This came to me while I should've been paying attention in class

It's been a week, but Shawn still brings his hand up to his temple, trying to recall anything.

His mind shuffles through the facts once again…

What did he miss?

He had to miss something because….

What could have he…

"Shawn." Someone stops his thought process, touching his shoulder gently.

Shawn shutters back to reality, bringing his hand away from his temple, looking back at Gus, panicked.

"I was trying to see if I missed something …if I could have-

"- You didn't miss anything."

Shawn turned his head to toward the darkened Pysch office window and whispered under his breath, more to himself then to his best friend,

"If I didn't miss anything, then wh-why did she die?"

He turns to Gus, his hands tucked into fists, shaking at his side.

"Huh? Gus. If I didn't miss anything, then she shouldn't have died."

Gus did not answer, but put his hand on Shawn's shoulder and guided him away from the darkened Pysch office window which now belonged to some other business.

Gus pats him on the back as they head towards the familiar blue car.

"You said you would go."

Shawn nodded and straightened his suit jacket.

"I bet Jules would have wanted me in a polo. She always liked my savvy style."

Gus rolled his eyes at this familiar comment as he saw his best friend's fists stop shaking. He hoped even though his bud had an awesome memory, he hoped Shawn would forget this one incident for his own sake.

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