Author: G.A.M.M.

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Chapter Two: Yin and Yang

Five hundred push-ups. One thousand sit-ups. Two thousand sword strikes. A five thousand meter run. Meditation. All in the span of an hour.

It was this routine that constituted Uzumaki Naruto's mornings. And that was just to keep conditioned.

Showoff. Sasuke thought smugly. Only a talentless nobody would require such training just to compete with the likes of himself. He was, after all, at least officially, the last Uchiha. And one day, oh brother of mine, the facts will match the record.

That Itachi was at least fifty times stronger than him was none of his concern. Such thoughts would only hinder him in training his abilities to combat his traitorous kin.

No, his thoughts were occupied with a far more immediate matter. Christ on Friday, Hanabi is going to be the end of me.

He had only been in her presence for a mere hour before he realized his job was going to significantly harder than he had originally anticipated. Girl keeps her mouth shut better than a venus fly trap. How the hell am I supposed to serve her when I have no idea what she needs? Clearly he was going to have to lure her out of her metaphorical shell. If she didn't trust him, he couldn't possibly convince her to help him complete his objective of killing his brother. Of course his first choice had been Hinata, but Hyuuga blood was strong regardless, and regardless, he would have it. It was just going to take a little time. If ten years of careful planning hadn't taught him patience, nothing would. Yes Sasuke was rather patient for a man his age. But still, there were limits.

"God damnit dobe if you keep whistling that song I'm gonna take that sword of yours and show you where the pointy end goes."

"I'd like to see you try." Naruto said, opening his right eye to stare at his newest rival. "And for the last time, stop talking to me when I'm trying to meditate."

"How can you meditate when your whistling?"

"Years of practice. I just zone out."

"But why the whistling?"

"Simple. My old trainer thought there was nothing funnier than to interupt me when I was trying to learn how to focus my ki. So I asked him what his least favorite anime themesong was."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed. "But Sobakasu? Fucking Freckles from Rurouni Kenshin? Good god man, have you no sense of decency?"

Naruto smiled imperceptively. "I'm talking to you aren't I?" He didn't have to look to know that there was a vein in Sasuke's forehead throbbing so hard he was about ready to pop.

"Hn. See you around dobe."

The score is Naruto two, teme zero. So far so good.

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