Dreams of a Nightmare

Sweat dripping from her forehead like rain in the spring, she tossed and turned as she clenched her pillow through the cold night.

"Is that Keri again?" The bald man asked as he rubbed his eyes sleepily.

"I believe so, this is the fourth time this week she's had a nightmare." The longhaired man replied. Walking toward the girls spot on the floor, the two men stood over her and watched her suffering grow.

"Maybe we should wake her up?" The bald man absently rubbed the back of his head. The two knelt down to wake the frightened girl.

"Hey, hey Keri wake up." Poking her cheek with his finger the longhaired man called out to her. Jumping up, Keri looked around a little confused. "You had another nightmare Hun."

"Yumichika?" Her eyes were red and swollen from crying in her sleep. "Another…nightmare?" She knew she had been having these nightmares ever since she had been separated from her brother. She turned to look at the other man that knelt before her. "Umm?" Keri pulled her thin blanket up to her chest.

"What is it Keri?" Yumichika asked as he held Keri close. Keri, still holding her blanket up to her chest stared at the bald man in confusion.

"Who are you?" She asked the bald man and titled her head to the side.

"What?! Are you kidding me?! The hell Is wrong with you?!" The bald man shouted.

"Hey keep it down Ikkaku, she was just kidding. All that shouting is not pretty at all." Yumichika stood next to the infuriated Ikkaku.

Snickering Keri jumped on Ikkaku's back. "So what time is it? It's still dark out so it must be around 2am?"

"Yes actually, it's 2:05am." Yumichika answered. "You will be sleeping in Ikkaku's room for the rest of the night; after all it is his turn. Last night you slept in my room remember?" Yumichika gave Keri a warm smile and blew her a kiss goodnight.

Ikkaku let a small sigh escape his lips. "Alright you better go straight to sleep and no snuggling I hate that crap."

"I know that's why I do it." Keri stuck her tongue out. Ikkaku walked into his room and threw Keri off his back onto the floor. "Ow! What did you that for?!" She pouted.

"Ah shut up and go to sleep." He said. Lying in his bed, he turned to the side to make sure Keri was in her spot on the floor only to be touching noses with her. "Get on the damned floor!" Ikkaku kicked her onto the floor and threw his pillow at her. Knowing that eventually she would make her way back onto his bed, Ikkaku turned his back to her and fell asleep. Keri silently crawled onto his bed and quickly drifted off into another world, dreaming.

"Hey brother! Brother! Where are you going? Can I go? You never let me go! Lemme go this time please!"

"Alright but I'm only going to get us some food, you have to keep up ok?"

"I will! I promise!"

"Ok, you see that cart of fruit? We're going to steal them its hard living in Rukongai you know that so get that look off your face!"

"Kay, well what do you want me to do brother?"

"Distract the guy who's selling them. You're cute you can do it right?"

"Of course I can!" Running over to the seller, the girl began to ask him questions, thus distracting him from the little boy.

"Let's go I got 'em!"

"Gotta go mister!"

The two ran as fast as they could, they turned down an alley, the little boy bumped into a man that looked like the grim reaper.

"I've been looking for you 2 trouble makers, I was ordered to find you and…kill you."

The two children's eyes grew wide with tears. "Run sister!" Before they could run, the man grabbed the two. "Let go! Let go of my sister!" The boy squirted a lemon in the large mans eyes causing him to let go. The girl landed behind the man and the boy landed in front.

"Brother! Brother!"

"Run sis! Run I will catch up later! Run and make sure you don't get caught!"

"I won't leave you brother!" She cried.

"Just go! I promise I will catch up!"

300 years later…

"Wake up, I told you to sleep on the floor I hate sleeping next to you." Ikkaku pushed Keri out the bed.

"Ow ow ow ow! I'm telling Yumi!" Keri quickly jumped to her feet and ran out the room yelling. "Yumi Yumi! YUMI!!"

"What is it? It is far too early to be shouting Keri." Yumichika flinched a bit when Keri crashed into him.

"Yeah but Ikkaku kicked me onto the floor!" Keri forced tears to flow out of her big grey eyes.

"Alright stop crying I'll talk to him." Yumichika patted her head. Keri turned away and snickered evilly.

"I'm going to find someone to fight." Ikkaku grabbed his sword and walked outside.

"I'm going tooooooooooo!!" Keri ran up to Ikkaku and linked her arm with his.

"No way in hell you're comin again, you always steal my fights and we finally made it to District 80, there are a lot of strong people here." Ikkaku pushed her aside.

"'There are a lot of strong people here' You just said that yourself! So it shouldn't be a problem with me going!" Keri pouted.

"Fine but if you get in my way I'm cuttin you down too! Got that?" Ikkaku hissed.

"Hey! There's Ayumi!" Keri violently shoved Ikkaku onto the ground. "Ayumi! How are you? Wanna go with me and Ikkaku?"

"Shut up Keri! No Ayumi we don't need you to tag along you'll only get in the way." Ikkaku dusted himself off.

"Just for that little comment Ikkaku I'm comin too." Ayumi grabbed her sword and walked along side Keri.

"You're looking beautiful as usual Ayumi." Yumichika walked over to the three. "Are you going with Ikkaku and Keri?"

"Uh huh, you should come too." Ayumi suggested.

"No! Hell no! This isn't some field trip dammit!" Ikkaku yelled piercing every ones ears with his shriek.

"Oh don't be such a baby Ikkaku, I won't fight of course, I'll just be watching." Yumichika reassured him.

"Yeah me either I'll be cheering for you though Keri." Ayumi smiled brightly.

"Fine let's go then." Ikkaku stomped forward while the other three followed.

"Let's get a snack!" Keri suggested they stop in the candy store they stood next too. Of course, Keri got her way and they went in the store, while Ikkaku kept walking looking for someone to fight. He turned down an alley and spotted a little girl drawing on the ground.

"Is there something funny kid?" Ikkaku asked as he gave her an ice-cold glare. "You wanna fight kid?" Ikkaku waited for an answer. The little girl giggled and continued to draw. Ikkaku hated to be ignored; he pulled out his sword and pointed it to the girls face.

"Why fight her when you can fight me?" A very large man stood up behind the little girl. "Or do you like pickin on kids cause they're the only ones you can beat?" The man grinned wickedly.

Ikkaku slightly trembled but not out of fear, it was pure excitement. "Heh guess today's my lucky day."

"Lucky?" The man frowned.

"Fighting someone as strong as you, I say I'm pretty damn lucky, don't you?" Walking to the middle of the street Ikkaku kept his sword unsheathed. He turned to face his opponent. By now, a crowd of people stood to the side out of the way to watch them fight.

"Excuse me may we get through? What's going on?" Yumichika asked someone that happened to be watching in the front.

"That bald guy is about to get his ass whooped." The person chuckled in response.

"Yeah yeah! Ken-chan is really happy right now!" The little girl giggled.

"Hey! HEY! Is that Ikkaku?! Who's he fighting?! That sneaky bastard didn't even tell us!" Keri pouted and walked to the front of the crowd to get a better look at the fight. "C'mon Ayumi." She pulled her friend along.

By the time Keri and Ayumi made it to the front of the crowd the fight was just about over; Ikkaku was lying on the ground coughing up blood. "Eh? Get up Ikkaku! You're not finished yet are you?! Up! Get up!" Keri yelled. A hand was softly placed on Keri's shoulder. "Yumi? What is it? Ikkaku can still fight."

"No he can't, even if he could he's smart to just lie there cause Ken-chan would kill him." The little girl said cheerfully and jumped off the barrel she was sitting on.

"Let's go, Yachiru." The man said turning around.

"Wait! I wanna fight you!" A voice called from the crowd. The man looked around. "Me! Look down!"

"What the hell? Your jus a kid. You don't even have a sword." The man began to walk away.

"Hey! Come back! I am not a kid! And I do too have a sword!" Keri pouted.

"No Keri, this time you'll have to back down." The injured Ikkaku managed to cough out.

"No way! I wanna fight too! What's your name big guy?" Keri approached the 6 foot 6 man. "What're you like 8 feet?" Keri who is 5'3 looked up at the man.

"My name? Kenpachi."

"Kenpachi? Well I'm Keri let's fight." Keri laughed and looked behind her to see Yumichika, Ikkaku and Ayumi watching from the crowd.

"I jus told you I aint fightin you."

"Let's make a deal! How bout if I lose…. I'll leave you alone and won't stalk you to fight you again!" Keri's smile looked slight maniacal then. "But if I win you have to go out with me." She winked at the large man.

"What the hell Keri?!" Ikkaku shouted. Yumichika face palmed and Ayumi cheered.

"Fine, you won't win anyway so it's a win win situation for me. Get down Yachiru." Kenpachi knelt down for his friend to climb off his shoulder.

"Are you gonna fight again Ken-chan?" the pink haired girl asked.

"You heard the woman she'll leave me alone." Kenpachi smiled widely. "Don't get mad if I accidently kill you cause you don't have a sword."

"Who said I don't have a sword? C'mon come at me Kenpa-kun." Keri winked. Kenpachi charged toward Keri with the intent to kill.

"Ken-chan hates it when people nickname him; he only lets me call him Ken-chan." Yachiru told Yumichika. Kenpachi swung his sword down onto Keri, Keri stood there as if she was paralyzed.

"DO IT KERI! HURRY!" Yumichika yelled. At that second Kenpachi noticed Keri whisper something but couldn't hear anything. Kenpachi smashed Keri into the ground.

"Shit, did she make it?" Ikkaku asked himself fearing his friend's life was in danger.

"Stop worrying so much and look Ikkaku." Yumichika pointed to the two fighting. The smoke from the attack was beginning to clear, Kenpachi's back was facing the crowd; it seemed he was pressing down onto his sword.

"The hell? Where'd that sword come from?" Kenpachi asked Keri who was holding her ground.

"I never said I didn't have a sword remember?" Keri smiled sadistically and threw the 238-pound man into the building beside them. "Just cause I'm little doesn't mean I'm not strong." Keri looked over at her friends and waved.

"Idiot! Focus on the fight!" Ikkaku shouted.

"Hm? Oh hey you're still conscious?" Keri cocked her head to the side as she watched Kenpachi pull him self off the ground. "You're bleeding pretty badly; you dodged my katana at the last second? You're cute and smart." Keri giggled.

"You're stronger than I thought." Another grin appeared on Kenpachi's face. "Hell of a lot stronger than that bald guy."

"Thankies." Keri took her stance. "Well shall we begin? Kenpa-kun."

Flash stepping behind her Kenpachi cut straight down Keri's back. Keri, not expecting Kenpachi to be able to flash step barely managed to dodge his second attack. Quickly examining her wound Keri figured she had about three more attacks like that and she would be done. Even with the wound she had just received, Keri was still light on her feet. Flash stepping to Kenpachi's left side Keri managed to cut a deep wound into his shoulder. Not letting up Keri quickly flash stepped again and cut into is lower abdomen. Once more, Keri planned to use this last move to finish him, she flashed to his left side again and attempted to cut a deeper wound into his shoulder but Kenpachi quickly swung his sword in the way and blocked her attack.

Breathing heavily, Kenpachi quickly examined his wounds and looked at his opponent. Shit I didn't think she was this strong I only hit her once she's been reading me like a book since that one attack. There's more to this pipsqueak than I thought. Kenpachi thought about his next attempt to attack. He had to take her out in one hit.

"Well? Aren't you gonna flash above me Kenpa-kun?" Keri smiled and licked the blood off her sword. Kenpachi's eyes widened. She knew his next attack before he knew.

"Ah crap she's getting excited again." Ikkaku watched Keri closely and noticed her eyes change colors from grey to a dark blood colored red. "They changed, should we stop it?" Ikkaku looked at Yumichika.

"No, let her fight." Yumichika answered.

"How bout we make this our last attack? I didn't get to eat so I'm hungry." Keri smiled and again took her stance.

"Heh don't rush me woman this has to be the best fight I've ever had." Kenpachi grinned. With that said, the two charged at each other with all they had causing a massive explosion. Kenpachi was blown a few feet away, while Keri was blown a few meters away given her light weight and small frame.

"Keri! Keri! Where are you? Cough or scream or something!" Ayumi called for her best friend. Ayumi heard a soft cough under a pile of debris. "Keri! Are you ok? You went all out huh? Want me to take you over there real quick?" Keri nodded in response. "Hey Yumichika, Ikkaku I found Keri." Ayumi carried her friend over to Kenpachi.

"Thanks for playing with Ken-chan, Keri he had lots of fun!" Yachiru said cheerfully.

"Wait, Kenpa-kun what about our date?" Keri said weakly.

"Idiot it was a tie like I'd ever lose to a woman like you." Kenpachi looked away.

"So you realize I'm not a kid huh?"

"Unless you're a very developed kid then yeah I felt how much of a woman you are." Kenpachi looked over at Keri and chuckled.

"Hm? Perv you felt me up." Keri looked at Ayumi and slightly blushed.

"Well wearing the clothes you have on now anyone can mistake you as kid, kid." Kenpachi laughed aloud and looked back at Keri; she was wearing an oversized ripped kimono.

"I have a feeling we'll meet again Kenpa-kun." Keri turned away and leaned on Ayumi to leave. "Can we go home Yumi? I think we should patch Ikkaku up."

"Oh dear Keri you sure became ugly after that fight, your wounds are much more serious than Ikkaku's." Yumichika motioned the two girls to follow him. Keri gave one more glance behind her to find Kenpachi already watching her walk away.

"Oh bye Yachiru!" Keri waved and the four disappeared.

"Hey Ken-chan want me to take you to the medical house?" Yachiru giggled and poked Kenpachi with a stick in his wounds.

"Ouch! Stop it brat!" Kenpachi coughed out a bit of blood. I wonder if I really will see her again. Kenpachi thought.

"Hold her down Ayumi! I can't give her this shot when she wiggling like that!" Yumichika began to grow impatient.

"No way! I hate shots! And that needle is like 14 inches!" Keri cried from behind a chair.

"Oh shut up you big baby, it's the smallest thinnest needle they make." Ikkaku grabbed Keri and took her over to Yumichika. "You better stop moving or those wounds will reopen." Ikkaku shook Keri violently.

"Yumi, Ikkaku is being mean cause he's jealous! Make him stop!" Keri cried only to be shaken more, falling unconscious.

"You over did again Ikkaku. I'm getting a migraine." Yumichika rubbed his temples. Yumichika gave Keri the shot and walked into his room. "She can stay with Ayumi tonight." He called from his room.

"You heard him Ayumi; she's your problem for tonight." Ikkaku threw Keri at Ayumi.

"Oh um ok then." Ayumi carried her friend to her house not far from Yumichika and Ikkaku's. Laying Keri in her spare futon Ayumi dragged her own futon next to Keri's and fell asleep.

The next day Keri and Ayumi were still sleeping and it was nearly 3pm and the sun had already begun to go down. Dreaming of chicken and rice Ayumi drooled in her sleep, dreaming of Kenpachi Keri also drooled in her sleep. Until a loud bang on the door disrupted the two of their dreams, Ayumi was about to get up until she heard a familiar voice. She quickly hid her face under her pillow and tried to continue her dream.

"Hey! Ayumi! Keri! Wake the hell up! It's almost dark! You lazy asses have been sleeping all day! Get the hell up!" Ikkaku broke the door down and stormed inside with Yumichika following behind.

"Did you have to break the door down?" Yumichika asked as he walked over the broken door.

"You know those two wouldn't wake up if they heard who it was!" Ikkaku shouted to Yumichika.

"Then why didn't you knock without talking like a normal person?" Yumichika snickered.

"Shut up Yumichika. Wake those two up."

"Wake up Ayumi." Yumichika tapped on her shoulder.

"It's hard to sleep while that idiot keeps shouting." Ayumi looked at Ikkaku in disgust. "I wouldn't wake Keri she's been sleeping peacefully all night and day." Ayumi stopped Yumichika from waking her up.

"Like hell we'll let her sleep. We're going to the Soul Reaper Academy today. I'll shake the shit out of her to wake her up." And Ikkaku began to shake Keri.

"Slow down Kenpa-kun…" Keri talked in her sleep.

"Tch… WHAT THE HELL?! WAKE UP KERI." Ikkaku shook her some more and slapped her a few times.

"Told you not to wake her." Ayumi shrugged.

"Looks like she has a bit of a crush on that giant." Yumichika did not agree with that, he thought Kenpachi's appearance was not beautiful at all.

"Yumi?" Keri looked over at Yumichika and looked back at Ikkaku. "Who are you?" Keri asked Ikkaku with a serious face.

"I hate you so much." Ikkaku stared at Keri who was now sticking her tongue out at the bald man.

"We're going to the Soul Reaper Academy Keri so get ready." Yumichika handed Keri her uniform.

"Just my size Yumi! Oh, Ayumi you already have yours on. That was fast."

"Yep so let's go." Ayumi stood next to her broken door. "Guess I won't need this old hut anymore anyway so you're lucky baldy." Ayumi glared at Ikkaku.

"Stop your bickering you two." Yumichika stepped between them.

"Alright let's go!" Keri came outside with an oversized uniform on. "Don't want everyone to know what I have now do I?" Keri pulled her hair back into a ponytail to match Ayumi's hair.

"So this is the school? It's huge" Ayumi greatly admired the huge school. "I bet they have comfortable beds here." She raced inside. Her three friends followed behind her.

"If you have yet to pick up your schedule please do so now in the main office located in the south building."

"Did you hear that announcement? South building let's go." Yumichika led the way.

"Here are your schedules and your dorm numbers. Please place your bags in your rooms and find your classes. They start in exactly 20 minutes. Thank you and enjoy your time here at the Soul Reaper Academy." The receptionist handed the four schedules to Yumichika.

"Thank you." Yumichika bowed and they left the room. "You guys could have least bowed. Now here this is yours Ikkaku, here you are Ayumi and Keri." Yumichika handed the schedules out.

"She sounded like a freakin recording." Ikkaku snorted. "What the hell? Kiddou? I hate Kiddou! First period too! This sucks!" Ikkaku looked at the rest of his classes silently.

"Hm? Reiatsu Control? That's a stupid class." Keri looked a bit confused and continued to read her schedule quietly as well.

"This class doesn't even have a name but it describes what it teaches well." Yumichika began to read it aloud. "It says 'In this class you will be understanding your sword and its meaning.' Well I guess that's ok."

"I got that class to Yumichika, first period right?" Ayumi glanced at her schedule and looked at Keri's. "Aw we don't have ANY classes together!" Ayumi hugged Keri tight.

"No one has any classes with you Keri." Yumichika looked disappointed.

"Well no use in crying over it, let's find our rooms." Ikkaku shrugged and looked at his paper. "Room 241 East B hall?....What the hell is this?!" Ikkaku did not have very good sense of direction.

"I'm in that room too so looks like we'll be staying together." Yumichika placed his hand on Ikkaku's shoulder.

"I'm in room… 522 West A hall." Why am I so far away from you guys?" Keri pouted and waited for Ayumi to tell everyone her room.

"Let's see I'm room 9 North C hall." Ayumi smiled. "My second favorite number." She said cheerfully.

"Alright let's get out of here; you two have a sense of direction right?" Yumichika asked, the two girls nodded and they all separated except Yumichika and Ikkaku.

"Alrighty let's see, North is this way I think." Looking down at the back of her schedule at the map Ayumi quickly turned the corner and ran into a red headed man. "Ouch! How bout you watch where you're going genius!" Ayumi yelled as she looked up.

"You were the one that was looking down idiot!" The red head spat back. Ayumi blushed as she looked at the man. The red head blushed as well.

"Well sorry I was just looking for the northern building." Ayumi gave her schedule to the red head.

"Oh you stay across the hall from me, I'll walk you there." He said to Ayumi.

"Oh ok! Thanks" She bowed as her cheeks became bright red.

"No need for all of that. So what's your name?" He asked as the two walked toward the northern building.

"I'm Ayumi." She said shyly.

"Oh that's a nice name. My names Renji." He said as they approached room 9. "Well here you are room 9 and I'm room 12 right across from you and we have Kiddou class together hope to see you there." Renji left and walked to his room.

"Ikkaku you passed it we're right here." Yumichika was already frustrated with Ikkaku because ever since they separated with Keri and Ayumi, Ikkaku has been doing nothing but complaining about how this would be a waste of time and he could train on his own to re match Kenpachi.

"Tch this place is only going to slow me down!" Ikkaku shouted.

"You were the one who insisted we should go and enter the 13 Gotei." Yumichika opened the door to their room and claimed the first bed he seen.

"Well I hope you remember your way around Ikkaku because I'm going to class early. Bye." Yumichika walked out the door and looked at the map on the back of his schedule to find his class, while Ikkaku on the other hand mumbled down the hallways not knowing there is a map on the back of his schedule.

"Let's see this is me here room 522 western building." Keri opened the door and noticed a boy sitting at the table working on something. Oh, crap I have a roommate. Dammit, I thought I was going to be able to walk around here naked. Keri thought as she tried to see the boys' face from the door.

"Walk around naked you said?" The boy asked never looking up.

Shit, did I say that aloud? No, I'm positive I didn't. So how did he know?

"You didn't say that aloud? I am not quite sure how I know." The boy looked up and the world seemed as if it stopped, Keri dropped her schedule.