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Summary: This is sort of a retelling of Persona 4. I won't be doing a complete retelling of Persona 4 just the many good parts of the game the Dungeons, events, and other unnamed categories. The way they'll be different is from the fact that the Persona's are alive! Just read this chapter and you'll understand what I mean. Oh and I'll be doing a Souji/ProtagonistxYukiko pairing if ya don't mind's.

Timeline: This takes place on 4/16 in the morning, the day after Souji and Yosuke get their Persona's.

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(Souji's room morning)

Souji Seta had awoken from his sleep, if you can call it sleep after going through the things he went through. He just had a hard time just closing his eyes.

Honestly, when Souji found out he was going to be staying with his uncle in a small town called Inaba, he really didn't expect much. Yet not even a week since he had been here he had made some friends a lot faster than he normally does when he moves to a new city.

Another city boy like him who's father owns a huge Superstore, a tomboy with an addiction to kung fu and knows how to how to hurt a guy badly, and a cute black haired girl who was next in line to inherit a large inn.

Add to the fact that there had been two murders since he got here and that would already put Inaba at the top of his "most interesting places he's been" list.

Of course the events didn't stop there. Being able to pass through a television into a strange world, meeting a hollowed out bear, and fighting tongue monsters and a frog thing with the power of what his supposedly new mysterious and possibly inter-dimensional dream friends Igor and Margret told him was a Persona.

"Man, what a day," Souji said looking up at the ceiling from his futon.

"So he awakes," Souji heard a voice and immediately got up from his bed.

"What was that?" he said, he looked around his room looking for the source of the voice he heard but saw nothing.

"Must still be tired," Souji thought.


Souji had gotten dressed and was brushing his teeth.

"Interesting device," Souji heard a voice again. Souji stopped brushing his teeth for a second, feeling like someone was watching him.

"Hello?" Souji said.

"They never had things like these before, I've never seen healthy teeth like than on someone at his age. They usually start to turn yellow," Souji had put his toothbrush down, for he was positive that there was someone in the room talking about how clean his teeth were.

"OK. I know someone's in here. Whoever you are just come out," Souji said.

"… Are you… able to hear me?" the voice said.

"Y-yes I can hear you," Souji said uneasy.

"Interesting," the voice said. Souji knew he was hearing someone but he couldn't see anyone.

"Where are y-," Souji was saying till he took a look at the mirror all of a sudden. He saw in the reflection that behind him was someone, and Souji immediately turned around and saw the source of the voice.

"Izanagi," Souji said. There was his Persona, right behind him, crouching down a bit due to the low ceiling.

"Amazing. I did not think you could see me," Izanagi said in a hollow sounding version of Souji's voice.

" are you," Souji said uneasy.

"I thought you knew. I am Izanagi. I am you," he said.

"How…where did you-," Souji was saying.

"Hello!" Souji heard the voice of Nanako knocking on the bathroom door.

"Oh crap, how am I gonna explain this?" Souji thought worried.

"Are you alright in there?" Nanako called out.

"Y-yeah fine, nothing wrong, I'm just brushing my teeth," Souji said uneasily and quickly.

Nanako then decided to open the door.

"Na-Nanako wait," Souji said but it was too late.

"Hmm. Why?" Nanako asked looking at Souji.

Souji was expecting her to freak out and yell, but for some reason she was just looking at Souji.

"Uhh, I n-no reason," Souji said.

"I heard you talking to someone. Is something wrong?" Nanako said.

Souji expected Nanako to at least notice the large white masked warrior with a sword standing next to him, but she didn't even seem to notice him.

"No I, was uh...practicing a line…for school," Souji said.

"Oh… alright then. Breakfast is ready when you come down," Nanako said leaving.

Souji felt like his heart was gonna stop for a second. He didn't want to explain why there was a strange being right next to him.

When Souji got downstairs, he sat at the table eating breakfast with Nanako.

Izanagi was still in the room taking interest to everything around him.

"Uh Nanako," Souji said.

"Yes?" Nanako said.

"Do you uhh… see anything strange?" Souji asked.

"Strange?" Nanako asked.

"Like, something out of place, or something that doesn't belong?" Souji asked.

"No, I don't think so. Why? Do you?" Nanako asked.

"Amazing, being able to bring the water from a river here right to you," Izanagi said looking at the faucet.

"No, nothing. Never mind," Souji said ignoring Izanagi.

(After leaving the house)

Souji was currently walking to his school, and walking next to him was his Persona Izanagi.

At first he was freaking out at the thought of other people seeing him, but after a while he calmed down when he saw that no one even looked in his direction.

"I must say, a lot has changed from the last time I was here. That box I saw was the most interesting. There are so many different people in such a tiny world, it's quite fascinating. Does every home have one of those?" Izanagi said.

"It's called a television, and it doesn't have anyone in it… at least I don't think it does," Souji said remembering that world through the television.

"How does it work?" Izanagi asked.

"Well it- O,K never mind that. We need to talk. First off, why can't anyone see you?" Souji questioned. It felt weird to him, talking to a being that said was him, but a more powerful him, yet wasn't him; even though he was a genius, he wasn't able to figure that out.

"They do not have the same abilities as you, thus they cannot see me," Izanagi said.

"Where did you come from?" Souji asked.

"From you, of course. I am you," Izanagi said.

"Me? But… earlier you sounded like you were someone from a long time ago. You said you had never seen a toothbrush before," Souji said.

"So that's what it is called... Well you see, I come from you, but I was not born from you," Izanagi said.

"So you're me, but still someone else?" Souji said.

"It is complicated; it's due to something similar to what you humans call "reincarnation", I am you because you were born with me," Izanagi said.

"So… you're saying that in my past life, I was you?" Souji asked.

"Not exactly. It is complicated, and I don't think you have the proper definition's in your language for me to explain fully. Is my presence a problem for you?" Izanagi questioned.

"Well...kind of. I don't want people to see me talking to no one. They'll think I'm crazy," Souji said.

"Well I can understand that, but unfortunately I cannot leave you because I am you," Izanagi said.

"Alright, then just… try not to talk to me in public. No one can see you," Souji said.

"DUDE!" Souji turned his head to see one of his new friends Yosuke, accompanied with a strange looking figure.

"You too?" Yosuke said staring right at Izanagi.

"You can see him?" Souji said looking at what he thought was Yosuke's Persona.

"Y-yeah... wait so you can see this guy too?" Yosuke said surprised.

"Yeah I can," Souji said.

"Nice to meet you, name's Jiraiya," Yosuke's Persona said in a voice similar to Yosuke's but somehow in a more cheery sounding tone.

"Dude, what's the deal with this. Why are there these things next to us?" Yosuke said.

"You know, we have names. Don't talk like we're not here. It's rude," Jiraiya said.

"I was talking to Izanagi. He said that he came to life when I got my powers. Where did he come from?" Souji said.

"Him? He just came out of nowhere this morning," Yosuke said.

"And he's been freaking out about it since, heh heh," Jiraiya said.

"Just as I am Souji, Jiraiya is you. He is a part of you that manifested when you acquired your powers," Izanagi said.

"Powers? Wait, so he has powers now?" Souji asked.

"Yeah, I think I do. Last night I tried putting my head through the TV, and it went through," Yosuke said.

"So you have the same powers as me now?" Souji asked.

"Yes. When he accepted his shadow self it had been reborn as me," Jiraiya said.

"Well couldn't you have given me some kind of warning? I was freaking out when I saw some creepy guy smiling at me when I was in the shower. My family thought I was crazy when I tried to show him," Yosuke said.

"HA HA that was hilarious. His father said he was thinking of sending him to therapy," Jiraiya said laughing.

"Shut up! It's not funny. You don't just freak someone out when they're in the bathroom," Yosuke said.

"Tell me about it," Souji thought.

"So, what are we gonna do about this?" Yosuke said.

"Well it is strange, but I don't think it's that bad. I went through this whole town and no one could see Izanagi, and no one saw Jiraiya right?" Souji said.

"Yeah I noticed that. What's the deal?" Yosuke said.

"Only people with the same powers you have can see us. Everyone else will not be able to see or hear us," Izanagi said.

"There, see. So long as we don't tell anyone or talk to them in public, there shouldn't be any problems," Souji said.

"Yeah, easy for you to say. Your guys' not waiting for a reason to laugh at you," Yosuke said.

"Oh stop being a baby about it. It was funny," Jiraiya said.

"*groan* Great. Like Chie wasn't enough to deal with," Yosuke said.

"Alright look. Talking Personas aside, there was something I wanted to talk to you about," Yosuke said.

"You saw what was on last night, right?" Yosuke asked.

"Yeah, I did," Souji said remembering the Midnight Channel last night.

"I couldn't tell who it was, but it looked like someone familiar. If someone's shown up on TV we can't ignore it. We should go check it out after school, and see if Teddie knows something," Yosuke said.

"Your right. If someone's in that place we should get them out," Souji said.

"Also… I was thinking," Yosuke said. "Someone must have thrown Saki-sempai in there, and whoever it is must be using that world as a weapon," Yosuke said.

"I suppose you're right. What are you getting at?" Souji asked.

"I think we need to find out who the culprit is and take him down," Yosuke said. This had surprised Souji.

"I know it sounds crazy, but there's no way the police can do it… Who would believe that the murderer kills his victims by throwing them into the television?" Yosuke said.

"… You're right. It has to be us," Souji said.

"Not that I like it, but there's no one else who could do it. The police would never be able to catch this guy. We really are the only ones who can catch whoever's doing this," Souji thought.

"Cool… it's reassuring to hear someone else say it," Yosuke said.

"Alright, let's do our best," Yosuke said as the two shook hands.

"Heh heh, well I'm glad to hear that we'll be doing something fun," Jiraiya said.

"Just don't try to cause any trouble for me you frog… ninja… thing," Yosuke said.

"Oh, don't worry. I'll be sure to try," Jiraiya said.

"Great," Yosuke said.

The two started walking towards school, their Persona's trailing behind them.

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