The Half-Life of Gordon Freeman


So, here I am, One night, As I'm going to bed, And I think upon the Machinima "Freeman's Mind"; Then, I think on the Haruhi Suzumiya series. I then think "Hey, we've never found out what Kyon's real name is!" So, as I don't have the Half-Life game itself (Waiting on the Black Mesa mod for HL2), this is based on "Freeman's Mind" as the source footage.

So, here it is, I hope you enjoy.





Wait? What...Where...?

Good morning, and welcome to the Black Mesa Transit System.


Who am I? My name is Gordon Freeman, though, my close, personal friends still insist on calling me "kyon."

This train system is provided for the safe transfering between the stations of this facility.

So, you know who I am, but not where I am? Let me explain.

The last time you may have seen me was back at my old high school, in the SOS brigade. Led by Haruhi Suzumiya, our so called "god."

Let me get something straight right here and now. Koizumi, Itsuki had it wrong: Haruhi is NOT a god by any means. Asahina, Mikuru was right: Haruhi is the source of a 'time-quake'. Nagato, Yuki is not a Data Integration Thought entity, AKA an Alien. She is the true 'god', going by Koizumi's reasoning. Suzumiya, Haruhi, is not a 'god' in any sense of reasoning. She is the Alien. An extremly power-full alien.

The time is: Eight. Fourty-Seven. A.M.

"Snow crabs in a hat!" Curses the now- shoulder length green haired girl sitting across from me. "we're late, Gordon!"

Tsuruya, Nova. One of Miss Asahina's former classmates during our SOS Brigade days. Believe it or not, she's a perfectly normal human. Just like me. Not a Time traveler, ESPer, Alien, Dimensional Slider, Other-world-ly god, ECT...

"Looks like we're not the only ones." I wryly note as the tram passes by a security check-point. With a lone security guard pounding on the door.

"LOOSEEEER!" Miss Tsuruya cries out to the poor guard.

"Nova, please don't antagonize the guards." I sigh. "They have it hard enough with those scientists in sector J."

Tsuruya, as hyper as when I first met her, grins at me. "Sorry, Gordon."

The Current Top-Side Temperature is: Ninety-Three Degrees. With an estimated high of: One-Hundred and Five.

"Another scorcher, eh, Mister Freeman?" asks the one other occupant of the tram, some scientist from Sector H, I think.

"I suppose so." I look out the window as we pass over one of the main junctions.

The Black Mesa Compound is maintained at a comfortable temperature of: Sixty-Eight Degrees.

"Not so much for us." Nova grins. "We're lucky our lab's right next to the..."

"Anit-Mass Spectrometer." The scientist finishes grimly. "That thing will be the death of us with all of these system malfunctions we've had in the past week."

This Train is Inbound from Level Three Dormitories, to Sector C Laboratories.

"OOH! Robots!" Nova grins and jumps over to my side of the tram, to look out the window.

I've seen it all before. Same old welder machines.

If you are planning on entering High Security Clearance Areas of Sector C, you will have to return to the central transit hub and board a High-Security Train.

"Am I on the right train?" the scientist asks.

I don't answer, as my attention is drawn to the large Missile being prepped for test firing, just outside our train.

If you have not already sumbited your retanal scans to the Main Office, you will not be able to enter the high Security Branch of the...

"Yeah...High Security. That's why we have armed missiles laying about." I comment. "Black Mesa: Where Nuclear Missiles are 'standard clearance.'"

Nova smiles as the tram starts to descend to a lower track. "Well, I think that one was de-commissioned for the tour."

"We don't have tours." The scientist grumbles.

No Smoking, Eating, or Drinking is permitted on the Black Mesa Transit System. Please keep your limbs inside the tram at all times.

"Why would they mention that if they have glass on the windows?" I wonder.

"It's just for fun." Nova shrugs.

In the event of an emergency, please...

I tune everything out as I think back to that time, years ago. Back in the SOS brigade...

It was all for fun.

*cue Bouken Desho Desho*


"So...Koizumi's an ESPer, Mikuru's a Time Traveler, and Yuki's an Alien?" Haruhi asked me on that fateful day after the Closed Space Incident.

"Yup." I confirmed.

She laughs. "That has got to be the funniest thing I've heard all day!"

"Huh? Why's that?"


Then, everything went still.

"Kyon, Kyon, Kyon..." Haruhi's voice seemed to come from everywhere, and at the same time, her mouth didn't even move. "Have you ever considered the possibility that no-one in the universe ever has ONE single fact straight?"

'Are you counting Taniguchi? Because if so, then, Yes.' I thought sarcastically while I considered my answer.

"No, I'm not counting him."

'What?! How did you...?' I was shocked.

"Kyon you do realize neither of us are actually talking with our mouths. We're talking in our minds."

This was crazy, and even more so when our position of space-time had suddenly shifted to the SOS Club Room.

Nagato alone was sitting in it, but, she wasn't moving. More so than usual.

"Nagato, Yuki." Haruhi continued as she walked around the room, while I, seemingly, was glued to the floor. "She's told you that she's an alien. A Data Integration Thought Entity, Correct?"

I tried to nod then, but, unfortunately, only my eyes were free to move.

Haruhi still got the idea. "Then she thinks I'm a god? Hopping from place to place, idea to idea, never the same one day in a row?" She laughs. "In a way, she's right."

'Wait, I'm confused.' I'd thought.

"I'm really what you'd call an Alien." Haruhi continued. "And, Yuki, in reality, is the God."

I was severly confused by all this. Could nothing in my life go upside down more than it had now?

"I was sent to observe her. Along with several others. Front and foremost, Ryoko Ashakura."

My jaw would have hit the floor had it not been frozen shut.

"My... group... realized that Yuki had... special abilities." Haruhi growled. "One of my... Superiors... thought that if we captured Yuki from this time plane, it would... easily put... 'prove to be our salvation', as it were. It was only because I told his Superior that me and the others were put in place to watch Yuki."

'So, how does this make you 'god' in everyone else's eyes?' I had asked.

"Simply put: Yuki saw me." The world flashed to a train station. Empty, save two.

Apparently Three Years ago, I believed until Haruhi continued, was a younger Yuki, glaring at a present day aged Haruhi through a train window. Regardless of the fact that Haruhi was standing right next to me.

"I'm...ageless, in certain terms. Six years ago, Yuki saw me one too many times, and thought to herself 'I'm following this girl,' and she put herself in the roll of observer." Haruhi laughs. "She kept seeing me, time and time again, and my superiors... got concerned."

Flash forward, apparently, to a school's front gate.

Now, Three years previous, was me, present day, slightly older by a few months, carrying Miss Asahina on my...his back, and talking to a three years younger Haruhi.

"Three Years ago, you came along from the future, and helped... me create a seal, that created the world as we know it."

Location change again...

Nagato's apartment. She looked present day age, and was talking, again, to me and Miss Asahina.

"You were out of a way back home, And Yuki, at the time of the seal's creation, had a way to get you back." Haruhi sighs as the world outside the room fast forwards as the world inside remains the same. "She froze the entire time space of her apartment with her powers for those three years, and got you back to an indeterminate time in the future she un-froze."

'Which was why she never aged...!' I had realized then.


"Gordon!" Nova shakes me back to awareness.

"What?" I ask as a green glow fills the room.

"Radiation Spill." She sighs as the tram comes to an abrupt halt.

Oh. Well, it wasn't that bad. Just the area under the immediate track being filled with hazardous radioactive matrials.

So, I sigh, and look around the room.

Every once and a while, after that day, once a year, I spotted Haruhi for a few days straight in various locations, just out of reach.

So, Guess what day it is?

However, Instead of Haruhi in the Tram across from us, I spot a man in a blue business suit, carrying a brief case. He emanates the exact same feeling I got from Haruhi then...Only...Darker...

The Government Man fixes his tie, and his tram continues on in the opposite direction.

I feel a shivver go down my spine.


The glow faded. And we were back at the table.

"What...?!" I blinked. Time hadn't even moved forward.

"That's got to be enough proof, for you at least." She sighed. "Kyon...I..."

"I beleive you." I sighed. "I just don't know what to think of it."

"Well...I'll let you think on it." Haruhi stood up. "But, if you choose to ignore this, I can under stand, but...just remember this..."

She leaned towards me and started to whisper something...

PRESENT_ _ _| SECTOR C_ _ _|

...Now arriving at: Sector C Test Labs.


"hey, we're here." Nova smiles.

Already? I must've drifted off... That other scientist is gone.

Please wait for a Black Mesa Security Officer to verify your identity.

Said officer began his approach to the tram.

Please check your belongings, and have a safe day.

"Mornin' Mister Freeman, Miss Tsuruya." The guard nods as he finally finishes the long walk down the catwalk. "Looks like you're running late today."

"tell me about it." I sigh as he opens the door to the tram.

"Either we're fired or we're not." Nova shrugs as we get out. "I say we're not because of the computer glitches messing with our alarms."

"Ah." The guard shrugs back, and then head towards the main gate. We follow, of course, as the tram's already pulled away. "Well, whenever I'm late, I just stroll in like I own the place."

He then opens the main gate.

"So..." Nova starts. "You're officially Twenty-Seven today!"

I sigh. "Yes, yes I am."

We pause in front of the secondary door of the main gate.

"So...Are you doing anything?" Nova asks.

"Not really." Is my reply.

"What about Haruhi?"

"I see her almost every year."



"What about Mikuru? Or Yuki?"

I cut her off. "Don't you even dare say Koizumi."

"Well, what about them?" She finially asks. "What about your sister?"

"You know what Haruhi said when we left for M.I.T." I reply.

"Yeah..." Nova sighs. "You're right."

"Let's just get suited up, and get this day over with." I activate the motion sensor, and head into the lab.

"Hey Mister Freeman!" Calls out the security guard behind the desk. "I had a bunch of messages for ya from some company called "SOS-Dan", but then we had a system crash about...I don't know...Twenty minutes ago?...And I'm still trying to find my files."

Nova elbows my side. "See...!"

"Just gonna be one of those days, I guess." The guard sighs. "You'll wanna head down to the test chamber as soon as you suit up..."

Nova grins. "Well, We're not fired then!"

The Guard looks up and frowns. "I wouldn't know about that...With all these glitches in the main-frame, we all might be lookin' for new jobs pretty soon."

"I bet it was those baboons at Aperture Science who did this!" Exclaims the scientist standing next to the guard. "'High-Energy-Gamma-Leaking-Portal-Technology' my pie!"

Nova whistles lowly as the scientist walks off in a huff. "Someones got a grudge."

I sigh. "Tell me about it."

"Well, I'm gonna go suit up!" Nova skips off with a grin. "See ya there!"

"Grr...Another B.S.o.D.!" The guard curses. "I'll never get back to my game at this rate!"

I look over the desk. Sure enough, Window's Blue Screen of Death displays on the monitor. Though, why a security guard would be playing a game on duty, I don't know.

"Well, Good luck with that." I comment, and hurry off down the hallway, following the red bar painted on the walls.

I don't even care that I'm going the wrong way.

Then, the chill returns.

I look over towards the vice-administraitor's lab. And there's the Gov-man again. Arguing with Keller, the scientist that arranges what we put into the Anti-Mass Spectrometer.

I quickly continue down the hallway, towards an airlock.

"Sorry, Mister Freeman, You've got the wrong airlock." States a guard. "You know I can't let you through here."

"I'm just stretching my legs." I reply, and head back the other way down the hallway, noting the sign that says "SECTOR B that-a-way" on the end of the corodor. How could one miss it?

I follow the Yellow line to the lockers past the cafeteria, and stop as my stomach growls.

It couldn't hurt to take a little snack.

I enter, and look around, two scientists, one was named Magnusson, and the other...I don't really remember; Magnusson just put a casserole into the microwave.

A Casserole with my name on it.

I walk over to the microwave and press the stop button.

When it doesn't stop, I press it again. And Again. And a...


I wince.

"My God Man! What are you doing?!" Magnusson growls at me, as he walks up.

I turn tail and run to the lockers; locking the locker room door behind me. After a moment, I sigh in relief as Magnusson's enraged yells cease from the other side.

Nova, already in her Orange tinted HEV Suit (without helmet), looks at me with an exasperated expression. "Did you blow up Magnusson's casserole again?"

"In my deffence, It had My name written on it!" I note.

She sighs. "Go suit up, I'll defuse him."

I happily oblige and head for the four HEV suit containers, only one of which contains a suit, MY Suit. It even has my name written on the inside collar.

I open the container and step inside, letting the automated systems place my suit on.

Welcome to the HEV Mark Four Hazardous Environment....

I mute the on board system, then meet up with Nova in the hallway.

"Ready to go do some science?" She asks.

"Ready as I'll ever be."


AN: Well, this chapter is just to set up a few minor plot points, get the story rolling, and to introduce the general feel between the characters. If you're confused, Miss Tsuruya in TMoHS was never given a first name, so, in a bit of actor alusion, I've given Tsuruya the first name as one of her voice actress' other rolls. Nova from "Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force GO!" As for why Kyon/Gordon Freeman would be the same person, well, I just figured that it would make for some interresting plot devices. ja ne!