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All by Herself


The tall dark man groaned as he lifted the lifeless weight out of the cab window. Pulling a dead body through such a small opening wasn't an easy task, but he just couldn't take any chances. He had to leave as less evidence as possible. He was a criminal, yes, but he wasn't stupid. He had been lucky; no one had discovered the bodies yet. But it only had been a few days. Sooner or later, they would be found.

And he had almost been caught this time. This one was a screamer.

The tall shadow had to move fast; but in total darkness, it wasn't easy. The moonlight was the only light he could count on. That, and the stench emanating from the others.

He groaned again, and as he finally dropped the body off the pick-up truck, he heard a small splash and then a thud as it licked the dark water and the others who acted as a mattress to break the fall.

He had really thought she was the one. After so many mistakes, he was sure this dark beauty would be perfect. He had watched her from the bar, sipping his drink slowly as she sang and danced, that beautiful black hair flying around her face. Men had seemed attracted by her physical beauty, but he could see through it. She was a woman who wanted to enjoy life, who was looking to have fun, and like so many other women, find the perfect man.

That's when she had become his.

But the moment he had led her out of the building, she started to panic. He tried to calm her down, but she wouldn't have it. When he'd finally reached his vehicle, she'd started screaming, calling for help. He simply hadn't had the choice.

But, of course, someone had heard her calls. As he was lifting her into his truck, a young man had come to her rescue, alerted by her screams. Killing a man hadn't been in his plans, but he'd had to.

He just wouldn't let anyone get in his way.

He quickly opened the door of the truck and sat behind the wheel. Without turning the lights on, he drove back on the small dirt road.

He could only hope the next one would be the one.

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