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(12/11/2011, Magatsu Inaba, Evening)

"Rokuten! Vile Assult!" Kanji called out. Everyone agreed on Souji's plan, hit the Shadow as hard as they could, and hope it didn't kill them. The large Shadow that looked like the Tokyo Tower started swinging it's own weapon in response to Rokuten's attack.

*CRASH* the two weapons collided with each other making a large metallic impact sound. Rokuten and the Shadow both tried to overpower one another.

"Naoto! Yamato! Get his weapon!" Souji ordered.

"Tempest Slash!" Naoto called out shooting one of the cards.

Yamato leapt forward aiming his weapon like an arrow and headed directly for the Shadows left hand. Souji watched and hoped that the Shadow's defense wouldn't act up.

*SLASH* Yamato's weapon got through and sliced the Shadows hands, the pain caused it to drop its weapon and allow Rokuten to get through.

*SMASH* Rokuten's weapon impacted on the side of the Shadow with a thundering crash, the Shadow skid across the ground from the strike. The Shadow recovered and stood its ground once again.

"We need to attack lightly, till he activates that shield again," Souji told them.

"Got it!" Chie said running forward deciding to attack herself. "Let's see how much tougher I've gotten," she said to herself jumping straight at the Shadow with a jump kick.

"Chie wait!" Souji tried to stop her before she jumped ahead of herself.

*CLASH* "GRAAAH!" Chie cried out in pain when she attacked the Shadow, it felt as though something was striking right against her foot the opposite of where she kicked. Chie was clutching her leg in pain, "I-It's down now!" she tried calling out through the pain.

The Shadow already raised it's large claymore ready to attack her, but before it could strike Susano-O spinning blade got in the way once again.

*KRISSSH* The two weapons clashed, Susano-O saw caused sparks to fly as it spun.

*KICK* Suzuka came in as well and delivered a jump kick right into the Shadows face making it back up.

"Got ya!" Yosuke helped Chie up letting her lean on him as she limped away on her sprained leg.

"Watch where you're holding Chie-san!" Suzuka called.

"Now!? Seriously!?" Yosuke complained as the two ran away.

"New trick now," Souji said taking out a persona Card, "Yoshitsune!"

Izanagi was switched out with someone that looked like an old time Samurai, with pale skin, long black hair, and bronze armor.

"Power Charge!" Souji commanded.

"…" Yoshitsune just held his sword ready to draw it at a moments notice. Souji could feel power around him start to gather.

"I need some power and accuracy boosters!" Souji called out to the others.

"Masukukaja!" Susano-O called out, Souji felt a light wind surround him.

"Matarukaja!" Rokuten called out and Souji felt his body heat up.

The large shadow was about to attack again and started swinging its weapon at the Persona's around him.

"This better be enough," Souji said, "Everyone stand back!" he ordered them all. The gang all started to run from the large shadow.

"Hassou Tobi!" Souji called out, the large bronze samurai then swung his blade right at the large shadow. It suddenly stopped feeling something approaching it.


The Shadow was suddenly slashed by a blade that seemed to come out of nowhere.








Seven more slashed clashed at the Shadow, it was unable to protect itself as it's body started to brake apart.

"phew," Souji kneeled on the ground from exhaustion.


The large Shadow fell forward as it's body started to disintegrate into a cloud of black mist. In a few seconds the cloud of darkness disappeared, the shadow was gone leaving a small slashed crater where it once stood.

"WOO! YEAH! SUCK ON IT!" Kanji yelled in joy.

Rokuten cheered as well, "YEAH! SUCK ON OYABUN!"

"DUDE!" Kanji angrily yelled at Rokuten.

"So you actually did it," the all suddenly heard from the sky.

"Yeah! Suck on it loser!" Yamato called out.

"You're shadow is gone Adachi, you've got nothing left to protect you," Souji called to the sky, "And after all that you've put us through, don't expect us to let you surrender."

"Yeah! You and I still need to teach Yamato where I need to stick things up," Susano-O told him, "I'm sure we'd all love to give a demonstration!"

"I'm gonna shove my sword up wherever I'm supposed to!" Yamato cheered in agreement.

"That's the learning spirit," Susano-O said.

"Oh believe me, I have no intention of running away from you guys anymore," Adachi told them all, "You want me? Come and get me, I'll waiting," they all heard before everything became quiet.

"Come on! Let's go and take him!" Kanji said.

"Wait Kanji-kun, it might be best if we wait until tomorrow," Naoto told him.

"What?" Kanji complained quietly.

"Yeah I've still got some juice in me," Yosuke said, "You're not all tired are you?"

"My leg is broken!" Chie reminded him while hanging on to him.

"Yukiko can heal it can't she?" Yosuke questioned.

"We're all low on energy right now," Souji told Yosuke, "We don't know what kind of power Adachi will be using, or his Persona."

"You sure we can't take him now?" Rise asked, "I mean I don't think it'll be that hard, by comparison all of us should be able to take out one persona user. All of us here could take down one of us if the other seven were to work together."

"Yeah maybe if we were fighting you," Yukiko said tirdly.

"We can't risk it, we've had enough trouble trying to take down one Shadow," Souji told them, "We don't know how powerful Adachi really is, if he's stronger than we're assuming he is then we should at least face him at full power," he told them taking out a Goho-M.

"Aw can't we just go up there to say hi? Kick him a bit, rub dirt in his eyes, teach Yamato some sword sticking lessons?" Susano-O asked him.

"I… kinda wouldn't mind going over to say hi to him as well," Suzuka told them.

"Yeah it'd be rude not to go hurt him," Rokuten then added.


"-go say hi to him," Roktuen corrected after Susano-O nudged him.

"They'll be plenty of opertunity to say… 'hi' to him later," Souji said throwing the item on the ground. The group was covered in smoke and light and teleported out of the area.

(Junes, Evening)

"ahh there's nothing like a good steak after a hard days work," Chie said finishing her meal and leaning back in her chair.

"Did you have to get the biggest they had," Yosuke asked her a bit (just slightly) annoyed.

"What? Isn't it a boyfriends job to make sure his girlfriends satisfied?" Chie asked him trying to look innocent.

"Why did you teach her to be open about that?" Yosuke asked Souji annoyed (the regular amount) at him.

"I seem to recall you always wanting to be able to brag about a relationship," Souji told him cool'ly.

"Ugh, there's no way I can argue with you," Yosuke said giving up, "No joke about satisfying her?" he asked looking at Susano-O.

"Too easy," Susano-O said.

"We need to eat more!" Rokuten said, "Get more energy, get stronger! So we can unleash the full force of our anger on Adachi."

"Right! I demand that the Kingdom of Junes horde out a feast for Teddie-dono," Kamui demanded.

"No way in hell am I paying for that!" Yosuke suddenly said.

"We should really discuss what our next course of action is," Naoto said.

"What's there to discuss? We go get him tomorrow," Rise said.

"Yes but… perhaps we should prepare for the worst," Souji told them.

"Wait what?" Teddie suddenly perked up as did everyone else.

"We're not just facing some regular Shadow, this is a person, who's completely focused on killing us. With a Persona who's just as psychopathic," Souji said, "… I've been thinking that… there's a pretty good chance that we might… not get through this."

"S-So like… y-you're good with math right?" Yosuke asked him.

"Considering what we've faced… maybe around a one out of five chance that we'll lose someone," Souji told them.

"That's… not so bad," Yukiko said trying to stay optimistic.

"Well that was with some pretty generous rounding and not factoring in all the unknowns," Souji told them.

"So… what should we do?" Kanji asked.

"First decided-."

"WE'RE ALL STICKING WITH YOU!" everyone, Persona included, said.

"Right… we should leave some kind of message just in case," Souji told them.

"So… we just tell our folks about what's happening?" Chie asked.

"There's no way they'd believe us or even allow us to continue," Naoto told them, "Just hide a message in your room, if we do go 'missing' then someone is sure to try and find out why."

"Oh… we hide a will, just like in the movies," Kanji said, "That sounds pretty cool."

"Dude that's not cool! This is in case we die!" Yosuke yelled at him.

"If you're so unsure about this then just back out," Kanji told him.

"I-I'm not afraid! Y-You should be taking this more seriously," Yosuke said with hesitation.

"W-Wait? Can someone explain it to me? What are we talking about?" Amaterasu questioned.

"Oh it's like one of those letters that they use in spy or crime movies," Chie said, "It's a letter that usually starts out with saying 'If you're reading this, I'm already dead.' "

"W-W-W-W-W-WHAT!?" Amaterasu suddenly freaked out.

"I-It's okay Amaterasu," Yukiko told him, "T-That doesn't necessarily mean something will happen, it's just in case."

"I've actually had my affairs in order already," Naoto told them.

"What? Since when?" Rise asked her surprised.

"Since I started this case… though I did some alterations after I got Yamato," Naoto told them, "In all likeliness I may be seen as mental if something does happen."

"Aniki instructed Ojisan to burn all her findings and my drawings, but he can keep the one he likes the most," Yamato told them.

"Did you actually instruct that he could-?" Rise was about to ask.

"It was easier to just give him what he wanted," Naoto told her.

"I've got something else in mind for myself," Souji said, "I… was planning on telling Nanako-chan the truth."

"WHAT!" Everyone suddenly yelled.

"I approve!" Kamui yelled.

"Y-You do!?" Izanagi suddenly spoke up slightly excited, "T-This is great!"

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Kanji spoke up, "Weren't you really against this before? What's with the sudden change of heart? Ain't you afraid of spookin her?"

"I guess that after everything that's happened she should know the truth," Souji said, "And after everything that she went through, I can't keep lying to her… if something did happen to me then she should be the one to know the absolute truth of what happened, and what we're doing."

"Are you sure you want to pressure her like that?" Yukiko asked, "I don't think Nanako could stand it if she lost another member of her family."

"Ah that's right," Amaterasu said, "She already lost her mom, if she thinks she's going to lose you to-."

"It would be better if she knew," Souji told her, "When Nanako-chan lost her mother it was difficult, but what really started to drive her and Dojima-san apart was that they lost her without knowing the reason."

"That's right," Naoto spoke up, "I heard about that case. There are still no suspects."

"So whoever got Nana-chans mom is still free," Teddie said sadly.

"Yeah," Souji said, "Doujima-san spent so long trying to find out who it was the killed her, and Nanako-chan… when we heard her thoughts in her world we kept hearing her asking why she had to leave her. If something does happen then at least she'll know, it's the lesser of two evils."

"I agree whole heartedly," Kamui spoke up, "As such Teddie-dono and I would like to volunteer the two of us to speak with Hime-chan and discuss the terms of our existence, alone if possible."

"No way in hell we're leaving you alone! That'd be as irresponsible as leaving me alone with any woman!" Susano-O said appalled.

"I'd prefer to go alone first, with Izanagi," Souji told them.

"Aww," Kamui suddenly turned depressed.

"Well… I suppose I could take one other-."

"Wevolunteer!" Kamui said quickly.

"Maybe not you Kamui, sorry," Souji said.

"What?! Why not!?" Kamui questioned.

"You do look like a weapon of sorts," Naoto told him, "Invisible ghost is one thing to take in, but it might frighten Nanako-chan if she sees some floating tanker."

"D-… I-… I-I want to see Hime-chan so badly," Kamui suddenly turned really depressed, "B-But if it's for her protection then I understand."

"Thank you Kamui," Izanagi said, "When Nanako gets more used to us then we could all visit her, I'm sure she'd like more friends."

"Ah! T-Thank you so much Izanagi-sempai!" Kamui gleamed with positive energy again.

"So who gets to go see Nanako-chan then?" Yosuke asked.

"US! Pick us!" Yamato suddenly jumped up raising his hand.

"You're not subtle enough for something like this," Naoto told Yamato.

"Aww," Yamato said depressed as well.

"Well then it should clearly be me," Kanzeon said.

"I want to take Yukiko and Amaterasu," Souji said.

"G-Geh!?" Kanzeon suddenly froze, "W-What!? Why them?"

"Out of all you guys, which one of you looks the least intimidating?" Souji asked the Persona.

"AMATERASU!" they all said.

"Me- wha!? Her!?" Kanzeon was shocked.

"Wha- me!?" Amaterasu's body started to light up.

"Yeah she does look the most delicate here, I could blow some air and it'd probably be enough to knock her down," Susano-O said.

"I-I'm not that weak! I can be intimidating!" Amaterasu argued, her cheeks lightly aglow with white light, "U-uh… g-grr!" she tried to seem intimidating to Yamato.

"Woo!" "AH!" Amaterasu nearly tripped in midair when Yamato suddenly jumped up

"Why is she the most delicate one!?" Kanzeon questioned, "I look delicate don't I!?"

"While it's against my policy to say anything insulting to a lady," Susano-O said, "You have antenna's coming out of your body, you look like the kind of person who calls down a laser from space."

"She can do that!?" Yamato asked excitedly.

"NO I CAN'T!" Kanzeon yelled at him, "And you!" Kanzeon suddenly pointed at Amaterasu.

"Eh?" Amaterasu questioned.

"I bet you planned this didn't you!? You're planning on showing how sweet and innocent you are, and how loving you can be to Nanako just to make yourself look better," Kanzeon accused Amaterasu.

"Eh… I could do that?" she asked sounding very interested.

"Wha-…D-NO! D-Don't do that!" Kanzeon retracted.

"If Nanako gets used to you two then when will we get a chance to speak with her?" Suzuka asked, "I'd prefer if I could speak to her first before everyone else."

"Why should you get to speak to Hime-chan first!? … third!?" Kamui asked.

"I'd like to warn her of the rest of us," Suzuka said.

"In the 'men are terrible in every way' sort of warning?" Susano-O asked her.

"No more in the sense of 'we're all insane' sort of warning," Suzuka said.

"We're not that bad," Susano-O said looking at the group.

"Oyabun!" "Aniki!" "I'm the prettiest! Stop taking my title!" "Hime-chan shall dine with us next event!" "I told you already! We don't do reservations."

"Well nothing little Nanako-chan can't get used to," Susano-O said.

"When do we learn to stick swords up something!?"

"There it is," Suzuka said.

(12/12/2011, Inaba High, After School)

"Ready to go?" Souji asked Yukiko, the two of them met at the front of the bulletin board on the 1st floor.

"Right yeah… r-ready to go," Yukiko said a bit shaky.

"You don't need to be nervous, it's Nanako-chan," Souji told her.

"I know, but Amaterasu's been up all night thinking about what could go wrong," Yukiko told him.

"What if because she doesn't have her own persona that we're all harmful to her like Naoto once thought, but then we start mutating her and then she's forced to run off on her own and find someone like her and start an army and take over the world and it leads to nuclear disaster!?" Amaterasu told them panicking.

"I don't… know how I'm supposed to calm her down, that's not even one of the insane things she's talking about," Yukiko said.

"Amaterasu, I'm more than certain talking to Nanako will not lead to any kind of disaster… I hope," Izanagi said a bit nervous as well.

"Will you still be saying that after we-." "No! No we'll be fine," Izanagi said placing his hand over her mouth.

"What if she doesn't accept me as her friend!?" Amaterasu questioned worried.

"It'll be fine Amaterasu," Izanagi told her, "Who in the world wouldn't accept someone as nice as you?"

"D-!?" *SHINE*

"MY EYES!" Izanagi cried out when Amaterasu suddenly shined very brightly.

"A-AH! I'm so sorry!" Amaterasu cried out.


Up on top of the roof Rise along with Naoto and Kanji saw Souji leaving the school with Yukiko. Kanzeon was the closest to the guard fence looking down at the two Persona who were leaving.

"Sigh, there they go," Kanzeon said looking down as Souji and Yukiko walked off, "off to go speak to little Nanako-chan… lucky little bitch."

"Kanzeon!" Rise spoke up.

"What!? She is!" Kazeon argued with her, "She gets to spend a heartwarming day with the man of my dreams, while I'm stuck here. With those two."

"Explain to me again why we came here?" Naoto asked Kanzeon looking annoyed along with Kanji.

"You two are the closest friends me and Okaa-san have in class, we need moral support," Kanzeon told them.

"And you expected this from us?" Naoto asked her pointing to the two Persona behind them.

"I can't draw anything, my pencils keep breaking in my hands," Rokuten told Yamato, he was holding the broken half of a pencil between his fingers.

"Try this one," Yamato said holding up another pencil.


"Try this one."


"Try this one."


"Try this one."


"Perfect, now I need to buy more," Naoto said annoyed, "Thank god Yosuke gives me a discount at Junes."

"Enough of that!" Kanzeon told the two Persona's, smacking the pencils out of Yamato's hand, "My heart is breaking at the sight of my love being taken from my best friend. Can't you focus on that for a second."

"You and Ammy-chan were friends?" Yamato questioned confused.

"Not the point," Kanzeon told them annoyed, "I need comforting words in my time of need while that little BiTcH goes out with Izzy-kun."

"They're on a date?" Rokuten questioned.

"They haven't actually said it's a date," Kanzeon said, "But deep down they're both thinking, the same thing. Amaterasu's probably jumping for joy at the thought of spending time with Izzy-kun, and when she shows how lovingly she can be with kids… oh GOD!"

"What! What's wrong!?" Kanji asked her.

"What if… what if after Izzy-kun sees how good Amaterasu is with kids the two of them decide to… if they!?"

Kanzeon's mind was suddenly filled with the sound of wedding bells.

"Whoa, ain't you getting a bit ahead of yourself?" Kanji questioned.

"Could that even legally happen?" Yamato asked.

"I-… I'm not sure," Naoto said curious.

"Loosing topic here," Kanzeon told them.

"Kanzeon, you really need to calm down about this," Rise told her, "I mean I didn't get Sempai either, but you don't hear me complaining about it, not everyone gets to have a smooth relationship."

"Well… while we're here," Naoto said reaching into her pack, "Here's your bento box back Kanji," she handed Kanji a small black bento box.

"Wait what!?" Rise was suddenly filled with shock as she shared the small exchange between Naoto and Kanji, "Wait wait wait wait! What is that?"

"Um… what?" Naoto questioned.

"You! And that!" she pointed to the box, "Is that… does that belong to Kanji-kun!?"

"Yeah I lent it to her when I made her lunch," Kanji told her.


"Jeeze! The hell are you screaming for!?" Kanji questioned very annoyed.

"You two…," Rise started pointing her finger accusingly at them, "You two have been dating behind my back!?"

"WHAT!?" both Kanji and Naoto practically yelled.

"T-That's not what we're doing!" "H-How could you think that!?"

"You both are denying it so strongly! It must be true!" Rise accused once again.

"That's not what's been happening!" Kanji tired to deny.

"Rise we aren't some couple," Naoto told her, yet with a slight blush on her cheeks, "K-Kanji merely offered to start making me lunch, lately I've been doing more work so I haven't had the time… or skill I suppose, to pack myself a proper lunch."

"LIAR!" Rise accused, she suddenly fell to her knees and hands in a state of great depression, "Everyone I know is getting together with their friends, Sempai and Yukiko-chan, Yosuke-kun and Chie-san, and now you two."

"WE AINT A COUPLE!" Kanji yelled, "O-Oh uh not that I wouldn't want to be."

"E-Excuse me?" Naoto questioned.

"N-NO WAIT! I didn't mean that I want one! I-I was trying to say y-you know that, if you wanted to we could… DAMN IT!"

"K-Kanji I understand!" Naoto said holding her hat down to cover most of her face, "If the occasion came up I wouldn't mind it either."


"Ah! T-That was-," Naoto tried to correct herself.

"Oh god!" Rise complained, "Now you're admitting your feelings to each other right in front of me!"

"NO!" "T-That's not-."

"I'm gonna be alone forever," Rise said falling back to the ground, a cloud of depression raining over her head.

"You could always get Teddie," Yamato suggested.

"I'd rather die a virgin," Rise said.

(Inaba Hospital)

"You two wait out here," Souji told the Persona's, "We'll let you know when it's okay to come in."

"Understood," Izanagi said.

"T-Take your time," Amaterasu said still nervous.

Once again Nanako was very bored, usually during the day she would be asleep and recovering, but today she was wide awake. The doctors still couldn't figure out what was wrong with her so she still needed to be kept under observation. She wanted to get up and move, but her father wouldn't allow her. It didn't look to safe for her to leave anyway the whole city was really foggy.

*Knock knock* Nanako heard from her door, and started to get her hopes up.

"Hey Nanako-chan," Souji said walking in.

"Big bro!" Nanako said happily.

"Hello Nanako-chan," Yukiko said walking in alongside him.

"Yukiko-chan!" Nanako said happily.

"Hey Nanako-chan, you still bored of this place?" Souji asked her.

"Yeah, there's nothing to do all day. Why do they need to keep me in here for so long? I feel a lot better than before, why can't I just rest at home?" Nanako asked her brother.

"It's for your own good, they still haven't figured out what's wrong with you," Souji told her, "Actually, that's kind of why we're here."

"Really? Do you know what's wrong with me?" Nanako asked him.

"Not exactly," Souji said, "I know you probably don't want to remember this, but… I was wondering if you remember about the time you were kidnapped."

"You mean… that weird place?" Nanako questioned sounding uneasy.

"Yeah…," Souji said sounding just as uneasy, "First of all you need to absolutely promise me that you won't say anything about this. To anybody."

"Really? Why?" Nanako asked sounding interested.

"You need to promise me first Nanako," Souji told her.

"It's a really big secret, and it would cause a bit of trouble if anyone found out the truth. For us, and for you," Yukiko said.

"Oh… okay, I understand, I won't say anything to anybody," Nanako told them.

Outside of the room both Izanagi and Amaterasu pressed their ear(area)'s against the door to Nanako's room listening in on the conversation they were all having. Amaterasu's body was giving off a strange looking wavy light, like heat light, but more 'shaky' than 'wavy'.

"Are you alright?" Izanagi asked.

"Fine I'm okay I'm not worried at all why would you ask if I'm worried is there a reason I should be worried?"

"Calm down," Izanagi told her, "I didn't ask if you were worried, and I definitally didn't say there was a reason for you to be worried."

"Oh good because I'm not worried why would you think I was worried is there a reason I should be worried because I'm not worried but now that you say that there's no reason to be worried I'm not worried hey now that I think about it there's some excuse for me to leave right now because I'm nervous I think I should do that."

"You're so nervous you don't even realize that you told me you're nervous," Izanagi said.

Back inside the room Souji began telling Nanako everything he needed to.

"First of all, do you remember what happened to that man who took you? Back in that strange place?" Souji asked her.

"You mean Namatame?" Nanako asked, "I… think I remember him? And I think I saw him with… some weird red angle thing wearing a T-shirt."

"So you do remember what happened," Souji said.

"You didn't tell everyone about this did you?" Yukiko asked her.

"Mm-mm," Nanako said lightly shaking her head, "Nobody asked me about that, so I didn't have a chance to."

"I suppose even the police wouldn't ask a little girl about a traumatizing event so soon," Souji said, "Do you… remember… anything else?" he said a little nervous himself.

"Mmmmm," Nanako tilted her head trying to think of anything, "… Oh! There was something I did want to ask you," she said in realization.

"Yeah?" Souji said.

"Um… what happened to your friend Izzz..ama…gi?"

"GUH!?" "GRCK!?" both Souji and Yukiko's eyes widened in and they were frozen in shock.

"Huh!?" both Izanagi and Amaterasu froze in their spot as well from Nanako's shocking question.

"Wha- wha- wha- what do you mean?" Yukiko asked her sounding really nervous.

"Big-bro's friend, that high school robot," Nanako said just plain and happy.

"High school robot?" Izanagi said suddenly filled with shame.

"H-How could you… how did you know about him?" Souji asked her with horrid shock still all over his face.

"Well… I didn't really understand him at first," Nanako said, "A lot of nights I could hear you talking to someone, I always thought it was some friend of yours, but then you started talking about weird things like about gods and a TV world. But when I was taken I could see a bunch of weird people fighting with you guys, I heard you call one of them Izna-na-nagi."

"T-That… h-how?" Souji stuttered flabbergasted.

"Nanako-chan, how could you have possibly know all of that?" Yukiko questioned her.

"Big-bro's room is right next to mine, and he talks really loud," Nanako said.

Souji, Izanagi, Yukiko, and Amaterasu could all swear they felt a breeze pass by them all.

"You mean to tell me that you made one of the most simple mistakes that anyone could make?" Yukiko asked Souji.

"I… I've never felt so ashamed in my life," Souji said, "To overlook something so trivial."

"Sooo… can we come in?" Izanagi poked his head through the door (literally). Souji and Yukiko both looked like they were about to have panic attacks, but Nanako looked like she was about to explode with glee.

"Wooow! You ARE real!" Nanako said excitedly before Souji and Yukiko could say anything to him. Her eyes weren't filled with fear, she looked upon him with awe like she was seeing some hero from a TV show.

"And to think you were so worried about her reaction," Izanagi said looking at Souji, he still looked very worried about how Nanako would react to him, "Hello I'm… Izanagi as I'm sure you heard."

"You're really big!" Nanako said still very excited.

"Ah… y-yes thank you," Izanagi said lightly blushing.

"What are you?! Do you have superpowers!? Do you go to the same high school as big bro!?" Nanako asked him quickly.

"Why do you think I go to high school?" Izanagi questioned her a bit confused.

"You look like you do," Nanako told him.

"That… that is true, I do look like I go to a high school," Izanagi said looking at his attire, "Oh and this is… uh…" Izanagi noticed that there was nobody behind him.

"Do you have an imaginary friend to?" Nanako asked him.

"Wh- did you think I was talking to an imaginary friend?" Souji questioned.

"Hm… yeah… for a little bit," Nanako said, "But you were doing so well in school and everywhere that I didn't think it would matter much."

"pfft…," Yukiko held back her laughter placing her fingers over her lips her cheeks puffing up every few moments.

"I'll be right back," Izanagi said going through the wall.

"WaaaH! He's a ghost!?" Nanako said just as excited as before.

"We're a little unsure on that," Souji told her.

"W-Wait! I'm not ready!" they suddenly heard from the other side of the door.

"Who's that?" Nanako questioned.

"Well that's my… snrk… imaginary friend," Yukiko snickered.


Izanagi had Amaterasu by her wrist and was forced to drag her into the room.

"This is Amaterasu," Izanagi said introducing her.

"NO NO NO NO NO! I-I'm not here!" Amaterasu cried out, "You're still asleep! It's a dream! I'm a mirage! It's a trick of the light! I'm really a dog!"

"So many of those things aren't possible," Souji said.

"Woooooww!" Nanako said with much more enthusiasm than before, "You're really pretty!"

"Eh?" Amaterasu stopped struggling.

"You look like a fairy!" Nanako said happily.

"Oh r-really?" Amaterasu said with a light red glow.

"You glow red now? When could you do that?" Izanagi questioned.

"Are you Izza-mag-ni's girlfriend?" Nanako suddenly questioned having a bit of difficulty pronouncing his name.

"Shield your eyes!" Souji quickly said placing his hands over Nanako's eyes. She couldn't see but she saw a really really bright light suddenly filling the room.

"Try not to say anything that would embarrass her," Izanagi told her.

"Oh okay… sorry," Nanako said apologetic.

"No- no it's fine," Amaterasu said not wanting her to feel guilty.

(15 minutes later)

"Just wait out here," Izanagi told Souji and Yukiko from out the door, "We'll let you know when it's okay to come in," he said before shutting the door.

"Did I… did I seriously get kicked out of my sisters room? By my best friend?" Souji questioned.

"snrk… hahaha!" Yukiko lightly laughed.

"So no one else can see you?" Nanako asked.

"That's right," Izanagi told her.

"What about dad?" Nanako asked.

"No he can't see us," Izanagi said, "Nanako there's something that we really do need to discuss with you."

"Is this… about where you've been going all the time?" Nanako questioned.

"Ah… you've noticed that then?" Izanagi said.

"Mm-hm, big bro and all his friends were gone around the evening after school. I was wondering where he was going all that time but I didn't want to ask him because he was tired," Nanako said.

"To think that Doujima-san didn't notice this, but you did," Amaterasu said.

"Nanako you know about the murders that have been happening right?" Izanagi asked her.

"Yeah… did you… know who did it?" Nanako asked him worried.

"We… we do," Izanagi said.

"Are you… going to go and fight him?" Nanako asked him.

"… you seem to have a good grasp on what it is that we're planning to do," Izanagi said a bit surprised.

"You'll… be okay right, you all beat that big red guy before so you'll be fine right?" Nanako asked them.

"Uh… well that's-."

"Of course," Izanagi said interrupting Amaterasu.

"Wh- Izanagi," Amaterasu tried to say.

"That's what we're here for, we'll be sure to protect your brother," Izanagi said.

"You promise?" Nanako asked.

"Of course," Izanagi said.

"You have to really promise," Nanako said sticking out her pinky finger.

"Uh… I don't know what this is," Izanagi said curious.

"Wrap your pinky around mine," Nanako ordered him.

"Um?" Izanagi looked at his sharp fingers, "I don't know if that's safe."

"Do it," Nanako told him.

Izanagi was careful to maneuver his pinky around Nanako, careful not to cut her with his sharp end.

"Say what I say; Pinky promise," Nanako said, "if I lie, I will drink 1000 needles, and cut my pinky."

"WHAT!?" Amaterasu shrieked.

"No no! I think it's just a saying," Izanagi told her, "Pinky promise, if I lie, I will drink 1000 needles, and cut my pinky," he happily repeated.

"Remember you promised to come back okay," Nanako told him.

"I understand," Izanagi said, "I promise."

Kisdota: No excuses, except this one. I think I'm losing the interest in this series, it's been so long. Anyway to apologize I have a string of Persona'L Problems for you all.

Persona'L Problems

"So he just got stuck in the game?" Chie said looking at the screen of Mario Kart with Yosuke.


"I've been trying to figure out how to get him out, I called Souji but he's at work right now," Yosuke said.

"I think he belongs in there," Suzuka said looking at the screen, Susano-O was trying to maneuver himself in the small tiny kart, "He looks like he's having fun."

"Hey keep Suzuka away from that controller!" Susano-O yelled.

"Oh so you don't want me to touch this," Suzuka said smugly reaching for the remote.

"No wait!" Yosuke tried to stop her, but it was too late. The moment Suzuka touched the remote her body was suddenly sucked in. To Yosuke and Chie a bright light blinded the two of them. When the light was gone they could see that Suzuka was gone.

"NO! Suzuka!" Chie looked over to the game screen, but saw that she wasn't in there. And Susano-O was also gone as well.

"Whoa! Where'd they go?" Yosuke questioned.


"Hmm?" Yosuke heard his phone, he answered it hearing Rise.

"Hey Yosuke-kun, are Susano-On and Suzuka online right now?" Rise asked him.

"What? Why would you ask that?" he questioned.

"Kanzeon heard the two of them yelling on the internet for some reason, whatever that means."

"Uh… does she know where they are?"


"I blame you for this," Suzuka said holding out her riffle.

"I don't know what's worse, the fact that we have to fight like regular humans with these stupid weapons or that we have to listen to these idiots over the radio," Susano-O said.

"F*** YOU F***ING F**ET F**!" they heard over some poor quality radio.

"I'm pretty sure that kids not old enough to play this," Susano-O said, "on your left."

Suzuka aimed her weapon at two other soldiers running at her and fired off right for their heads.

Enemy Killed 100

Enemy Killed 100

"Ugh! I can't focus with all this text in the way! And why is it in English!?"

"Oh stop your whinning!" Susano-O told her.


"Yeah those guns don't work when you're on the same team," Susano-O told her.

"Damn it!"

Persona'L Problems

Chie, Yosuke, and the group left the TV world. Chie was sporting a bruiser on her eye from a Shadow attack.

"Eesh, are you feeling okay?" Yosuke asked her.

"I'll be fine," Chie said rubbing her black eye in pain.

"You're going to need to come up with an excuse about that at school tomorrow," Souji told her.

"Don't worry, I'll think of something," Chie said.

(School, Next day)

"Chie-chan are you okay? What happened to your eye," Daisuke asked her worried.

Chie got nervous, "Oh- uh-uhh- Yosuke hit me!"

"Wait What!?" Yosuke said.

Persona'L Problems

Souji was waiting outside of Nanako's room at the hospital again. Izanagi kicked him out again.

"Why do I keep getting kicked out?" Souji questioned, he nudged open the door to look inside and see what the two of them were doing.

"-Then the littlest bear said-," Izanagi said but he stopped reading the book he was reading and Nanako looked at the door as well.

"Do you mind?" Izanagi asked.

"Hey uh you mind if I join in-."


Izanagi suddenly closed the door on him, and he heard him continue reading the book to Nanako.

"Sigh, should have just kept him a secrect," Souji said annoyed.