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(12/13/2011, TV world, After School)

"We have traveled far, faced many enemies, and triumphed over many trials. The truth's we have learned, the disgusting and horrid side of humanity, the lives we have saved… will all son give meaning at this point. For it is through our actions that we face, what we hope for, the truth. Though as history has shown us, time and time again, the truth can be an ugly thing."

"… What... the F*** are you talking about?" Susano-O asked Kamui.

"I don't know, I thought it would be good to add to the records," he told him as Kamui wrote on the paper, "too many words, get rid of it!" he tossed the sheet over his shoulder as it flew away into the deep fog.

"We're not here to focus on your damn idiotic records, also what is the rebooted version of me this time?" Susano-O asked him.

"A swordsman who descended from the heavens after being banished from your father who is Izanagi after killing your sister Amaterasu," Kamui told him.

"Wh- That's regular mythical Susano-O, you made me my regular self while Yamato is an astronaut?"

"I fly to the moon lead by field commander Kanzeon who can also solve crimes," Yamato told him.

"I transform into the rocket," Rokuten said happily.

"The history books will need tradition if we are to ever pass this record to our children," Kamui told him.

"Records require facts," Susano-O told him.

"I must say I would prefer to remain single, not married to this man," Suzuka told him.

"Oh you're not married anymore, you kill him in the end," Kamui said.

"Oh… well I'm fine then," Suzuka said.

"You seriously need to decide on what you want, it's weird considering all that's happened," Susano-O told him.

"I'll decide when I feel like it," Suzuka told him.

"Are you all ready?" Souji asked them, "Are we ready to go?"

"Yup, got all the medical supplies I could, not the discount stock either," Yosuke said.

"Me and Kanji got all the good armor we could," Chie said.

"Can't believe the dude hasn't said a word about all the stuff we bring him this whole time," Kanji said, "Crazy thing is that the dude told us good luck when we left."

"Does he know what's going on?" Yosuke asked him.

"Well we didn't tell him," Chie said.

"Supplies are at full," Naoto told him, "Excluding a set of fireworks that someone decided to almost let off in the house."

"Sorry, the kids seemed to like them I thought I would be fun to set one off in the kitchen, sorry for wasting our supplies," Yamato said.

"That wasn't the problem in the first place," Naoto told him annoyed.

"Anything else we should focus on before we go?" Souji asked them all.

"I would like to read the minutes from the last time we were here," Kamui told them.

"We didn't take down any minutes," Izanagi told him.

"I would also like to try and remember the minutes we took yesterday," Kamui then said.

"This isn't some kind of meeting," Yosuke told him annoyed, "Honestly we're facing the last guy, someone who wants to kill us, treat this seriously."

"I-I am treating this seriously, i-it's just that…," Kamui trailed off his explanation.

"Just what?" Yosuke asked him.

"T-Teddie-dono is terrified!" Kamui suddenly blurted out.

"W-W-What!?" Teddie questioned shocked.

"I just thought that I would stall as long as I could so that we wouldn't have to face the danger yet," Kamui told them.

"It's very clear that Teddie's not the scared one," Suzuka said.

"N-No he-he is!" Kamui exclaimed.

"Am not!" Teddie argued.

"You must really be terrified to be able to betray Teddie," Suzuka told him.

"I Would Never Betray Teddie-Dono!" Kamui nearly yelled.

"I ain't afraid!" Teddie said, "I'm ready to take down Adachi!"

"D-Duuhh… Bu-bu-but-!" Kamui tried to say.

"Kamui, you can't let something like this keep you from helping," Amaterasu told him.

"I-I'm well aware," Kamui said.

"You gotta face it like a man!" Kanji told him, "Sure it's scary, but this is what we all signed up for."

"Are you scared as well Kanji-kun?" Yukiko asked him.

"Hell no, I'm want to kick that bastards ass!" Kanji said pumping his fist.

"Ah… before we go I have something!" Izanagi suddenly spoke up.

"What is it?" Souji asked him.

"Well as you all know Nanako-chan is well aware of our existence," Izanagi said.

"We demand custody to see her at least once a week!" Kamui then said.

"She's not your child!" Kanzeon yelled at him.

"After we told her that we were all going to face someone dangerous she decided to make a bit of a good luck charm for all of us," Izanagi told them.

"OOOH! Presents from Hime-chan!" Kamui blurted out.

"Yay! Presents!" Yamato cheered.

"Presents! Whatcha get us whatcha get us!?" Rokuten asked along the two. The three of them started jumping up and down excitedly.

"You're all like a bunch of children," Kanzeon said depressed.

"Anyway she made us all little bracelets," Izanagi told them.

"What? She never made us bracelets," Souji said.

"Yes she did, she asked me to hide them in your jacket until you got here," Izanagi said.

Souji looked into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out a small pouch of little bracelets made of light blue beads, tied together with ribbon and small talismans were hanging off them saying 'good luck'. The material looked cheap, however they way they were crafted and made looked almost magical.

"Where did… Nanako get the material to make this?" Souji asked Izanagi suspiciously, "Or even find the time to make all these?"

"I… may have visited her while you all were at school," Izanagi said.

"You left to visit Hime-chan without us?!" Kamui cried out in sadness.

"I was wondering why you left my area of sight," Kanzeon said.

"When did you!? How did you leave me!?" Souji questioned.

"We always could, " Izanagi said.

"Yeah I sorta suspected that as well when we went on that school trip, and Teddie left us," Susano-O said.

"Yeah me to," Rokuten told them.

"I mostly liked to stay with you guys because I was afraid of getting lost," Suzuka said.

"Same here," Amaterasu said.

"Anyway Nanako-chan asked if you would all wear these while we're fighting," Izanagi said.

"Of course we shall!" Kamui declared for Teddie who reached into the pouch.

"Hell, I'm not one to turn down a present," Yosuke said, "… … wha- where'd they go?"

"HA!" Teddie yelled out raising his arms which were covered in eight braclets, "I'll be super lucky with this!"

"Dude! Come on you can't take all of them!" Yosuke told him.

"Yeah! I want some to!" Chie said.

"Everyone gets one," Izanagi said.

"Oh… fine," Teddie said dejectedly taking off the bracelets.

"Might I suggest that we move?" Naoto suggested, "We have something important that we must finish."

"Yeah, Yamato's been getting more curious about that sword sticking. If he asks me where kids come from one more time I'm going to lose it," Susano-O said.

"What have you been telling him?" Suzuka asked him annoyed.

"The mail."

(Magatsu Inaba)

"Okay… here we go," Souji said. Him and everyone were stading right in front of the portal that had previously been keeping them from ascending, "Anything we should do before we move forward?"

"Why are you asking us?" Yosuke questioned him, a slight tone of nervousness.

"Everything we've done is about to reach an end… this is someone who's intent on killing us," Souji said, "I just want to make sure that there are…I don't want to make you nervous… but if there are any things you want to say just in case."

"… … I was the one who kept stealing food from Junes," Teddie admitted.

"That was you!?" Yosuke yelled.

"You can't possibly tell me you're surprised," Susano-O said.

"No I guess not," Yosuke groaned.

"No regrets… I hope," Chie said, "But… just in case it's been fun, I'm glad I got to fight with you guys. Sorry for hitting Yosuke all those times… he deserved it half the time though."

"Hey!" Yosuke yelled.

"I'm glad to have found you all as well," Naoto said, "Though this all started out as a mere job I… it's the closest I've felt to have a normal life."

"Same here," Rise said, "I'm partly glad that I got kidnapped and got to talk to you all. Even though I felt a bit betrayed at times."

"Sorry," Yukiko said, "I'm… happy that we're all together."

"Is that all?" Teddie asked, "Of course we're all happy to be together."

"I ain't got anything to say," Kanji said, "I don't plan on dyin, not today or for a long time."

"Yeah same here," Yosuke said, "We've been through a lot, I know you're gonna get us through this."

"Thanks guys," Souji said, "Well… let's go. We finish with this today."

The new place looked a lot more open. There weren't any buildings in the back, the sky was a normal looking deep red, with clouds. The floor was much more wider as well.

"The perfect place for a final fight," Izanagi said.

"Tell me about it, I feel a lot better here," Rise said looking around.

"You good to support us?" Naoto asked her.

"Mm-hm, this place doesn't make me feel as queasy."

"Look there he is," Izanagi said pointing out. Near the edge of the area was Adachi as well as Magatsu. The gang ran to him staying a safe distance away, Adachi merely started clapping for them.

"Well well… I'm surprised you all managed to get this far," he said.

"Seriously, what took you guys?" Magatsu asked rudly and annoyed.

"You were watching us the whole time, you should know why we took so long," Izanagi told him.

"Eh, you're not that interesting to watch," Magatsu told him.

"Weren't you harassing us? You were teasing Amaterasu at one point," Izanagi said.

"She's the one that's fun to look at," Magatsu told him, then he turned his attention to Amaterasu, "Yeah really fun to look at."

"EEP!" Amateasu blushed/shined and quickly hid behind Izanagi.

"Do we learn yet?" Yamato asked holding up his sword.

"Not yet," Naoto said, "First of all I want to confirm a few things," she said looking to Adachi, "You had suspected that this world could be dangerous, and yet you threw Mayumi Yamano into this world. And even after she died you then threw in Saki Konishi."

Adachi just sighed at her.

"Booo-ring," Magatsu taunted.

"You also tricked Namatame into doing your work for you, taking over all your murder attempts while you watched like some spectator at a game," Naoto continued, "And when we started stopping the murders you sent a warning letter trying to stir up more victims. Even when a copycat killer sprung up you had the nerve as a detective of the law to eliminate a suspect under investigation.

"People are dead because of you!" Yosuke yelled.

"My sister is in the hospital thanks to you," Souji told him.

"If just one thing had gone wrong then many more people would have died! All of this… for some 'excitement'!?" Naoto questioned.

"Homicide!" Yamato accused pointing at him.

"Yeah? So what's your point? All I did was put a few people in here," Adachi told.

"Yeah in the same sense that I could say 'I didn't kill them, I just pulled the trigger on the gun'," Susano-O mocked angrily.

"Well it's the world that really kills the people, this world reflects people's thoughts," Adachi told them.

"Yeah, maybe if your people were a lot nicer there wouldn't be so much mischief and malice killing off everyone," Magatsu said.

"F*** You!" Yosuke yelled at him, "You threw people in here knowing full well that they were gonna die!"

"Aww look at you so self rigtious, isn't that adorable?" Magatsu said.

"How could you do all of this!? Aren't you a police officer!?" Chie questioned.

"How could a person like you join the police with such ill intent to the people?" Suzuka said.

"Please, you think anyone joins the police force just to be an 'ally of justice'?" Adachi said, "Wanna know why I joined? So I could legally carry a gun, that's it. You'd be amazed at how many people are like that."

"Wha- for such an ill gained reason?" Izanagi questioned.

"I thought it would be fun too, but then it turned out that everyone is an idiot," Adachi said.

"Seriously, might as well of not had the gun. Way to many regulations and rules," Magatsu said.

"I made one tiny little mistake and then they get on my case and send me to nowhereville," Adachi said, "I was bored out of my mind… but then I discovered my powers."

"A bastard like you?" Kanji questioned.

"What kind of idiot would give you power?" Rokuten questioned.

"Hell if I know, I guess it was a gift for being sent here from nowhereville," Adachi said, "I did all of that stuff because I was finally getting some entertainment."

"That's your reason!?" Yukiko said.

"You can't possibly be this cruel, do you not care about what happens to your world?" Amaterasu said.

"Oh please, that place is boring as hell," Magatsu said.

"No one really likes this world, they just accept that this is the way things are, they're all stuck and they can't deny it either," Adachi said, "People who succeed in life, they're the lucky ones who were born with the magic ticket called 'talent'. If you don't have that then you can either accept that it's your desiny or deny it. That's your only choice. And after that you realize that all that's left is despair, the ultimate game over."

"Seriously, your world is better off gone," Magatsu said.

"So you hate your life and you murdered people for that, yeah that makes sense," Kanzeon said sarcastically.

"That's complete BS!" Rise yelled.

"Brats like you always seem to piss me off, you're all so damn naïve," Adachi said, "You might have hopes and dreams right now, but that's only because you don't know how reality works. One day you'll see, you'll all face the boring reality that keeps you locked in, and you'll have no where to go."

"The only thing boring here is your excuse!" Kanji yelled, "You wanna disappear that's fine, but stop dragging the rest of us down with you!"

"Sheesh, stop yelling already you punk, I get it having to act tough and all but geez," Adachi said.

"Oh you wanna see tough!? Why don't you come over here and see how tought I am!?" Kanji yelled at him.

"I'll use my weapon in Susano-O's lesson!?" Rokuten threatened holding up his massive flame like blade.

"I'm just telling you all this based on my own experiences in life," Adachi said, "I mean once they all turn into a shadow it's not like they'll die. They'll keep on living, blissfully ignorant of the world around them. It's no different than things are now, this'll easily make things a lot better for them."

"Seriously, you'll be happier than your piss poor system of life," Magatsu said.

"Happier!? The hell are you talking about!?" Yosuke yelled.

"Please, all you little bags of flesh don't really care about right or wrong, real of fake," Magatsu said, "In the end it's pointless to think about it all in the first place."

"Nothing comes out of facing reality, and there's nothing you can do to change it either. What could be more boring than complaining about the things you can't change?" Adachi said, "It's better to just ignore them and just believe in what you want."

"Makes the world a whole lot easier don't it?" Magatsu said a bit horridly, "You humans live such short lives, if you become shadows then you won't need to worry about all that stuff, you'll just live easier ignoring the truth around you."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? 'Easier'?" Yosuke said.

"Do you really think that people out there care about what's real? Or what's right and wrong?" Adachi questioned, "There's almost no one who thinks that, it's useless to think about those things in the first place. Honestly, we don't need our own world anymore. It's better to just give it up and let it be swallowed up but the shadows, that's what all those people who're scared to death really want, so it's up to us to make sure they get it."

"Gonna be real fun when that happens," Magatsu said.

"Nobody wants that you dumbass! That's just you!" Chie yelled.

"Geeze, you remember when your own Shadow came out? It must have been enjoying life far more than you," Adachi said, suddenly his body started letting out an eerily dark mist, Magatsu Izanagi's body was the same.

"Be careful, I don't know what's happening to them," Teddie said.

*WHOOSH* The gang suddenly felt a strong draft of air pass them all, Adachi's eyes started glowing a sinister yellow.

"You all saw Shadows as mere monsters didn't you!?" Adachi questioned, "They run on pure instinct! They go wild because you defy them!" Adachi started sounding more and more evil and cruel with each word.

"Standing right here," Susano-O said a bit offended.

"You annoying brats are the ones who aren't wanted in the new world!" Adachi yelled at them.

"Speak for yourself!" Yukiko told him, "You hate living, but you don't want to die!? Of course we won't understand that, no one would understand that, it makes no sense! You're just a kid throwing a tantrum because you can't get your way!"

"Just shut up!" Magatsu yelled at her.

"People can't live alone," Naoto said, "If you give in and sever your ties to human society it will naturally become hard to live in it. Yet you refuse to face life and admit your fault, running from your own humanity like a coward."

"I told you brats to shut it!" Magatsu said more harshly.

"And even through you find life so troublesome you do nothing but make trouble for others," Naoto said, "Your twisted logic is that of an immature egotistic brat!"

"Shut up!" Adach and Magatsu both yelled.

"You think you're all so tough!?" Adachi cried out, more and more black mist was seeping out of him, "You can't even stand on your own unless you deny everything I said! You stupid teenagers…! Y-You have no idea what kinda shit I've had to go through!"

"Pft, favored by the world my ass… I'm just gonna spell it out for you!" Yosuke yelled, "You're just a worthless criminal!"

"SHRRRRGH!" Adachi was suddenly covered in a violently shifting mist of darkness.

"He's ready to attack," Rise said, "This is it, this is our last battle."

"Everything we got! I'll know if you're holding back!" Kanzeon told them.

Adachi pulled out his gun in an instant and aimed the first shot.

"DIE ALREADY!" *BANG* *CLANG* the first shot was aimed at Yosuke, but Susano-O blocked it with his blade before it could hit him.

"Saw that coming a mile away," Susano-O said.

"Brave Blade!" Yosuke called slashing his card.

Susano-O's weapon started spinning around and he kicked it off right for Adachi.

*CLANG* Magatsu Izanagi blocked the blade and swung the weapon right back at him.

"Whoa!?" Susano-O ducked down avoiding his own weapon before getting control of it again and having it float back around him.

"Don't think I ever saw anyone do that before," Susano-O said surprised.

"Magatsu!" Adachi called to him.

"Got it!" he said, holding his blade backwards he gathered forth a bit of grenn like energy and slashed at it, "Atom Smasher!"

A load of wavy energy suddenly filled the area. Even while defending they all felt a shock through their body.

"DRrgh! Damn You!" Chie yelled kicking her persona's card.

"Power Charge!" Suzuka held her weapon up focusing her power.

"Won't let you!" Magatsu said heading for Suzuka.

"Rokuten!" Kanji called out.

"Roger!" Rokuten called out standing in front of Magatsu.

"Out of the way!" Magatsu said swinging his sword at him, Rokuten swung his weapon down at him as well. The two of them clashed, despite Magatsu's size he was still giving Rokuten a bit of trouble.

"We got this! Got for Adachi!" Kanji yelled at the gang.

"Thanks!" Souji said, "Izanagi!"

"Ziodyne!" Izanagi summoned forth a huge bolt of lighting to strike down on Adachi.

Adachi quickly stepped to the side and avoided the attack, the ground next to him was suddenly scorched from the powerful bolt.

"No way!?" Izanagi said shocked, "Humans can't move that fast."

"Impossible!?" Kanzeon suddenly said.

"Adachi… he… doesn't look like a human anymore!?" Rise said confused scanning him.

"That black mist," Souji said, "Is he… turning into a Shadow?"

"If he's really becoming one of them then there's no reason to hold back," Naoto said shotting one of the cards.

"I'm gonnna make you go boom!" Yamato yelled, "Megidolaon!"

A large bolt of blue energy fell down near Adachi creating a large explosion, Adachi got caught in the blast, but he was barley pushed back.

"Die already you little brats!" Adachi cried out firing his gun at them.

*BANG* "Grgh!" Naoto felt one of the shots go through her arm.

"NAOTO!" Kanji cried out hurrying over to her.

"DiE!" Adachi started firing his gun right for Naoto.

*BANG* *CLANG* Kanji got to her just in time.

"Naoto's really hurt, she needs healing!" Rise said.

"On it!" Yukiko said.

"W-Wait a minute! I-I can't heal her while she has a bullet it'll do more damage if I try to fix her with that inside," Amaterasu said.

"Take care of it! We'll hold off Adachi!" Souji yelled.

Souji ran at Adachi who started firing at him, Izanagi stayed in front of him to defend him from the rain of bullets.

"God Hand!" Chie cried out, Suzuka ran at Magatsu Izanagi. Rokuten jumped back letting her attack him.

*BAAAAAM* Suzuka delivered a high powered punch right into Magatsu's gut. Suzuka was waiting for him to try and move, but he didn't budge a bit.

"Did that…. Do it?" she questioned.

*GRAB* Suzuka suddenly felt Magatsu grab onto her arm.

"THAT ALL YOU GOT!" he teased swinging his weapon at her.


"The hell am I supposed to do?" Kanji asked worried supporting Naoto to sit up.

"You need to get the bullet out first," Yukiko told him.

"How the hell do I do that!?" Kanji questioned her.

"I don't know, Amaterasu just told me what to do," Yukiko said worried.

"In my pocket," she said still weakly clutching her bleeding arm, "Kanji didn't wait and reached into her coat pocket. He pulled out a small swiss army knife.

"Use the knife, dig it out," Naoto said.

"Wait what?" Kanji questioned worried.

"It's the only way," Naoto told him, "Just do it I'll be fine."

"Do it quick, I'll heal her afterwards," Amaterasu said.

"Whoa wait I don't want to cut Naoto!" Kanji said worried.

"It'll be fine," Naoto said, "Just hurry up and do it before I lose too much blood," she said.

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Persona'L Problems

"So we just need to try and move them?" Kanzeon asked.

"Yeah! Try and find a way to lead them all back here," Chie said.

"Alright… alright I got them," Kanzeon said, "I'll just lead the two of them in this direction and… wha- DAMN IT!"

"What? What's wrong?" Yosuke asked.

"The connection in this place is Crap! I just sent them to the wrong place!"

"What? Where?" Chie asked worried.


"I have multiple reasons of why I'm going to murder you after this," Suzuka said. She and Susano-O were now in some large stadium in the middle of it all, facing off against some orange dragon thing with it's tail on fire.

"First off you can't do anything unless I give the command, (so grateful for that), secondly I didn't exactly choose to come to a place like this. There are many more games I would have preferred," Susano-O said.

"I'll kill you!" Suzuka said trying to rush to Susano-O but she was stuck I the same spot while Susano-O was stuck in the command area, "This is annoying, can't we just leave?"

"Nope, tried that, there's no running from a trainer battle," Susano-O said, "Just defeat that thing and let's go."

"I swear to god if you tell anyone that you're giving me commands-!" Suzuka threatened.

"Just shut up and use Hydro Pump!"