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Chapter 1: Comparison of One Species

As I lay here in the confines of my massive bedroom of a freezer, thoughts flashes in my mind as I wait unconsciousness.

It is peculiar how my kind and their kind is the same and yet so different. With both of our kinds having to live for so long one would think our kind should have run into one another by now. Our kind have a ruling system and they have it too albeit ours is more of a democratic system…sort of…and it is vast.

We have more differences than similarities.

Their kind has venom that will cause for a human to change into one of them. They do not have an obligation to stick by the human they changed. It is a painful burning, three day change for the human. For my kind to turn someone, the human must be near death and must drink his or her sire's blood. A sire is the one that turns the human and must teach his or her fledgling how to live as one of us until they are capable on their own. It is our law and must be abided. Failure to do so may be fatal to the sire and fledgling depending on the amount of damages caused.

They bring their most noticeable characteristic after they are change thus the possibility of them having gifts. They have heightened senses, strength, and speed. We do too but ours allow us to smell the past and inclined to develop psychic powers and can get glimpses of the past.

Their skin is hard like diamonds. They are cold "blooded"; their temperature will always be cold no matter what their environment. They do not have blood flowing in their veins, instead its venom. They do not have a heartbeat therefore the lack of a pulse. My kind has a pulse and blood flowing in our veins.

Both of our kinds are not damage by garlic, holy water and crucifixes. We also heal very quickly. Their kind must be torn apart and the pieces must be burned for them to be destroyed. My kind is susceptible to silver, it is toxic to us. Dump us in a tub of pure silver and we will disintegrate. Fire is also a danger to us. Minimum exposure to it is harmful but burning is final, more than ten seconds engulfed in a flame thrower and we'll be ashes. A stake through the heart is painful but only causes paralysis. Decapitation is a sure way to kill us.

Due to silver being toxic to us, analogue cameras containing silver emulsion in the film will not be able to clearly capture our images. Digital cameras however will do the trick since silver emulsion is not use in them. In traditional lore, it is said that we do not have a reflection and they are right only if we stand in front of old mirrors since most of them are silver backed. Their kind does not have such problems concerning image capturing technologies or silver coated mirrors.

Daylight does not kill my kind but it does make us gradually weaker. This makes it possible for us to be about during sunny days, we just have to avoid too much exposure to the sun. Sunburn can easily be a given excuse to the humans. Their kind isn't harmed by the sunlight too but their skin acts like sparkling diamonds when exposed to the sun preventing them from public sunny places.

They do not sleep…ever. My kind however does or if we want to that is. We sleep in a freezer or any place with a sub zero temperature. Sleeping or staying in freezers help our bodies from slowly decomposing and it also lessens the craving and need for blood when injured.

My kind can temporarily be human again by letting "the cure" or "compound" into our blood stream. A pinch from the compound will allow us to be human for three months then we can take it again if we wish. The "compound's" components are scarce and only few know how to make it. The French royal family had invented it in order for them to avoid decapitation in the guillotine during the French Revolution. The vast majority of our kind does not know of its existence and we prefer it to continue that way. Many of us revel in our nature and will see the "compound" as a threat.

Their kind and mine find human food repulsive. The food taste like dirt unless my kind takes the compound then we can fully enjoy a human meal. Their kind can survive on either human or animal blood. Since they have venom, they must drain the human when feeding or else change them. Their eyes are red when their diet is humans and topaz or gold when they feed from animals. They do not have fangs, just very sharp teeth.

When my kind feeds our eyes turns icy blue or white and our canines extract to form fangs. We only survive from human blood. We release endorphins and sex pheromones when we feed so the humans can enjoy the moment too. It is such an intimate act that it ranks second, sex being first.

Differences and similarities aside, we are both the same species but belong in different… I suppose one could say breeds or family…….I can feel consciousness slipping away from me and one thought pass across my mind….

Although my heart is suffering unimaginable pain now, I can not regret having of met him and his family. When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it is unreasonable to grieve when it comes to an end. I am Isabella Marie Swan from the English and American royal family and I am over a millennia old vampire.

End Chapter 1…TBC…

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