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"I do have work to do, Light-kun." I said, looking up at the auburn haired man currently straddling me. "And didn't you mention a paper due in one of your classes next week?" Light's response was to capture my lips with his own, running his tongue over my bottom lip insistently until he was granted access. I felt him smile as my breath hitched and he pressed his leg between mine, grinding just enough to tease. He pulled away, smirking down at me.

"You're right. I do have work to do." He made to shift his weight off, but I tangled my legs in his, flipping him over and reversing our positions. "Are you trying to corrupt me?" He asked, his breathing mingling with my own. It was my turn to smirk and control the kiss. He responded hungrily, pouting when I pulled away.

"I believe you are the one corrupting me," I said as he slid his hands under my shirt. Whatever else I had planned to say left my mind as his fingers traced up the front of my chest, teasing a moan from my lips. Light took advantage of my distraction to pull my shirt over my head and, once again, take control. I put up no fight as he once again took the top position.

"I'm just," He started with the side of my lip, trailing kisses to my neck. "An innocent," He moved lower, tongue flicking over my left nipple in a way that sent warmth to my already aching groin. "University student." He looked up at me, smirking at my loss of control as his hands slipped below the waist of my pants. He ran his hands over the outside of my boxers, teasing my already sensitive erection.

"Light-kun…" I said, clenching the sheets. "Please." I lifted my hips, helping him pull my pants and boxers off.

"What do you want, koibito?" He asked, an undertone to his voice that made me shiver. "Say it."

"Take me. Please," I whispered, his lips so close I could feel his breath on my throbbing cock. "Make me come." I struggled to hold still as his lips enveloped my length. He start slow, one hand holding my shaft to keep my hips from bucking. As he increased the speed, I felt the last shreds of my control start to fade away. "I…I can't…" My breath was coming in ragged gasps and Light's hand replaced his mouth, finally giving me release. I lay there for a moment, basking in the aftermath of the orgasm.

Light kissed me gently, his thumbs circling my nipples, arousing me all over again. I pulled his shirt up, breaking our kiss long enough to get rid of the article of clothing. I ran my hands down his chest, looping my fingers in his pants and tugging them down. He helped, pushing them down quickly. I felt his erection against my thigh.

"I want you in me," I said, grabbing the lube from the nightstand and pouring it in my hand. I wrapped my hand around his shaft, teasing him as I prepared him. "Now." I let him turn me over, forcing myself to relax as he entered me. He went slow at first, letting me adjust to his weight. Then he started moving, in and out, building a rhythm that I matched with my hips. We came at the same time, falling back to the bed to lie in contentment.

"Have I told you how much I love you?" He said kissing me softly.

"I believe it's come up," I said, pointedly glancing down. He laughed, pressing a hand on my chest and pushing back.

"And I thought I was the horny college student." He got out of bed, heading to the shower. "Come and clean up." His smirk was enough to draw me from the bed as soon as I heard the shower turn on.

When I got in the bathroom, he was already standing under the flow of water, eyes closed. I slipped in, wrapping my arms around him and resting my chin on his shoulder. My hands moved in slow circles on his chest, and he chuckled, a rumble deep in his throat.

"Not again," He said, turning to face me. "We both have work to do." A half hour later, we left the shower, reluctantly pulling clothes on. Since we'd made it back to England, it seemed that we spent most of our time without any clothes on. I knew Light was using sex to avoid talking about what had happened that night, but I couldn't resist him. It was strange, still, to be so under his influence. He had swiftly passed any barriers I had left. I couldn't imagine my life without him. Still…I wanted him to tell me what had happened. I knew we couldn't truly be happy until he did, but I couldn't force him to talk. Whenever I brought it up, he withdrew into himself or avoided it by tugging me toward the bedroom.

"We need to talk." Light's voice broke through my thoughts and I looked up. He was wearing black sweatpants and a white t-shirt and looking sexier than he had any right to. I raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to continue. He took a deep breath and did, "About what happened."

"If Light-kun is comfortable with it," I said, trying to keep the hope out of my voice.

"I think…I think I have to be." He said. "I've been trying to figure it out myself, but I'm no closer to an answer. But I trust you and…I hate keeping things from you." I nodded, pulling on my shirt. "Let's go into the living room." He left the room and I followed slowly. He sat on the couch and I sat facing him, legs drawn up to my chest. He sat there, looking at the ground for a few minutes.

"When you weren't with me, Kira would…he would talk to me." Light still kept his eyes off of me, gazing with intensity at the floor. "I'm not just talking about after you burned…you know…after. Even before. But afterwards it was worse. And then…you left me with my parents." He stopped talking; looking more vulnerable than I'd seen him in the six months we had really been together. When his eyes met mine, I saw that he was scared.

"I have already told you that I was sorry about that," I said softly, reaching a hand out for him. He didn't move, letting me pull him against me. I wrapped my arms around him and he rested his head on my chest, his right hand clenching my shirt. I felt him draw a shuddering breath before continuing.

"He said horrible things, L." His voice was a whisper that I had to strain to hear. "About you. And about me. And I believed him. Every lie he told me, and I was helpless to resist." He pushed away, looking me in the eyes fully. He wasn't crying - he was never one to cry – but he was as close as I had ever seen him to tears.

"I'm so sorry, L," He said hoarsely. "My brain knew he was lying – that you wouldn't do all those things to me. But…"

"It wasn't your fault, Light-kun," I said, shaking my head. I opened my mouth to say something else, but Light cut me off.

"I know. But…" He said. "I keep thinking 'If only I'd fought harder, none of this would have happened.'" He pushed away from me, searching my face. I said nothing, knowing that he wasn't done yet. "And then you came back. And I was so happy, but his words were in my head. And he was standing there next to you, whispering those words again – " I realized what he'd just said and had to say something.

"That's who you were looking at." It wasn't a question. "And who you were talking to when you turned away from the camera." He nodded, looking solemn.

"I wasn't sure you would notice that." He admitted. "But then I…I needed to hurt you. And you didn't fight back and I couldn't understand. And he wanted you to fight back, too. But you didn't so I realized maybe he really was lying. Oh god. I almost…with my hands." He lifted his hands up like a marionette, looking at them in horror. I reached out, grabbing them in mine. He looked up, taking a breath before continuing.

"And then you said you loved me. Kira got really mad. And he made me hit you. He'd never done that before; forcibly taking control. So I wasn't expecting it. But I thought you were dead. He hit you so hard, and you weren't moving. That's…that's what gave me the strength to fight him. I called 119 and got an ambulance. But he wasn't gone yet. It wasn't until I was sitting in the waiting room that I realized something important – don't ask me what, because I don't even remember – but I realized it, and then he was gone. I think…I think I acknowledged that I hated you because you made me want to be better. You made me feel inferior. Acknowledging that I'd held a grudge against you made me accept it. If that makes sense. And he's gone for good, I think. I hope." The last two words were a whisper, but I caught them.

"I love you," I said. There was nothing else I could say. He smiled, relaxing and leaning forward to kiss me gently.

"I know," He said, freeing one of his hands from mine and running it through my hair, cupping the back of my head. "Thank you. For everything."

"On the contrary, Light-kun," I said, pressing my forehead against his and looking into his eyes. "I believe I should be the one thanking you." We kissed then, and I felt the last of his hesitation vanish as his hands tangled in my hair. I had no illusions that our relationship would always be easy – with Light as one half and me as the other how could it be? – but a fierce protectiveness grew in me, and I knew I would do whatever it took.

A/N: 119 is the same as 911. Only in Japan. (: