Summary: No demons, no fighting. There's finally some peace and quiet to be had, and it gives Buffy and Spike some time to talk and figure things out. But, do they need to figure out what they really need alone? Or can they do it together?

Chapter 9 – Peace and Quiet

…continued from Chapter 8 – Sleeping Beauty…

Spike's apartment

It was quiet in Spike's apartment. Neither Buffy nor Spike was talking at the moment. Buffy gazed into Spike's eyes as she slid her hand to his cheek to cup his face. Spike gazed back at Buffy and wondered how they ever got here.

The last thing he wanted to do was ruin the moment with words, but the silence was almost unbearable. He felt her thumb caress his cheek and he could feel the warmth of her palm begin to warm his flesh, but he remained silent.

"I love you Spike."

Her words were quiet, but they were true. He remembered the last time she said them too. Right at the end she told him that she loved him. He didn't want to believe her then. If he had he knew he never would have gone through with what he knew he had to do. It was as much about saving the world as it was about saving her. Telling her that she didn't love him was a sure way to get her out of the Hellmouth alive. He wanted her to live. She had to live, and she would have to live without him.

He didn't like the idea of her going on with her life without him, but it was the only choice they were left with at the time. In that moment he made his decision and he didn't look back. He died so that the world could go on, so that her fight would have been won. He never thought that he'd be here now, with her. He never dreamed he'd be given a second chance at his unlife, much less a second chance with her. Yet here he was faced with both.

Spike looked into her eyes. He looked deep and he looked long. Neither spoke for what felt like hours, but was only a few minutes. It was a few minutes too long for Buffy apparently because she broke the silence with a sigh.

She dropped her hand from his cheek and looked at him with indignation. "Don't you have anything to say to me?"

He was stunned.

How can he not have anything to say? I just told him that I love him and he doesn't have anything to say. I can't believe him! She rambled on in her mind and didn't realize that Spike was coming out of his daze.

Spike was struck dumb when she made her declaration. He didn't expect to find her in his apartment and he really didn't expect her to come all the way to LA to tell him that she loved him. He didn't know what to say. And dumb was something that he could be quite often when it came to Buffy and his feelings for her. He was always doing something wrong when it came to her, and now it would appear that not saying anything was something wrong too.

"Buffy… baby…" he began as he moved to sit on the couch with her. He reached out and lightly touched his fingertips to her chin.

She looked into his icy blue eyes and gave a little pout.

He couldn't help but smirk when he saw her pout. Then his smirk turned to something else. There was a desire burning in his eyes. That pout of hers always drove him wild. It was something about that lower lip sticking out that reined him in. Without thinking twice Spike pressed his to Buffy's heatedly.

The kiss began quickly and fiercely. Spike's hands ran along Buffy's arms as his lips claimed hers. He traced her lower lip with his tongue, asking for entrance.

Buffy felt gooseflesh appear in the wake of Spike's hands on her arms as she parted her lips to let his tongue in to mingle with hers. She ran her arms around Spike's neck and linked her hands together to pull him closer. The last thing she wanted to do was let him go right now. She wanted him closer. It had been too long since she had felt his body on hers. She moved closer until she was straddling his lap and it was difficult not to feel how his body reacted to the closeness of hers.

Eventually she had to break the kiss to breathe, but this time she didn't push her palms to his chest. Instead she simple broke the kiss and leaned her forehead against his for a few seconds. Then she nestled her face in the crook of his neck where she could murmur another "I love you" against his skin while she continued to breathe heavily until her breathing returning to normal.

He finally smiled when she nestled her face in his neck. He couldn't believe the way she made him feel to this day. The passion never faded in all the years. God how I love this woman. He knew it. He wanted to say it. He wrapped his arms around her back, holding her to him. Then he whispered the 3 little words, "I love you."

In an instant her head snapped back and she was gazing into his deep blue eyes. For a minute she searched his eyes as if she only half believed him, but she quickly stopped. Then a wide grin came over her face. "Oh God, Spike. I've missed you so much. I didn't know how to go on living without you. I was so stupid before. I've loved you for so long, and then I only said it at the last moment possible. I'm so sorry for being so stupid." Tears were beginning to flow from her eyes now, making them look even greener. "I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't come back. Can you ever forgive me?"

He stared at her in wonder and brushed away the tears. He planted a light kiss on her lips. There wasn't much to forgive on her side. She had forgiven him for a lot worse, but right now he knew she needed him to say it. "All's forgiven, love." He kissed her a little more firmly and then stopped to say, "We're together now and that's what matters."

She nodded and smiled. There was a mischievous twinkle in her eye as she said, "Uh huh." She planted light kisses along his jaw as she spoke in between them. "Together…" Kiss. "And alone…" Kiss. "And in your apartment…" Kiss. "And together after so long…" She continued to kiss down his neck and then back up to his ear. She whispered, "Don't you think we should take advantage of all that?" She then chose to nibble on his earlobe.

Spike audibly groaned when he heard Buffy's question and felt her nibbling on his lobe. That was always a soft spot of his. Buffy was still straddling his lap and his erection was beginning to press even harder against his pants. "Buffy, pet," he began but couldn't complete a thought.

She stopped for a second. When she didn't hear him continue she pulled back to look him in the eye as she ground her hot core against his erection, letting a soft moan pass through her lips. "Aww, is Spike too distracted to tell me what he wants?" she teased. She ground against him again letting her soft moan go straight into his ear before she whispered, "You'll have to tell me what you want Spike."

He nearly growled when he heard her moan right in his ear. He quickly flipped Buffy onto her back and pressed her into the couch. "I'll tell you what I want," he ground out as he rubbed his throbbing erection against her clit.

Buffy yelped playfully when he flipped her. She felt a spasm when he rubbed her clit and she moaned more sharply. "What?" she rasped.

He put her lips right beside her ear as he said huskily, "You."

Her eyes shot open and met his. She pulled him in for a kiss filled with nearly desperate passion. "I need you Spike," she murmured against his lips. "I need you now," she said more urgently, pawing at his shirt until she successfully pulled it over his head. She tossed it to the floor and immediately went for his belt.

She had just undone the belt when Spike's hands went to hers to stop her. She frowned and he smiled. "We're not stopping," he reassured her. His hands slid underneath her shirt to raise it over her head.

She smiled shyly at the misunderstanding. Then she raised her arms to let him pull her shirt off. When it was gone she was left bare chested since her strapless top was one she didn't wear a bra with. She quickly kicked of her heels and listened as they hit the floor. She watched as Spike moved to do the same. Her hands went back to his pants.

He stopped her again. "I'm doing you first," he said with his trademark leer.

She couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Fine, but then I get my way of things."

He grinned. "Can't wait," he countered.

His mouth went down to her chest where he began to kiss all around her breasts. Slowly his hands moved down to hold her waist. He fastened his mouth to one nipple and sucked gently for a minute. Then he sucked a little harder and harder until he heard a gasp from Buffy. When he got the desired reaction he switched to the other breast and repeated his actions. While working on the second he slowly worked her pants undone and slid them over her ass. He released her nipple and stared into her eyes as he pulled her pants down the rest of the way. She was left in a black lace thong and he began to play with the thin material at her hips.

Buffy quickly swatted his hands away from her thong. "Not yet," she said playfully.

She used her strength to roll them off the couch and onto the floor. Now she was straddling him. "My turn," she said with her playful smile. She leant forward to nibble at his lips, but she pulled back and trailed kisses down his chest. When she came to the top of his pants she looked up into his eyes. She sat up a little and quickly pulled his belt out of his pants. She tossed it aside. Then her hands were back on his pants. She rubbed his erection through his jeans with one hand while the other unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Her hands then went inside to caress him.

He groaned when he felt her rub him through his jeans. "Buffy," he gasped. His gasp turned to a moan when her hand was on his flesh. He moved his hips up to meet her hand on instinct.

She smiled and pulled her hands out for a minute. She could see the disappointment written on his face at the loss of contact. "We have to get rid of these pants," she said, sliding down his legs until she was at his feet. A look of awe seemed to be on his face when her gaze wandered up his body and met his eyes. Quickly she grabbed his pant legs and began pulling at them.

Spike felt her tug a little harder when he had to lift his hips and then his legs so the pants would come off completely. He smiled down at her and there was awe. He was in awe of her. They'd never been like this before. They'd never made love and it made him more than a little nervous, but nervous was the last thing he wanted Buffy to think he was feeling. It had never been about love for them. It was always about sex and the comfort it could bring them both. This time was different though. He could feel it when he met her gaze as she crawled back up his body and straddled him so that she was sitting on his stomach.

"I guess it's a good thing you don't breathe, huh?" she joked.

He smiled and placed a hand at the small of her back. The other hand he ran through her hair for a moment while they gazed into one another's eyes without saying a word. Then he dropped his hand, running it down her body, through her perfectly shaped breasts, across the span of her toned belly, and then stopped at her thong. He ran a finger along the inside of the tiny fabric.

"Such a small thing between us now," he said playfully.

Buffy stood up and slid the thong from her body. When it was off she dangled it over his face for a second as pondered how she was gonna do this. She decided to drop her panties on his face and then back away from where he was laying on the floor. A giggle escaped as she watched him.

Spike groaned. He looked through the little thing that was over his face and then he took a deep breath. Buffy. He sighed. Now she was being playful. Kitten wants to play. He could play too. He tossed the thong aside and quickly got to his feet. He looked around and realized Buffy had left the room.

"Hide and seek then?" he called out. There was nothing there but quiet, but he didn't worry. He knew that he would find her. He always found her.

Buffy covered her mouth to keep from breathing too loud, and to keep herself in check so as not to laugh and give herself up too soon. She smiled against her palm and watched as Spike walked past the closet door.

When she had gotten up and run off she had found his bedroom within seconds. It was only around the corner from the living room and kitchen area. Once she was in the bedroom she quickly took in her options and chose the closet. It smelled like him and she could feel her heartbeat slow down from the calming affect of his scent. Somehow it wasn't so strange.

Spike walked into his bedroom. He didn't think that she would have gone anywhere else. There wasn't much to the place anyway. He could have easily reached out and sensed her. He knew she was in the room, but he didn't want to find her too quickly. He wanted it to seem like he was giving her a chance. Just then he caught sight of the closet door slightly ajar and he knew.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are…" he sing-songed as he stood between the bed and the closet.

Buffy slowly stood from her crouching position, but she remained in the closet. "Why don't you come and get me?" she countered.

Without another word Spike stalked into the closet, throwing the door open the rest of the way and pinning Buffy against the wall. "Will do, pet, will do."

She didn't struggle against him. To the contrary, she looked into his eyes confidently.

There was silence for a moment. Neither spoke but instead looked into the other's eyes and knew. They just knew that they wanted the other more than they wanted anything else. And there was love written in the blue eyes staring into the green as much as there was love written in the green eyes staring back into the blue. There was finally a two way street here and they both knew it.

Then Spike leaned in real slow and pressed his lips to Buffy's. He began soft and gentle before easing his tongue into her mouth and devouring it. His grip on her arms loosened. One hand was now pressed against the wall while the other went to the small of her back and pulled her body flush with his.

Buffy moaned softly at the gentleness of the kiss. Her arms went around his neck again as she tried pulled herself even closer to him. She could feel his erection throbbing against her body and she couldn't wait any longer.

"Spike… need you… now…" she murmured against his mouth with a groan as she began to walk them towards the bed. When she felt them hit it she kept pushing until they fell onto it with her body falling on top of his. She never lost a beat though as she continued to kiss him more and more passionately.

His hands roamed over her back as he reveled in the control she had. He liked it when his girl took control, but he would want some back before too long.

The kiss broke and Buffy panted for breath. Spike took this opportunity to flip her onto her back. He opened her legs and positioned himself over her dripping pussy. "Now," he said in a demanding growl, but still he waiting for her small nod. When he got it, he swiftly pulled her onto him, both sighing in unison.

Spike proceeded to pound into Buffy at a desperate pace. It had been so long, too long, and he didn't have his usual control. When he felt her walls begin to tighten against him he used all his will power to slow the pace.

It slowed to an excruciating slowness. Every movement was exact. Buffy could feel every little thing and it was driving her wild. She was so close to a release and he was drawing it out.

"Spike…" she rasped.

He knew what she wanted, what she needed. Rather than speaking he claimed her mouth with his and stopped her from speaking further. His tongue caressed hers as he quickened his pace again. Thrust after thrust, faster and faster until he was pounding into her at a pace no human would be capable of keeping.

No matter the pace Buffy loved everything Spike did to her body because it was him. She moaned as she felt her climax claim her. Her walls tightened around him and she wanted him to follow her into oblivion, and she had an idea of just what to say to bring him over the edge.

"Spike," she began in a soft whisper. "I love you."

Those 3 little words did it. They sent him over the edge. They took away his control. He followed her into oblivion. His last few thrusts grew erratic and then he slumped against her. He felt her kiss his shoulder softly and he could feel her warm breath tickling his flesh.

He pulled back to look her in the face and he couldn't help the expression of awe that crossed his features. She was amazing to him, pure and simple.

He brushed the hair from her face, some of it damply clinging, and he said, "God, how I love you."

She blushed and looked away, as much as she could while under him. Then she felt his hand bring her chin back up to meet his gaze as he repeated himself. "I really do. You know that, right?"

She nodded. "I know."

"Are you tired?" he asked.

For a minute she didn't say anything. She didn't want to tell him yes and have to stop their night of passionate lovemaking, but she was feeling kind of exhausted after all of the stress she'd been under and the traveling, and of course the incredible sex they'd just had.

"It's ok if you are," he told her.

"Just a little," she confessed.

"Then we'll sleep for now, love." He kissed her on the lips once more and pulled out of her. Then he pulled the covers over their bodies.

When they were covered and he had pulled her body to his she looked up at him and said, "But we'll do more of this tomorrow, right?"

"Definitely, kitten." He kissed the tip of her nose. "Now get some sleep. We've got plenty of time…" He ran his fingers through her golden hair and added, "All the time in the world really."

THE END… for now anyway!!