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(12/14/2011, Morning, School)

"You want us to have a night with each other what?" Yukiko stuttered once Chie suggested her plan. After getting the two of them away from the others she started talking to Yukiko about something she wanted to do.

"You and Souji, his homes empty… you know… take advantage of it," Chie told her, stating everything like it was obvious.

"You can't… I mean it… it wouldn't be right I mean," Yukiko started blushing.

"W-We can't do something so indecent it-," Amaterasu said doing whatever she could to hold back her shine, "S-S-S-Suzuka say something."

"I-…," Suzuka started, but held back for some reason, "I want to but… I've lost that right a long time ago."

"Ehh!?" Amaterasu questioned.

"It wasn't that long ago," Chie told her with a slant look on her face, "But why not, after all we've been going through we totally deserve this."

"We?" Yukiko asked.

"Oh yeah uh… I kinda want to take advantage of this moment too sooooo, I kinda wanted to use a room at your place," Chie told her.

"You're trying to kick me out?" Yukiko questioned.

"No… just for the day," Chie said.

"W-Wait? Why are you going to rent a place? You could just sleep over in my room," Yukiko told her.

"No I… don't plan on… going alone," Chie told her lightly blushing at her words.

"You want to place a reservation for you and Rise?" Yukiko questioned.

"Noo," Chie said.

"… Naoto?" Yukiko asked suddenly feeling confused.

"It's Yosuke," Suzuka said annoyed.

"What?!" Yukiko shouted.

"Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-You and-!?" Amaterasu stuttered.

"Stop stop stop!" Chie said annoyed and blushing, "Y-You're making a bigger deal about this than it has to be, and before we start talking about me we still need to talk about you and Souji."

"E-Eh-!? B-But I-."

"No No! Before you start I'm telling you right now, take advantage of this moment while you can! You're not going to get another Christmas with him like this remember?" Chie told her.

"Oh… t-that's right," Yukiko suddenly filled with the realization that Souji would be leaving in the spring, and she would be left behind when he left, "I… oh my."

"Yeah now you're getting it," Chie said, "Take advantage of the moment while you can."

"Right… so Chie-san can take advantage of hers," Suzuka commented.

"HEY! You don't have a right to say anything!" Chie told her.

"Uh… Chie… what do you plan on doing?" Yukiko questioned her, her own cheeks started to blush.

"Eh… NONONONONONONO!" Chie suddenly spoke up shaking her hands blushing even redder than before, "Definitely nothing you're thinking of! Completely fine! We're gonna be clean!"

"No-, yes of course I was expecting that. I wasn't thinking anything indecent, ha- hahaha," Yukiko weakly and awkwardly laughed blushing, "But are you sure you're serious, I mean… you and Yosuke."

"Meh, he's not that bad. I wouldn't mind, although if he tries to suggest anything 'indecent' I'll probably beat him and leave him with the bill," Chie told her.

"Wait… what ARE you and him going to do with him for Christmas?" Yukiko questioned her.

"Oh you know, just spend some time together, talk like old times, dinner, maybe do something nice for dessert," Chie told her.

"Uhhhh… when you say 'dessert'-?"

"I mean food."

"Okay… just wanted to make sure it just sounded like-."

"No no, yeah I get it," Chie said.


Yukiko spent all day thinking about what Chie had told her. She was right, this might be Yukiko's one and only chance to spend Christmas eve with him for a long long time, maybe even her only chance. Once he was gone who knew if he would even stay her boyfriend once he left and not move on with someone else.

"What do you think I should do?" Yukiko asked Amaterasu.

"W-Well… I-I'm not sure," Amaterasu said, "To be honest, I doubt I'd have the courage to even consider something like this," she said suddenly looking dejected.

"No I'm… I'm sure you could do it," Yukiko said quickly trying to cheer her up.

"What's so important that you and Souji-kun spend the night together on a specific day anyway?" Amaterasu asked her.

"Christmas is kind of a special celebratory day," Yukiko told her.

"What makes it so celebratory?" Amaterasu asked again.

"Well… in certain religions it's the birthday of a deity," Yukiko told her.

"Christmas…" Amaterasu thought about the word for a bit, "Oh right, you mean Jesus's birthday?" she told her.

"What? How did you know?" Yukiko said surprised.

"His birthdays the only one I can think of, plus Christmas sounds like Christianity which is something he likes," Amaterasu said.

"He likes? Wait… Do you know him!?" Yukiko suddenly sputtered.

"Well we've spoken together a few times but I wouldn't say I know him, he was more of a casual acquaintance. I haven't actually spoken with him for a long time," Amaterasu told her.

"He's actually truly real?… does that mean that other religions are wrong?" Yukiko asked her.

"No… Izanagi tried explaining that once, but we can't really explain it. It'll make sense when you pass on… you know maybe I should have talked to him more. I kinda miss that guy, wish I could see him.

"I… why can't you see him?" Yukiko questioned.

"I'm here with you," Amaterasu told her.

"Ah… I see… uh… do you miss… not being a part of me?" Yukiko said not sure how to ask her question.

"You mean being unbound to you? Well it's only for one lifetime, and the Persona's and I are all fine with it," Amaterasu told her, "Plus life on the other side will be so much more fun with you Nee-san."

"On the other… ugh you make death seem so fun… that's really scary," Yukiko told her.

"Yukiko?" she suddenly heard, she nearly jumped at the sudden voice worried about someone noticing her strange behavior, but she was relieved to see that it was just Souji.

"S-Souji –kun," Yukiko said, getting back to nervous once she remembered what she was thinking about, "Is uh… how- how are things?" she stuttered.

"Oh, well pretty good, Kou's really happy that it's clear out so I thought I'd go and do some soccer practice today."

"Ah… Y-Yes that sounds fun," Yukiko said.

"Are you alright Yukiko?" Izanagi asked noticing her strange behavior.

"Yeah, I'm fine, nothing's wrong with me," she said a bit quickly.

"Oh and while I have you I wanted to talk to you about Christmas," Souji told her.

"Ehh?" Yukiko questioned worried, "W-Why, whats… I mean, I've got nothing planned I suppose so if there was something you wanted then I guess."

"What? I'm talking about the party?" Souji told her.

"Oh… r-right, of course," Yukiko realized her mistake.

"So… what uh… what kind of cake are you and the girls going to bake?" Souji asked her.

"What kind? … why are you asking?" Yukiko questioned him with suspicion.

"Well… you know… it's just that… you and the girls have never really… kinda… have a bit of a… problem with food… and… making it," Souji said nervous with each and every word he said.

"Guh," Yukiko suddenly felt a bit offended form Soujis question, "T-That's none of your business what we're doing!"

"Do you think we can't do it!?" Amaterasu questioned him just as offended.

"So you… have a recipe in mind then?" Souji asked cautiously.

"Yes we do! And it's going to taste good you'll see!" Yukiko pointed her finger angrily at him.

"Okay, okay just… making sure," Souji said apologetic, "I gottta… go now, see you," he said leaving.

"Um… goodbye," Izanagi said bowing following behind Souji

Yukiko and Amaterasu just watched the two leave before turning away in an angry huff leaving for home.

"… …. Damn it," she said to herself palming her own face.

"We weren't supposed to say all that were we?" Amaterasu questioned.

(12/15/2011, Morning, School)

"Yeah you're not supposed to say all that," Chie told her.

Yukiko had decided that she needed some advice on how to ask Souji out for Christmas so she started with Chie again. Though she regretted telling her about what she did yesterday.

"Don't be sorry for what you said, Souji was being rude for thinking your cooking would be bad," Suzuka told her.

"We do kind of have a history of hurting people when we cook," Amaterasu shamefully admitted.

"They're just being babies," Suzuka told her.

"What happens if we serve it to Nanako-chan?" Amaterasu asked her.

"Then… we'll most likely be monsters," Suzuka suddenly agreed worried about the future.

"We'll worry about that later," Chie said, "anyway you need to start talking to him again, I'm serious. Don't worry about what he might say, he's a guy, of course he'll want to spend time with you, and you better do it or I'm not going to be comfortable with you in the Hotel on the same night."

"I still think what you're doing is weird," Yukiko told her, "And Suzuka's completely okay with it?" she asked her.

"Like I said, I'm completely unable to complain about it," Suzuka told her.

"Wait… now that I think about it are your parents okay with it? Wait, will my parents even be okay with what I'm doing!?" Yukiko asked her with a suddenly realization.

"Yeah about that, they're going to think that I'm spending the night at your place, half true, while yours think you're at my place," Chie told her.

"Oh… I guess that could work," Yukiko said.

"W-We're going to lie!?" Amaterasu suddenly said, "W-We can't do that, we have… what if they find out!?"

"She's right," Suzuka said, "If your parents find out you're spending time alone with a boy they'll ban you from seeing hi-… let's lie, lie as much as we can to them!"

"Nice try, but they're not going to second guess that me and Yukiko are lying. They won't call either place because they completely trust us," Chie said.

"How ironic," Suzuka commented.

"I don't want to hear that form you," Chie told her, "Anyway back to the matter at hand. Just. Talk. To. Him," Chie directed.

"It's not that easy," Yukiko told her.

"Yes it is," Chie told her, "I already told Yosuke what I want to do with him and threaten to beat him if he told anyone."

"He- already!?" Yukiko stuttered surprise, "How in the world did you get so confident about this kind of stuff!?" she asked amazed.

"Eh… I guess this whole adventure's really put my life into perspective," Chie said, "Plus I don't really hate Yosuke anymore."

"Lucky you," Yukiko said, "I don't fully know if Souji would be okay with me at his place… alone," she said the last part with difficulty.

"Okay fine, then miss your one and only opportunity to spend Christmas with him," Chie reminded her.

"Right, of course," Yukiko said with a bit of dejection.

"Maybe we should ask the others advice on this?" Amaterasu suggested.

"NO Nonono, the last thing I need is to make Rise even more jealous, she's still a bit peeved even after I apologized to her," Yukiko told her.

"Then… who else do we talk to?" Amaterasu questioned.

"Not one of the guys… or Kanji," Chie told her.

"Why did you specify Kanji separately?" Suzuka questioned.

(Lunchtime, Practice building)

"You… want my advice?" Naoto questioned.

"Well… you're pretty much the only one I can trust not to go telling everyone what it is I want," Yukiko told her.

"Ah… I suppose I understand that, though I don't know if you can trust Yamato," Naoto told her.

"I won't tell anyone Aniki, I'm good at keeping secrets. I still haven't told anyone that you still keep an old collection of Featherman figures," Yamato said.

Naoto's face turned to one of silent anger as she slowly turned her head to Yamato facing him silently.

"… oops," Yamato said, "Uh… I didn't mean-."

"Go out and play."

"Yes Aniki," Yamato said leaving the classroom in depression.

"Do not tell anyone," Naoto said to Yukiko and Amaterasu.

"R-Right," Yukiko said feeling threatened from Naoto.

"Anyway what did you want advice about?" Naoto questioned.

"I… kinda wanted to spend Christmas Eve with Souji," Yukiko said.

"Okay," Naoto confirmed.

"At his place," Yukiko told her.

"Okay," Naoto arched up one of her eyes.

"Alone," Yukiko finally said.

"Ah…," Naoto finally understood, "That… is quite a leap in your relationship."

"I know I know, I just don't know how to ask him," Yukiko told her.

"Don't know? Just say it," Naoto told her.

"I-… I can't," Yukiko told her.

"Are you just afraid of what he'll say? He obviously won't say no, or at the very least he won't hate you for it," Naoto told her.

"I know I know, I don't want to miss what might be our only Christmas together, but I keep choking up every time I even think about asking him," Yukiko said, "I mean… last year I was trying to get Chie to stop joking about setting me up with guys, now I'm with the perfect guy. It feels like some kind of conundrum to me."

"She tried calling him last night, but she hung up before he could answer his phone," Amaterasu told her.

"What exactly do you want advice about?" Naoto questioned.

"How I can talk to him?" Yukiko said.

"Talk to him?… The closest advice I could give you are interrogation techniques, but I doubt that's what you want," Naoto told her.

"No it's not," Yukiko said, "Well… you never seem to have trouble asking out others, how were you able to ask Kanji-kun out that time?"

"What?" Naoto questioned confused.

"Asking Kanji out, how did you get the courage to do it so easily?" Yukiko asked her.

"I'm sorry, I don't ever recall ever asking Kanji-kun out," Naoto asked even more confused.

"Sure you did," Amaterasu said, "Back then when Kanji was the kidnapping target, you asked him out."

"Are you talking about the day when I spent time with him and you four were following us?" Naoto questioned.

"Yeah," Yukiko told her.

"You all… you all thought that we were going out at the time?" Naoto asked confused again.

"It… wasn't?" Yukiko questioned.

"No!" Naoto declared, "It was just… I-I barley knew him at the time- did he think that it was a date?" she asked a bit panicked.

"Um… yes," Yukiko said.

"But-… but you all thought I was a boy at the time correct?" Naoto asked.

"Yes," Yukiko said.

"Then he… oh… oh my," Naoto suddenly realized a few things, "That explains what the complex he… I… I should go and talk to him," she said.

"Excuse me," the two of them heard, it was Izanagi who had just arrived in the class.

"A-Ah, I-Izanagi-kun!?" Amaterasu suddenly spoke up, "You uh… y-you didn't hear what we were talking about did you?"

"Hmm? No I didn't," Izanagi said.

"Oh thank goodness," Yukiko let out a sigh of relief.

"Is something wrong?" Izanagi questioned.

"N-No! We're fine, d-did you need something?" Yukiko asked nervously.

"Ah yes, I was just going around looking for you all. Souji wants to know if you'll be free today?" he asked them.

"I've nothing scheduled," Naoto told him.

"Yeah I'm free as well, why?" Yukiko asked.

"Well you see, yesterday when I went to go visit Nanako-chan she's been asking to meet with the rest of my friends," Izanagi said.

"Wait… the rest of your friends… the Persona's?" Naoto asked worried, "Are you sure she should be talking to them?"

"She was surprisingly accepting of me, and she had no problem with Amaterasu. Plus she's been dying for something new at her place, arts and crafts are difficult to hide sometimes," Izanagi told them.

"And Sempai is alright with it? … Well I suppose I would like to see how she's doing now," Naoto told

"I… guess it would be good to see her- wait? Yesterday you saw her?" Yukiko questioned, "Souji-kun was at Soccer-practice that day."

"Well I had an hour at the time so I thought I'd drop by for a visit," Izanagi said.

"You've been going to see Nanako alone? Does Souji know about this?" Naoto questioned worried.

"He does, and he's a bit ticked off at me," Izanagi said.

(Afterschool, Inaba Hospital)

Everyone in the gang had gathered together, including Teddie, in front of the Inaba hospital. Some of the Persona had different reactions to visiting Nanako in the hospital. Yamato and Rokuten were of course excited as children jumping up and down with glee. Kamui was looking a little pale and nervous at the thought of meeting Nanako, but the rest of them tried to act calm even though they were clearly nervous.

"Are you guys ready?" Souji asked them, "I want you all to behave, try not to disturb the other- well I guess that's impossible, just remain intangible so you don't knock anything over. Try not to scare Nanako-chan if she looks frightened, that goes double for you Naoto."

"Wait me? You can't possibly think I'll misbehave in there," Naoto said a bit offended.

"No, I mean watch yourself and Yamato," Souji said, "You to Kanji and Teddie."

"Got it Sensei!" Teddie said saluting.

"Got it," Kanji said.

Kisdota: Sorry I'm late, and that this chapter isn't long, I wanted to post something and my other fans are getting a little testy in the RWBY section.

Persona'L Problems

"Okay… okay… okay I think I got them just walk forward," Kanzeon said.

"Yeah I see them to," Rise said looking through the scanner.

"Come on Rise, bring me back Susano-O!" Yosuke said.

"Yeah I want Suzuka too Rise," Chie said.

"You're welcome," Kanzeon said annoyed.

Souji, Yosuke, and Chie were watching the TV screen holding their friends. Suddenly a few minutes later they saw Izanagi's hand sticking out of the screen. Souji and the others grabbed on and pulled him out dragging Suzuka and Susano-O out with him.

"Oh thank GOD!" Susano-O said, "Please tell me this is the real world and not some simulation."

"It's real," Souji told him.

"What happened to you?" Yosuke asked him.

"I don't know!? I just touched that little device and then suddenly I'm sucked into countless worlds!"

"It was nightmarish, some of them were about killing others… all of them were pretty much about killing others," Suzuka said.

"Not all of them but they were all competitive like," Susano-O said.

"Alright so… whatever that was we all know not to let the other Persona's near it," Izanagi said.

"Oooh," they all heard and they saw Teddie and Kamui looking at the game demo.

"What's this device?" Kamui questioned looking at the remote.

"No WAIT DON'T!" the Persona tried to stop him but the moment Kamui poked at the device he was suddenly gone in a flash of light.

"Sigh… I'll be right back," Izanagi said annoyed.


"You! Monkey!" Kamui called from his cart to another Gorilla in a kart while driving on some rainbow road, "MONKEY! ANSWER ME!"

Kisdota: For those of you wondering the game list went as ordered from 87 to 93.

Mario Kart



Left 4 Dead

Street Fighter


Dance Dance Revolution and Playstation Allstars