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(03/20/2011, Yomotsu Hirasaka Path 9, Evening)

Izanami looked down at the two who should, by her will and power, remained dead. Izanagi was a manifestation of her powers she left in the boy the shadow shouldn't have been able to come back to life. Much less the boy should have faded into nothingness after banishing him.

"How can this be?" Izanami asked, "You are a mere mortal. One in a billion useless beings that have come into existence by sheer dumb luck."

"The luckiest," Souji told her, "Which is more than I can say for you."

"Return our friends," Izanagi-no-Okami ordered her, "And perhaps we won't hurt you."

"… haha… AHAHAHA! You're threatening me now!?" Izanami laughed at him, "I've lost count of the times I thought I would no longer be entertained by you, but I must say that this little bluff of yours is adorable. You may have more power now, and by your so called 'best luck' you may have survived my abyss, yet nothing has truly changed. And I hope you're out of your precious explosions."

"So be it," Izanagi said gripping his new weapon.

"Enough," Izanami said waving her hand at Izanagi.


The middle of Izanagi's chest suddenly cracked like the surface of glass. However unlike the previous times he didn't feel any pain. Through the cracks on his chest a white light could be seen seeping out before his body seemed to heal all on its own.

"W-What!?" Izanami stared in shock.

"I… wasn't aware I could do that either," Izanagi said patting the area where he was cracked.


Izanami tried to break Izanagi again breaking his chest, face, and part of his right arm. The effects were the same as before; painless breaking followed by all traces of the damage disappearing.

"Impossible," Izanami stated.

Izanagi took this moment to leap forward, his speed greatly enhanced he swung his new weapon right across Izanami's large body.

"Hm, you may be able to withstand my power but you're a fool if you think something… like that…aaaAAAAAHHH!" Izanami clutched the area that she was stuck, "What's this!? The wound isn't healing!?"

"We're hurting her!?" Souji questioned, "Keep attacking!" he summoned up the power to give Izanagi. Just as Souji was about to crush the card in his hand there was a brief moment that his vision blurred a bit. The card he was about to use looked different than the other ones he had used.

"Souji?" Izanagi questioned.

"Thousand Curses!"

During Souji's distraction he felt the ground beneath him start to give away and soften. The same hands that had taken him and the others away appeared and gripped at him trying to tug him under the ground.

"You may have gained new power, but you're useless without the other," Izanami taunted.

Souji lifted his foot trying to resist the grips of the tendrils, and somehow he did. Souji kicked his other foot hurting the hands that tried to take him and that caused the rest to recede. None of the hands were able to get a proper grip on Souji as he walked out of the circle.

"This… this is impossible!" Izanami was shocked that she couldn't take the boy into the abyss, "Thousand Curses!"

Souji felt the ground soften up again and grab him but he was able to fight against the hands once again and escape.

"Impossible!? You're just one person and yet you can defy the will of millions!?" Izanami cried out shocked at this persons newfound resistance.

Izanagi took another swing at her, Izanami was far more cautious this time taking the steps necessary to avoid his attack. Souji tried to call forth another power like before, but the card looked as blurry to him as before.

"I can't see it?" Souji thought, "… no it's just hard to see?"

"If I can't banish you I'll just kill you!" Izanami raised every one of her arms calling forth a black cloud with a barrage of bolts, "Oho Ikazuchi!"

In an instant Souji and Izanagi could feel electricity coursing through their bodies. There was pain, intense and plentiful, the two of them felt as though they would pass out at any moment. Yet by sheer will they were still standing, Souji and Izanagi felt as though they would lose consciousness at any second.

"Still standing?" Izanami questioned, "But not for long Oho Ikazuchi!"

A second identical wave of pain and electricity flushed through Izanagi and Souji's body. Izanami waved a hand dissipating the clouds and lightning once she was sure that her enemy was gone.

"You were a fool until the- WHAT!?"

Both Souji and Izanagi were still standing, steam and smoke permeated form their bodies. The two of them felt like they had died but they wouldn't give in to Izanami's attack.

"How… How are you still standing!?" Izanami questioned, "How in the world is this new power of yours rivaling mine!? You're a mere human!"

Izanagi took another chance and ran right at Izanagi with his blade. Souji kept up his same attack and tried to see what he was doing wrong.

"Why?" Souji thought looking at the card in front of him. It was still blurry and he couldn't focus on the attack he wanted to use, "Why is it so hard to see… what's stopping me?"

"Oho Ikazuchi!"

Souji and Izanagi braced themselves for another attack, they didn't let it hurt them though they were able to resist it. At this point they couldn't figure out how they were still able to withstand a finishing blow from Izanami but they didn't care at the moment.

"How are you still standing? Why are you still standing!?" Izanami seemed to growl at them, "You should know by now that it's impossible for you to win! You are a mere human with borrowed power. You can't grasp the truth at all!"


Izanami felt a small miniscule impact hit her face. The sound of something 'tinking' along her body could be heard as the item finally hit the ground. Landing at her kneeling disfigured feet were the glasses Souji had been wearing.

Souji once again summoned the same card, as it floated in his face he could get a clear view of the power he wanted to use.

Souji held the card over his head clenching his fist and shattering the powerful card.

"Myriad Truths."

Izanagi appeared in a blur of speed right behind Souji. Holding his sword in front of him the weapon seemed to float in the air as the sword spun in place. A ring of light begun to glow from Izanagi's blade.

*SHING* "GRRGH!" Izanami could feel something from within her, and it was painful.

"What is… No NO!" Izanami's body started to expel a bright light.

"What… exactly was that?" Souji asked Izanagi behind him.

"I thought you knew what it was," Izanagi said.

Izanami was writhing in pain as the light continued to get brighter and brighter. Souji and Izanagi couldn't keep their eyes open or even see what was in front of them. The area was soon covered in a layer of white blinding everyone from everything.

Izanami cried out in pain, "IMPOSSIBLE! AAAAAAAAAAHHH-…"











(03/20/2011, Yomotsu Hirasaka Path 9, Evening)









"mnnnn?" Souji couldn't tell what had just happened. He suddenly found himself on the ground, the area had been severely cleared of most of the surrounding fog. Also there was the distinct and weird feeling that what was happening was now the truth? "What did I just do? Izanagi!?"

"I'm here," he said in the same situation as him.

"Did we… win?" Souji asked.

"It's either that or we're both dead," Izanagi told him.

"Is this how death was before for you?" Souji asked.

"No it was… more like… I didn't care that I exist or- oh thank goodness we're alive," Izanagi realizing that they were both alive, "Unless Izanami took us into another one of those abysses."

"It doesn't feel the same," Souji said, "That hand quicksand thing didn't work the last time she tried it… what changed? One second we were powerless and then suddenly we're strong enough to beat her."

"Yeah… that would seem like a bit of a cop out if we were in a movie," Izanagi said, "Are you complaining that we're alive?"

"No no… just… not sure of what's going on. I'm used to understanding things," Souji told him.

"Well stop it," Izanagi told him, "It's admirable that you want to see the truth until the bitter end, but I think I'm done with that for the rest of your life."

"Fine, I'll just stick to being a genius, being a valedictorian at school should be enough for me," Souji said.

"Would you two shut up I'm trying to sleep," Susano-O said.

"Sor-," Souji and Izanagi immediately rose up, "Susano-O!" they both said.

The area was now surrounded with both humans and Persona that Souji and Izanagi had thought that they lost was right in front of them. Tired and asleep for some but clearly breathing and alive.

"EVERYONE!?" Souji and Izanagi shouted.

"WHAT!?" Rokuten, Kamui, Yamato, and Teddie questioned annoyed at the noise.

"Quite," Yukiko said sounding exhausted, "It's too early toAAAH!"

"I thought I lost you all!" Souji cried happily as he picked Yukiko off the floor.

"What are you…,?" Naoto started to question, "Wait didn't we die?"

Everyone started waking up beginning to remember everything that had happened.

"SENSEI!" Teddie suddenly picked up both Souji and Yukiko hugging them.

"NEE-CHAN!" Amaterasu suddenly picked up Souji, Teddie, and Yukiko and hugged them.

"FRIENDS!" Kamui suddenly picked up Amaterasu, Souji, and Yukiko and hugged them.

"ME NEXT!" Rokuten picked up Kamui, Amaterasu, Souji, and Yukiko and hugged them.

"MRRRRRRRGH!" Yamato grabbed ahold of Rolkuten's leg trying to pick him up.

"We're all alive," Kanzeon said looking around.

"Apparently so," Naoto said, "What happened? I remember being dragged down into something, but it's so hazy after that."

"We beat her," Souji told them escaping Kamui's grasp, "Well… I beat her, not to sound like I'm trying to take all the glory, but I was able to figure out how to stop Izanami."

"You figured out that thing she said?" Kanji asked him.

"Oh uh… turns out that she was lying that time," Souji told them.

"She was lying? But then you beat her anyway?" Teddie asked surprised.

"So that… wow… so we really could have died?" Yosuke questioned.

"We were always in danger of dying," Chie told him.

"Well I mean like… more than usual," Yosuke said.


As they were all talking Yamato somehow tipped Rokuten over who was still holding Kamui.

"Ow," Yamato cried from beneath.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" Susano-O suddenly yelled out getting the attention of everyone, "Izanagi, dude, is that you!?" he said staring at his old friend.

This got everyone else's attention as well staring at the new Izanagi. The two blades attached to the back of his head perked up a bit from the attention.

"Oh yes… when Souji and I were drawn into the abyss I was able to… I'm actually not sure how this all happened," Izanagi said looking over himself, "I suppose I just wanted to save all of you so much that this happened."

"The weapon is definitely interesting," Suzuka said eyeing the new sword.

"Hey, my blade is interesting to," Susano-O argued holding up the saw blade around him.

"Was that a joke about…," Suzuka trailed off.

"Not at first, but after I said that out loud yes," Susano-O said, "Seriously man you look awesome, if I had to chose guys I'd definitely go for you."

"You got spikes!" Yamato jumped up to the two antenna like blades coming off his head and the single horn above his forehead, "Aw, I wanted spikes when I evolved."

"This elegant design is very regal looking, I'm sad that I didn't gain a form as elegant as this," Kamui said.

"I think it's too white," Rokuten said looking down, "I mean where's all the color."

"Fool, white is one of the most pure and regal color," Kamui said.

Izanagi nearly jumped when Kanzeon suddenly moved closer to his left arm embracing him.

"This texture on your body is much more comforting than your previous coat," Kanzeon spoke as she leaned into him.

"Ah y-yes well thaAck!"

"I like the texture to!" Amaterasu suddenly forcefully said as she tugged on Izanagi's free arm.

"Oh please, after all this time you've finally grown a backbone," Kanzeon teased lightly tugging Izanagi away from her.

"S-Shut up… I'm sorry," Amaterasu quickly apologized after yelling at Kanzeon.

The conversation kept up with the two fighting and the others admiring their friends new look.

"Hey Souji, Izanagi, you two beat her right?" Rise asked.

"Yeah… did we?" Souji asked.

Rise pointed, "Her body is still over there."

Everyone dropped what they were doing to look in the direction Rise pointed. Kneeling slumped on the ground was Izanami, though her boney body had lost her glow and now looked even more like a corpse.

"Is she… dead?" Chie was fearful of what might happen if she got back up.

"How did we not see that!?" Susano-O questioned.

"I can't tell, she was pretty much dead to begin with," Kanzeon placed her crown on Rise and began looking over her, "I'm sensing a lot less power than before definitely something I can measure in the single digits. I don't know if that counts for being dead for her."

"Seriously she takes up a forth of the area how did we not notice her?" Susano-O asked again.

"Does she have enough power to kill us?" Yamato asked.

"I don't know."

"Can her body still move?" Rokuten asked.

"I don't know."

"Is it safe to double beat her? I would very much like to be thorough in her beating," Susano-O said.

"If I find anything I'll tell you guys alright!?" Kanzeon yelled annoyed, "It's not exactly easy to figure out what to look for in a God."

*crick* Bone cracking was heard from a high point. The small body that adorned the top of Izanami's body started to move again. Her body was weak as it shook trying to support her light frame. Everyone tensed up ready to attack again.

"How?" Izanami weakly asked, "How is it that I've lost?"

"She lives! Kill her quick!"

"Kamui shush!" Suzuka ordered holding him back.

"Why are you constantly looking for the truth? Wouldn't it be easier for you to live with your lies… to be shielded away from the truth and live in blissful ignorance? Isn't that true peace for humans?"

"While she's distracted!"

"Shush!" Suzuka ordered Kamui again.

"To hell with all that shit!" Kanji yelled at her, "Stop thinking you know what's best for us all!"

"You don't know what we can do stop assuming!" Chie yelled as well.

"… heh heh heh," Izanami chuckled.

"She's planning something! Take her-*BAM*!"

"Shut up!" Suzuka yelled at Kamui.

"Very well… go ahead and try and live your way," Izanami told them, "You have already gone above my expectation. Power enough to erase my existence. I will lift the fog in this world and yours. See if that is truly what you want, see if it leads to your happiness."

As she finished her words her body started to glow once again. Her form and figure seemed to dissolve and break down into splotches of glowing blood red.

"My power shall no longer burden your world," Izanami's voice seemed to echo.

"Is she…?" Souji whispered.

"She's fading, her signal is getting weaker," Rise spoke.

"Children of man," Izanami spoke, "Well done."

Her entire body soon turned transparent, with a final deafening scream Izanami was gone from the world leaving the TV world behind. Everyone stood close together almost expecting something to happen, but they were all met with silence.

Nobody said anything for a while half expecting something new to pop out of the ground and hurt them all.

"… holy shit," Kanji spoke first, "WE FREAKING BEAT A GOD!"

"WOOO WE'RE THE STRONGEST AROUND!" Rokuten cheered with him.

"sigh thank goodness," Rise said in content almost collapsing.

"So… it really is all over then?" Yukiko asked.

"Yup, it really is over this time," Chie answered.

"Thank goodness," Amaterasu fell to her knees, "Not to complain but I was pretty tired of seeing everyone hurt."

"Well… I'm still going to miss all the fighting," Suzuka said.

"After everything we've just learned and been through this feels more like we're just starting something," Naoto said just as relieved as everyone else.

"Well now we're not going to have any regrets come tomorrow," Yosuke said.

"Yeah… I…,," Souji suddenly felt something welling up in him.

"Souji-kun?" Yukiko said worried.

"Sensei?" Teddie questioned, "You okay?"

(03/20/2011, Velvet Room, Evening)

Souji didn't know why, but they suddenly found themselves within the velvet room. In front of him he saw yet another Persona card shinning so brightly he could not see the arcane of the card.

"Hmhmhm how marvelous," Igor spoke, "You have driven away the godly being that threatened you and in turn brought forth a new world."

Souji tried to reach for the card but it suddenly vanished in front of him.

"This shall be the last time we summon you," Igor said.

"Soon, the fog will lift, and our destination will be visible," Margaret said, "We will arrive shortly."

"This journey that you have taken has been fruitful, worthy of marking the turning point of your destiny," Igor said, "Many times has the fog attempted to halt you with its lies. Yet at every obstacle you had forgone any chance of deceit and ignorance, and with the bonds that you have forged over the year you have been able to find the truth bit by bit. It does my heart well to see you succeed. I am honored to have witnessed such a wondrous journey."

"Our destination is close at hand now," Margaret spoke, "Know this, once you have stepped off the power that you faced will have left for good, and the power she gave you will ware off. It will no longer be your power."

"The power… what does that mean?" Souji asked her, yet she didn't give an answer.

"We have arrived at your journeys true end, my duties and contract have been fulfilled," Igor said, "You have been a truly marvelous guest."

Souji tried to ask something, but the limousine had abruptly come to a stop.

"Go and see with your own eyes. The world that you have won for yourself, and the bright magnificent future."

(03/20/2011, Yomotsu Hirasaka Path 9, Evening)

*snap snap snap* "Okay he's out of it again," Yosuke said snapping his fingers trying to get Souji's attention.

"Is he doing that thing again he sometimes does at the end of battles. When he gets those new Persona?" Kanji asked.

"I'm not sure… it doesn't feel like it," Izanagi spoke examining Souji from all sides.

"Ugh, not to spoil the mood but I'm exhausted after what we did let's just pick him up an go," Chie said.

"Yeah, I suppose that would be for the best," Izanagi said, "… where is the exit?"

"… oh no," Kanzeon looked around in a sudden panic, "She… the path was gone this whole time… WHERE IS IT!?" she started looking around in all directions as fast as she could.

"She left us here to die!" Kamui said in shock.

"Calm down!" Izanagi spoke, "I'm sure there's a way out, we'll just wait for Souji to come back."

*Crumble* A section of the red tiled floor seemed to break and fall. A small column of fog rose up.

"Or… we figure something out now," Izanagi suggested.

"T-The floors loosing power! THIS WHOLE PLACE IS LOSING POWER THERE'S NOTHING TO KEEP IT HERE!" Kanzeon yelled.

"Guys we need to move! Without Izanami there's no reason for the place to exist anymore!" Rise said.

*Crumble Crumble* Even more sections of the area started

"What!? That never happened before! Shouldn't this place stay the same like the others?!" Suzuka said.

"I don't have all the answers can we just focus on finding a way out!?" Rise yelled at her.

"Let's just go through the ground!" Yamato said.

"The fog is too thick! We'll be lost! And it's moving up even as we speak!" Kanzeon told them.

*Crumble* Another section of the ground broke letting in more fog, in a matter of seconds the battlefield no longer resembled its previous pristine condition. The fog in the area started pillowing in all areas filling the place.

"Souji-kun! Wake up!" Yukiko yelled at him.

"Dude! We need you now!" Yosuke yelled.

Souji continued to stare into nothing unresponsive of the events happening in front of him.

"Souji! Why aren't you here right now!?" Izanagi questioned keeping him close.

They were all surrounded, the large battleground had been reduced to a tiny island surrounded by a sea of fog. The people and persona stood together waiting for whatever was about to happen.


(03/20/2011, ?, Evening)

"Are we dead?" Yamato asked.

"I… can't tell," Rise said.

"I really hope we didn't go back to that fog abyss thing again," Izanagi said looking around.

"We're still on solid ground," Kanji said stomping his foot.

"I can't see where we are though, I thought the fog was supposed to go away," Chie said.

"So… did we really lose after all?" Amaterasu said, "Did Izanami really-."

"We're fine," Souji said. Everyone stopped worrying to see that Souji was with them again.

"DUDE! What the hell was that!?" Yosuke yelled at him.

"We were freaking out and you just went to sleep!" Chie told him.

"Sorry, I didn't' mean to do something like that," Souji said, "But… we're fine."

*SPLASH* "Hm?" Rokuten stepped forward to find his footing and stepped in what felt like a puddle to him.

"Was that water?" Kanji asked looking at his partner.

"Where… this isn't the same place as before," Naoto said, she knelt down to the ground to examine what she was now standing on, "Are these rocks?"

"This sound?" Suzuka stood at attention trying to listen to where she was, "This sound is… this feels familiar."

"Yeah… can anyone see anything?" Susano-O said.

"I can't see- no hold on I think I can see something up there," Yosuke said pointing forward.

"I can see something as well," Yukiko spoke, "Is the fog lifting? And are those trees?"

"It is lifting… I can see, everything," Kanzeon started to stare out into the open as the once thick fog began to disappear.

They all found themselves standing in the middle of a small gathering of rocks surrounded by a stream that reached out to a large lake in front of them. Out in the distance they could see grassy hills and forest. The water filled with lily pads and the grass with flowers and the sky was strange yet calming with a full moon and twilight lit sky.

"Is this the real world? Are we back?" Kanji asked looking around.

"No… I remember this place," Teddie spoke, "This was… it is, it's what this place was supposed to look like a long long time ago."

"This is what this place was before?" Souji questioned looking around the area. It looked to be the most peaceful place that could ever exist, "This is what the human heart used to be."

"… Hey… we still don't have a way to go back do we?" Yamato asked looking around.

"No wait… I see… is that our old studio!?" Rise was watching over in the distance far past the lake.

Completely out of place with the rest of the area they could see in the distance the familiar studio looking set with a stack of TV's. It was so far away from them that they probably would have missed it if Rise didn't point it out.

"It is! Wait does this mean we've been surrounded by all this amazing scenery this whole time!?" Yukiko questioned looking at the surrounding area.

"To think that all this time the fog was blocking our vision from this place," Naoto said.

"Welp… only one thing to do now," Susano-O said.

"And what would that bAAAH!" Suzuak was suddenly lifted over Susano-O's head, "Don't you dare, don't you DAAARE!"

*SPLASH* Suzuka yelled as she was tossed in the large body of water.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" she yelled splashing water at him.

"I know you mean love," Susano-O corrected her.

"That looks like fun!" Yamato said excited, "Someone toss me in to!"

"Okay," Rokuten without a thought picked up Yamato and threw him. He cheered as he flew through the air.

"WOOOOOOOooooooo….. OW!" Yamato flew far past the water into one of the trees on the other side.

"Whoa, that was far," Susano-O said.

"I didn't mean to go that far," Rokuten felt bad now for throwing.

"It's probably for the best since he can't swim. Try again with Susano-O," Suzuka suggested.

"Okay," Rokuten said without another thought.

"Wait wait WAIT! AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa….," *splash*

"I did it!" Rokuten said.

Kisdota: Holy hell this was supposed to be the last chapter but I can't tell when this series is going to end. I'm sorry that I can't seem to update regularly.

Persona'L Problems

(?/?/?, Samegawa Floodplain, Daytime)

"Where'd it go where'd it go!?" Izanagi panicked following the trail of the creature along with the other Persona.

"It went this way I know it," Kanzeon said.

The group had followed Handy far out into the floodplain, though they were unable to see where the shadow had gone. Kanzeon was having a hard time pinpointing where the shadow had left.

"HANDY!" Yamato called out, "Here girl."

"Wait how is it a girl?" Susano-O questioned.

"We're in a hurry question it later!" Suzuka ordered him.

"Wait! There he is!" Kanzeon pointed over to the river.

*SPLASH* Over in the river they saw a shimmer of gold leaping out of the water

"That's him!" Izanagi said.

"Wow for a hand he can really swim," Susano-O commented.

Thankfully the area was deserted there was no one to bother them all. They looked for the Shadow that got away trying to see if they could spot him in the water.

"Hey look!" Amaterasu pointed over to the side. There was a fishing rod that someone had left over.

"I'm on it," Rokuten picked up the tool.

"Wait we need something to bait it with," Kanzeon told them.

"I found this on the way," Yamato said holding up a small tennis ball.

"Will that work?" Izanagi questioned.

"She liked to toss it around a lot as I chased it," Yamato told them.

"Wait shouldn't the shadow be the one chasing the ball-." "No time!" Suzuka yelled at Susano-O.

Izanagi tied the small ball at the end of the fishing rod.

"Okay Rokuten you're set, cast it!" Izanagi ordered.

"HYAH!" *splish* Rokuten threw the rod like a spear into the water.

"Okay… that was my fault I guess," Izanagi said annoyed.