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Before reading please take the time to read this plot bunny I have for Twilight E/B rated M fanfic that I don't know how write because it requires to portray very strong emotions like angst because of inner conflicts from both Bella and Edward and I'm not very good at that. It has secrets, chaos, drama and as far as Edward believes for the moment "taboo" relationship.

If anyone is interested on starting this, please contact me. I want to see it come "alive" and read it. I think it would be sexy as hell if someone knows how to write this well. Here's my idea:

Edward Masen is a 27 year old human and is an assassin for hire who has/is jaded view/with life.
He met them a couple of months ago and somehow he can only connects with them and doesn't really know why.
His two friends are Emmett Cullen ("24" yrs old PE teacher) and Jasper Hale ("23"yrs old Guidance counselor) who just "finished college", they are adoptive brothers who are also vegetarian vampires but Edward doesn't know anything about the supernaturals/mythicals like all humans should.
The only thing he knows about Emmett and Jasper are they have two young parents named Esme and Carlisle, and the brothers are married to a Rosalie and Alice who he have never met. He only knows that Rosalie is Jasper's "twin sister". He doesn't know that the ladies are also adoptive daughters of the brother's parents.
He also know that they have an estrange adoptive "little" sister who comes and go in the Cullen's household/life and who he doesn't know the name of. (Bella Cullen)
Emmett and Jasper doesn't know that their friend is an assassin. They believe he is a high school teacher which he is but that's also his cover story. They don't know what school he works to.
They all live in Seattle.
Bella is the "oldest"(17 for all eternity) of the Cullen siblings since she was the first turned by Carlisle. She switches from human to animal diet as she pleases that's why she comes and go from the Cullen coven frequently. (I hope that's enough to get the idea of what her views are like; it's hard for me to explain.) That's also why she has red eyes constantly and her excuse is red contacts when people ask. She also goes to a big high school there in Seattle; she's pretending to have just turned sixteen since she's planning to stay there for awhile even though she preys on humans. Cover story: allowed by guardians to live separately.
Despite her choices in life, she is a nice person so no one really would ever suspect that she is capable of killing.

She exudes innocence that somehow draws and captures Edward in when their paths met in Seattle during a walk in the city a week before school starts. They connected. He doesn't know her age then and was too excited that he felt romantic feelings for someone for the first time in his life. She introduced herself as Bella Swan to him not Isabella or Cullen. They got to know a bit of each other and dated; actually they dated the whole week but never touched on age.

He doesn't know she is the estranged adoptive sister of his friends. Ed's blood calls to her but she has amazing control like Carlisle despite her diet. Though amazing control she is very much tempted to drink from him and the only thing stopping her is the pull she feels towards him. The Cullens doesn't know that she's in the city yet, she has a place of her own in the city since she still hunts humans there from time to time.

I hope that's enough of an insight the struggle they will both face as they spend more time with each other. Both harboring secrets and have inner demons to face. They both think the other is innocent and too good to be with them but they are both selfish. Age of consent in WA is 16...(they both so totally looked that up in Google) but he is also 60 months older than her and is in a supervisory position(teacher) so therefore a no no. And of course Edward thinks he's way too old for her (if he only knows that Bella is the cradle robber in the relationship) and its against the law (woohoo Eddie boy, way to go to start following the laws when your an assassin...so typical Edward.)

Alice is well Alice, she'll always love Bella and shopping but she respects Bella's request to not look into her future while she doesn't live with the rest of them. The others are the same too except Jasper has more control over his bloodlust and more open since he is friends with Edward.

Alice and Rose decided to switch to a bigger school. They dragged Emmett and Jasper too but the boys didn't change identity to students, they kept their PE teacher and guidance counselor status. They didn't know that is where Bella parked her butt and where Edward works.

Edward noticed the last names of Alice & Rose on his roster and he got suspicious.

Alice goes by Cullen and Emmett's sister and Rose by Hale as Jasper's little sister not twin as he had been explained before by his friends because it wouldn't make sense for Rose to be in HS if she's Jazz's twin. They explained that they are both adoptive sisters and didn't say anything if they have another sister who doesn't live with them.

Bella have his class the next hour. Chaos, inner conflicts and angst ensue which frankly I have trouble writing, I need someone for this type of thing. Someone HELP PLEASE. First chapter of this is up already but it's untitled yet.

Now on to the real story… (Sorry for wrong translation of French and Italian dialogue here, I just used Google.)

Chapter 7: Busy Night


I parked my Ducati back at my penthouse and injected myself with the compound's neutralizer. Now I'm running along side Norman towards patrol group three six one was last heard. In every major city, there are patrol units that watches for any suspicious activities. Since Salem is a small city there are only three units with two vampires each that survey the border. I tried contacting the other two units on duty but there was no answer, same thing with the units who are off duty. I'm feeling very ominous right now.

As if I need more problems right now. There's a rogue vampire on the loose and I can't track its mind. Damn psycho. I can't look for the sire either since I don't know what the hell I'm looking for. I can search up the Cullens because they are something concrete…they exist wholly in my mind. This however, is not concrete at all!

Scanning minds is no easy task since I retain the memories I see. I have to be unconscious to work at full capacity since my brain would be more at ease. And I certainly can't attempt scanning when I'm human…I don't want my brain to suddenly explode from overload.

As the place came into view…what greets us is a horrifying sight. There scattered on the ground are my patrol units. All six vampires beheaded, rather their heads are scattered on the ground. There's a dying bonfire a few meters away and I guess I know what happened to their bodies.

There's only one radio intact and it looks like it had been tampered with. This explains why no one was answering backup request. My radio is the only one that picked up the distress call. This means a whole lot of things and none of them are any good. Someone had gotten hold of our coded signals, killed my units, tampered one of their radios and used it to lure me here. Somebody wants to send a personal message to me and that somebody is going to be thoroughly fucked up when I'm thru with them.

"Norman call our own clean up and contact the families of the deceased. Their families might want their ashes."

"As you wish milady"

I run the whole border of Salem trying to pick up any scents or past glimpses.

"Mon ostie de maudit anglais, tu me fais chier en crisse de tabarnak."(You god damned Anglophones, you are really fucking pissing me off like shit.)

French…bloody fawking beastly French arseholes. I'm going to kill them!

Figures in dark cloaks flitting all over the place and fighting with my units

"Uccidderli tutti. Lasciare nessuno in vita." (Kill them all. Leave no one alive.)

What the hell? Italian too? Only vampires of my kind that is in Italy are those within the Vatican. Maybe that's why sparkly assed vampires and my kind never met each other. I doubt the Volturi, as what Edward told me, will ever have the need to visit the Vatican. The place practically screams HOLY and from the vamps holier than thou.

I continue on with my search…

Red eyes glinting from the dark confines of a hood of someone's cloak

Pale almost translucent hands tearing heads from bodies

What in the fuck's name of the Queen of America was that?! Wait…I just cursed at myself…never mind.

I reach my starting point…the massacre site. I can't pick up anymore glimpses and the scents are long gone. My personal clean up crew had taken care of the scene like nothing had ever happened here tonight.

"Norman let's g back to my penthouse." I said trying to maintain a composed front

I need to make some calls…I'm not freaking out…Nope; I just need to make some calls.


"So what was that about with the tapping and the code Bella said to her radio?" Jasper asked from Rose's car as we speed off on the freeway

"Oh that…umm…Well you see…First off don't freak out or panic especially you Edward. I'm not familiar with the tapping codes but I believe that code one two means emerge – ahem…umm patrol backup and three six one is the name of the patrol unit that needs backup tonight."

"Were you going to say emergency?" I gritted out

"No…look, don't worry. Belle will tell us what's up when we see her in a couple of hours." he said as he park at the side of a convenient store. It has police line and crime scene tape around it. We got out of the car.

"Fine" I reluctantly agree praying to whoever is up there to keep my love safe.

"Cool we're breaking in there?" Emmett said excitedly

"Yup, body was found inside. I need to get a scent of the vamp." Roland said getting inside of the store and we followed.

We reached the back of the store near the fridges. Chips and various snacks are torn open and littered the floor.

"The first thing a newly turned vampire needs to do is feed. Problem is if you don't know what you're hungry for, you'll try anything when you're really looking for one thing…blood. A newly turned vampire is like a feral kitten, if you don't socialize it within the first few days, it's never going to be able to learn to live with humans."

"Yeah that's pretty much how it is for us too but we don't go rogue. It's just hard to control the bloodlust for a year."

Not too far away from the foods is a small pool of blood…human blood. The one that came from the dead man at the morgue. Roland sniffs the air and we followed suit. We can smell the blood, foods, humans and something else…it smells vampire like Roland but different.

"That's a new scent. It kind of smell like you Roland but something is different…its more potent." Jasper said

"That's vampire blood; a small amount is mixed in with the human blood so the victim must have a weapon of some sort and fought." Roland explained while we head back out of the store

"The sidewalks are covered with all kinds of crap, gum, bits of food, cigarette butts, spit but I can always find the blood. That's a smell that can't be mistaken for anything else and vampire blood smell like no other."

"Ditto" Emmett said while sniffing. We followed the scent to a corner street. There's a small note book near the side walk. Roland went to it, picked it up and sniffed.

"A vampire was here then there were two. This is where the rogue was sired. Poor guy probably didn't know what hit him. We should go to the cleaner now." Roland said while texting

We got into our cars again and sped off towards…wherever this cleaner is. Roland finished his texting and dialed some numbers.

"Hey boss lady we found the rogue vampire's blood at the corner of Mason and North. I need to know if anybody has filed any kind of reports to the authorities in the last couple of days. We're heading to the cleaner now. By the way are you ok? They're worried about you especially the mind reader…he's freaking out."

I am not freaking out. I'm worried. There's a difference.

"Got it and I'm fine…false alarm. Norman is just taking me around the whole Salem border right now. Keep me posted." Bella said and hang up

"See she's fine."

"You're a Private Investigator don't you people suppose to have contacts with the authorities?" Rosalie ask over the roar of our engines

"It takes time to develop a contact…years. People age, we don't. Cops specially tend to pick up into those kinds of details. Kinda makes long term relationship with humans difficult. We can't force someone from our end to work at every city to act as our contact. Charles would be helpful but he's out of the radar and as you know, works at quiet little Forks." he said dismissively

"What's a cleaner…Bella said that before about going to her? I'm guessing she's not the one you go to clean your clothes." Alice asked

"No, she knows where all the bodies are buried so to speak." Roland said cryptically and parked the car on a poorly lit road.

"Might be a good idea to keep your distance far enough that she won't notice. I have to warn all of you now, based on your lifestyle, you guys won't like what you'll see." he said when we all got out of the cars.

"We'll follow you from the rooftops and we will be discreet as much as possible." Jasper said and we took to the roofs. We run and jump from building to building while keeping tabs on Roland. He is fast; I think he can give me a run for my money. Emmett thinks so too.

Roland stops at an alley and we stop five buildings away. We perched ourselves on the tallest one so we can see clearly. There on the alley are six vampires not including Roland. There's a woman dressed in all black and leather overseeing the other vampires. Since she's the only female there and Roland refers to the cleaner as a woman then she's the one. Two vampires are standing on the side and seem to be just waiting. One vampire is hosing down the asphalt with a power hose. Another vampire picks up a bloody hand and put it in a garbage plastic bag. The last vampire picks up a body that's missing a head and hand.

Now we get what a cleaner entails. I don't think I'll ever see any normal kind of cleaners the same way again. Alice's thought agrees with me.

Roland stands next to the cleaner and she looked at him.

"Roland St. John, don't tell me you need a clean up." she said teasingly

"No, what happened here?" he said nodding towards the scene

"Mr. Sloppy and Mr. Stupid over there got a little carried away on their midnight snack."

"These two?"

"Accidents happen, everyone feels bad but at least they called the cleanup." she reasoned

"Let's take a walk." he said gesturing away from the rest

"I there anything unusual about your recent calls?"

"We've been a little bit busier than usual. A couple of coeds on the west side last week…"

"How about Mason and North?"

"Oh yeah last night but that was a false alarm."

"What do you mean false alarm?"

"A vampire called about an accidental kill, I hauled my guys up all the way from the west side but when we got there no vampire, no kill, I didn't even got out of the car."

"So uh did you get the name of the vampire that called it in?"

"C'mon Roland, you know how it is, all calls are confidential. Its how the system works." she said amusedly

"Really…because they left this behind" Roland said holding up the small notebook we found and gave it to the cleaner. "I'm going to find him eventually and my boss wants this case closed quickly. She told me to come to you."

"She sent you to me? What's the emergency?" she suddenly became serious.

Wow Bella really is a badass; did you see how she just got all serious? Emmett thought

Bella is…formidable for just the thought of her causing a reaction like that to someone like that woman. Jasper thought and I completely agree. I really do have a snow ball's chance in hell in winning Bella back but I won't give up.

"The reason that there wasn't a body is because it got up and walked away."

"A turning…?" she asked unbelievably

"Gone rogue, if I don't find this guy, there's going to be a lot more cleaning up to do with no one to pick up the tab." Roland warned

"The vampire who called for cleanup, his name is Gerald Trotsky. You find the sire, call me." she said writing something on a piece of paper then handed it to Roland

"Got it" he said and flitted towards where our cars are parked and we followed from the roofs of the buildings.

"So that was a cleaner." Emmett said after we settled in our cars.

"Yes. I never needed the cleaner's services though a lot of vampires don't show my moral code. But if vampires and humans are to coexist, she's necessary to maintain the balance." Roland took out his phone and searched up Gerald Trotsky on the net.

Turns out the guy are not only a vampire but also a rocket scientist. He looks about sixty from the picture. We stayed inside the cars this time since their parked right outside the building where the sire is suppose to be and Roland went inside to talk to him. We can easily hear anything that will be said beside from the sound inside, it seems deserted.

"Hi." Roland said

"Hi." we hear an elderly guy said…Gerald


"My notes, oh thank you. I thought I lost them." Gerald said in gratitude

"Corner of Mason and North last night right?"

"Maybe…I go there every night."

"There you go, were you alone?"

"Yes, you know I think I finally gotten use to my solitary existence. Other vampires seem to avoid me and my human colleagues are…well you know how that is." we kind of feel sorry for this guy. Although our positions are very different, other vampires of our kind avoid us too and humans well…

"Right…where were you coming from?"

"The Empress Pavilion…I love their barbeque pork buns."

"But we don't eat." Roland said amusedly and incuriously

"I know, but I sure use to love those buns."

"Anyway, last night, after your pork buns, what did you eat? And by what I mean who?"


"I found your pad in a pool of blood. Since you're a vampire, I figure it's probably not a coincidence."

I hear Emmett snickering in his mind. He finds all of this fun; actually he considers taking a job like this. I rolled my eyes.

"That wasn't my fault, as I said I was just walking along when suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere this car mows me over."

"So you attacked the driver." Roland concluded

"Oh no…no…no, I was in no condition. Fortunately, a good Samaritan came by." Gerald said wistfully

"So you fed on him."

"Drain him, I'm afraid…It was just an accident, I don't ordinarily feed directly from humans." he continued

"I was just desperate and I…look I called the cleaners as soon as I got home. She should have disposed of the body so…"

"Did you check if the guy was dead before you left him there?" Roland asked tersely

"Yes of course I checked…I mean he wasn't moving. Why wouldn't he be dead, right?"

"You screwed up, some of your blood got into his system. You didn't kill him, you turned him. Then you left him there by himself not knowing what he was and not knowing what to do. Now he's out there killing people."

"Oh my…oh dear" Gerald said in panic

"What do you remember about him?"

"Nothing much, it all happen so fast…oh yes he said something about being umm a…a doctor. No, yes a doctor. A doctor"

"A doctor…are you sure?"


Roland went out of the building and came back inside the Mercedes. He took out his phone and look at it.

"Belle sent the info we asked and there's only one report, parking enforcement said they just towed an abandon car from that intersection registered to a Dr. Jeffery Pollock."

"That's got to be our rogue vamp doc." Emmett said

"Ok, his residence is at 2810 Federal St. She said to keep her posted, she just needs to call in some people then she'll meet…wherever we see each other next" with that we headed to our new destination…the rogue's lair. I meant house, damn it that was Emmett's thought not mine!

End Chapter 7…TBC

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