Two hours had passed and still Souji had a while to go till he got to his next destination. Day one of his life without Inaba and he already felt miserable, phone calls just weren't the same for him. At the very least when he left his home he thought he'd at least have a partner with him, but then again life wasn't that fair.

Currently he had to walk through a small town to get to his next stop. Looking around he could see a few buildings but mostly a bunch of small shops. Souji sat on a nearby bench waiting for the time to pass. Taking out his phone he gave one of his friends a call.

"Honestly man it's been weird," Yosuke told him, "I mean it's great that I don't get punched in my sleep but at the same time it's really hard to get used to all the quiet. We had ours the longest but it's effected all of us the same way."

"I know," Souji said, "anything new happen… in the single day I've been gone? How's everyone adapting?"


"Well I'm still managing the store," Yosuke said.

"Those girls still trying to get out of work?" Souji asked him.

"Yeah I have to chase them down from time to time. Oh but uh Chie was asking me for some part time work," Yosuke said.

"Really?" Souji was surprised, "Is she trying to stay closer to you."

"Well more like it'll make her look good having work experience, and I changed my info finally so she can't steal my money anymore," Yosuke said, "Though I gotta say it's weird seeing her focused on something, she's still working towards getting into the force though it does mean we don't go out as much."

"You two still in a relationship?" Souji asked him.

"We are though a lot of stuff is getting in the way we're not splitting up after all that's happened," Yosuke said, "I think we overrate relationships as kids."

"We're still kids," Souji said.

"I think we've earned the right to say we've grown up," Yosuke said.

"How's Yukiko doing?" Souji asked.

"Shouldn't you be asking her that?" Yosuke questioned.

"I did, she says she's fine but I think she's just trying not to make me worry," Souji said.

"Well she has been hanging out with me and Chie at school a bit more," Yosuke said, "I think she's just lonely honestly. Though with you gone I guess some people thought she was single again and tried hitting on her."

"They have?" Souji suddenly sounded worried.

"Yup the Amagi challenge is back. It's been a pain but don't worry, me and everyone have been running interference. Kanji's been freaking all the guys out," Yosuke said.

"How's he and Naoto?" Souji asked him.

"You noticed to?" Yosuke asked.

"We all noticed," Souji said.

"They are a married couple," Yosuke laughed, "I mean along with cooking for her Rise found out that Kanji's been doing a bit of tailor work for her as well."

"Naoto told you that?"

"She told Chie that loudly enough for me to hear, and Naoto's been getting the annoying cops off his back when they try profiling him, the two of them take care of each other it seriously is like some kind of sitcom. Rise said she'll pitch the idea whenever she gets the chance," Yosuke said, "She's been practicing her dancing and singing she's gonna invite us to her shows whenever she gets back into the idol business."

"Yeah she told me," Souji said, "Did… what she say at the train station… that didn't get any backlash did it?"

"The trip back was a bit awkward for both Rise and Yukiko but they kind of have that mutual understanding respect for one another," Yosuke said, "I still think you could convince them both to date you."

"No, no that would make things really weird. I like them both too much to do that," Souji told him.

"Yeah I get you, now I feel bad for suggesting that," Yosuke said.

"And Teddie's been living in the TV world?" Souji asked him.

"No after a few hours at night he somehow snuck back into my room without waking anyone up and just went back to sleep in my closet," Yosuke said, "Weird world aside it's pretty peaceful so I don't think he's going to have any real work to do for a while."

"It's still there?" Souji questioned.

"Yeah… why?"

"I kind of figured it wouldn't be there anymore. Izanami made it so shouldn't it have disappeared?"

"Well Teddie hasn't said anything about that… dude I really hope we don't lose that place it's awesome. It's like our own little park," Yosuke said.

"Same," Souji said, "Well it's getting late, I need to get to my next stop."

"Still? How far are you going?" Yosuke asked.

"No idea," Souji said, "I'll talk to you another time."

"Okay, see ya," Yosuke said hanging up.

Souji pocketed his phone before continuing onto his destination. Phone calls were nice and though he knew that it wasn't the same as being with his friends it still reaffirmed his feelings of connetion.

"Right… we're still together," Souji said, "Always."

(Velvet Room)

"Sir," Margaret spoke, "Forgive me for speaking out, but I wish to ask… the other world I haven't felt its power waning even though our guest has lost his abilities. How is this possible?"

"…hm?" Souji was walking along when he… felt something, "What was that?"

(Velvet Room)

"The world that Izanami-no-Okami created was a reflection of the world that exist within all mankind's heart. While for a time the banishment of its creator has caused it to momentarily fade it has many sources to keep itself anchored in that world," Igor spoke.


Souji stopped when he felt the same feeling from before.

"Am I… hearing things?" Souji questioned.

"… I"

Souji kept looking around the area thinking that something was about to happen.

"Is that… Izanami?" Souji questioned.

"… I… h"

Souji kept a look around, there were only a few normal people walking by but nothing that looked as suspicious as the things he had gone through.

"… … …"

"I am Thou"

Souji grasped at his heart feeling it pumping faster than normal.

"What was that?"

*pipipipipipi* After a few seconds Souji's phone started ringing. Checking his surroundings he didn't see anything that he would consider dangerous and answered his phone.

"Hello?" Souji asked.

"Souji-kun?" Yukiko asked.

"Yukiko? Is everything alright?" Souji asked.

"I felt… did something happen?" Yukiko asked him.

"You felt something to?" Souji asked her.

"Yes… I felt… it felt like we were… I don't know how to describe it but I felt like it had something to do with all of us," Yukiko told him.

"I just…," Souji looked down in an alley between two small shops and saw something that gave him a strange feelings.

(Velvet Room)

"What do you mean, what source? It was my understanding that Izanami was the only source," Margaret said.

Laid out in the garbage Souji saw a television, small maybe ten inches but for some reason he was getting some feeling off of it.

"Thou art I," Souji said.

"S-Souji-kun?" Yukiko spoke.

"I need to call you back," Souji said, "I… I think I know what it is give me a minute."

"Alright… I'll be waiting," Yukiko said.

Souji took a look around to check and see if anyone was watching. He hung up his phone and place a hand on the screen of the small TV. It took a second and it felt like he was trying to press his hand through hard pudding but he got it through.

Seeing that the TV was working fine Souji pressed his face against the glass.

(Velvet Room)

"It is true that the new world as well as our guest's power came from this god," Igor said, "But remember it was mere humans who had the power to defeat her."

(TV World)

Souji took a look and just like in his old home this area of the TV world was clear, but it looked like he was in some kind of forest. Along the floor was a long dirt road leading from one are to the other farther than Souji could see.

"What was-?!"

(Velvet Room)

"Gods have the power to shape worlds," Igor spoke, "But it is the humans who believe in them that give them power."

"There you are," Izanagi said, "You've certainly traveled far."

"Iza-," Souji tried to find the words, but he just withdrew his head from the world and stuck his hand out. Izanagi grasped it and the two just held strong.

"Damn it… you just keep making me cry," Souji said, "I so glad to see you," he spoke from the real world.

"Mmn," Izanagi said from the other world, "glad to be back."

*pipipipipipipipi* Souji picked up his phone and started diling his friends.


Yosuke could feel the sweat drip from his face after working in the food court once again.

To his left was the row of TV's that Junes had for sale, he decided to take a bit of a detour. Walking along the path of televisions a small breeze started to blow cooling him off. There was still a few of them in front of him but the cooling wind suddenly died down. Turning around Yosuke saw two women with short skirts.

The wind picked up a bit and their dresses started to sway. Yosuke hit the side of the TV next to him and the breeze stopped. Susano-O just groaned at him for his interference.

Chie panted after going a round hitting the punching bag in her room. Sitting at her desk she drank from the water bottle she brought with her upstairs. When she was halfway done she tossed the bottle right at her television.

Reaching out Suzuka took alod of the bottle opening it up and pouring the contents over her head letting the liquid cool her down from her own workout.

Chie kicked the Television as fast as she could but Suzuka even in her distracted state just caught her foot and pushed her back telling her she was still too slow. Chie went right back to hitting her punching bag.

Yukiko spread out the Futon in the room after the previous guest had vacated. Looking around the room looked like it was brand new. Yukiko checked to see that the coast was clear and gave the signal. The TV in the room let out a small bellow of light fire allowing the room to smell fresh and feel warm.

Yukiko had returned to her room. After a long day of cleaning and tending the Inn she had used the springs of the Amagi Inn. Her hair was still a bit wet from her bath. Locking the door and ensuring that no one was looking she placed a small pillow in front of her TV. She laid back allowing her head and hair to pass into the other world.

Amaterasu let her hot hands grasp her sister's hair as she started brushing it. The two of them started gossiping and talking about what had happened in the day as Amaterasu focused on maintaining Yukiko's hair.

Kanji finished another one of the small dolls he had been selling and set it up on the table. Looking up at the pile he had enough small bears to display for a good while. He grabbed a large box letting all his hard work go into storage, bears piled up to top. Taking a look at the front of the store he could see his mother didn't see him. Closing the box Kanji walked over to the Television before stuffing it in.

Rokuten caught the large box in one hand letting it down with a dozen other boxes. Opening one up he grabbed a bunch of small rabbits between his fingers and placing them into Kanji's smaller hand. Kanji took a hold of the small dolls before heading for the front and restocking the small shelf he had.

Rise stood in front of the TV looking over a script she had been given. She had been reading about acting for a while but she felt like she wasn't getting it as well as she had hoped. She gave a dramatic pose and tried to act sad but she still felt stiff. Looking at the TV she started questioning what she should do.

Kanzeon sent out a signal and the laptop on her desk turned on. A scene from a famous movie played showing a woman crying as someone she loved took off in a plane. Rise tried to cry like the actor but it was no use. Her laptop changed video's again showing another famous scene featuring a boy forced to put down his own dog.

Rise started bawling her eyes but Kanzeon yelled at her to focus.

The Junes superstore had finally closed for the day and Teddie took this opportunity to sneak into the electronics section carrying with him a large box with a long folding table. Teddie shoved the large item into the largest TV they had where Kamui was waiting.

The two of them started trying to assemble the table. Kamui tried to get Teddie to stop doing menial work but he realized that his bladed fingers couldn't operate the helix wrench. As soon as the outdoor furniture was done Teddie and Kamui placed it in a flat area by the tree. Although it was just a table the area looked a bit homier. Teddie was thinking of all the fun everyone would have in his world when they all got back together.

Naoto typed away on her computer finishing the reports she had on some freelance work she was given. Looking over everything she still needed to do a bit more. Walking over to her kitchen she grabbed a kettle to make some tea. As she set it to heat there was a calling over at the TV. Looking over Sukuna was calling out to her holding a book in his hand.

Naoto took the item from Sukuna and replaced it with the next book of the series. Sukuna went back into the Television going back to reading Naoto's favorite book series. Naoto looked over the book she had just taken seeing that it had been folded and creased in areas showing that Sukuna had been reading it for a while.

Looking over at the fridge she saw the only picture Sukuna had drawn when he returned showing both him and her in surprisingly nice detail considering he used office pencils and crayon.

Souji looked over the photo he had as he exited the station showing him and his friends. To everyone it was a poorly taken photo with his friends taking up a small space at the bottom. But to him it showed him with his friends. Izanagi was behind him with Amaterasu and Kanzeon both tugging at an arm. Susano-O held his fingers up giving Yosuke and Chie a pair of bunny ears. Tomoe's hand was making a slapping motion towards him, the photo was taken a split second before her hand made contact. Kamui was to the left closest to Teddie doing his best to make his ridiculous form look regal. Rokuten was forced to lean making it look like his body was lying horizontally above them all with Sukuna hanging from the top of his head.

As Souji walked he could feel his social link to Izanagi who he felt following him.

Kisdota: Of course that wasn't the true ending. Of course I wanted a happy ending I wasn't going to let it end sad. And in the event of some miracle I do do a sequel I'll have them all back. Don't get your hopes up for that though. Okay for real this time last chapter

Persona'L Problems

Izanagi could feel Souji was on the move again and began his travels. He felt that Souji had reached his destination.

Currently he was walking through what looked like simple grasslands with large fields being brushed by the wind.

As he was walking Izanagi had caught sight of something. He thought it was a shadow but he could feel that whatever it was wasn't a threat.

This person looked to be as tall as him, red with black feathered wing behind him. His face reminded him of a broiler of some kind and a tall top hat looking crown adored his head.

The two of them were walking towards each other their paths about to cross.

When they came to each other they just stood there for a second trying to figure the other out.

Izanagi just held his palm up into the air. The other creature just held his hand up and the two of them went on their journey.

*Clap* The sound of their hands clapping as they high fived each other could be heard.

"Baton pass," Arsene said.

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