Chapter 8: Good to be back

On the balcony, overlooking the ocean, Shadow and Sierra are looking out at the sunset. Both were leaning on the rail, while holding each others hand. They both watched as the sun's remaining rays of light shine on the surface of the ocean. "You know I love watching sun sets," Sierra said.

Shadow smiled as he then wrapped his arms around his wife, "I know, and I love watching them with you by my side."

Sierra smiled as she rested her head on his chest, and they continued to stare out into the ocean. "When do you think they'll be back?"

"Soon, and they'll have Hunter and Colleen with them." Shadow assured her,

"I know…I just can't wait till they come back. I just want to see my son and daughter again."

Shadow didn't say anything as he looked out in the distance and saw something;"Looks like we don't have to wait any anymore."

Sierra looked and saw the Sonic Rover flying towards HQ, "They're finally here, let's go greet them."

"Let's go then," Shadow said as they both walked back inside, holding each others hand.

The Sonic Rover descended into the hanger as Axel landed it. Once the ship was on the ground Axel locked down the controls, and everyone started to exit. Hunter and Colleen were the first ones to walk out and were greeted by the sights of Shadow and Sierra. "Mom, Dad!" they both said as they ran to them.

Shadow and Sierra hugged them. "It's good to see you two again!" Sierra said.

"We missed the both of you," Shadow said.

"We did too," Hunter and Colleen both said.

After a minute they broke apart as Axel and everyone else approached them. Shadow and Sierra then noticed Jason and his group. "And who are they?" Sierra asked.

"Cano-Mutants that Parvo controlled," Axel answered.

"We're going to see if the Master can change them back," Hunter said.

"And we're hoping for that," Jason said.

"Well let's go then," Axel said, and then they all started walking to the briefing room.

The Master saw as the Rovers and the others walk into the room. "Ah it's good to see you back Hunter and Colleen!"

"It's good to be back Master!" they both responded.

He then saw Jason and his group, "I see you also brought some friends back."

Axel then spoke up, "Yes, Parvo had them under his control and they were hoping you can change them back."

He nodded, "Yes I can get to work on that, but first. You did good work Rovers. Especially you Axel, you managed to pull the team through and save Hunter and Colleen. And to the rest of you as well. You all managed to pull together and save two of your own, and others who were in trouble," he said motioning to Jason's group. "You once again exceeded my expectations once again. You're good dogs Rovers good, good dogs."

Hunter then turned and looked at Axel, "Since you led the mission why don't you say it."

Axel smiled at the comment and turned to the rest of the team, "To The Power Of The Pack!!"

They all responded in unison, "AAAAAHHHHHRRRRROOOOO!!!"

Once everything was done the Master dismissed Hunter and Colleen to go see the professor. He then took some DNA samples from Jason and the others, so he could do a small test to see how he can help them. Everyone else waited in the briefing room, for the Master to come back.

Exile was leaning against the table but then felt something around his legs. He looked down and was surprised to see Jenna next to him. Exile smiled at her as he kneeled down, "Hey there comrade, I thought we deliver you back home?" at the sound of the word 'home' she seemed to whimper. That made Exile concerned a bit, "comrade what's wrong?" She just rested her head on his leg as she started to bark.

"What she say?" Krystal asked as she walked over to them.

He started to pet her as he explained, "She said she has no home. She feels safe with me, and doesn't want to leave."

"It must have been when you were being kind to her," Axel said.

"Maybe…I need to ask Master something when he comes back," Exile said as he stood back up.

Marcus then kneeled down next to her, "hey…I want to say I'm sorry for what I did" Jenna looked at him. "I didn't want to hurt you but still…I'm sorry." He waited in silence before she licked his face and he smiled at that.

"I think she forgave you," Exile said.

Meanwhile In Professor Hubert's lab, the Professor had just finished checking over Hunter and Colleen. He walked back to the two and held out a glass of water and a small pill to Hunter, "Here take this."

"What's this for?" Hunter asked as he took the two items. He took the pill and drank the water.

"That'll help prevent any soreness from coming to you overnight. And besides all that you both are ok. Make sure to get some food in you and get a good night rest."

They both nodded as Colleen spoke, "Thank you professor."

Hunter then spoke, "Yeah, come on Colleen lets go see what's happening with everyone else." She nodded as she helped him out and headed back to the briefing room.

Once they arrived back, The Master still wasn't back yet. Hunter and Colleen then went back to the team. "What's happening?" Hunter asked.

"We're still waiting on the Master," Axel said.

"Hopefully he can change us back," Marcus said.

"Yeah," Carmen agreed. "I can't stand being like this anymore."

Just then the Master entered the room again and approached everyone. Jason was the first to speak, "So…can you change us back?"

With a heavy sigh he shook his head, "I'm afraid not." That struck them like lightning. "It appears that Parvo changed cells in a dangerous way, and by doing that your cells will prevent you from changing back." They all hung their heads in sadness after hearing that. "But there is some good news."

Their heads shot back up at the sound of that. "What do you mean?" Ed asked.

"If you all could follow me I'll show you," he said as he turned and exit out of the room. Everyone wondered what he was talking about but decided to follow. After a minute they entered the room that held the transdogmafiers. The Master turned to the five, "Step into the chambers."

"Wh…why?" Jason asked, they all seemed to be nervous.

"Trust me, you'll thank me for it," Master said with a smile.

They were all hesitant for a minute but they all each stepped into one of the chambers. They all filled with smoke and took a minute before it all cleared. They all stepped out and the Rovers were shocked at what they saw. The five Cano-Mutants stepped out, still wearing their cloaks, but they were no longer mutated. They became regular Cano-Sapiens, "What happened?" Jake asked.

Shag then stepped forward and pulled out a long mirror and showed them their reflections. They all gasped as they saw themselves again. They all started touching their faces in disbelief, "But…how?" Jason asked.

The Master answered, "Parvo managed to change your cells, but not enough for me to change you all into Cano-Sapiens. I thought you all would prefer this then what you were before. "

"Well…this is a big improvement then what we were, thank you," Jason said.

"Plus I want to make you all an offer," Master said. "I spoke to the space Rover briefly and they are looking for new teammates, and I think you all would fit the positions."

"Really?" they all said.

"But it's your choice, you don't have to if you don't want to," Master assured them.

"Hold on a sec," Jason said as his friends and himself huddled together to talk it over. "What do you guys think?"

"I'm not sure," Jake said. "Even after all we did he's offering us a new life."

"It's so nice of him," Carmen said.

"I know…And I think we should take the offer," Marcus said.

"I'm not really sure," Jason said. After a few more minutes of talking they all turned to the Master, "We talked about it and…we would like to take you up on that offer."

Master smiled at that, "Then welcome to the Road Rovers."

A couple of hours later they all were outside on the beach, and the space rover's ship just landed. The hatch opened and Persia walked out and towards them. "It's good to see you all again."

"It's good to see you again Persia," Master said.

She turned and looked over at the five, "So you must be the new recruits."

"Yes we are," Jason said.

She walked over and shook each one of their hands, "I'm Persia, captain of the space Rovers."

"It's good to meet you," Jason said.

They all then introduced themselves. "It's good to have you all aboard. Once you're ready step onboard the ship and we'll take off," Persia said as she turned and walked back to the ship.

Before they left Jason turned to the Rovers and spoke, "Again…we're sorry about all that happened."

Hunter then spoke, "Hey we said it was ok, you were being controlled."

"But still we feel bad regardless."

"We hope to see you all again one day," Marcus said.

"But next time…" Carmen said.

"We'll be working together," Jake finished for her.

"Bye for now," Ed said for all of them.

They all then proceeded to walk into the ship but they all stopped before going in. "Thank you again…for everything!" Marcus said. The Rovers and the Master waved to them.

They all gave a bow before going inside, and the door closed. They all saw as the ship took off and shot off into the sky. After a moment Hunter spoke, "Hope they do good."

"Oh they will," The Master said. "Now let's go inside Rovers."

As they were going inside Exile spoke up, "Uh…Master?"

He turned to him, "What is it Exile?"

Exile then call for Jenna and she ran to him, as he kneeled down to her. "Master this is Jenna…we found her, and she helped us big time during mission. She has no home, and she don't want to leave. She feels safe with me, so I was hoping…"

"Exile if you want her to join the team I have no objection to it," Master said while smiling.

Exile smiled, "Thank you Master." He nodded as he headed back inside.

A few minutes later Exile and Jenna were in front of the transdogmafier, but Jenna was nervous a bit. Exile saw this and tried to calm her, "Comrade it's alright, it's safe. Trust me."

After hearing him she stepped into the chamber and soon it filled with smoke. Once it cleared he saw Jenna walking out on two legs. His eyes rose as he saw he come out, "wow…I can walk," She said. "This is amazing!"

Exile then looked at her in her new form. 'Wow…she's prettier now then before' Exile thought. He then walked over to her, "Welcome to the team comrade!"

He was caught off guard when he felt her hug him, "I never did thank you for being so kind to me before."

Exile then returned the hug, "It was no problem comrade, you looked scared and I didn't want you to be frightened."

"Still I thank you for that."

He smiled as he spoke again, "come let's go introduce you to team." She nodded as they both left the room in search for the rest of the team.

After searching they found everyone in the kitchen, eating dinner. They both walked over to the team and Exile spoke, "Comrades meet Jenna, out new teammate."

"Nice to meet you Jenna, my name's Hunter."

Colleen then spoke, "I'm Colleen, Hunter's wife, and It's good to have you on the team."

"I'm Axel, welcome aboard."

"I'm Ariel, Axel wife."

Everyone else introduced themselves and talked a bit more while eating. After a couple of hours they all decided to head for bed. Exile took the liberty of showing Jenna her room. He opened the door and both of them walked in. inside was a large bed, a closet, dresser, and a widow. "This is your room comrade Jenna."

She smiled as she looked around, "This is nice, thank you."

"I leave you to rest now," Exile said as he started to walk to the door.

Jenna walked and placed a hand on Exile's shoulder, and he turned to look at her. "You know…tomorrow I would appreciate it if you showed me around."

He smiled after that comment, "I would love to."

"Thanks," she said as she kissed his cheek. That caught Exile off guard the most. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight," Exile said as he walked out of the room. Once he was out he sighed in happiness. 'I believe i've been struck by bug of love' he thought as he walked to his room.

Axel and Ariel both had just entered their room, and started getting ready for bed. "You know Axel you did real good today as our leader," Ariel said.

"I know, I honestly didn't think I had it in me. It was all thanks to you all for giving me the confidence."

She smiled, "Still you were able to pull it off, and now I know you have the qualities of a leader."

He nodded, "I know…but I would rather let Hunter handle that for now."

She laughed softly at that comment, and then they both shared a kiss. Soon the kiss turned more passionate and they made their way to their bed. They shared a moment of passion for about an hour, once they were done they cleaned up and got into bed. "Good night Ariel."

"Night Axel."

They both did one last kiss before they closed their eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep.

Meanwhile Hunter and Colleen entered their room, and once Colleen closed the door she was surprised when Hunter hugged her. "What is this for?" she said as she returned it.

Hunter spoke while hugging her, "I just glad to have you back in my arms. I missed you so much when we were separated."

"So did I, I was worried and didn't know it you were alright or not."

Hunter raised his head as she stared into her blue eyes, "Same thing for me, But what kept me going was you. Just the thought of being able to have you back in my arms was able to keep me going. No matter what, my love for you is what'll always keep me going."

Colleen had tears in her eyes after hearing that, and she rested her head on his chest. "I'm so glad…Being back with you is all I asked for."

"Me too," He said as they both looked at each other again, and then they kissed each other. After a minute they broke apart. "You know Colleen; I'm not that tired right now."

Colleen smiled as they both made their way to the bed and shared a passionate moment for an hour.

Once they cleaned up and dressed for bed they both laid in their bed. Hunter wrapped his arms around Colleen's waist and Colleen wrapped her arms around Hunter's neck. They both looked into each others eye for a minute, "Goodnight Colleen."

"Goodnight Huntie," she said as they both closed their eyes. "I love you."

"I love you too."

They then fell into a peaceful slumber, both were happy to be back in each others arms.


A/N: Hope you like, i really like doing this one and it was good to end it. And i hope you all enjoyed it. The next story will be out sometime later.