted until his back was against the wall, letting the warm spray of the shower rain down on him, and pulled me next to him. I leaned into him almost automatically. It seemed stupid after what had just happened to even think about pulling away or resisting.

"Echizen, you really are an exciting partner." Fuji murmured in my ear.