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(12/13/2011, After School, Magatsu)

Ameno-Sagiri's body sunk into the ground, the floor rippled like water till everything turned calm. The light fog around them started to fade away, the dark red light that filled the area was beginning to be replaced by regular light and blue skies. Ameno-Sagiri's body laid half sunk in the ground, his broken eye remained still, and the multicolored lights stopped flashing turning dark.

"Is he… is he dead?" Amaterasu asked timidly.

"We could always double beat him to be sure," Magatsu said.

"He ain't moving," Yamato said poking at Ameno with his weapon.

"I See," Ameno-Sagiri bellowed out causing everyone to jump from surprise.

"So what now?" Izanagi spoke up first, "Will you leave our world alone?"

"… PoWer, cOmEs FroM tHe HeArT," Ameno-Sagiri said, "YoU HaVe AlL ProVeN tO Me MaNKinDs PoTeNtiaL… I Will LiFt ThE FoG frOm tHe PlAcE YoU WiLL ReTuRn To."

"Sigh," Izanagi let out a tense to relieved sigh, "thank goodness," he said, everyone else was just as surprised and relieved.

"MaNkInD'S deSiREs… ARe My DesIreS," Ameno-Sagiri said, "If MaNkInD WiShes It so, I ShALL RetUrN aT AnY TiMe… I Am Always At Your Side, Watching You."

"Well that's not stalkerish or anything," Susano-O commented.

"Don't expect us to call out to you anytime soon!" Kamui told Ameno.

"Yeah, we'll keep that from happening no matter what," Teddie told him as well.

Ameno-Sagiri's one large eye opened up, and he looked down at the Humans as well as the Persona, "TImE WiLL ShOw tHe PaTh HumAniTy TakEs, ChiLdRen Of New PoteNtiAl," suddenly his body started to lighten and fade. Different lights flicked from inside his body till it was gone completely.

In the middle of the debris and rubble where Ameno-Sagiri's body once was, Adachi appeared and fell to the ground, still barley conscious.

"Yay… he's back," Magatsu said with little to no enthusiasm.

"So… do you think that that thing was controlling Adachi?" Chie asked.

"Oh no, no I assure you we did all that on our own terms," Magatsu told them.

"Well, then there's no point in feeling sorry for him," Naoto said.

Everyone slowly made their way to Adachi who was laying on the ground, dejected, tired, and disappointed.

"So… it's over?" Adachi questioned looking up at them from the ground.

"Fraid so," Magatsu told him.

"tch…. …. Fine, live how you all want," Adachi told them still feeling weak, "If you think… you have the power… to change the future… then go ahead and try.

"Everyone has the power to do that," Yosuke told him.

"pft, whatever," Adachi told them, "Just go, the Shadows will finish me off."

"Okay," Yamato said turning around and heading for the exit.

"Get back here!" Naoto yelled at him.

"We ain't lettin you off that easy," Kanji told him.

"If we simply leave you here then this world will leave you in our world like before, and a dead body will appear again," Souji told him.

"Yeah we're the ones who're going to be leaving a dead body!" Susano-O said.

"Yes we- wait what?" Izanagi questioned.

"Okay so how are we all doing this? I have a few suggestions, Rokuten you hug him as if he were a doll," Susano-O directed.

"Horribly tight, got it," Rokuten saluted him.

"Yamato, you still curious about what I said?"


"Granted, Suzuka think of every violent thing you've wanted to do to me since we met and then multiply it by 'horrible sodomy'."

"Susano-O! Susano-O, stop! We're not doing that," Izanagi told him.

"We're taking him with us, back to our world," Souji said looking down on Adachi, "You're going to live, and face the punishment for all that you've done, that's how our world works."

"sigh…. Right," Adachi said dejected.

"Uh… everyone… a thought occurs," Kanzeon spoke up, "What are we going to do about him," she said pointing right at Magatsu-Izanagi.

"Yeah good luck putting me in prison," Magatsu told them all.

"This… does pose a problem," Naoto said thinking, "I don't suppose you'd be happy just staying by Adachi's side like our Personas do?" she asked him.

"That'd be more boring than those Police meetings he has to go to, and I never attend those," Magatsu said, "I'm done with this loser."

"So what are you going to do then?" Adachi questioned him.

"I ain't going back to that world," Magatsu told them all, "There isn't anything worth going back to… unless one of you could get me a room at the Inn?"

"H-Huh?" Amaterasu suddenly started shining.

"Absolutely Not!" Yukiko suddenly said, "A person like you would be a nuisance to the other guest."

"Y-Yukiko, that's not the real problem," Chie said.

"Fine, no worries," Magatsu said.

"What? Where are you going to stay then?" Yosuke asked worried.

"I'm staying right here, in this TV world," Magatsu told them all.

"Wait, you're going to live here?" Souji asked now worried, as well as everyone else.

"Place like this, with my power," Magatsu said, "Without that floating eyeball I have no equal here, those Shadows are nothing but splotches on the wall, even without my other weaker half. I'll live like a ruler here."

"You would dare run amok in Teddie-dono's land!?" Kamui questioned angrily, "We will not stand for this-."

"No… it's fine," Izanagi said.

"Dgh, Izanagi Sempai!?" Kamui questioned shocked.

"I would prefer not to let a rogue Spector run around in our world, if he wants to stay here then I believe it would be for the best," Izanagi said, "However… I am still concerned."

"Oh what harm could I do to you and your precious world?" Magatsu asked annoyed.

"Not about that, about you," Izanagi said, "This world is a dangerous one, even with your strength, eventually you might meet your end."

"tch… eventually could be a long time from now," Magatsu told them, "And stop acting like we're brothers or something, I don't want us starting some kind of relationship," he said annoyed.

"I would prefer that as well," Izanagi told him.

"I'm gonna miss you brother," Magatsu told him almost sweetly.

"You just want to annoy me don't you?" Izanagi questioned.

"Well I'm off," Magatsu told them.

"So you're just going to write me off?" Adachi questioned.

"Yup. See ya Adachi, it was fun, I'll see you some time… maybe a long time…. Once… I'll think of you… probably," Magatsu said, he walked past all the other Personas and headed right for the exit. The other Personas were worried, but none of them even tried to stop Magatsu.

"You sure it's safe to just let him leave?" Suzuka questioned.

"It's for the best," Izanagi said, "It's better than all of us keeping an eye on him all the time."

"I find this unacceptable! What if he raises a rival kingdom here?! What if his kingdom goes to war with Teddie-dono's!?" Kamui questioned.

"You could always trade goods with each other," Amaterasu suggested.

"Teddie-dono has no shortages in his kingdom," Kamui told her, "We are able to receive all the goods we need from Junes."

"What!?" Yosuke yelled.

"Later," Souji told Yosuke, "And as for you, we're finally done with all this. You're going to tell them all that this is over," he ordered Adachi.

"Great… as if getting dumped wasn't bad enough," Adachi said.

"It ended a lot better than the last two girls you met, seriously no punishment of any kind?" Susano-O asked, "At least let us all get a kick at him."

"If it makes you feel any better Rokuten is going to carry him," Souji said.

"Wait… which on is Roku- hrgh!" Adachi was suddenly picked up by Rokuten.

"Make sure he doesn't leave," Naoto told him.

"Sure thing Oyabin!"

"And be gentle with him, we need him alive."

"Sure thing Oyabin!"

"And stop calling me Oyabin."

"Sure thing Nao-chan!"

"… call me Oyabin."

"Sure thing Oyabin!"

"How is she commanding him?" Yosuke asked Kanji.

"Meh, not like it's a problem for me," Kanji said.

(Junes, Electronic floor)

Everyone made their way back into Junes, Rokuten tossed Adachi back in. He was still pretty weak, unable to stand. Naoto immediately called the police to come for them as well as let them know the full story, or at least what they would believe. Soon a police officer arrived, seeing the full group of kids as well as Adachi who was sitting in front of the large TV.

"Greeting Shirogane-san, we have received word from Detective Dojima," the police man said, "He's wanted on suspicion of murdering Mayumi Yamano and Saki Konishi, right?"

"That's correct," Naoto told him.

"Understood, we have an Ambulance waiting outside, shall we bring in a stretcher for him?" the Policeman asked.

"An Ambulance?" Naoto questioned.

"Detective Dojima was the one who ordered it, he assumed it would have been necessary, it was a bit of a personal favor to him. He wanted us to keep an eye on him and to take him into protective custody."

"Well whadya know, the moron actually can think ahead *bonk* ow!" Susano-O commented, to which Suzuka hit him just lightly this time.

"Then yes, please have them bring up the stretcher," Naoto said.

"Understood," he said.

(Shopping District)

Everyone watched as Adachi was taken away in the ambulance, however what really got their attention was the area around them. Hours ago the fog had taken over the town, but now it was all clear. They could clearly see the sky for the first time in a long time, as well as feel the gently rays of the soon to be setting sun.

"Wooow… everything looks way better!" Rokuten said.

"YAAAY! Suns out! Suns Out!" Yamato cheered running around.

To the groups left, a young boy with his mother ran past them as excited as Yamato was.

"See mom see!? It's all Sunny, I can Go and play now right!?" the young boy asked his mom rushing off without her answer.

"O-Oh wait! Makoto! Don't run off like that!" the boy's mother called for him.

All around them many other people were starting to leave their homes and shops just to take a look outside. The gang was looking around just as surprised as everyone in the district was.

"They look pretty shocked that it's clear out," Amaterasu said.

"It must have quickly left as soon as Ameno-Sagiri left us," Suzuka said.

"Rejoice! Rejoice people!" Kamui yelled out, "For it is us! The saviors of your world!"

"You know they can't hear us," Susano-O told him.


"I can't believe it… the fogs really gone," Chie said looking around.

"We did it… this time for real," Yukiko said.

"Hm? … Rise are you okay?" Souji asked.

"Wh-what!? I-I'm fine!" Rise said clearly holding back a few tears, "Its just been so long since I've seen a blue sky."

"It's finally over, at last," Yosuke said.

"Yeah… thanks you guys," Souji told them.

"Hey don't start getting sappy on us," Yosuke said.

"Yeah you're gonna ruin our victory," Susano-O said, "… crud… I'm just realizing, we won."

"Same here," Izanagi said, Souji didn't say anything. He just put his hand in along with Izanagi above him. Everyone else started doing the same forming a little group, Yamato jumped on top of Rokuten's arm and put his hand in with the other Personas.

"Wait… what're we doing?" Kanji asked.

"Ooh, what's this?" Teddie asked.

"Is this another ritual?" Kamui questioned.

"Alright, everyone ready?" Chie suddenly asked, "We did it! Wooohooo!"

"… …."

"Wh-… Why didn't you guys say it too?" Chie questioned when the others looked at her funny.

"I… apologize Chie-san," Suzuka said ashamed.

"That seems a little strong to do right on the spot," Rise said.

"What part were we supposed to say?" Naoto questioned.

"The 'Whoohoo' part!" Chie complained.

"Whoohooo!" Yamato yelled.

"Yamato, too soon," Kanzeon told him.

"Um, can't we just redo it?" Kanji asked.

"That… kinda ruins the mood for this," Yosuke said dejectedly, "Alright Chie, do your weird call again."

"I'm not gonna say it if you think it's weird!" Chie pouted.

"Keep pouting, that's cute looking," Susano-O said.

"Um… people are starting to stare, can we move on?" Naoto questioned.

"My hand's getting sweaty," Rise said.

"My arms getting tired," Rokuten told them.

"Alright then!" Teddie said, "Sensei, you finish it!"

"Uh… alright then," Souji said, "We all did it!... Whoo hoo!"

"Whoo Hoo!" Izanagi called as well.

"… yeah that… seemed a little forced." Chie said.

"You guys told me to say something!" Souji complained.

"Hey isn't this kind of thing supposed to be at the start of something, not after?" Yosuke questioned.

"What? Well who cares?" Chie asked.

"Wait? At the start? We have to fight all over again?" Rokuten asked.

"What? No! How did you come to that!?" Kanzeon yelled.

"Guys! Stop ruining the moment!" Susano-O yelled.

" REJOICE!" Kamui yelled.

"Snrk… Ahahaha!" "HaaAhahahaa!" Yukiko and Amaterasu both started laughing.

A few of their partners and Personas just started laughing as well, for their messed up after victory.

(12/14/2011, Early Morning, Souji's room)

As the sun started shining Souji started to wake up, long before his alarm clock woke him. The sun started to rise turning the sky into a heavy orange color.

"Feels like it's been so long since I saw anything like this," Souji said looking out his window.

"I know, even though I could see past the fog it was only for a short distance," Izanagi said, "How long until Nanako and Dojima can leave the hospital? It's pretty quiet without them."

"It'll still be a while… but they might be able to leave the Hospital for a while if we're lucky," Souji said, "We should plan something for her on Christmas, maybe try to hold a party for her here."

"I'd like that," Izanagi said, "It would be nice if Nanako could meet the other Persona as well, she's been asking about that for a while."

"When?" Souji questioned.

"Huh? O-Oh the uh- tha-that time I went to make those bracelets with her… the one single time," Izanagi said nervously.

"Wait, that reminds me," Souji said taking the good luck bracelet Nanako had made for him off his desk. Looking at it, the beads had lost their luster, and the writing on the charms had faded off. It was like the bracelet was dead, or out of power, "Any idea on how you two made these?" Souji questioned.

"Hmm… Ameno called them Moon Tsukubame," Izanagi said, "I've… never really heard about something like that."

"Well whatever they are, we should tell Nanako about it. She'll be happy to know she saved all our lives," Souji said.

"Uh… perhaps leave out the 'saving lives' part," Izanagi told him.

"Oh, yeah I guess it would be best not to worry her," Souji said.

"Anyway, Christmas party? What happens if she's stuck?" Izanagi asked.

"Right, maybe we could rig something up for her in her room," Souji said.

"Shouldn't be too difficult to sneak anything in there," Izanagi told him.

(Morning, School Gates)

"Christmas Party for Nanako?" Yukiko questioned.

The whole gang, minus Teddie, met up in the morning at the school gates. Souji decided to tell them all about his plans for Nanako who was still stuck at the Hospital.

"They still have Nanako under watch?" Rise questioned, "But the fogs gone now, shouldn't they let her go?"

"They still haven't been able to figure out what it was that made her sick," Souji told her.

"It was that weird world wasn't it?" Yamato asked.

"They can't exactly know that though," Izanagi told him.

"Well… then maybe one of you can tell them the problem, Aniki you're smart, can't you say you figures something out?" Yamato asked.

"Criminal investigations isn't able to help anyone in medicine, they'd get suspicious," Naoto said.

"Oh we don't need to worry about that," Kanzeon said, "Souji's right, we can just have a little party for her. It'll be fun, we'll do everything we're supposed to do at a party that I looked up."

"I'll whip up a nice present for her," Kanji told them.

"We should also bake a cake!" Amaterasu said.

"NO!" Souji, Yosuke, and Kanji all said at once.

"Oh come on! We'll do better this time I promise," Chie said.

"You better!" Susano-O told them, "Last thing Nanako-chan needs is her stomach to be pumped on Christmas! We'll have to put Teddie on poison check."

"We're not that bad!" Suzuka told them.

"Just… try to bake something edible if you do," Souji told them.

"Wait a minute," Chie suddenly said, "If Nanako and Dojima are at the hospital then who's at your Uncles place?"

"Uh… just me and Izanagi," Souji said.

"I'll be right back! We'll talk about the party later!" Chie said, "Let's go Yukiko," she said dragging her best friend with her.

"Huh? W-Wait!" Yukiko cried.

"Where are they going?" Yosuke questioned.

"To do something mischievous that's for sure," Susano-O said.

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Persona'l Problems

"Okay step step… left… right… DRGH!" Suzuka groaned annoyed at the techno like music, annoying neon lighting, and the non stop oncoming arrows in her face.

"Watch the directions not your feet," Susano-O said moving along to the rhythm.


"Whoa whoa whoa! Wait!? What?" Susano-O suddenly stopped when he and Suzuka heard Kanzeon's voice.

"Kanzeon!? Finally! Where were you?" Suzuka questioned.

"Me!? You guys kept jumping from game to game! But don't worry, I know how to track you now, Izanagi's here too, he's going to try and find you guys and bring you back to us!"

"Wait Izanagi's here too?" Susano-O questioned, "Where is he?"


Izanagi was standing in the middle of some place, the whole area was dark blue, with floating images of X's, O's, Squares, and Triangles.

Near him was a Massively muscular man with blades on chains attached to his wrist's.

Some persona wearing an old fashioned scuba gear with a drill on his right arm.

And an overweight yet in shape clown with fire for hair.

"Uh… have any of you seen my friends?" Izanagi questioned.



"Uh fight?" *BAM* *BOOM* "WHOA WAIT!" *BOOM* *CRUSH* *SMASH* "WHY!?"