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(12/25/2011, Rise's Kitchen, Daytime)

Souji had just gotten the call from Dojima, Nanako would be allowed to spend Christmas day at home. At this call the gang had all decided to go through with their Christmas party and gather all the necessities.

Souji and Yosuke both went to Junes to buy that Kotatsu for the table.

Teddie had taken Kanji away with him for a 'secret project' for Nanako.

The girls, despite numerous protest from the boys (and Naoto), left to start baking the cake they promised for Nanako. They all met up at Rise's home to try and see what they could make.

"Hmm…" Chie looked through the small oven glass and saw their concoction. While they followed (mostly) the recipe the cake tin was filled with something that looked lumpy and discolored.

"Is it supposed to look like that?" Yukiko asked them.

"It's fine… I'm sure that once it's done cooking then it'll look fantastic," Rise told them trying to sound optimistic as usual.

"Yeah… I'm sure it'll look good," Chie said.

"Alright… since we're waiting… gossip time!" Rise cheered.

"Must we engage in this stereotype?" Naoto questioned.

"Yes we must!" Rise scolded her, "Especially after what I found out."

"And prey tell… what did you find out?" Naoto questioned slightly annoyed.

"… what did you guys do for Christmas eve?" Rise questioned. The moment she asked that dreadful question the girls all gave tell tale signals. Chie's leg tensed up and nervously twitched. Yukiko adopted a polite pose while looking away. Naoto's eyes went wide and she lowered her cap.

"It's just that… Kanzeon noticed where Yukiko and Chie went yesterday after school. You guys certainly didn't go the normal route home," Rise told them, "So… wanna say anything?"

"What… what makes you think anything happened?" Chie asked.

"Don't' you dare lie to us!" Kanzeon accused, "You think it's fair that you both got to spend Christmas Eve with a special someone while we spent it alone? We know something's up, especially since Amaterasu's been sulking in the corner this whole time!" she said pointing to the accused.

Said Persona was curled up in a corner, actually looking dimmer than usual. Her light white glow was now a light grey. She wasn't responding to anyone or anything around her.

"Yeah… that I'm really confused on as well," Chie admitted, "Anyway what business of it is yours?"

"I thought we were friends!" Rise told them, "I mean… you went out and left me and Naoto alone on Christmas Eve!"

"Uh… yes… the both of us," Naoto said nervously.

"… Say that again?" Rise suddenly looked at Naoto suspiciously.

"Say… what?" Naoto questioned.

"Why did you say all that like you were hiding something?" Rise questioned Naoto.

"I… wait I didn't say-," Naoto tried to talk her way out.

"Naoto you just agreed with something I said just a few seconds ago," Rise told her.

"… damn it," Naoto cursed.

"GASP!" Rise covered her mouth in shock, "You did something with Kanji as well didn't you!?"

"What!?" Naoto was suddenly a bit shocked, both Yukiko and Chie were also interested in what she had to say, "W-We didn't do anything!"

"So you were with Kanji!" Rise accused.

"Ngh, no!" Naoto denied.

"I'm… I'm so conflicted," Rise suddenly said depressed.

"Oh… R-Rise it's fine, I'm sure you'll get someone next Christmas," Chie said.

"I know that, obviously I can get almost anyone. What I'm really conflicted on is whether or not to bug Yukiko or Naoto for info on what they did with their special someone on Christmas," Rise said.

"K-Kanji and I are not-," Naoto tried to say.

"That's what you're depressed about?" Chie questioned her annoyed.

"You don't get to complain, you got a Christmas date. Gossip's all I have," Rise told her, "You smell smoke?"

"CAKE!" Kanzeon yelled out getting everyone's attention. The oven was slowly filling up with smoke.

(Samegawa Floodplain)

After a few more attempts at baking the girls finally (think they) got a cake right. Still covered in flour and other food items, Yukiko and Chie both decided to go home and clean up for their Christmas Party. Suzuka was carrying Amaterasu who was still looking as depressed as ever.

"Alright, now that the gossiper is out of the way maybe you can tell me why Amaterasu is so depressed?" Chie asked Yukiko.

"That's a… um… complicated issue," Yukiko told Chie.

"I'll say, I didn't even think she could get sad," Chie told her.

"Amaterasu?" Suzuka called to her friend she was carrying on her back, Amaterasu remained silent and unresponsive, "Amaterasu!?... you awake… Hello?... Hey… there's someone harassing Yukiko-chan… hello?"

"Wow, she's really out of it," Chie said, "So spill, what happened between you and Souji to get her like this."

"N-N-Nothing… nothing happened," Yukiko told her.

"Come on! I told you what me and Yosuke did last night," Chie said.

"You spent the night with him talking… not really something that amazing or different, "Yukiko argued.

"I know… I'm amazingly kind of disappointed he didn't try anything I thought he'd do," Chie said, "The next time he makes a perverted joke I honestly might humor him I think he deserves it. You ever have to worry about something like that with Souji?"


"Whoa… what?" Chie suddenly stopped, "… … Yukiko… what did you and Souji do last night."

"NOTHING! N-Nothing at all! We talked, and… had a good time… platonic good time!" Yukiko said nervously.

"Platonic good ti-?... no," Chie suddenly concluded.

"C-Chie wait!" Yukiko tried to stop her.

"Did… the two of you-," Chie tried to ask.

"NONONO! Whatever you're thinking you're wrong!" Yukiko shouted turning red for some reason.

"Oh my god, did you two…," Chie tried to say.

"NO!" Yukiko yelled out.

"There's… there's no way that Souji would do something like that would he?" Suzuka questioned, looking at her friend she started to wonder, "Amaterasu… did… did Souji and Yukiko do something together?"

"… …. … I…"

"Hmm?" Suzuka finally heard a response from her friend.

"Amaterasu! NO!" Yukiko yelled.

"I what? What?" Suzuka asked her friend.

"… … I can never get married now."

"GEH!" Suzuka was shocked by Amaterasu's quiet statement.

"THE TWO OF YOU-!" Chie yelled out.

"QUIET!" Yukiko yelled at her before she could say anything, "We… it… was a completely unplanned thing."

"HE-!... You and him actually-!"

"Shush! Shush! Shush! Shush!" Yukiko repeated.

"Oh my god! To think I actually trusted him!" Chie said appalled and angry.

"It looks like all men are the same," Suzuka said with disgust.

"Come on! We're gonna go kick his ass so hard for what he did-!" Chie declared.

"No! No Chie he… he didn't start it," Yukiko said.

"Wait what?" Chie questioned.

"I… may have… in some kind of weird state… been the one who started the whole thing," Yukiko shyly blushingly admitted.

"Wha- huh?" Chie questioned.

"You expect us to believe that you instigated… a romp night?" Suzuka questioned.

"Don't call it that! Grrgh," Chie complained disgusted at the thought, "What do you mean you started it?"

"It was an accident alright!" Yukiko told her.

"And Accident!? What did you trip and fall on him? Naked!?" Chie questioned still upset at her.

"CHIE!" Yukiko yelled.

"What happened!?" Chie questioned.

"I don't know, I really don't. One second the two of us are talking, the next second I'm… acting and feeling weird, I almost don't remember what happened last night," Yukiko told her.

"Acting and feeling weird? Wait, did Souji give you a drink or something?" Chie questioned.

"No, just water, but it was clean I'm sure of it," Yukiko said.

"Uh… would you say that the moment you felt weird you were feeling… drunk?" Chie questioned.

"I… suppose I acted in a similar manner, why?" Yukiko questioned.

"Crap this again, you got drunk off the atmosphere," Chie told her.

"That's a thing?" Yukiko questioned.

"You remember the school trip to the night club?" Chie asked her.

"Not really… wait THAT'S what happened?" Yukiko questioned.

"Yes apparently when you're in some kind of fun atmosphere something ticks in your brain and you get… I guess drunk," Chie told her, "I looked it up ever since that night on the school trip."

"Uh? What kind of drunk was I?" Yukiko questioned, "The kind that would start… what happened between us?" she asked blushing.

"Oh yeah… oh my god this… this is weird, I feel like what a mom would hearing this about their daughter and a boy" Chie said disgusted, "Wait… then why is Amaterasu looking so down?"

"Uh… you know how sometimes what we do can pass on to a Persona?" Yukiko asked her.

"Yeeeeeooohh," Chie realized, "So… when you and Souji-"

"Yes," Yukiko answered plainly

"Wait… so that means… Oh my god!" Suzuka realized with the new information.

"This is so weird," Chie said feeling a tinge of… something, dread, regret, "So… how… was it."

"It… I don't regret it at least," Yukiko told her still blushing, "Can we not talk about this?"

"No way!" Chie told her, "This is… this is possibly a big boost in your relationship, you got intimate with a guy!"

"Please! Please don't say it so loud," Yukiko pleaded.

"Seriously, how was it?" Chie questioned her.

"Chie-san, I really think you should stop asking," Suzuka said.

"Yeah you would know how she feels wouldn't you?" Chie asked her.

"How long are you going to hold that over me?" Suzuka questioned her.

"Until I catch up with you and Yukiko apparently," Chie told her.

"What does that mean?" Yukiko questioned.

"Nothing, just nothing," Chie told her.

(Dojima House, Evening)

Night had finally came, and everyone gathered together at Dojima's home. Dojima had arrived with Nanako, she (under Souji's instruction) kept pretending like there weren't a bunch of other fun looking people around her.

The girls were finishing up with the last needed touch ups of their cake, much to the guys regret the left them alone with it.

"Just go talk to her," Izanagi told Kamui.

"N-No, I-I'm not prepared," Kamui said, still reluctant to speak to Nanako after everyone's revelation to her of their existence.

"Dude, you've been worshiping her like Teddie for so long. She 'Want's' to talk to you, you remind her of the circus," Susano-O told him.

"What if she has a phobia of Clowns and I scare her?" Kamui said nervous and scared.

"She's been though a lot I seriously doubt she's afraid of clowns," Izanagi told him.

While the guys were talking, Suzuka with Kanzeon were trying to drag Amaterasu out of the closet she was hiding in. One look at Izanagi and she went back to shining in embarrassment before going back into a hiding place.

"You need to step out of there Amaterasu," Suzuka told her from outside.

"Why is she still like this? I deftly curious to how she became this… paranoid," Kanzeon said, "And why does she keep saying she can never be married, is there something I need to know."

"No, I can promise you very much that there is nothing you 'need' to know," Suzuka told her before going back to Amaterasu," Ammy will you please just come out, you need to mingle, and Nanako want's to see you you're her favorite out of all of use."

"Yes, Nanako-chan wants-dgh- wait, she's the favorite one out of all of us?" Kanzeon questioned.

"Well she's the most girlish like, I can understand that Nanako likes her the most," Suzuka said.

"What about me?" Kanzeon questioned.

"You're third favorite, after Izanagi," Suzuka told her.

"Third!?" Kanzeon shouted.

Nanako happily looked around seeing all the other's talking while she, and the boys tried out the new Kotatsu.

"Heh heh, it's so warm," Nanako cheered feeling the heat coming off the table.

"So this is a Kotatsu," Teddie said enjoying the warmth as well.

"Yeah, you talked about it all the time back at the hospital," Dojima said taking up his favorite spot on the couch, "Nanako needs to go back for a checkup tomorrow, but at this rate the doctors say she can leave soon. If I had been able to get better faster then we all could have bought the Kotatsu together."

"Don't worry about it," Souji said, "I'm just glad I picked the one Nanako wanted."

"Next time, we'll all go together," Nanako said.

*SPLAT* There was a sudden strike to the back window door, everyone looked over and say a snowball had somehow made it to the back.

"Where in the world did that come from?" Dojima questioned.

"It's probably just some kids playing far away, I'll take a look," Souji quickly said, he got up and slid open the door. Quickly moving outside before closing it behind him.

"Yamato! Rokuten!" Souji yelled in a whispered hush.

The two of them said nothing, but guiltily pointed fingers at one another.

"Just be careful, don't let it happen again," Souji ordered going back in the house quickly, "I guess whoever it was is gone," he said. Dojima was going to question it more, but then Chie called out their cake was ready.

"It's ready everyone," Chie called out.

"Oh boy, here it comes. Mystery Food-X Christmas edition," Yosuke said in dread.

"Bring it on! I got my insurance card and everything!" Kanji cheered.

The girls set up what looked like an actual cake, an edible one. Double layered with different fruits and cream on top. Souji and the other boys were surprised by how normal it looked.

"Hey, this is bigger than I imagined," Dojima said impressed by the size.

"Did you guys steal this?" Susano-O questioned.

"No they made it. Why would you assume they stole it instead of bought it?" Suzuka asked him.

"There's no way they could afford something that good looking," Susano-O said.


"Okay, first off we- N-NANAKO!" Yosuke called out, before anyone could notice Nanako had already taken a forkful and eaten a bite of the cake.

"Oh god NO!" Susano-O cried.


"What's going on!?" Amaterasu stuck her head out of the closet worried about what was going on.

Nanako just curiously looked at the other friends around her wondering why they were so worried about her, "It taste good," Nanako said happily chewing away.

"What?" the guys questioned, Kanji was next and took a bite as well.

"Whoa! They're right," Kanji said shocked again.

"Wow… this is like… nothing I've ever tasted before," Yosuke said, "Where was this during the cook off and school camping!?"

"It wasn't THAT bad alright?" Chie complained.

Souji took a bite next, they were right the cake tasted nothing like he'd ever tried before.

"So… a hidden lab where you discovered the alchemic formula for a perfect cake?" Susano-O asked.

"Wh- that's even more unbelievable than them stealing it," Suzuka said.

"Well so is them making something edible," Susano-O said.

"Does it… really taste that good?" Yukiko questioned.

"You don't taste anything spicy in it do you Kanji?" Rise asked.

"Naw! This is good!" Kanji said still eating.

"HAH! Turns out we are good at cooking!" Chie said.

"Well this was our third attempt," Naoto said.

"Ooh! That's right, Nana-chan I have a surprise for you!" Teddie said.

"Oh dear," Kamui suddenly looked very nervous.

"Will you relax idiot, Nanako is literally incapably of making a mad expression," Susano-O told him.

"Ta-da!" Teddie cheered pulling out a little stuffed doll that looked exactly like him. It was clearly hand made, everyone could guess that Kanji was the one who stitched it together.

"Woow! It looks just like you!" Nanako said.

"I wish it could have looked more like me," Teddie said.

"Hey!" Kanji took the comment as a complaint.

"But I thought that he might be able to keep you company at the hospital while I'm away," Teddie said, "And it's made of 100 percent Teddie fur."

"I-Isn't that nice of him?" Dojima asked his daughter, "Teddie fur?"

"When he says Teddie fur," Izanagi asked.

"I really think it is from him," Susano-O said, "That's weird."

I have to thank you all again by the way," Dojima suddenly told them all, "Adachi confessed to the two murders. He insists it was him who hung the bodies, are still things that are unclear about his story, but he's most likely gonna pay for his crimes."

"Yeah, I don't think you'll find a logical answer for some of the things that happened," Souji told him.

"I can attest to that," Naoto added.

Anyway, this was one strange case," Dojima continued, "If what you said about a world inside the TV was true, then everything might make sense. Though I still don't believe it."

"You ever just want to come to just freak out a person at the right time?" Susano-O asked.

"Some things in this world just can't be explained. Like Nanako… She made a miraculous recovery, and now she's as healthy as ever. Back in the day… my own senpai on the force told me something. 'There's an underside to everything that you can never see.' This case has made me think about a lot of things. You've helped us out so much… Heh, it was meant to be the other way around, really," Dojima said, "There isn't much time left until spring, I hope we can spend enough time together."

"Hey, that's right you're leaving in spring I forgot," Chie said.

"Sempai? You're leaving!?" Rise questioned.

"Sensei? You're going somewhere?" Teddie asked.

"Ah, it… won't be the same without you," Naoto said.

"Sigh, after everything that's happened. I really don't want to go back," Souji said.

"Don't forget, there are people who are waiting for you back home. You should show them how much you're grown. And if they're okay with it, then you can come back," Dojima said.

"Even if they say no, you're going to run away right," Rise asked him.

"Oh yeah, definitally," Souji said.

"Hey, no, my sis would kill me if you ran away," Dojima said.

"Uh, Big bro," Nanako suddenly asked, "What about your friend?" she asked.

"That's… ah, right," Souji said worried.

"Friend?" Dojima questioned.

Though everyone else already knew what Nanako was talking about.

"What?" Amaterasu suddenly stepped out into the room at last.

"That's right… you and Souji are stuck together," Susano-O said to his friend, "Gonna miss you."

"Y-You can't leave us!" Kanzeon cried out, "Can't you just stay here with us all?"

"Where would I stay?" Izanagi questioned.

"You could stay-." "NO!" Everyone said to Kanzeon.

"I didn't even say anything!" Kanzeon yelled.

"You gotta stick with Souji," Susano-O told him.

"What? Afraid that he might take all the attention away from you?" Suzuka questioned.

"We're all connected in one way or another to our partners, if he does leave Souji it could kill him," Susano-O said.

"… oh… that…. Make sense actually," Suzuka said worried.

"We don't know that for sure," Kanzeon said.

"Do you want to find out if it's true?" Suzuka asked her.

"I… eh…. No… no not really," Kanzeon said disappointed.

"It's fine, I was planning on staying with Souji anyway," Izanagi said.

"Who want's to tell those two the news?" Susano-O asked pointing outside where Yamato and Rokuten were still playing.

"Mmm… let's wait a bit," Izanagi said.

Kisdota: Late, I know, but I've been busy now that schools about to start up. I'm trying to get my system down but I keep skipping it. Don't get your hopes up now that game season is coming in now as well.

Persona'L Problems

With the release of the new PersonaQ Shadow of the Labyrinth and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax I suppose now would be a good time to start having the Persona's interact with each other.

"So how do you say you're name? Trissma- Trigma- Trixa-," Susano-O questioned the Red winged Persona.

"Trismegistus," Junpei Iori's persona said.

"That's a bit of a mouthful," Susano-O said.

"Well what about your name? Why do you need the extra O at the end?" Trismegistus asked him.

"It's practically silent, you just need to say the end of my name slightly longer, and is that a bird head with a jewel for a head you have?" Susano-O asked him.

"Well your head… is blades."

"Nice comeback."

"And it's a helmet I'm wearing," Trismegistus argued.

"So quick question, you think you can introduce me to that other friend of yours? The one with the wings?" Susano-O asked him.

"You mean Isis?" Trismegistus questioned.

"Yeah her, I saw pictures of her before her… transformation or evolution whatever we're calling our changes. She was a girl chained to a chair… kinky," Susano-O said.

"Oh… I wouldn't recommend going for her, she's as scary as her partner," Trismegistus told him.

"Any of your guys tried anything with her?" Susano-O questioned.

"Yeah, regular guys tried things on her regular partner. It did not end well for them," Trismegistus told him.

"In what way?" Susano-O asked.

"Isis can restore and/or destroy body parts," Trismegistus told him, "Like how the original Isis did to restore the body of her son."

"Oh… wait she made some guys-?"


"That's cruel!"