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(12/13/2011, After School, Magatsu Inaba)

"GYAH!" Adachi cried out when Izanagi delivered a powerful punch, sending him flying back. Despite Adachi being a frail human he seemed to take the blow pretty well, but he was out of energy to fight. Angrily struggling to get up Izanagi quickly moved next to him and pointed his blade down at him.

"I'd stay down if I were you," Izanagi warned him.

"You bastard!" Adachi snarled at him, "I know how you weaklings are, you don't have it in you to kill me," he said getting up despite Izanagi's warning.

*BAM* Souji immediately socked him in the face.

"Killing's not as fun as hurting you, don't tempt us," Souji told him, "What's the situation? Is everyone okay?"

"Yeah we're fine," Rise said, "Amaterasu did… I-I don't know what it was, but it sure wasn't any standard move, she burned Magatsu down to a crisp. I don't know where that power came from."

"Really would have been useful about six different times, is anyone else sick of finishing a fight when we're on the brink of death this cannot possibly be good for my heart if I have one," Kanzeon commented.

"You're sure Magatsu's down?" Souji asked looking at the team of Persona's who all still seemed to be fighting, "What are you guys doing?"

"We're just double-beating on Magatsu to make sure he's down," Kanzeon said.

"Double-beating? You mean double-checking right?"

"No I do not."


"Shouldn't we stop now? He seems dead," Rokuten asked them as they continued their assault on Magatsu who was still just lying on the ground.

"We need to make double sure that he's down, there's no way in hell we're fighting this guy again," Susano-O told him.

"Guys I'm pretty sure he's down," Suzuka told them.

*STAB* Amaterasu just impaled Magatsu with her sword.

"AMATERASU!" Suzuka yelled at her.

"Sorry," she said.



"Sorry sorry."

"I'm already in horrible pain… please stop," Magatsu told them still laying on the ground.

"Yeah sorry, but we've all had super bad luck with enemies." *KICK* "Plus you stabbed me in the back," Susano-O told him *KICK* "And you tried to kill all of us, which reminds me, YAMATO! Time to learn that lesson!"

"AWESOME!" Yamato cheered.

"Stop!" Izanagi said interrupting them.

"Aw crud," Susano-O complained, "I suppose this means we're done here?"

"Didn't we all go through this, back at the hospital?" Izanagi questioned him.

"Yeah yeah I'm sorry for trying to kill Namatame before, but we've changed alright? We're not trying to kill him just because we're angry," Susano-O told him.

"So you're all just beating him while he's down?" Izanagi questioned sarcastically.

"Well… it sounds bad when you say it like that."

"That's because it IS bad," Izanagi told him, "Suzuka?" he questioned looking at her.

"I actually did want to be careful and make sure he was down, despite surviving each and every enemy we don't exactly have the best of luck with them," Suzuka told him.

"Amaterasu used her powerful move five minutes ago, how long did you need to be sure?" Izanagi asked her.

"Not… that long," Suzuka said.

"Rokuten? Kamui? Yamato?" Izanagi asked them.

"Susano-O told us!" they all instantly said pointing at the culprit.

"Oh you freaking tattletales!" Susano-O said.

"The rest of you?" Izanagi said looking towards the humans.

"They had it under control." "It wasn't like I was mad at him persay." "Kinda preoccupied here." "Apologies, Yukiko needed a bit of help." "Sorry."

"Well we're done here, Adachi is finally down and-." *stab* "AMATERASU!"

"Sorry, sorry," she said quickly withdrawing her weapon.

Izanagi, annoyed at the team, picked up Magatsu by his collar.

"Are you done fighting us?" he asked him.

"I… cannot continue," Magatsu weakly said, "But the shiney one can keep poking me I like that."

"EEP!" Amaterasu quickly dropped her weapon and stepped back.

"Wait! I didn't get to learn where to stick my sword!" Yamato called out.

"sigh," Kanzeon sighed, leaning in close to Yamato she began whispering a few things.

"… what?... EWWW! I was gonna do that!?" he cried out.

Izanagi dropped Magatsu right next to Adachi like some rag doll. Souji and the others got ready incase Adachi tried anything else. Though he didn't have the energy to get back up after Souji's beating.

"I could make sure he's-."

"No double beating," Izanagi told Susano-O.


"TCH, this is lame," Adachi complained, "Oh well… not like I got a place to go back to anyway, our worlds going to disappear soon. I didn't have a place to go back to anyway."

"You're all going to become Shadows… Heh heh heRRRGH!" Magatsu was taunting them, but then he suddenly felt something wrong. His body started convulsing and he cried out in pain.

"Magatsu!" Izanagi yelled out worried, "What did you guys do to him?"

"We didn't do anything… that big," Susano-O told him.

"Then why is he convulsing in pain?" Izanagi asked him.

"DRRGH!" all of a sudden Adachi suddenly started jolting around as well.

"Apparently for the same reasons your guy is," Susano-O commented getting as worried as him.

Suddenly more of that same shadowy like energy started seeping forth from Adachi.

"What the hell?" Kanzeon suddenly said, "Something… what the hell is that?"

"What's wrong?" Souji asked her, everyone else was paying attention to her waiting for an answer.

"Adachi… he's got something different in him," Rise told them worried, "It's… it's definitely something bigger than a Shadow."

"Why is Adachi crucifying himself?" Rokuten asked.

Everyone looked back to Adachi, his body had suddenly turned black and slowly started to levitate upward. His body let out a dark fog and his eyes turned yellow. Everyone backed up from him after his surprising transformation.

"What… the heck is that?" Chie questioned.

"All humans… will become Shadows," Adachi said, "And I shall descend upon the united world… as the master of order."

"Descend? Wh- what the heck is this guy talking about?" Yosuke asked confused.

"Yeah this don't sound like Adachi," Kanji said confused as well.

"Guys… this isn't Adachi!" Rise said.

"She's right, this is someone or… something completely different," Kanzeon told them.

"Both this world, and yours will soon be enclosed in a fog that never lifts, it will be turn into the peaceful world that mankind has longed for," the being in Adachi said.

"What? That doesn't sound peaceful at all!" Yamato said.

"Who are you?" Souji questioned him.

"I… am Ameno-Sagiri," he said, "One who rules the fog, one awakened by man's desires. Do what you can, but no matter what you do your world's erosion cannot be stopped. It is an inevitability."

"What?" Souji questioned now worried.

"You have played your part well, stirring up the will of the masses into madness, but that will soon come to an end. Mankind will soon become Shadows and live on in the darkness of the fog, oblivious of their reality," Ameno-Sagiri said.

"What!? What the hell are you, and why are you doing this?" Yosuke questioned him.

"I am the one who shepherds humans to their true desires," Ameno-Sagiri said.

"I doubt that," Susano-O said annoyed.

"Though their hearts longed for peace, it could never be attained. So they tore down the wall between image an reality. Indeed, this is the outcome desired by mankind, and mankind's desires are my desires," Ameno-Sagiri told them, "That is why I decided to expand this world."

"Whoa what? You're the one who created this nasty-ass world!?" Kanji said.

"That's horrible!" Rokuten said, "Well actually I partially think that's cool."

"This world is a part of the sea of unconsciousness that exists within all human hearts. It is a hollow forest born from bloated desire and false imagery. Humans view things as they see fit. They wish not for truth, but rather prefer the undesirables be hidden in fog. Still, humans fear what they cannot see. That brief yearning for truth becomes a ray of light which breaks the fog and torments the Shadows."

"Wait wouldn't you need light for shadows in the first place? If you make the place foggy then there's no light and the Shadows wouldn't-," *SMACK* Suzuka hit the back of Susano-O's head.

"Then the reason the Shadows attack and kill whoever's near them at the time is because they want to hide the truth?" Yukiko questioned, "A hollow forest… So this place isn't just affected by peoples hearts, it actually exists inside of them?"

"Mankind abandoned its pursuit of truth, placing itself in the depth of chaos and falsehood. Thus, my strength had grown and the fog will not lift. Your world will be engulfed by the hollow forest," Ameno-Sagiri said.

"Will you just shut up already!" Chie yelled at him.

"You're not the only powerful one, we'll use our power to defeat you and end this once and for all," Suzuka told him.

"It was I who made it possible for you to bring about this destiny. It was I who bestowed power onto those who could brave the hollow forest. That is what allowed you to come in contact with this world, and you all have done very well since," Ameno-Sagiri said.

"Wait… does that make him our dad?" Yamato questioned.

"God I hope not," Susano-O said.

"'Bestowed power'? 'Contact with this world'? You're talking about being able to enter the TV?" Yukiko said.

"Then the Midnight Channel, was that phenomenon also your doing!?" Naoto asked.

"Humans fail to see things as they truly are, they choose to see only what they wish," Ameno-Sagiri said, "I merely acted in support of this. A world filled with desires, viewed through a window, from which one sees what one wishes to see."

"I doubt that very much, who in the world asked to see Kanji's version of his world?" Susano-O questioned.

"Dude! Shut up!" Kanji told him.

"Humans departed from reality of their own volition, craving more false images."

"So the windows were the TV's, showing people what they want to see?" Souji said, "That's why people who became famous were the ones to show up."

"That seems like the most plausible explanation," Naoto said, "The Midnight Channel we saw when we all went to confront Namatame, that always kept bothering me since. It wasn't telling us Namatame's true intentions at all."

"Then… we saw it because we kept thinking that he was the culprit and he couldn't be forgiven?" Yukiko said.

"So we were fooled from the start all this time," Izanagi said.

"Correct," Ameno-Sagiri said, "The more false images one yearns for, the more one stops yearning for reality. So the forest will grow on, that is the expansion of this world."

"ENOUGH OF THIS BULL SHIT!" Kanji yelled, "Long story short, you're the one behind all of this!"

"Yeah! I doubt we're wrong this time. I don't know who are what you are, but you're going down," Yosuke said.

"I don't know what or who you are, but your goals end here!" Souji said, "We don't want to be Shadows, nor is our will the same as yours. No one would wish for your twisted ideas. We've done nothing but fight against everything that was thrown at us and we'll fight you as well if we have to!"

"Of course, that was something I did not foresee. The ability to take ahold of your Shadows, accept them, and give them new life," Ameno-Sagiri said, "A new and uncertain facet of mankind… is it worthy to put my trust in, or not?"

"Please tell me that by Test, it doesn't mean something bad," Kanzeon said.

The air started growing heaving, wind began to blow around the team.

*FWOOSH* The area around Adachi and he himself suddenly set fire, great pillowing flames rose up all around them.

"Amaterasu, please tell me that was you," Kanzeon said worried.

The ground suddenly started turning black, the rubble like area of Magatsu Inaba started to melt into the ground as the shadowy walkway spread out as far as they could see. Different shadows appeared and started crashing into Adachi's body. Slowly he began to turn into some morphish blob of blackness.

The ground remained solid, but the floor started to ripple like a pond underneath everyone's feet. Soon the large blob that was Adachi suddenly sunk into the ground with the sound of a blob hitting water.

"… …. So… did we win?"Rokuten questioned.

"No," Souji said, "Yukiko, Amaterasu, heal Magatsu."

"Whoa what!?" Yosuke and the others suddenly questioned.

"I really think we're going to need his help," Souji said.

"Are you certain we can trust him?" Naoto asked him.

"No, but I'm certain that we need all the extra help we need," Souji told them, "Yukiko do it."

"Uh… r-right," Yukiko said quickly getting out a card and slashing it.

"Diarama," Amaterasu said laying down a small sheet of healing magic over him.

"Nggh, wh-huh?" Magatsu got up feeling all of the pain and bruises on him disappear, "Ohhh… my head… what happened?"

"How you feeling?" Izanagi asked him as he slowly tried to get up.

"Oh… perfectly fine, thanks for asking after you BEAT the S*** out of me when I was down," Magatsu told them, "Anyway what I miss? We going for round two? Don't think I'll let you sucker flame me like you did before."

*RUMBLE* The ground started to shake, the spot where Adachi's body disapeard suddenly started to rise. Something round started to float up from the ground as the fog started to rise.

"Uh…. W-what the hell did I miss?" Magatsu asked sounding a bit nervous.

"The real culprit," Izanagi told him.

The large sphere like object was lifting out of the water like ground, the sheer size of it was similar to Junes. Symmetrical lines circled around it and started glowing in multiple colors. Around it's body were little tubes that started to give out pillowing clouds of fog that covered the area. In the center opened up a single eye, red on the outside, green towards the center, and the same sinister looking yellow puiple that the Shadow's had in their eyes.

"WHAT THE F*** IS THAT THING!" Magatsu cried out.

"That's… the cause of all the fog in our world," Rise said.

"InDeeD!" they heard a strange loud voice call out to them, "I HaVe ComE tO Put yOU AlL To ThE TeST ANd JudGe yOu'RE WorTH."

Everyone staggered at first, but then they got right back up and faced the monstrosity.

"You think we give a damn about your judgement!?" Yosuke yelled.

"You've been messing with our world long enough! We're finishing you off here!" Kanji yelled.

"Exactly! We've no need for you or your ideals!" Naoto said.

"We all know what we have to do now!" Chie said.

"I'm not going to let you turn people into Shadows!" Teddie yelled at him.

"Well defeat him for sure, no doubt about it!" Yukiko said.

"I'll keep an eye on him, he won't get anything past me!" Rise said.

"You've made a grave mistake going against us," Souji said, "I don't care if it's for humanity's sake or not, you have no right to exist! We'll show you just how powerful we can be!"

"DeFYiNg Me iS bUT a SenslESS aCT tHAt gOes AgAiNSt thE WishE's Of yoUr OwN WorLD," Ameno-Sagiri said staring down at everyone with his one large eye, "EvErYtHIng sHaLL VanISH InTO thE SweeT FoG oF ILLusiOn!"

"This is it! We're finishing this right now!"Izanagi claimed.

"LeT Us BeGiN!"

Kisdota: Little shorter, but it came out a lot faster than I usually let out something so that's gotta count right, my reviews were a little lower than last time so I'm hoping this makes up for it. YAHAHAHAHAHA

Persona'L Problems

"So you have no idea where they are?" Souji questioned Yosuke.

"NO! I've Kanzeon said they keep jumping from place to place on the internet! I don't know which game they're in!" Yosuke said.

"Hmm… I might have an idea on how to get them back, but I need some time," Souji said.

"Susano-O and Suzuka are strong, they should be fine," Izanagi said.

Suzuka-Gongen VS Susano-O



"Okay I have a feeling we're waaaay off the grid," Susano-O said.

He and Suzuka were standing across from each other at some place that looked like an eighty's diner, with cars and people surrounding them all repetitively cheering them on for some reason.

"What are those up their gauges? What's a 'Capcom'?" Suzuka asked, "You said you thought this was the way back!" she complained to Susano-O.

"Yeah! 'Think'! As in I don't know for sure *BAM* OW!" Susano-O cried when Suzuka punched him, "What the-? That guage thing for me went down," he said noticing that one of the two gauges lost some of it's yellow.

"Oh… so that much be how much you can take," Suzuka said.

"Whoa… wait wait what are you-? *BAM* DAH! Come on wait! *BAM**BAM**BAM**BAM**BAM**BAM*"



The gauge suddenly fully depleted. And Susano-O fell to the ground suddenly going still.

"Okay get up Susano-O I didn't hurt you too hard," Suzuka said.

"… …"

"Susano-O? … c-come on get up?"

"… …"

"Wha-… oh OH GOD! Was that gauge your health or something!?" she panicked trying to shake him awake.

"Oh god this can't be- No… no no no no no no no no! NOT LIKE THIS! I DIDN'T WANT YOU TO GO LIKE THIS! OH MY GOD NOOO!" Suzuka cried out, "DAMN it why did I do this! God I know I said I hated you! But deep down I really respected you… I even-."



Suzuka and Susano-O were suddenly across from each other in the same area when they started. Both of their gauges were full again.

"… soooo, you were saying?" Susano-O asked.

"You… yoU SON OF A-!"