A/N: Sure, McGee and Ziva in the elevator for Power Down was good, but what if it was Tony? Here's a story to get you thinking. I'd see it more of a repeat of Boxed In than anything, except it's a way smaller box. Anyway, I don't own NCIS no matter how much I wish I did, and if I did, I would have Michael Weatherly sing on the show. "I've got a query, so I'll riddle you, you and your theories, divine, false and true…" (don't own those lyrics either)

This is really short, sorry, but sweet? :)

The shiny silver elevator doors closed behind Tony and Ziva and they stood awkwardly at other ends of the elevator, occasionally offering a glance or smile to the other. It was past midnight - they'd been working late to wrap up a petty theft case in the Navy, doing paperwork, mostly. Gibbs, in one of his rare acts of kindness, sent the pair home and gave McGee the assignment of checking Abby before he, too, took leave. Now they were standing in an elevator, waiting for it to go down, both glancing fearfully at the flickering lights. Suddenly, with a whir of the gears, the lights went off and the elevator refused to budge.

Ziva cried out and reached for her gun, pointing it at the door and shouting. If anything, a bullet through the centre might let them out. But only then did Tony grasp her arm and say, "Calm down, David, we'll call Gibbs. Besides, don't you remember the last time you shot a bullet in a metal container? Lucky neither of us got hit. This is a much, much smaller container, and you have much, much more ammo. Let's not tempt death."

Tony smiled at her despite their situation. This was exactly the situation that seemed to happen every few years between the two of them: trapped in a little box together, with no means of escape and probably no cell signal. Check that, he thought, no cell signal. How the hell do we reach Gibbs?

The pair made some hand signals, preferring not to use words and both nodded. Ziva had a slightly annoyed expression and Tony was smiling on the outside, trying to conceal his fear of their possible doom. In perfect unison they both hit the door and cried out, "Gibbs! Gibbs! Damnit, Gibbs! We're… stuck!"

"DiNozzo, David!" came their boss's grim voice. "The power's down. Trying to get back-up generators working, but they don't power the elevators. It might be a while. Try to get some sleep."

"Sleep?!" Ziva cried, shocked. She turned to her partner with a deadly expression on her face and slid against the wall in a manner not unlike the way she had when they'd been trapped in a storage together. "Great. Stuck in an elevator, told to get some sleep, and left with you."

Tony rolled his eyes and slid down beside her. "Hey, it can't be all that bad! Come on, let's do something to pass the time 'til we fall asleep. I don't have anything in my pockets but a movie."

"Trust you to think of movies in this situation," was the barely audible response. "I'm surprised you're not quoting a movie, but I doubt a movie character ever got caught in an elevator when the power's out."

"True." They stayed silent for a while until Tony started to snore softly, his brilliant green eyes now closed to the world. This brought a smile to Ziva's face, and she leaned on his shoulder. Her hair falling over onto his arm - that he could sense in his dreams, but she needn't know. And slowly, she fell asleep.

The world could wait.