Valentine's Day: Something's Missing

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"The hell is Valentine's Day?" Kenpachi scratched the back of his neck with a confused look on his face.

"It's a day when the guy has to ask a girl they like to be their Valentine and they be super romantic and buy the girl all kinds of gifts and chocolates! It's tomorrow Kenny so ask me!" Keri was excited to celebrate her very first Valentine's Day with Kenpachi.

"Ask you what?" Kenpachi blinked a few times then shrugged. Keri began to pout.

"Ask me to be your Valentine!" Keri shouted. Ikkaku and Yumichika sat patiently while Kenpachi struggled to answer.

"No." He replied dryly as he plopped on the couch.

"Just asked her or she'll cry and bitch and moan forever" Ikkaku whispered to the now very irritated Kenpachi. He rolled his eyes and stood again grabbing Keri's hands but not making eye contact.

"Will you be my valentine?" Kenpachi mumbled so low no one could hear him.

"What?" Keri sniffled.

"Will you be my valentine?" Kenpachi said a bit louder but too fast to understand.

"Come again?" Keri scrunched up her nose.

"Will you be my fuckin valentine?" Kenpachi shouted angrily. Keri nodded enthusiastically and jumped on Kenpachi and hugged him. "Alright, enough, get off of me" he pushed her down.

"Aright, since it's Zaraki's first Valentine's Day, we'll take him out and show him what he has to do." Yumichika hugged Keri and patted Yachiru on the head, the 3 men left the dorm.

"Hey, hey Bubbles! What're you gonna get Kenny for Valentine's Day?" Yachiru cheerfully bounced onto Keri's shoulder.

"Hm, I'm not sure yet. Let's go get Ayumi and we'll also do some shopping, yes?" Yachiru nodded and they were on their way to get Ayumi.

"Why the hell do I need to buy her shit?" Kenpachi complained and dragged his feet behind the two men. They walked into a store.

"Hey look, there's Renji." Ikkaku motioned for Renji to come over.

"The hell are you doin here?" Kenpachi asked as he slightly chuckled.

"Buyin Ayumi a V day gift, you guys?" Renji looked pretty serious, he had two cards, one in each hand and he couldn't decide on which to give Ayumi. "Which one?" he asked Yumichika, the one with the most common sense.

"This one; it says you like her a lot and it's romantic without saying you love her just yet." Yumichika picked a pink envelope and handed it to Renji.

"Now, for the gift…" Renji began to look around. "What're you guys doin here again?" his previous question that was never answered.

"Zaraki here has to buy the brat a gift" Ikkaku snorted, Kenpachi glared.

"The hell am I supposed to buy her?" he admitted he was starting to get into it. "I don't know what the fuck she likes" he started growing impatient.

"Foound it~" Yumichika sang as he came down the aisle with a stuffed bear almost the size of Kenpachi. "Now all you need are chocolates and a card, which I also grabbed." Yumichika loved shopping so he didn't mind picking the things out, besides, he knows what his sister likes."

"This bear costs more than the entire Soul Reaper academy!" Kenpachi yelled and began to cause a scene.

"Calm down. It is not that much." Yumichika shook his head. "Oh! You'll need to get her flowers! Lilies! And yellow roses! They're her absolute favorite!" Yumichika gave Kenpachi the bear, card, and chocolates so he could pay for them while he got the flowers.

Kenpachi sighed, "tomorrow is gonna be a long day."

"Soooo, what're you getting Kenpachi?" Ayumi asked as she softly nudged her friend.

"Well, he's been complaining off his back hurting so I was thinking about a good old fashioned back massage so I just need to buy some oil!" Keri smiled cheerfully.

"That's it? No outfits? No toys? No 24 uninterrupted hours in your dorm while Hisagi stays with Yachiru?" Ayumi looked disappointed.

"Nope. I told him no sex and he has 7 more days to go! It's his fault!" Keri huffed and Yachiru came running down the aisle with an arm full of candy. "No, put it back. You have plenty of candy at home" Keri demanded without turning to look at Yachiru.

"My, haven't you become quite the mommy?" Ayumi said mockingly. Keri smiled.

"What're you gonna get Renji?" Keri asked curiously.

"Sex." Ayumi replied. "He's earned it, so it's about time. That's what Valentine's Day really is! All about the sex!" Ayumi exclaimed happily.

"Well, not this time for me!" Keri checked out, buying; oil, bubble bath and a card. When they got back to the school, Keri was informed that she would be sleeping in her own dorm tonight so she won't ruin the surprise.

The next day, Kenpachi was jerked out of his sleep to a pink blob on his stomach, he rubbed his eyes sleepily. "What the hell do you want Yachiru? It's 9am" he groaned.

"Wake up! You gotta go! Shu-kun is here already and that means Bubbles should be waking up soon!" Kenpachi was pissed that Yachiru was even into the whole Valentine's Day crap. He didn't feel like arguing so he got up, took everything over to Keri's dorm and set a few things up while she slept. Fifteen minutes later, Keri woke up and sleepily dragged herself out of bed.

"Kenny?" She asked as she rubbed her eyes. Keri's big gray eyes filled with water when she seen the giant bear.

"Here, happy Valentine's Day." He mumbled and gave Keri the bouquet of flowers, chocolates and the card. She jumped on him.

"Thank you Kenny! You're the best Valentine ever!" She hugged him for quite a while. The two went out to eat then went back to Keri's dorm. "When is Shu-kun coming back?" she asked as they sat on the couch.

"Not till tomorrow, he's watchin Yachiru for me so I'll probably owe him favor…dammit." Kenpachi absently rubbed the back of his head.

"Good! Cause I have a surprise for you!" Keri took Kenpachi into the bedroom and ordered him to take off his shirt. "Now lay on your tummy!" Keri whipped out the massage oil she bought and worked on Kenpachi's stressed muscles. There was a particular spot Keri noticed that hurt the most to him because he'd always wince when she moved near it. Keri cracked her knuckles and worked the knots out of his back. "Now! I bought bubble bath! And it's watermelon scented!" Keri exclaimed as she ran the bath water.

"So, we're just gonna take a bath?" Kenpachi asked as he raised his brow suspiciously.

"Yepp! Just a bath" Keri smiled brightly as she stripped down to nothing, "Come on! Get in, you first." Kenpachi stripped and quickly stepped into the tub and stretched his legs. Keri followed and sat in between.

"Something's missin…" Kenpachi pulled Keri back and they both relaxed in to the warm water.

"What is?"


"6 more days. Good try though" Keri smiled.

"Even that Renji bastard is gettin sex!"

"That's cause he's been with Ayumi practically since we started here and they haven't had sex yet so he deserves it!"

"I thought Valentine's Day was about gettin laid…Someone lied"

"No, you were just…unlucky this time."

Kenpachi frowned. "Pfftt" he put bubbles on Keri's nose and pulled her close, holding her tight, he rested his chin on her shoulder and whispered, "I love you."

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